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This is the complete list of all the people who signed the open letter and agreed to have their names made public. 15891 people have expressed their support already – are you one of them?

The list is updated hourly.

Name Country Comment
Freifunk Ibbenbüren e.V. Germany Für Freie Software an Schulen und Behörden!
Pascal Germany
Byron South Africa It makes elementary sense that IP funded by the public should belong to the public, notwithstanding national security or strategy exceptions
jomo Germany Public Money, Public Code. Hail Stallman!
Sébastien JEAN France
Naly pierre Switzerland
Ben Anderson United States Taxpayer money should only go to the deployment and further development of software that is publicly available and open-source.
Vermeulen Jolan Belgium
David Molina Estrada Spain
Rory United Kingdom
David Seseke Germany Wir benötigen offene Software, da geschlossene Software das Vertrauen in den Staat schädigt.
Sebastian Zosel Germany This would be amazing for schools and children from low income households
Klein Tamàs Màrton Hungary It's simply the right way to do custom goverment software
Juston Cheney United States
Robin Netherlands
Lowell Schneider United States
De Vestèle Switzerland
Axel Forsman Sweden Public investments into software should directly benefit us, the people, in lieu of foreign monolithic conglomerates.
Stefano Italy Si può fare anche in Italia
joël parthenay France Des logiciels libres et des formats ouverts pour s'affranchir des logiciels commerciaux aux pratiques douteuses...
Gerard Parareda Gallifa Spain Make everythin free for everyone to use!
Tom Cowap Ireland Data archives must also be transcoded to open formats. The old closed programs may export to open formats, but more automation is needed.
QUESADA Régis France
Ariel Garcia Germany
Ulrich von Gfug Germany
Friedrich Holland-Moritz Germany
Bekkali France Le résultat de la dépense publique doit rester publique. L'opensource le permet. Profitons en !
Christopher Held Germany
Gonzalo Acosta Poland
James Hamilton United Kingdom
Florian Rommel Finland tax payers money... tax payers code... plain and simple
Dominik Rowicki Poland It's not ethical for governments chosen by the people to prefer proprietary software over that created by the people (for the people).
Piet South Africa Open knowledge, open societies, open software
Gustavo Spain
Robin Alexander Richtsfeld Germany License should be The Unlicense
Sammy Fung
Jochen Kärcher Germany
Demo-TIC France
林峻頤 Taiwan
Peter R Naughton United States
Kristian Rune Larsen Denmark End top big to fail and specs that are out og date om Day 0
Sergi Alonso Spain Creo que ya basta de que las administraciones públicas vayan cada una por su lado.
Vladislav Cerny Czech Republic
Christian Pfanner Austria
Wasilis Germany Freie Software überall !!!
Pedro Pereira Portugal
Markus Schuster Germany
Urs Fässler Switzerland
Fabio Bossi Italy
Mikael Beyene Germany
Jussi Tiira Finland Open source is an important building block of democracy.
Bas Janssen Netherlands
Jonathan Marcel Ehwald Germany
Ovidiu Dan Maja Romania
Dauster Guillaume France public money should never be used for private interest
Kai König Germany Stop wasting money with closed software!
Tord Dellsén Sweden
Bernard HENRY France To enhance reliability and avoid huge fees each time you change a coma.
Krzysztof Strug Poland
Andrey Kotlarski Bulgaria
Cyrus Bufkin United States It doesn't make sense to keep publicly funded software obscured.
Peter Löwe Germany
Daniel Brown United States
Ludvig Böklin Sweden When the commons are funding software development, then the software developed ought to truly belong to the commons.
Louis Clergue Spain
Daniel Sandman Sweden Why lock oneself in and pay premium when you can collaborate (cheaply) on a software handfitted for your use? A misuse of taxpayers money!
Vergain France
Daniel Kanchev Bulgaria I strongly approve the idea.
Sőrés Viktor Hungary
Maxime Buron France Vous avez tout mon soutien
Gabor Gallo Hungary
Ryan Skov Denmark
ari siitonen Finland
Paweł Poland Public money, public code. Absolutely, yes!
Christian Raith Germany Wohin das bisherige System führt hat das Thema Wahlsoftware in Deutschland letztes Jahr gezeigt.
Günther Fröhlich Austria Free Software for free people! And it should respect privacy, too ...
Romualdo Soler González Spain Para el Gobierno Central de España y el Gobierno Autonómico de Andalucía.
Moritz Muenchrath Germany
Aitor Cuartango Hecho entre todos, para todos, para siempre!
Marcel Heers Germany
José Ernesto Rodríguez Germany Power to the People 💪
Jonas Mittwoch Germany
Sebastian Heiden Germany
Enzo Morvan France
Simon Budig Germany
Chloe Dequeker France
Amnon Harel Israel Non-open commercial software plateaus slightly above open source. In the long-term, progress is only made by improving open source software.
Pedro Henriques
Matti Pulkkinen Finland
Mihai Capotă Romania
Gaby de Wilde Netherlands many businesses struggle with automation, FOSS developers just fix and improve things they use - usually for free
Luc Novales France L'argent public ne doit pas servir à développer du code privateur !
Andy Wilkinson United Kingdom
Sławomir Poland Don't waste public money!
Rustan Håkansson Sweden
bergur thorgeirsson Iceland
Yusuf Güzel Turkey
Mattia Rizzolo Italy
Patrick O'Reilly Ireland
Lucas Gamaleri Argentina El dinero público debería financiar un sistema público. De lo contrario que se financie solo
David Völgyes Norway Code financed with public money should be free, libre and open source. But artwork, textbooks, etc. should be also open, e
Amit India Thanks for this platform and initiative
Thomas Müller-Danert Germany
Pedro Romano Portugal Os meus impostos devem ser investidos em Software com Código Aberto.
Andrei Cimpan Romania
Hugo Miguel Gomes Almeida Mendes United Kingdom
Tobias lorek Sweden
Marco Rodrigues Portugal
Nikolaos Tsiogkas Belgium
Markus Häussermann Germany
Richard Drinkwater United Kingdom
Nino Pereira United States great development.
Gabriel Menini Uruguay
Maximilian Götz-Mikus Austria
Sebastian Fieber Germany
Ronald Portier Netherlands As a local counciller for the Socialist Party, I think all public software should be open for everyone to see and check.
Chris Ag Greece
Rok Mihevc Netherlands
SZERVÁC Attila I, SZERVÁC Attila libre art composer, taxpayer require public founded works under libre licence
Władysław Łoś Poland
Reinier Battenberg Netherlands
Guido Italy
Johnny Hujol France I believe in sharing and mutualizing efforts to bring people together and live in a better world.
Gabriel Mármol Criado Spain ¿Dinero público? ¡Código Público, YA!!!!
curtis lewis United Kingdom Publicly funded code should remain in control of the general public.
kenneth johansson Sweden This is so obvious the right thing to do it should not even have to be discussed.
Jay Christnach Luxembourg
Antonio Ventura Portugal
Dr. Jonas Skeppstedt Sweden
Markus Dietz Germany Do it like the city of Munich, but don't stop because Microsoft tells you to stop.
Juan Manrique Rodríguez Spain
Jean-Luc Falcone Switzerland
Bas Lijnse Netherlands
Patrick De Groote Belgium
Bert De Mets Belgium Lijkt me een logische stap om te nemen.
Joep Netherlands I'm a software devoloper myself and I fully support this project. The idea is great and all reasons are correct.
Cardoso France
Harald Viuff Denmark Be brave for the future of our children
Kalle Vedin Sweden Public code needs to be open source!
Jeff May United States Proprietary software is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Data is easy and free to copy. It should be a public good.
Aleksander Szczygieł Poland
Paul Reehal United States
Nir Lipovetzky Australia Melbourne, it's time!
Urko Masse Spain Taxes should not go into funding software that remains closed. Common money for the common good.
Chris McCray United Kingdom
Damien Lancereau United Kingdom Install FOSS everywhere for everyone;
Dariusz Hatala Poland
Torsten Franz Germany
Marek Klemczak Poland
Kalina Pavlova Denmark
Stephen Michel United States
Leonard Heinrich Tyart Germany
Sven Mawby Germany
Philippe Chies France
Jörg Steinrücken Germany
ALEXANDRE France Open software enable human sharing. I support free and open source software. Great cause ;-)
Abbas France
van weyenbergh patrick Belgium
Simon Nilius Germany
Dr. Bernhard Altaner Germany Free software enables human potential. The OpenSource/DIY community probably amounts to the most utopian aspect of the digital age.
Vincent Bruggeman Netherlands
Dermitzakis Emmanouil Greece
Todor Gyumyushev Bulgaria Public Money Public Code
Børge A. Roum Norway This is about transparency, tax money going to benefit all tax payers + local businesses instead of foreign mega corporations, and security.
Richard Scherping Germany Für rundum bessere Software
Javier Cuchí Spain
Peter Sonnenschein
Jannik Löber Germany
Cosmin Trăistaru Romania
Eric Kinner Germany
Leander Sitek Germany
Bayoud France
Langevin Marc France
Juanjo Muñoz Spain As a public employee and sysadmin I'm 100% with the content of this open letter. Public code and inter-admin collaboration should be a must.
Wouter Mooij Netherlands
Konrad Feiler Germany
Max Kubierschky Germany
Primož Dovč Slovenia
Johan Vandegriff United States As a Linux user and supporter of free and open source software, I support this effort.
James M. Van damme United States
Rainer Blome Germany Von Öffentlichkeit bezahlt => Von Öffentlichkeit frei nutzbar, egal welcher Art Ressource
Aaron Wolf United States Local governments should share and cooperate in solidarity, not be exploited by proprietary software companies!
Daniel Baumgartner France Le partage du savoir est l'avenir de l'humanité !
Martin Moene Netherlands
Francisco Camacho Spain
Rudi Middel Netherlands
Marc Issel Germany Should be done for Code with research funding as well
Marco Berni Italy
Salvatore Grizzanti Italy
Reinhard John Germany
Céline Thiry Belgium
Ólafur Tryggvason Iceland
Michael Rödel Germany
Christian Aubry Canada Citoyen européen expatrié au Canada, je souhaite que l'Europe illuminé le monde en ouvrant la voie menant à l'affranchissement technologique
Gulácsi Tamás Hungary
Simon Smend Germany
Jan-Frederik Schreyer Germany
Serge Julien Belgium People have rights over the software they fund
Antoine Polatouche France
Tom Belgium
Dr. Ernst Molitor Germany My experiences with Open Source Software over more than two decades have been great without exception.
Laureano Perez Castaño Spain
Philippe Le Conte France I fully support this initiative
Robin Hos Netherlands
Sam Nooij Netherlands Let's support freedom and democracy! And be less dependent on (U.S.) monopolies.
Ace Watts United States Free as in Freedom. Look up the four freedoms of Free Software. When we speak of Free Software, we are referring to Freedom, not price.
Manuel Munoz Belgium
will passnow Belgium fully support your goal
Jonte Sweden
Chevasson Rabaa France
Jarl Arntzen Norway I can testify that the roads are far better thanks to / project.
Christian Blum Switzerland
Jean Finas Germany
Verbist Michel Belgium finally
Elias Papavasileiou Greece
antonio Italy public money public code
Timo Abt Germany
Panagiotis Tourlas Greece
Gary Craven Canada
Ian Strang Canada
Ulrich Buchgraber Austria
Rudie Bos Netherlands
Jorge Juan Spain
mathias wendel Germany
Matthias Paillard France
Oskar Carl Germany
Stephan Springer Germany Steuergelder sinnvoller einsetzen!
Maximilian Madlung Germany
Ron Singh Canada I absolutely believe and practice FOSS
Marten Hermans Germany
Michael Monschau Germany
Matej Tabaček Slovakia
Martijn Barendregt Netherlands
Lucas Koelman Belgium Potentieel grote voordelen voor lokale jobcreatie KMOs + langetermijn kostenbesparingen door overdraagbaarheid etc. Fantastisch initiatied!
emmanuel Séguy France
JAMET Paul France Quelle suite a été donnée à cette circulaire :
Holger Schupp Germany
ALix Biton France
Barnabas Balogh Hungary
Diego Kuperman Spain I want my taxes money to be used to foment real progress and local(european) employment instead of external promotion of pattents.
Jürgen Kleff Germany
Keijo Nurmes Finland Its our money, lets use it wisely. Why buy the same over and over again.
Patrik Eßer Germany
Bert van der lingen Netherlands
jelle spijker Netherlands Opensource is benefical for all
Robin Kemen Germany
Timotej Šiškovič Slovakia
Nick Bakker Netherlands
Johannes Grimm Germany
Robin Jacobs Belgium If we're paying for it with our tax money, then we should be able to have access to it. After all, it's our data that it processes!
Mateusz Kaźmierczak Poland
Sergiusz Golec Poland
Michele Teixeira Canada
Amin Zabardast Iran
Georgios Kiagiadakis Greece
EUGENE TOBIN Belgium public monies should always benefit citizens and particularly when investing in software
Jan Karjalainen Sweden
Eamonn Tobin Belgium With all the challenges the world has to face, let's make our lives that little bit much easier. It's just common sens.
Dominik Martens Germany
Juan José Miñor García Spain
Átila Camurça Alves Brazil this action could mean the evolution of open source development in the public sector of all countries
Florian Schwade Germany
Peter Spreij Netherlands Time to cut the cord with extortionists!
Max Henny United States
Timo Söderholm Finland
Diego Lamas López Spain
Wolfram Weiland Germany
Jan Hartmann Germany Open software and open document formats should become the basis for every public administration!
Alexander Schröder Germany
Ondrej Dzivy Balucha Slovakia
Kevin Bonner
Martin Holzhauer Germany
Vojtěch Látal Czech Republic
Martin Zöllner Germany Weg von proprietärer Software
Igor Noga Poland
Sander Vrijders Belgium Power to the people
Lukas Pfannschmidt Germany
Dimitri Staessens Belgium
Juho Kerppola Finland Great cause, will support!
Esa Rautiainen Finland Julkisten verovaroilla toimivien laitosten, koulujen ym. tulisi käyttää avoimia ohjelmistoja. Kannatan tätä ehdottomasti.
Jaroslav Kučera Czech Republic
Johan Van Hoorde Netherlands
Christoph Solbach Germany
Martin Koller Austria
Christian Decker Germany
luca Italy
Marcus Seißler Germany
Jerry Petersson Sweden
Jakub Hozak Czech Republic
Patrik Janoušek Czech Republic
Florian Knodt Germany
Marian IVAN Slovakia
Vicent Cubells Peña Spain
stefan fintor Slovakia
Philip McGaw United Kingdom
Sebastian Dostal Germany
Andrey Blazhov Bulgaria Public institutions (municipalities, governments, etc.) should use public software too.
Emile MAEYENS Belgium
Dave Nelson Canada
Matthew Wardrop United States
Alang Hsu Taiwan 採用開放原始碼軟體,不僅僅節省人民納稅錢,更大大提升軟體透明度以及軟體安全。
Lars Kruse Germany
Stanislav Tereshchenko Canada
Lukas Schmelzeisen Germany
Peter Kells Canada
Jiří Špác Czech Republic open source is the only way to achieve great quality software in public services
Brian J Schrader United States My family and I have been using it for years with no problems.
Ken Thomson United Kingdom
Leandro Vergara Míguez Spain
Shane Kerr Netherlands
Pedro Silva Portugal
Niko Jezernik Slovenia OSS for teh win!
Hendrik Sokolowski Germany
Juraj Korbacka Slovakia Every good developer tries to avoid repetitive code. So why not to try to minimize it worldwide?!?
Jan Weymeirsch Germany Offene Software erhöht Transparenz, Datensicherheit und kann in vielen Fällen Kosten senken! #ilovefs
Roland Vet Netherlands
ben van 't ende Netherlands
Matías con tilde Spain
Mark Rijckenberg Belgium Public tax money = use open source software by and for the people!
Killua Vietnam Need something about code and I need know this
Duquesnoy Belgium
Martin Ruskov United Kingdom Software paid with public money should be open source!
Davide Pompermaier Brazil Open sources for all
Kresimir Popovic Croatia Public tax money = free open source to the people
Seweryn United Kingdom
Jan Wolff Germany
Lenz Grimmer Germany
Miroslav Hrončok Czech Republic
Marcelo Bottino Argentina
Hrvoje Horvat Croatia
John Kenway Belgium Propriety software is built on obscurity. Why should public money be used to reinforce this and line rich companies pockets?
Hugo Riquelme Ortega Spain Por administraciones públicas con software libre y sin licencias privativas. Con el dinero de todo software de todos y para todos.
Xoán Sampaíño Villagra Spain
Jamie Benyei Spain Linux would save masses of public money & time. Switch now.
Rino Wenger Switzerland
Bui Anh Tuan Vietnam
Pierre van Male Belgium It sounds just obvious!
Sasa Zejnilovic Czech Republic
Arturo Spain
Jens Nauber Germany
Alberto Mairlot Spain
Ralf Lindberg Sweden
Hans Ottenhof Netherlands
Emil Johansson Sweden
Vinh Vietnam
Santiago Spain Fully agree!
Bart Raatgerink Netherlands
Peter Lodewyckx Belgium
Kamila Součková Slovakia
Radu Chirovici Austria
Wouter Van Gijseghem Belgium
Juan Valencia Norway We have gotten used to the idea that the government pays private organizations, and they profit also from the results. I don't like that.
Julian Croci Switzerland Für eine sichere und nachhaltige IT-Infrastruktur
king India I want this implemented in India as well! Move to FOSS for a better future!
Matthias Geörg Germany
Rickard Steien Sweden Open Source - Open Society
diego maniacco Italy Why should not be always like that? It seems that obvious...
Sebastian Schätzel Switzerland
Phong Nguyen Vietnam
Kossak Poland Public Money, Public Code!
Pablo Padrón Santana Spain
Sebastian Kutter Germany Don't let organizations spy on anyone, especially not governments. That's why I also want the EU and all member state governemnts to use OSS
Raymond Lohuis Netherlands
Saša Batistič Slovenia
Ruben Spain
Nathanael Maya Unglat Belgium
Marc Dubrowski Belgium Being dependent on suppliers is wrong in so many levels!
Jonathan Viksten Sweden
Achim Vandierendonck Belgium
Przemysław Poland Support opensource
Pexim SLani Bosnia and Herzegovina U slobodnom društvu - slobodan software! Oj otvoreni kode, otvori nam vrata digitalne slobode!
David Besau Germany
Ondrej Mosnáček Slovakia
JAN France
Giordano Alborghetti Italy
Israel Zurdo Diaz Spain
Heiko Andresen Germany
Nidde Nedelius Sweden
Christophe Van den Abbeele Belgium In een wereld die talloze tekenen van regressie vertoont is er maar een mogelijk tegenantwoord: zelf wel het juiste blijven doen!
Basile Pesin² France Free software is the only way to protect the privacy and freedom of the citizens !
Sven Minning Sweden
Remy Rojas Czech Republic
Dimitri Clicque Belgium Vrije software voor vrije landen
Arkadiusz Suchecki Poland
Damien Grassart France
Gregor Lakner Slovenia Javni denar Javna koda.
Yordan Ivanov Bulgaria
Kamalavelan India I want my money to be used for the digital commons aka FOSS ecosystem alone.
Ulrike Nitzsche Germany
Patrick Spek Netherlands
Martino Ciresa Italy
Noah Ma Canada Governments work for the public, and they should use public software.
John Nordberg Finland
Helio Puglielli Neto Brazil
Warren Winter United States
Preetham R Kotian India
Kartist Vietnam
Sebastián Scarano Argentina
Daniel Eriksson Sweden
Vukasin Serbia Free software is awesome.
Enes Hecan Turkey Everyone deserve to learn the truth
Francesco Mastellone Italy
Simeon Wiedenmann Germany Aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen überzeugend!
Manfred Dippmann Germany
Weiss-Motz Germany
Dr. Thomas Müller
Preuße Germany
César de la Torre Spain Absolutamente de acuerdo.
Florian Schwalm Germany
Juan Jose Rodriguez Vela Spain
Ricardo García Spain There is no excuse to not use free software in Administration these days, they are both powerful and user-friendly
Erik Berkholz Germany
Anthony Madhvani
Nicolas Lahaye Belgium totally agree with all points being made here !
Andreas Skibicki Germany
Markus Alfter Germany
Lars Roskoden Germany public money - public decisions - public data - public information - and so on
Rubén Lledó Spain
Asocio Russia
Dr. Alfred Rösch Germany
PABLO MARINERO Spain The money of the people, for the people.
Jose Manuel Postigo Spain For honesty it must be free software
Christopher Lorenz Germany
Javier Vázquez Spain
Immo Stanke Germany There is no downside except for the companies that waste public money!
stella reuter Germany
Klaus Hartl Germany
Marc Gehling Germany Freie Software setzt sich in der Wirtschaft durch - AI, Dockersize ... warum nicht auch in der Verwaltung?
Andreas Lange Germany
Uwe Jehmlich Germany
Jonathan Reith Germany Für mehr freie Software
Eduardo Iglesias Spain
Jutta Hieronymus Germany yes -yes - good idea!
Massimo Mroz Germany
Karlheinz Witt Germany
Elsa Spain
Rodrigo Lledó Milanca Spain
Marco Lechner Germany Dass es öffentlichen Verwaltungen freie Software zu entwickeln zeigt z.B. das BfS (
Carlos Espino Angulo Spain
Alberto Spain
Becerra France
Alfonso Cachero Spain
Carlos Spain
Carlos A. Gomez Spain
Pablo Arques Spain
Eric Germany open everything!
Simon Birmele Germany
Stephan Winiker
Thomas Dönnebrink Germany
Juan Manuel Torres García France
Sevket Uyanik Turkey
Felix Völker Germany
Madeleine Porr Germany
Foucher France
Nico Wagner Germany
Felix Hilsky Germany Be successful! Public code is necessary for any functioning state. Add standards for documentation as well!
Rupprecht Losert Germany
Fabian Kaspar Switzerland
Kjetil Skjæveland Norway
Kjetil Skjæveland Norway Public code for public money
Wilhelm Humerez Germany Öffentlich finanzierte Produkte gehören der Öffentlichkeit und sonst niemandem.
John Sevdal Denmark I agree, the public money should go to public code.
Xavier Martínez Pujol Spain
Bernhard Blieninger Germany
FERRAFIAT Caroline France
Miguel Bernabeu Diaz Spain Public administration software must be Public software. FOSS is the only way to have that
Fabian Glatzel Germany
Nikolai Hartmann Germany
ZULIAN France De l'argent Public pour un code Public
Raphaël Mélotte Belgium
Philipp Messerschmidt Germany Schlimm, dass wir dafür überhaupt unterschreiben müssen. Künftige Generationen werden auf uns herabschauen wie wir auf sklavenhaltende Römer
Alexander Otto Germany
Horst Heintel Germany was wir Bürger bezahlen muss uns auch kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen.
Kai Garrels Germany
Cyril Costines Germany Not only do we need non-proprietary software, but also non-proprietary hardware to ensure full respect for fundamental freedoms.
Wargon France
Guillaume Gaullier France
Nico Cohrs Germany
Georg Ehrke Germany
Wilfred de Kok Netherlands
Kre Na Germany Our publicly funded software must be released as open source software open to everyone!
Daniel Blanco Spain Let's increase transparency in every aspect possible!
Christian Hribernig Austria
Josephine Wilbrandt Germany
Brandon Schlueter United States
Benjamin Germany CCC
Nik Strauss Mexico
Bernard Faucher United States Open source is safer, stronger and more collaborative.
Ueli Ammann Switzerland
Christian Höbler Germany
Sergio Bastida Spain I totally agree with the arguments behind this iniciative.
Jules Kreuer Germany
Klaus Brunner Germany whoever pays creates
Dr Rainer Kurbos Austria
Rouven Alpers Germany
Jürgen Kendzorra Germany
Ricki Hirner Austria
Falk Opitz Germany
Bosbach Konstantin Germany
Peter Stimpel Germany Den Forderungen ist nicht hinzuzufügen!
Denys Cordonnier France Efficacité collective grâce à des modalités coopératives
Pierre Lemaire France
Valentin Hirschbrich Austria It just makes sense to give to the public, what the public paid for.
Andreas Rotter Germany Bei Straßen & Schulen seh' ich auch, was mit meinem Geld passiert, warum sollte das bei Software anders sein.
Roger Zenner Germany Yes, of course!
Michael Schmid Switzerland
Lukas Taake Germany
Hans Hudde Germany
Monika Köhler Germany
Maxime T France
Christoph Prokop Germany Where can i find more examples like fixmystreet which was mentioned in the video clip?
Vasilis Vlachokyriakos Greece
Dina Elhanan Canada wisdom of the crowd > private interests!
Markus Piller Germany
Frank Simons Germany
Lars Kleinschmidt Germany
Peter Schmidt Germany Obscurity hides poor quality. Visibility gives confidence.
Maren Abatielos Germany You do great work
Anton Müller Germany
Adriana Popescu Germany
Matthias Harrer Germany
Gabriel Rodrigues De Moura Brazil
Andrei Mircea POPESCU Romania
Mathias Vollert Austria
Andreas Vollert Germany
Nacho Salvador Spain
Roger Arqués Vall Spain Hope we can get rid of corruption and finger-chosen companies.
Lena Schacht Germany
Tom Schönlau Germany Und bitte auch offene Datenformate, um ungehinderten Umgang mit Daten zu ermöglichen.
Max Bülk Germany
Jakob Mall Germany
Markus Milde Germany I fully support: Public money for public administration has to be used for public code exclusively!
Martin Germany
Matthias Urlichs Germany Should be a no-brainer …
Mario Witte Germany
Fabian R. Germany Nur frei verfügbarer Quellcode kann als nachhaltig angesehen werden, von allen Interessierten auf Qualität geprüft und weiterverwendet werde
M. Behrens Germany
S. Heinze Germany
Frank Schiebel Germany
Barak Pearlmutter Ireland
Patrick Geselbracht Germany
Johannes Hadasch Germany
Christine Koch Germany
Jörg Vogel Germany
Claudia Golnik Germany
Sabrina Wolter Germany
Stefan Erichsen Germany
Marcel Metz Germany Ist ne wirklich wichtige Sache.
Sneha Das Finland Openness and transparency in information promotes innovation, equality and empowerment, inturn creating a more fair society.
Jonathan Martz Germany
Carl-Eric Menzel Germany
Stefan K. Germany
Bernhard Höll Germany
Paul Novak Germany
Kai Wernicke Germany
Furkan CAN Turkey
Kevin Gimbel Germany
Ernst Schreier Germany
Roman Lipnicki Germany
Kai Bojens Germany
Christian Fischer Germany
Andreas Textor Germany
Mario Sixtus Germany
Christopher Engelmann Germany
Roland Felme Germany Der Einsatz von Open Source wird auch im Rahmen der anstehenden Digitalisierung öffentlicher Stellen immer wichtiger.
Susanne Westermann Germany
Michael Merz Germany
Michael Poker Germany Diese Forderung ist ein wichtiger Schritt in Richtung Transparenz, Sicherheit und Steuereinsparungen.
Jan Bublitz Germany
Christina Germany We pay for it, we own iz
David Germany
Christoph Jobst Germany More synergy between public institutions, less money wasted!
Hans Christian Rudolph Germany
Simon Bruder Germany
Lothar Jestädt Germany bei Fehlern in Software wie muss man handeln um die Demokratie zu schützen
Heidemann Germany
Mike Thieke Germany
Andreas Winkler Germany
José Janeiro Portugal
Hugo Daniel Henriques Oliveira Gomes Portugal Open Source is the way of the future. Make it a better one for all of us.
Marcel Partap Germany Transparenz & partizipative Weiterentwicklung durch offenen Code statt weitere Investitionsgräber und Datensackgassen!
Thomas Bayer Germany
Jussi Lehto Finland
Ulrich Greveler Germany
Richard Poole United Kingdom
Heiko Weiß Germany Beispiel Steuererklärung: ElsterFormular haben wir alle als Steuerzahler bezahlt. Aber für Linux Nutzer wurde dies nie portiert.
Hirsch Germany
Felix Divo Germany Der Resultat könnte eine verbesserte Sicherheit und höhere Qualitätsanforderungen sein; alleine das ist es doch schon wert!
Kristin Fiedler Germany
Frank Weißenborn Germany
Cyndi Tang Malaysia
Agne Markaite United Kingdom
Florian Hibler Germany
Matthias Mailänder Germany Free and Open Source Software is essentially Fair Trade for the IT world.
Juan José Aguililla Spain
Daniel Möck
Jens Tuchen Germany
Niels Lefeld Germany
David Huss Germany Lasst uns mal sinnvolle nachhaltige Infrastruktur bauen!
Andreas Winschu Germany
Moritz Weber
Lukas Rabe Germany Software, die von allen bezahlt wird muss allen zur Verfügung stehen!
Ingolf Schmitt Germany
Barbara Müller Germany
Lea Frermann Germany
Martin Riedel Germany
Marco P. Germany
Wolfgang Biegemann Germany
Matthias Vogel Germany
Matthias Berndt Germany
Jonas Mai Germany
趙事新 Taiwan Alright, let's do it!
Jacob Hjort Bundgaard Denmark
Dennis Frisorger Germany
Stefan Templin Germany
Tina Haas
Kira Duwe Germany Bitte machen Sie öffentlich finanzierte Software frei zugänglich, einsehbar und erweiterbar!
Hans Wilke Germany
Simon Marquardt Germany
Victor Magalhães Brazil
Balzen Germany
Lukas Magauer Austria
Philip Mo Germany
Michael König Germany Is this not self-evident?
Marvin Kühnel Germany
Andreas Hümmer Germany open source - open mind - open society - open future
Peter Gafert Germany This is essential to create the transparency that citizens deserve
David Edler Germany
Annette Schmidt Germany
Jürgen Stein Germany
Erik Jalowy Germany
Magnus Germany
Sezgin Sönmez Germany
Stefan Spielmann Germany
Simon Wanner Germany
Felix Schorer Germany
Felix Grzelka Germany
Erwin Klundt Germany
Orlando Hernandez Venezuela Creo que es importante considerar usar el dinero público para invertir en código público.
Bernadette Mutzatko Austria
Stefan Ohri Austria
Martin Otten Germany
Robin Jakobsson Sweden
Zeidler Germany Bitte neue rechtliche Grundlagen schaffen!
Evodia Fetzer Germany
Alan Ball United States Open Software is important to security, cost saving, and accountability.
Markus Graube Germany
Jan-Matthias Braun Denmark
Rex Reese United States
Martin Nachtigäller Germany
Udo Peter Germany Endlich nachhaltige, effektive Strukturen in der Verwaltung schaffen, ohne Geldverschwendung!
Verena Salomon Germany
Roland Eckert Germany Was der Bürger bezahlt ist öffentliches Gut!
Fadi OSMAN France
Markus Bosslet Germany
Theo Weiß Germany
Alberto Hernández Spain
Robert Poland
Raul Hidalgo Caballero Spain
Marc Ribalta Gené Per millorar la confiança entre el govern, el programari, i la gent.
Dieter-Josef Walter Germany YES even more: public sector has to use only software under FOSS
Gildas Cotomale France
Hunter Crossett United States Please save us money. I know OS software works.
Kristiyan Todorow Bulgaria
Ignacio Cardona United Kingdom it makes total sense particularly nowadays with decreasing funds available
Dirk Rinderknecht Germany
Daniela Küllertz Germany
Jordan Eichner Germany
Maik Pfützner Germany
Christian Baum Germany
Amine Allouche Tunisia I love the video.
Jonatan Hatakeyama Zeidler Germany Warum Politiker bei digitaler Infrastruktur nicht die gleichen Maßstäbe ansetzen wie bei analoger, ist mir unbegreiflich.
Thorsten Müller Germany
Souquet France
Andreas Bachmeier Germany Auch Bildungseinrichtungen brauchen Freie-Software!
Wilfried Larisch Germany Gut für alle!
Lutz Horn Germany
Thomas Schorr Germany überfällig.
Jakob Wörner Germany
Theodoros Ploumis Greece As every "customer" that pays for a service I demand to get back what I pay for...
Markus Großhauser Germany
Michael Kiermaier Germany
Roland Albrecht Germany Wenn ich schon mitfinanziert habe, will ich davon auch etwas haben.
David Hulsman Netherlands Iets waar ik voor betaal wat met het publiek gedeeld kan worden is iets waar ik achter kan staan!
Stephan Süß Germany
Klaus Schwarzkopf Germany Warum nicht schon früher?! Zudem sollte in den öffentlichen Verwaltungen ein OS-BS verwendet werden.
Christian Huber Germany
Lennaert Bel Netherlands
Christian Weichhard Germany
Rainer Schajor Germany
Daniel Hurtado Switzerland
Marc Dinse Germany
Heiko Wallbaum Germany
Tom Rossen United States
Jorge Fernández López Spain
Ziegler Achim Germany
Jonas Malassa Germany Es macht nur Sinn in Freie Software zu investieren. Ich bin vollkommen dafür.
Bernd Müller Lithuania I'm here, because Professor Doctor Heller has told me, this is necessary for passing my exam.
Jens Mohr Germany Paid, owned AND controlled by the public. This ensures a maximum of transparency and safety.
Florian Wiese Germany
Paul Kuijper Netherlands Creëer wetgeving die vereist dat publiek gefinancierde software ontwikkeld voor de publieke sector openbaar beschikbaar gesteld moet worden
Bob van der Valk Netherlands
Thijs Belgium
Mostafa Nageeb Germany
Lucas Hartig Germany
Karim Rakia Germany
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Heller Germany Alle durch Steuergelder finanzierten wissenschaftlichen Ergüsse sollten Gemeingut sein.
Manfred Schlicker Germany
Hans Brünner Sweden
Henry Wittkopf Germany Im Sinne aller: Transparenz schafft Vertrauen - die Basis für Erfolg!
Martin Dosch Germany
RAMIRO A COSENTINO Spain It is not just common sense, but even ethically correct to open the source for software paid by all of us! check Xicnet/radioflow @ github
Marlon Gollnisch Germany
Gwenn Dauen Germany
Chris Rossol Germany
Andreas Sundström Sweden
Finn-Oke Gutzeit Germany
Drupal e. V. Germany Bei der Gelegenheit könnten wir auch nochmal über die Anerkennung von Open-Source-Software als gemeinnützig (AO § 52) nachdenken.
Kay Simon Germany
Thomas Güttinger Germany Software, die mit öffentlicen Mitteln finanziert wird, muß allen zur Verfügung stehen.
Martin Norrby Sweden
Rainer Rössler Germany Es ist alles gesagt
Stefan Neufeind Germany
Matteo Ballabio Italy
Alex Weller Germany
valissant France Et l'informatique de l' Armée à Microsoft + une entreprise Chinoise, ça n'est pas stupide et indécent?
Dorothee Koslowski Germany Halte ich für sinnvoll, da es dem Allgemeinwohl dient!!
Dorothee Koslowski Germany Halte ich für sinnvoll, da es dem Allgemeinwohl dient!!
Mercedes Martínez Spain
Aurelio Diaz-Ufano Spain
Steffen Auer Germany Ganz in unserem Sinne ( und längst überfällig
Christoph Altrock Germany
ilker sarı Turkey
Rolf Sommerhalder Switzerland
Tobias Küchel Germany
Carles Porcel Spain
Lefebvre France
Nikola Todorović Serbia
Jesko Anschütz Germany Das ist echt überfällig!
Jürgen Horzella
Bernhard Weitzhofer Germany Taxes pay my salary. I want to give something back!
wattelier France
Ulf Norberg Sweden
Costa Antonio France Libérons les codes, respectons nos données.
Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson Sweden
Maurice Germany Sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein. Wir setzen und dafür aktiv ein:
Mattia Novo Italy
Albrecht Germany Da wo ich verwaltet werde sollte ich auch mit der nötigen software meine Daten ansehen können!!
Pekka Akselin Sweden
Swantje Führinger Germany Our money - our choice
Thorsten Koslowski Germany In unserem Interesse ist die Aktion nur zu unterstützen
Bahram Hosseinpour Sweden I thought this was given.
Daniel Schmidt Germany
David Vos Netherlands
Leo Führinger Germany
Max Führinger Germany Das ist nur sinnvoll und gerecht.
Carlos Izquierdo Spain Our money, our requirements.
Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach United Kingdom
Anna Lon Quintana France
Steven Sanderson United States
Loren Lisk United States This is the right way forwards, for the public sector. A better future for everyone.
Konrad Wauer Germany
leonardo maurici borges Brazil power to the people ;)
Gledsley Muller Brazil
Christopher Heseltine United Kingdom
Andrew Spoelstra United States
Holger Baumhof Germany .. sollte eigentlich schon lange so sein ...
Lasse Sjöblom Sweden
Michael Wehr Germany Projects funded by public money should always be open source and free.
Michael Mattes Germany
Björn Herzog Germany
Tobias Heine Germany
Tom Benn United Kingdom Free software should be the future. Keeping code proprietary promotes corruption and waste.
Thomas Goss Germany
Olof Nord Sweden
Austin United States We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We need to progress as a society. Free and Open Source Software is one of many ways to achieve this.
Kirill Mekhanik United States
Leon Rohmann Germany Nur mit OpenSpurce-Software ist der profitfreie Nutzen, die Unabhähngigkeit und die Wahrung des öffentlichen Interesses garantiert
Jason Australia Accountablility
Justin E Bush United States I support the people responsible for this letter, those that sign it, and the sentiment within it.
Costel Radulescu Romania
Pietro Mattia Campi Italy
Lewis Smallwood United Kingdom
Luciano Ataide Brazil UFBA
Alfred Hess Germany
Saif Ahmed United Kingdom Our taxes pay the developers and the government institution that tenders IT activity. Code generated by employees belong to employers.
Boskovits Gábor Hungary
Varga Ádám Hungary
Thomas Avasol Sweden
Gieselberg Germany Recht habt ihr weiter so.
Ian Price United Kingdom Many countries have already started work to open government data, this is an important and logical next step.
Daniel Grupp Germany Was aus Steuermitteln finanziert ist sollte grundsätzlich allen zur Verfügung stehen!
Matthias Weiß Germany
Cristina Sans Spain
Christian Myrén Sweden
Stellan Lagerström Sweden
Lars Sjögreen Sweden The software that I pay for with my tax money should be made free and open. Please make it happen.
Alex United Kingdom
Andreas Grupp Germany Das ist schlicht und ergreifend eigentlich unnötig zu fordern! Es sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein!!!!
Tobias Huttner Germany
Mattias Svensson Sweden
Ruxandra Anghel United Kingdom We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We need to progress as a society. Free and Open Source Software is one of the many keys.
Stefan Boberg Germany Transparente Software als Basis transparenter Politik
Pablo Magana Sweden If the public pays, then its logic that we can take advatange of it.
Mats Svensson Sweden
Nazeeh Sweden Public money = Public code!
Alexander Karlsson Sweden Never thought of it before, but this is of course how it should be!
Mathias Bolt Lesniak Norway
Emilio Bellini United Kingdom
Daniel Steinberger Germany
Ingo Renner Germany
Graham Mitchell United Kingdom
Elliot Blackburn United Kingdom I want to audit my governments code, I want to know how my data, and money, is being used.
Mathias Schreiber Germany to ease the process: use Open Source Software in the first place
Dirk Fehse Germany
Felix Nagel Germany
Olivier Dobberkau Germany Code paid with Taxmoney should be visible and available to the public!
Leslie Hawthorn Netherlands
Alfred Plana Spain
Rasmus Løfgren Denmark
Stefano Greece
Alejandro García Martín Spain
Andrew Tridgell Australia
Fernando Reis Luxembourg I would go even further and say that code development funded by public money should be made free software, regardless if it is to be used by
Camille ROBERT France
Gerard Ruiz Torruella Spain Llibertat al codi!
Batuhan Çağrı Yapan Turkey
Pau Ibars Verdaguer Spain Public Money, Public Code. And Free Catalonia!
Luis Pardo Spain Sabiendo el dinero que malgastan anualmente en licencias necesarias para el funcionamiento de las instituciones publicas, necesitamos medios
Javier del Valle Spain
Ernesto Redruello Fernandez Spain
Arnau Serra Spain
Montserrat Ripoll Mullor Spain
Jochen Schwarze Germany Solle selbstverständlich sein, oder?!
Bartomeu Cabrer Amer Spain
Jaume Figueras Spain
Francesc Guasch Spain
F. Xavier Maza Aguilera Spain Totalment d’acord.
Helena Centeno Spain
Joaquin Buñuel Baque Spain
Jordi Vidal vilella
Josep Matas Spain
Marc Rosanes Siscart Spain Code financed with public money has to be public. As well as science financed with public money should be also be free and public.
Francesc Busquets Spain
Joan de Gracia Blanco Spain
Pablo Tomé Mansilla Spain
josep Spain
Marta Odriozola Spain
Evgeny Sinelnikov Russia The world without public code goes to new epoch of slavery.
José manuel sanchez France
Emilia Cruz Oliver Spain
Dolores Poliz Spain
Maite Pozo Spain
Alberto Prieto Spain
Andrew Savchenko Russia
Elena Revuelta Spain
condonleba France
Zsibók Márk Hungary
David Palomino Spain
Francisco Javier Viñal Gutierrez Spain
Loïc Alejandro Spain
Saya Sauliere Spain
Josu Rocha Spain
Javier del Valle Spain
David Gámiz Jiménez Spain Es esencial q todo lo q se financia de manera publica. Es decir con el esfuerzo de TODA la sociedad. Sea accesible para TOD@s para siempre.
Javier Spain
Juan Roberto Spain
David Strupl Czech Republic
Petr Somol Czech Republic this would boost e-government transition more than anything else
ACHARD France Pour vous pour nous, pour le Libre, pour la France, pour le Monde !
Magnus Ericmats Sweden
Jiří Kofránek Czech Republic Public monney - Public software in Czech e-governemet !!!! I rely on the new Czech government to make it happen.
Damian Hryniewicz Poland
Pierre Bretéché France
Antanas Lithuania
ervin weber Italy
merlhiot France
Tonte Germany
Özgür Erdem Çınar Turkey
Guichon France
Kiss Tamás Gábor Hungary :)
Christian THeune Germany Logisch, oder?
Gilles Riou France
Bernat Spain
João Aleixo Portugal Save money, gain trust, make the public happy.
Tuomas Hietala Finland
Asociacion Educativa Reciclanet Hezkuntza Elkartea Spain ¿Dinero Público? ¡Código Público!
Robin CHALAS France
ramon barrenetxea Spain Es lógico que con dinero público se use código público
paul chapron France
Antoni Pérez i Font Spain
Eugeni Ojea Lage
José Ramón Fuertes Spain
Àlex Hinojo
José Antonio Navarro Spain We need more transparency
PABLO MARINERO Spain If people pay taxes with wich public administrations make software that software has to guarantee users freedoms and privacy.
Thomas Schmidt Germany
Fave Py France Free warm water
Tim Perry Spain
Leclaire France Public Science | Public Code !
ghysbrecht France
Niki Guldbrand Denmark Please open the code I helped fund.
Oscar Spain
Andreas Hierling Germany Logical, not real! Would be a huge step towards transparency and (e)quality of our states - for more Open Source instead of closed Doors!
Jerónimo Roure Pérez Spain
Francesc Guillem i Benlloch Spain
Thomas Saquet France Oui !
Miquel Sabaté Solà Spain
Alejandro Moreno Spain
Jesus Salvador Rueda Spain Los ciudadanos no debemos pagar varias veces por algo que es nuestro y además fomenta la innovación.
Darius Lithuania
Marco Campos Portugal
Erik Wesselius Netherlands
B. Stücker Germany There is no reason not to use free and open software!
Cédric Montagne France
Jordi Cirera Gonzalez Spain This is a must!
Ester Bonet Spain No si valen més excuses per no implantar el codi públic d'una vegada.
Marco Berlinguer Spain
Carles Paredes Lanau
Luis Ulzurrun de Asanza y Bueno Spain
Markus Hummel Germany free software - free society
Txema Laullón Spain
Viollet France
Marco Tondi Italy
Florent Poinsaut
Béryl DAVID France
HECKEL Philippe France
Hannes Tautschnig Austria
CAVAILLÈS France Mutualisons nos ressources !
Peter Handrick Germany
Gritti France
Thomas Umbach Germany
Paul Ciano United States
Fillion France
Benjamin Renard France
Hicham Chetate France "Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone." Can someone disagree with this logical statements?
GUILLEMAIN Marie-Anne France Le logiciel libre pour tous, et d'abord pour les services publics est dans le programme de la France insoumise, mouvement auquel j'adhère.
Guillemain José France
Hanna-Lisa Ott Germany
Mathias Behrle Germany
Yves SPECHT France Ce serait la moindre des choses pour éviter de réinventer la roue dans chaque administration.
Jaap van Wingerde Netherlands
Jacques BIBARD France
Mollon France
Thorge-Tobias Ott Germany
Andreas Schmidt Germany
Despretz France
Passas Eric France
HAUBER Claude France qui est responsable des achats logiciels!!!
vidallet France
Macari France
Guillaume Babin France
Banos Claude France
François Pernoud France
Bailly JM France
Gilles Couderc France
Sublet Patrice France
David Nadasi France
Clemens Riccabona Austria
Vicente Casals Spain
DI Jürgen Lanner Austria Es gibt genügend freie Systeme, man muss nicht Microsoft kaufen. Btw: Vertrauen wir Microsoft wirklich unsere sensitiven Daten an?
Matthias Borer France
Christophe BOISSONNADE France
Jaricot France
Vanicatc France
MARIA Frédéric France Reprennons notre destinée en main
Uguet France cela devrait aller de soit, tout service public devrait n'utiliser que des logiciels GPL ...
Alexander Knorr United Kingdom Software sponsored by public money needs public scrutiny
Juergen Stein Germany
Daniel Gärtner Germany Thumbs up!
Markus Signitzer Austria
Grit Liebscher Germany
bonob0h France Un état c'est un peuple de citoyens qui y contribuent donc l'état doit redonner au citoyens ce qui leur appartient
gael borras France
Daniel Olivo Ruza Germany If we spend our (the publics money) we need to get whole result back. Should also be the same for public funded research.
Dennis Öberg Sweden
Elias Martin France Le monde numérique nous libère d'un effort de recopie/répétition : profitons-en et utilisons les deniers publics à bon escient !
Céline Fédou France
Florian Köllich Austria
Mark Gmeiner Austria
Xavi Drudis Ferran
Michael Liebscher Germany public money? public code!
Nicolas Schier Germany
Pepe Germany
Frederic Farfart Andorra
wandrebeck laurent France
Florian Maunier France
Elfriede Kreuzer Austria
Christian Mack Germany Das ist überfällig.
Robin PICARDAT France
Daniel Willi Austria
Rucart France
Letellier France
Jean-Luc Chobert France Democracy needs the transparency of open-source software.
GAFFET Eric France
Paolo Massa Italy
Francisco Beltran Arsene Spain
Joakim Vivas Spain Les administracions públiques, exemples del Nou Model d'ús ètic i amb Valor afegit de les TIC.
Pez France
Pedrum Mohageri United States All materials funded by taxpayers should be open for use, re-use and examination.
Ramon Sole Spain
Paolo Massa Italy
Maîtresse Gilda France
Gildas CORRE France
Blanc France
Antal Szilagyi Hungary I agree with the initiative.
José Luis Pérez Diez Spain public spendings should benefit everybody
Philippe Ombredanne United States Please Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available
audiffren France
Ramkumar Ramalingam United Kingdom
Robert Eichinger Germany
Tobias Eriksson Sweden
Aaron Huang Taiwan Openness, accountability, and honesty should be the standard of every government in the future.
Synpell - Baptiste LARVOL-SIMON France This straightly serves our objectives and the general interest
Belle France Une question élémentaire de liberté
NOEL Eric France
Michael Young France
Prevost Michelle France
Anders Haffar Wolf Denmark
Bülent Ergün Turkey I support this project. please listen to this project
Foti France Notre liberté ne peut être compromise par des multinationales qui deviennent des entreprises de détournement de fonds publics et mettent en
Pascal Levieux France
gatignol France Liberté => égalité et sécurité
Wannesson Philippe France
Julien Le Sommer
Wannesson Philippe France
leroy France
Praxis Dr. Wendler Germany
Dr. Marcus Wendler Germany
Dr. Marcus Wendler Germany
PRONER France C'est un minimum, alors quand ?
Giovanni Battista Gallus Italy Sharing of public code should be mandatory!
garcia France
saint faust Senegal
Christian Riesner France
Jules Joyez S’il s’agit d’argent public, le code devrait être également public.
Juéry France
Almayrac France
Detlef Schmidt Germany Es gibt keine Sicherheit bei non-disclosure-systemen!
Fasquelle France
gorodecki France
jolles France si ce qui est financé par le peuple est privé pourquoi ne pas continuer l'inversion des normes la propriété privé est publique et la boucle
larat France
Marti France
Fihman François France
VANHOVE Gilles France
joelle France
Schneider Franck Switzerland
Burgunder Jacques France
Damien Hedde France
Christian Chevalley France
BECHIER Marie-Magdeleine France idem pour les thèses de doctorat? ;)
Daniel Sidobre France
Joachim Schmitz Germany
leroy France Argent public = Logiciel public
Streit Eric France C'est tout de même le minimum ....
Frank Morawietz Germany
Christophe Beugnet France Allons plus loin : argent public, transparence totale, pas uniquement les logiciels
Annick Valibouze France Je suis Professeur des Universités en Informatique. Le libre est plus sûr, mieux maintenu et plus perenne en plus d'être gratuit.
diaz ronda leon France
ALBERT Marie France idem pour la recherche : argent public, résultats publics !
Fournier Olivier France
Le Crosnier Hervé France
Steve-David Marguet Switzerland
Bruno menan France
Dubreucq France
Julien Gouesse France
Mathieu Schroeter Switzerland
Marcel Lommerzheim Germany I always wondered whether processing of my data with closed source software is legal under German data protection law anyway. If so, why?
BARBIER Jean-Philippe France
Frank Lerche Germany
Christian Koys Germany Es gibt keinen Grund Software zu verwenden die nicht frei verfügbar ist.
Roman Pavelka Czech Republic
Clement Verna Poland
BOULLE Rémi France
Nagy Imre Hungary
Miquel Obrador Spain
Morandi Italy
Jan Abeska Germany
Anderson Gaitolini Brazil
Thomas Stärk Germany Nur quelloffene Software verhindert solche Katastrophen wie die Software zur Übermittlung der Bundestagswahlergebnisse
Szalai Kálmán
DJC Ochtman Netherlands
Florian Schmidt Germany
Ulrike Völlinger Germany
Rasmus R Andersen Ireland
Kristian Persson Sweden
Peter von Bertoldi Canada
Jurij Podgoršek Slovenia All code should be free (as in freedom), but publicly financed code is a good start.
Matthew O'Neill Ireland
Jürgen Flierl Germany
Kosmas Greece
Francesc Bassas i Bullich Spain
Petr Onderka Czech Republic
Jonathan G Germany
Rolf Muth Germany
Dominik Linn Germany
Associació Pangea Spain
Ekin Akoglu Turkey
Alexander Jarosik Austria
Micheon Netherlands FREEdom is NOT the same as to get a 'free' W10 upgrade! Please see this documentary; Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013) ie @ Netflix.
Hans Crauel Germany
Morten Bo Søndergaard Svendsen Denmark I cannot believe that this is not in act already
Ivo Kuzmanovic Germany
Geiser Menoia Germany
muszlak France Et les FLOSS devraient être véritablements incités dans tous les postes et sites web publics : plus de .doc merci !
Roman Klopsch
Sebastian Kox Netherlands
Darko Cerdic Croatia
Anton Gerasimov Germany
Víctor Cañizares Mata Spain
Tymofii Baga Germany
Heikki Sarkanen Finland
Ludovic QUELIN France
Gerhard Borrek Germany
Moritz Jasper Germany
Jürgen Noss
Márton Iván Hungary Nagyon fontosnak tartanám a köz-szoftverek felszabadítását, valamint a kivételként kezelt szoftverek listáját, indoklással együtt!
Christoph Schmees Germany
Daniel Hofmann Germany
Rolf-Dieter Lucius Germany
helmut schacher Switzerland
Livio Maniacco Italy Bene@ spero che succeda qualcosa!
Alberto Spain Pienso que el software libre es la mejor opcion para trabajar en la red
Broghammer, Reinhard Germany
Broghammer, Reinhard Germany
Valter Colognori Italy Se una nazione o un popolo si considera liberi,devomo esserlo in tutto compreso il software delle istituzioni
Przemysław Pikuła Poland Let's end vendor lock-in for government insitutions(don't forget the military!)
Carla Berjano Portugal
Boulaud France
Sven Sternsdorff Germany
Jordi Buj Spain
Dorian Granoša Croatia
Alois Schlögl Austria
Kevin Hollenshead United States
DIEGO MANIACCO Italy Ogni ammnistrazione può investire nello sviluppo di soluzioni aperte e utilizzabile da altre amministrazioni. Basta volerlo fare.
Mireia Mora Spain
Martin Husmann Switzerland
Radovan Serbia
Veronica Rivera United States
Carsten Sigsgaard Mortensen Denmark Make it possible to change the contractor, not the system.
Leon Lenz Germany
Kasper Snæver Denmark
Mathias Frydkjær Denmark Open source is the only way to go for public software!
Henrik Nøjgaard Denmark
Zeljko Prsa Croatia
Philip Munksgaard Denmark
Libert Jean-Claude France
Morten Bergman Sweden
Jerry Cote United States It's ok, you can still keep the data hidden about what's being stolen daily. We just want good tech.
Jesper Bak Denmark
Adam Reichold Germany
Ralf Kowalewski Germany
Kieken France Il est important de donner le choix dans notre utilisation d'internet et de ses outils. Il est important qu'une transparence soit excercé
Mathias Gigas Denmark Why is this not a thing already!?
Matthias Sell Germany
Stefan Unverricht Germany Let opensource become standard.
Moos Fabienne Switzerland
Johanna Leichtfuß Germany für ein faires und freies Internet
Sabine Mühl Germany
Andreas Stricker Switzerland Swiss Government has a history of failed ICT projects. Let's get down to the root of this.
Xavier Serra Spain
Louise De Laender Belgium
Magnus M Jørgensen Denmark
Javier Cabello Sanchez Spain
Philippe Krief France I fully support this initiative
Jorge Muñoz Castañer Spain
Donux Netherlands
Luiz Henrique Rauber Rodrigues Brazil free software is free knowledge
Bizzini Francesco Italy
Gaël Blondelle France As an individual, I fully support this initiative.
Antti Talsta Finland
Troels Arvin Denmark
Christof Damian Spain
Johannes Seiferth
Dominik Sigmund Germany
Gerlinde Schneider Austria
Harald Lordick Germany
Martin Espinach Spain
Andreas Skyman Sweden
Matteo Settenvini Germany
Sascha Scherrer Germany Public code builds trust in administration, improves transparency, independence and wealth. Make it happen.
Christian Kurzstreckenrandonneure Lühe Germany
Johan Bjäreholt Sweden
Mathieu SOUM France I concede that it wont be easy, but I also think it worth it.
Sam Keshavarzi Sweden I will put my vote on anyone working to get this done and will encourage others to do the same.
elvira roll-eriksson Norway very nice video
Lucas Wiemers Germany Free Software will be the future. Just do not stop projects like LiMux!
Felix Schütze Germany Pro LiMux!
Øyvind Hanssen Norway
Christian Pohl Germany For the people, for freedom, for us!
Andres United Kingdom Like science: let us stand on the shoulders of giants!
Thorsten Baumecker Thailand
Sebastian Bengtsson Sweden
Kunkel Germany
Incze Gáspár Hungary A nyílt forráskódú szoftverek a modern államigazgatás és oktatás alapjai.
Gidsken Braadlie Norway
Victor Lengquist Sweden RIGHT NOW!
Pablo Cristóbal Vergara Castro Spain Public taxes => Open Source.
Rudolf H. Ende Das Gemeinwohl hat Vorrang vor Konzerninteressen.
Lars Gunnar Eriksson Norway
Philippe Mané France
Werner Mühl Germany
Daniel Michele Germany
Dominique OUDY Switzerland Citizens have not to become hostages of ICT multinational companies
Andreas Mundt Germany
Thomas Gürtler Germany
Sébastien Beyou France
Roeser, Anne Germany
Tobias Roeser Germany
Agustín Martina Argentina
Deschamps Yved France
Maximilian Böhm Germany
Maurizio Avogadro Italy
Jürgen Kleff Germany a logical conclusion
Alejandro Mondragon Germany
antonio Spain Espero que se haga realidad. Un cordial saludo.
Kevin Lindemann Germany
Theo Debrouwere Belgium
Patrick GENDRE France merci pour cette initiative
Anthony Durity Ireland
Andrea Di Dato Italy
Jan Navratil Czech Republic It is time to enter the 21st century and use power of masses to improve lives of everyone
Geert Uytterhoeven Belgium
Florian Lammer Austria
Łukasz Topa Poland
mathias wendel Germany
Meyer, Dieter Germany
John Futcher United Kingdom
pia maria roll Afghanistan
Andrew Tinsley United Kingdom
Björn Siebke Germany
Giorgio Turati Italy
Maria Pia Dall'Armellina Italy Approvo e auspico che sia fatto in fretta
Elfin Slade United States Fnkk off tyrants. We only need the absence of government.
Angela Beck Germany
Stefano Di Martino Germany <3
Richard Morrisroe Ireland
Andreas Langecker Germany
Alexander Bierbaumer Austria
Mykhailo Kolotushkin United States
Søren Howe Gersager Denmark
Daniel Guerrero Miralles Spain Public code ensures transparency and builds trust. Please, support it.
Michel Meyer France
Reto Kaiser Switzerland
Ali AKSIN Turkey
Abel Spain
Pieter Germany
Martina Mayrhofer Spain code has to be public and open, especially when produced with public money! code runs our world, and we want to know how it runs!
ESther Subias Spain If it is public money, it should be public code as well!
Rene Mehrmann Switzerland
Eugen Dedu France
Plieger Harry Germany
Toni Téllez Spain
Christer Eriksson Norway This should have been implemented in law on all levels a long time ago. I expect that my tax money is used in the most efficient way.
Peter Korsgaard Belgium
Giorgio De Novellis Italy
David Bate Finland
Emile Aben Netherlands
Remco Kranenburg Netherlands
Jacob Nordfalk Denmark Mi subtenas ke publike financata kodo devus estis publika posedaĵo
Stefan Seifert Austria
Martin Pagh Goodwin Denmark
Helm Peter Austria Hoffentlich nimmt sich das unsere neue Regierung zu Herzen
Lilith Smidts-Lefever Belgium
Mateus Lopes Brazil That´s our money, that´s our right! Let´s make our world open, free and shared.
Mester Imre Hungary
Andreas Andersen Denmark This is a really great movement that will benefit the people.
Arthur Del Esposte Brazil
Pons Cyrille France
BARRY NOBLE South Africa we need to be help to makes this country prosperous,there is money and resources available in this country but only certain people have acce
Martin Schoen Germany Sicherheit durch Offenheit
Marc Bewernik Germany
Joost De Cock Belgium
Thomas Hämmerle Austria
Ralf Küpper Germany
Christian Huldt Sweden Public is public, it's quite simple
Cecilia Tanaka Brazil
Carlos Tato Cortizo Brazil
Dominique OUDY France
Mychelle Harich United States
Martin Gründer Germany
Phillip Roshon United States
AYEL Jean-louis France
Reinhardt France
RIPERT France L'ouverture des outils offre la meilleure sécurité.
Jean-Philippe Bourgeois France as a civil servant, I believe that open source is the way to go for public sector.
Portrait France
Cyril Soler France
Sébastien Barré Belgium
Wiedenmann Germany Die Idee überzeugt durch Ihre Vernunft. Private Investitionen tätigen wir auch nach Effektivität.
Ralf Naundorf Germany
David Hofmann Paraguay
José Mendes Portugal Better quality software for a fraction of the money and public satisfaction. A no-brainer.
Stefan Nagy Austria
Quim Spain
Willy Weinmann Germany
Katherine Jones United Kingdom
David Kübel Germany
Gianluigi Calcaterra Italy
Fabio Mazza Italy
Aitor Sorreluz Spain
Otello Carrieri Italy Concordo
Erwan Rouchet France
Michael Maaßen Germany
BELIARD Louis France Nous exigeons la transparence sur tous les algorithmes en vertu du droit à l'information, de la sécurité de nos informations et des libertés
PAGÈS Clément France
parham Iran open sourcing is key to faster improvements of quality if life all over the world
SUZANO Paul France La transparence des services publics et des fonds utilisés doit être une obligation
Pieter Vissers Belgium
Stéphane Bortzmeyer France
Gabriel Szilagyi Germany
Daniel Grest Denmark
tarang wadekar India I agree With your companies policies
Steen Kastoft Hansen Denmark This initiative should be a no-brainer. Everybody should support it.
Achim Finger Germany
Kaedan United States
Dániel Gál Slovakia
Tihomir Rabuzin Croatia
Tosca Ballerini France Software paid with public money should be developed according best coding standards and be released as Free and Open Source Software
Juliette Fabre France
Stefan Schönberger Germany
Salvatore Petroni Italy
Pradeep Sharma India I support this
Mads Poulsen Denmark
Yann Lossouarn France
peter Van den Bossche Belgium
Daniel Hampf Germany
Andreas Demmelbauer Austria Freie Software ist nachhaltiger und bringt allen was.
Ulla Boje Jensen Denmark
Martin Topholm Denmark
Christian Brade Germany
Garnier France
Kurt Frederiksen Denmark
Jason Johnson This makes so much sense. Open source code adds value to communities and strengthens the code as well.
Timm Gebhart Germany
David Leonhartsberger Austria
Jakob Østergaard Jensen Denmark
Pascal Cedraschi Switzerland
Fen Labalme United States Bring FOSS security tools to public sector agencies, e.g. GNU/Linux, OpenControl and OpenSCAP
Christian Rishøj Denmark
Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen Denmark Currently administrations are obstructing themselves accepting solutions with proprietary lock-in. Me pay, me help improve code.
Steffen Eriksen Denmark
Katerina Lenaki Greece
Davide Valguarnera Italy
Thorbjørn Steen Denmark Som programmør anbefaler jeg fri software. Bl.a. for at "white hats" lettere kan finde fejl, som så kan rettes før kriminelle udnytter dem.
Bartosz Charuza Poland
Daniel Morgan France
Karin Verelst Belgium Evidently so.
Topuzogullari France Le service public est un bien commun,utilisation des outils libres pour construire les nouvelles cultures est du bon sens.
Jonathan Holst Denmark
Rahiel Kasim Netherlands
Andreas Mogensen Denmark
Christian Rasmussen Denmark
Amos Spenner Denmark
Michele Savino Italy
Bo Helleskov Denmark
Sofara Egypt
Endre Czirbesz United Kingdom
Kasper Helsted Denmark
Mohamed Sweden
Rasmus Kæstel Jensen Denmark
Nicolas Arnold Germany Would be great, responsible, trustworthy (hey, you install a lot of critical (unknown) code on critital systems) and could save money!
Mikkel Holm Søgaard Denmark
Silas Fontain Hestbæk Denmark
Moritz Lehmann Germany Public is better than private
Charles Suggs United States
Patrick Larsen Denmark
Manfred Stock
argha India I believe in the cause I am signing for, I believe we need immediate reforms in software production & free distribution of useful software.
Irmgard Schmits Germany Ich bin für Softwarefreiheit in öffentlichen Verwaltungen
Rune Philosof Denmark
Martin Angelo Sunesen Denmark
Benjamin Nørgaard Denmark
Jonas Krøner Denmark
Andrés Becerra Sandoval Colombia
Adam Jensen Denmark
Emil Schnedler Vad Denmark
Klaus Fyhn Jacobsen Denmark
Sacha Senra Fernández Spain Paying hundreds of times for the same "product" is stupid.
Alexander Brice Stoustrup Denmark
Benny Nass Denmark “Implementeres lovgivning der kræver at offentligt finansieret software udviklet til den offentlige sektor, skal gøres tilgængelig under en
Davide Italy
Lukas Bysted Denmark
Lasse Lambertsen Denmark
Niels-Holger Pedersen Denmark
Rene Mejer Lauritsen Denmark
Schack Lindemann Denmark Why is this not the first paragraph on every contract for a public IT project!!
Lars Nielsen Denmark Just do it, it will not be gard
Anders Iversen Denmark
Lars Stadel Linnet Denmark Sharing is Caring
Nikolaj Denmark
Panos Denmark
Michele Italy Free software = free society. It's so simple!
Michael Thomsen Denmark
Jens Egholm Pedersen Denmark
Jan Larsen Denmark
Niels Prins Denmark
Peter Christensen Denmark Go for it!!
Martin Treacy-Schwartz Denmark
Astrid Lingnau Germany Wer die Musik bezahlt sollte bestimmen was gespielt wird. Wir, die Bürger zahlen!
Francesco Bertoldi Italy open source nella PA
pat oconnor Ireland
Bernd Macheleidt Germany Ich werde vom Finanzamt gezwungen, Elster Software zu installieren und zu nutzen, es ist aber nicht klar, was diese Software genau macht
André Holl Germany Öffentliche Ausschreibungen müssen die Entwicklung von Software unter einer freien Lizenz fordern!
Andrus Kanter Estonia
Gisbert Kulterer Austria Thank you so much for your efforts on this topic!
Pauline France
Vojtech Zachar Slovakia FLOSS by sa mal v štátnej správe uprednostňovať. Začať sa môže okamžite, napríklad v školstve. Pokusy už boli, treba v nich pokračovať.
Stefano Rizzinelli Italy
Wilhelm Schmits Germany
Ignaz Hausinger Germany
jeremie France
Dominik Broger Austria Software sollte FREI!! sein wenn schon dafür bezahlt wurde!
Nicolas Derambure France
Sergiu Popa Spain
BRECHET Alexandre France
Stefan Rank Germany
Garnier France
Joda Stößer Germany Leave uncertainty behind and embrace the proven advantages of open source code.
Titouan Galopin France
Rémi Croset Canada
Romain Guedj Canada
HERUBEL France OPEN SOURCE in all dimensions... It's time now.
OLIMA ASEGA United Kingdom
Hugo Hamon France
DAHON France
hamon France
Francesco Lazzarotto Italy sharing and collaboration, not only competition
Marco Di Pietro Italy
Uwe Scholz Germany
Arthur Masson France
Gregory Vander Schueren Belgium
Josef Schneider Austria
Emanuele Castriotta Italy
giuseppe martucci Italy
Ullrich Jans Germany Oeffentlich finanzierte Software sollte oeffentlich bleiben!
Stefan Götz Germany
Kirsten Neuhaus Germany
Markus Birth Germany
Michał Kern Poland
Philippe MAUXION France
Baptiste LABAT France
Nicola Lamacchia Italy
montagné jean noël France
Patrick Coffey United Kingdom We also need to introduce more open source technologies into the curriculum to better futureproof the labour market of tomorrow.
Yannick Buron France
Riccardo Quercetti Italy
Olivier Tétard France
Vincent Kaltenbronn France
Damien B. France
Cornelius Wild Germany
Stefan Meinecke Germany
Lauchpeter Germany Added mich auf steam, ihr larrys
Péter PRŐHLE Hungary
Francesco ROMOLI
Gernot Sander Germany
Laura Acinapura Italy
Andrea Trentini Italy
Elena Acinapura Italy
Dr. Korn András Hungary Free licensing also helps avoid vendor lock-in.
Helena Santos Portugal Very important for advance of knowledge.
Pedro Bocos Spain Es justo que el esfuerzo público sea trasparente y beneficie a la ciudadanía
Marcel Bösl Germany
Mario Navarro Madrid Spain
Henrik Sönnerqvist Sweden
Ricardo Spain
Francesco Rotondella Italy
Markus Abt Germany
Chris Whitehouse United Kingdom I fully agree with the sentiments in this letter, please implement the use of free and open source code written with public money.
francesca Italy il pubblico a servizio del pubblico!
Frank Brütting Germany
emre cavunt Turkey Tabiki de katılıyorum açık kaynak gelişimin en temel mihenk taşıdır fakat bazı modüller güvenlik sebebi ile saklı kalmalıdır.
Anselm Köhler Switzerland
Philipp Koschinski Germany
Christian Wilkens Germany
Giulia Bimbi Italy
Silvio Spain I will develop open source code for the world
Livio Gasparetto Italy
Hayri Yiğit Turkey
Andres Diz Spain lo público es de todos, también el código
Peter Titus Germany Der Einsatz proprietärer Software ist aufgrund der offensichtlichen Risiken nicht mehr vertretbar.
Fergus Reig Gracia Spain
Varga Ádám Hungary
Isaac REYES France
Rubens Bayardo Argentina
Sümegi Péter Hungary
Pedro Henrique Cavalheiro Brazil
Francesco Sweden
Christian Schwarzinger Austria could not aggree more!
Ribault France
Julien Chiaramello France Proprietary software is only good for increasing the bottom line of companies at the expense of everyone else. It's time to stop that.
Enrique Fernandez Sanchez Spain
niek Netherlands
Jose Maria Urraca Mulero Spain All public money spent on software should inpact freely in the society
hannes hauser Austria
Jérémie L France
Jérôme Darmont France
Karl Salver Germany free open source !
Jérôme Tamborini France Première étape pour le vote électronique sous logiciel libre et sous monitoring en temps réel disponible, anonyme et libre
Manfred Rieser Austria Öffentliches Geld für offenen Code wäre nur fair.
Andreas Ruscheinski Germany
José Carlos Cuevas Albadalejo Spain
Jose Antonio Navarro Spain
Chiche France
Mert S. Kaplan Turkey Şeffaf ve güvenli bir iletişim, özgür bir gelecek için kamunun parası ile alınan kodlar kamunun kodu olmalı!
Juan Antonio Romero del Castillo Spain
Matteo Cavallaro Italy
Martin Rönitz Germany Especially publik Institution should bei transparent in software also.
Jordi Vilaplana Spain
Xenios Kofteros Cyprus
Matthew Thomas United Kingdom It’s about minimizing waste.
Aaron Eischeid United States public monet public code pretty much somes it up. also public money public research findings
Max Höttinger Germany
Johannes Findeisen Germany Nothing more to say. Everything is said on!
Mate Soos United Kingdom Public money, public code!
Fernando Caínzos Spain Nuestro dinero tiene que revertir en la sociedad
Bruno Ramos Luxembourg
RIDVAN ÖZMEN Turkey Yazılım giderlerini neredeyse sıfırlayıp , bu gücü eğitime aktaralım
Vincenzo Lalli Italy It is necessary to make our voices heard, the voices of those who still care about freedom and transparency. It's not too late...not yet.
Bramy France Developpement du logiciel libre et de la recherche associée doit être une priorité
Menard France
Virág Balázs Hungary
Ricardo Lanziano Colombia This is a public right, I fully support this initiative.
Pedro Cavalheiro Brazil
Danial Khoshkholgh Iran
Shashank India
Stefano Belli Italy
Mario Roldán Spain Lo que paga el pueblo para el pueblo
John Mink Italy
Juan Jose Otalora González Spain
Kim Jong Un North Korea
Leander Berg Germany Das wäre doch mal was. Die Firmen würden sich angesichts der Summen fügen.
Michael Beiß Germany
Marcos Martín Pozo Delgado Spain Necessary!
Bakonyi Péter Hungary
Massot France
Jori Jansen Netherlands
Alexandre Garel France
Manuel Spain
Andy Ecca Peru Es una excelente iniciativa
Marc DEXET France
Nando Quintana Spain
Palazzi France
Samuel Peiro Spain
Nicolas Petitdemange France
Antonio Spain
Rosalía Casamayor Bowen Spain
Luz Buedo Buedo Spain
Stilyana stoyanova Spain Quiero que el sistema operativo que se utiliza para el sector público sea de código abierto para que la gente tenga acceso a toda la info
Kai Maaßen Germany Ein Schritt verlorenes Vertrauen wieder zu erlangen.
Luis Melendez Aganzo Spain
Juan José Guerrero González Spain
Orçun Madran Turkey
Tobie Langel Switzerland There is no reason for tax-payer funded software development to produce anything but open-source.
Günther NOWOTNY Austria
Carles Pla Sorribes Spain
Anton Spain
Reynaldo Cordero Corro Spain Public money, public code, of course.
Philip Børgesen Denmark
Esteban Gutiérrez Spain
Jordi Burguet Castell Spain It's a quite simple argument. Please respect what is developed by the people, for the people, as belonging to the people.
Oscar Salas
Gianluca Italy Questo è il primo passo, occorrerebbe estendere il principio anche al software UTILIZZATO nelle amministrazioni pubbliche
Nicolas Argentina
Rubén Campo Fernández Spain El código de las aplicaciones debe ser abierto, para que futuros desarrollos no partan desde cero...
Pablo Perez Diez Spain
Joachim Köstler Germany
Matt Atkinson United Kingdom
James Lang United States
alberto Spain
Pau Monfort Monfort Spain
Juan Carlos Spain
Fabre France Le code mais aussi le reste (ex. musqiue, elearning, moocs, cartes, vidéos... sous licences libres)
Antonio Arauzo-Azofra Spain It will foster competition and quality.
Roger Sicart
Joyce MARKOLL France Le logiciel libre, à code source ouvert et disponible pour tous est plus sécurisé, il est social et éthique
Jose Alfonso Mora Lores Spain
Gavin Mooney United Kingdom Open source software would also contribute to the transparency we all seek in publicly funded ventures.
David Delhoume France
Lot Spain
Elizabeth Crawford Germany
Antonio Garcia Spain
Miguel Ángel González Spain
Marc Coll Spain
Mikel Spain Public institutions should always aim for FOSS
Daniel Estévez Sánchez Spain
CANAYER France De plus, 'Non aux ZRR' imposées sans dicernement ni consultation en France.
Guillermo Miranda Spain
oscar polo fernandez Spain
Eduardo Cabrera Spain
Javier Barroso Pardo Spain
Fabio Bettiol Spain Yes. Long live to Open and Free Software
Jheengut Mauritius Our code should be free
Andreas Gröger Germany
Roberto Schiavone Italy
Michael Keul Germany
Tomás Vírseda García Spain
Bernhard Görgen Germany
Andrea Cavalli Italy Non ci avevo mai pensato, comunque tutto ciò sarebbe veramente vantaggioso per i cittadini.
Iñigo Valentin Spain
Jorge Burgos Ireland Public money, public code
Ralf Dyllick Germany I fully support this initiative
Javier Spain Seems so obvious that is frustrating to have to be launching this campaign...
Unai Sainz de la Maza Gamboa Spain For a free society.
Federi Spain Make it free, it's paid with our money, it's ours!
Eric Sinner Switzerland
Garikoitz Legarda Spain Another step against corruption must be prior.
manuel molino Spain Absolutely necessary
Lluís Llordella Spain El programari lliure és el futur, igual que el coneixement compartit
Daniele Frizzera Italy
Tuomo Heino Finland
Alejandro Provencio Spain
Marco Hennig Germany
Anki Toner Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Marc Pujol Spain
Alfredo Casado Spain
Isaac Spain
Darío Bernabé Spain
Manfred Ostermann Austria
Leo Urdaneta Venezuela Favor apoyar el software libre
Alejandro Martínez Jordán Spain
Nuño I.G. Spain
Carlos Gil Denia Spain
Luis Fernando Llana Díaz Spain
Javier Spain
Jose R. Prieto Pazos Spain Code developed with money that belong to everyone, it hast to belong to everyone
Óscar Berrocal Spain This should be obvious.
Antonio Javier Barragán Piña Spain What sense does it have that two or more administrations pay for the same software, when if it is free the cost could be shared?
Tatiana Palacio Brazil
José Ángel González Molina Spain The open-source communiy has already given us evidence of improvement of the IT tech and the obvious cost reducement.
Juan Carlos Díaz Spain I'm an IT professional and imho the return of public money must be open source software, open data, and transparency
Jaime Lerga Marquina Spain
Xavier Spain We all should benefit of the code paid with public money. It's safer, it's better, it's logical...
Pau García Spain
Victor Gil Czech Republic
José ramirez Spain
Susana Spain
Fernando Martínez Spain
Javier Cañete Puentenueva Spain
Miguel Jaque Spain Stop buying secrets. We pay for the software, it's ours
Ignacio Mangas Spain
Narciso Corella Martin Spain
José Bolorino Spain
Alfonso Boullón Sabín Spain
Iván Estévez Spain
Alejandro Troncoso Spain
Daniel Carrión Spain
Bojan P Serbia
Albert Farrés Coma Spain
Jaime Spain
Luis Alonso Chorda Spain
Alejandro Zalvez Spain
Tomas Teijeiro Spain
Carlos Cuesta Spain
Carlos Jurado del Prisco Spain
Daniel Santiago Spain
Oliver Spain
Nebojša Arežina Serbia Publicly funded code should be open to public.
javier guijarro mendez Spain
Jorge González González Germany Completely support the idea of Public Money Public Software.
Jesus Macias Portela Spain Go
Manuel Spain
david quirós soriano Spain
Janire Pilar Villa Spain
Jose Diaz United Kingdom
Jose Abuín Fernández Spain
Federico Pinal Moreira Spain
Monch Spain Public
emilio astier Spain
Francisco José Madrid Cuevas Spain i totaly agree with this initiative
Fernando Alvarez Spain
Jorge Hernandez de Benito Spain
Guillermo H. Villalón Spain
Elvis Enmanuel Spain
Peter Kunst Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Santiago Álvarez Martínez Spain
Jorge Aranda Spain Con mi firma declaro mi total apoyo a esta iniciativa.
Alfredo Sola Spain
Joaquin Lopez Spain If it is public money, it should be public code as well!
Alberto Spain
Ruben Mateos Spain Free code make us all grow faster!
Juan Felipe Molina Benito Spain We want open source code!
Felix Rubio Spain Considero que es obvio que cualquier código desarrollado con fondos publicos debería ser público tambien.
Josep Jordana Spain For transparent processes!
Borja United Kingdom It is not just the right thing, it would help the reliability of the tools and progress of society.
Jose Daniel Paniagua Gonzalez Spain No quiero que se use mi dinero para pagar código fuente cerrado. Libérenlo!
Tino Schmedemann Germany
Andreu T. Spain
César Spain Public money >>> public code
José Manuel Cuevas Muñoz Spain
Iñigo Sánchez Spain We should have what we pay. Free software for all
Daniel Riesner Germany
Miguel Parramón Spain
Javier Cuchí Spain
Fernando Fernández Spain
Jesús Manuel Moreno Spain
Juan Manuel Cabello Spain
David Acevedo Spain
Mario Coello Castro Spain It's necessary, urgent and mandatory
Alexander Mette Germany If you want anything resembling a democracy, you need to run it on something people can trust.
Marek Männiksaar Estonia
Pablo Lozano Fuentes Spain Free and Open software helps us to be free and independent
Benjamin Doppler Austria
Pablo Alba Spain
Roi Zearreta Spain
Álvaro Herrero Pérez Spain :(
Aitor Martin Spain
Manu Pinazo Spain Publicly funded software has to be Free and Open Source Software.
Igor Laniella Spain We can't have privative software controlling our lives. Free software for national software sovereignity.
Carlos HERRERA YAGUE Spain Tax codes in github NOW!
Pelayo Spain
Enrique Valera Spain
alberto Spain
Xabier Trigo Losada Spain This should be a no-brainer. Unless of course there are "hidden" interests at play.
Carlos Alberto Martínez Gadea Spain I'd love to see public money spent in a public way, and not seeing how it goes to private hands.
Juan Miguel Boyero Corral Spain
Joaquín Cuéllar Spain totally necessary and fair.
Alvaro Silvani Spain
Alvaro Spain I don’t want my taxes to fund private corporations
Rafael Salido Álvarez Spain
SpecialK Spain
Ivan Spain
Raúl Urdaci Spain
Miguel Ruiz United Kingdom Public bodies are financed through taxes. They must make sure they spend funds in the most efficient way possible. If it is public money, it
Luis Díaz Spain Public money, public code!
Manuel Spain Im supporting you!
Antonio Javier Becerra Spain
David Crespo Spain I totally agree with this campaign. I should get some return from my tax money in the form of freely available source code.
Rafael David Latorre López Villalta Spain
Javier Sánchez Riquelme Spain I work in H2020 projects and I want to have some percentage of that code open source as they'reºq being payed with public taxes.
Edgar Fortea Moles Spain
Raúl Galindo Moreno Spain
Rafael Berral Soler Spain
Carlos Dominguez Spain
Victor Mondejar Guerra Spain The world would be a better place when we change our minds and all the software be free
Orestes Switzerland
Miguel Julia United Kingdom Public money, public code!
Angel Roldán Llorente Spain
José Márquez Doblas Spain
Cesar Rodriguez United Kingdom
Kai Budde Germany
Iván Spain
Sergio Gómez Bachiller Spain
Nuno André Novo Spain
Manuel Juan Barbera Bernal Spain Public code is freedom
Asier Erramuzpe Aliaga Spain
Maria E. Pierce Germany
Marcos Spain I've been working for gov as developer. My work was done for the people, so it belongs to the people.
Tao Gómez Gil Spain It's a no brainer!
Alejandro Martínez Vieites Spain Public money, public code
Johan De Meersman Belgium
Oriol Romaní Picas Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Manuel Jiménez Spain Software should be accountable and transparente to those paying for it, especially with public money.
Celestino Pérez Castejón Spain
David Samblás Martinez Spain
Anibal Spain
Ladislao Calparsoro Spain It's very important to focus the public investment in the best return to the public!
Mario Pena Spain Free and open software is the only way leat to real democracy
Mario Madruga Spain Un estado y sus ciudadanos no pueden ser cautivos del desarrollador de un programa por sencillo que este sea.
Carlos Rodriguez Spain
Jesus J Martinez Molina Spain
Tom Warnke Germany
Félix Andreassi Spain
Carlos Arcediano Spain Yo pago, yo me quedo el código que podré revisar en el futuro.
Sezai Yeniay Turkey
Albert Veli Sweden If we pay for it, we should get access to the code too!
Martin Hendel France
Alois Schlögl Austria
Francisco Javier Taboada Aguado Spain And with GPL type license
Jorge Canet Yuste Denmark
Eva Lepik Estonia
Emil Hemdal Sweden
Michael Brach Germany
Julián Lozano Brau Spain
Xavier Rodríguez Spain
Rainer Seitel Germany
Alexander Winter Germany Public paid = public code
Wolter Hellmund Vega Germany Public money, public code!
Werner Marahrens Germany
Florian Friemel Germany
Niko Schmuck Germany Software is making such a great impact to society, please give a wider audience chance to evolve with the public achievements
Oliver Eloo Germany
Frederic Jacobs Switzerland
Guus Sliepen Norway Works produced by public money should go back to the public. It should not be that private companies unfairly profit from this.
Machu France
Cyril Brosch Germany
Max Zhao Germany The freer our software is, the more greater our possibilities are for real innovation!
Biteau France
David VANTYGHEM France
R. v. L. Netherlands Sharing knowledge with the public is the key to peace.
RAFAEL LOPEZ MANJON Spain Tengo derecho a conocer aquello que pago.
Koen Belgium
Reto Ineichen Switzerland Free and Open Source Software is the key to independance and innovation.
Dick Stomp Netherlands
Jakob Goldmann Netherlands
Александар Милојковић Serbia Free Software for Freedom. Free software for free IT society.
Bourdon France
David Kreindler United States
Lena Morgenroth Germany
Chris E. Germany Es liegt ausschließlich an der Gier der Politik/Management
Robert Rutkowski United States
Kai Tomerius Germany
Annika Marbach Germany
Clemens Momberg Germany
harish pillay Singapore Thanks for this. Code defines the future. Open Code builds its safely and securely.
Juan Arenas Marquez United Kingdom
Corinna Vinschen Germany
Michael Hirmke Germany
Rafael Moretti Brazil
Oliver Fesseler Germany
Neil Martin United Kingdom There can be very little reason for publicly financed software developed for the public sector cannot be issued under a free and Open Source
Giuseppe Alfieri Italy Dovrebbe essere opensource anche il software sviluppato da società quotate in borsa
Alberto Italy
Jochen Puchalla-König Germany Freier Code spart Steuergelder! Wozu das Rad mehrmals erfinden?
Angulli András Vincenzo Hungary Making it open software! There are plenty of reasons to do so. An open system is less vulnerable and evolves easily and more transparently.
Jurina Zoltán Hungary Jó kezdeményezésnek tartom a petícióban foglaltakat.
Andreas Holtz-Hofmann Germany
Lutz Huehnken Germany
Balázs Úr Hungary
Hermann Ludwig Germany
Sebastian Halles Germany Alles was durch öffentliche Gelder finanziert wird muss auch der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stehen, wie Public Access in der Forschung!
Robert Alsing Germany LIMUX was great, it is a shame it was made to fail
Lubomir Polcic Slovakia
Károly Andor Hungary
Thomas Germany
Oskar Swoboda Germany
Fabio Mazzone Germany
Peter Kokot Slovenia
Michael Ditsch Germany
Juan Martí Uruguay Apoyamos la propuesta
Sierk Bornemann Germany
Sakari Ailus Finland
juan fortuna Uruguay Better use of economic and human resources, more collaboration among all. More technological independence and suppliers. More local work.
Frederik Schwarzer Germany Dem deutschen Volke ... nicht nur der eigenen Tasche.
Marcus Wilhelm Germany
Nagy Attila Sándor Hungary
Rokonál Zoltán Hungary
Mark Koszuch Germany
CLaudio Rafael Arias Dominican Republic Feel Free, Be Free, Freedom is the voice of a real state of freedom
Jörg Jarick Germany
Michal Kaukič Slovakia
Robert Müller Austria Software in any public instituting financed with tax has to be close free, especially in education
Jorge Repetto Uruguay
Marco Rivero Uruguay
Fatima Uruguay It is just fair
Mª del Carmen Spain S/C
Detlef Deicke Germany Only open source in civil service and public education.
Weghorn Klaus-Jürgen Germany
juan ignacio fernandez quintanilla Spain suerte y fuerza al gnu ; good lucky and storn gnu
Balázs Botond Hungary
Giovanny Vizcaya Venezuela We don't pay for secrets. My money, my code.
Rudolf E. Steiner Austria
Erich Wild Germany
Victor Brice
Michael Milz Germany
Pozsgai András Hungary
Takács Gergely Hungary Közpénzből készült dolgok a közösségé ami közösségé lehessen a fejlesztés is.
Georg Link Germany Public Code is better for everyone!
Shane Simmons United States
Marcel Quirijnen United States
Bodócz-Nagy Róbert Hungary Teljes mértékben támogatom a kezdeményezést.
Alessandro Caldini Italy
Max Kubierschky Germany
Dominik Földi Hungary
Prof. Dr. Markus Klaus Schäffauer Germany Open Source for Open Access and Open Democracy!
Mia Nordentoft Denmark Gravas ne nur pro la imposto sed ankaŭ por la sekureco kaj bonfarto de kaj la programaroj kaj la civitanoj
Benjamin Gailly Belgium
Karsten Beuchel Germany
Stefan Auditor Germany
Andreas Grapentin Germany
Joshua Brown United Kingdom Join us now and share the software; You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free.
M. Renato Hungary
Jan-Hendrik Hemmje Germany
Tóth Bence Hungary
László Gábor Hungary The free software would be the minimum..
Hársch Zsolt Hungary
Tóth Máté Hungary Our money, so it's normal to have public code.
Kacsko Sandor Hungary
Bordás Patrik Sándor Hungary
Daniel Kremitzl Germany
Christian Kremitzl Germany
Patrick Baumgartner Switzerland Open knowledge for everyone!
Jan Prill Germany Effiziente Nutzung von Steuergeldern.
Kovács André Hungary That's the way of evolution. And we need it.
Robert Fodor Serbia The only bad foss software is unpatched foss software
Frank Blechinger Germany
Fodor György Serbia The usage and development of Open Source Software has always led to INCREASED security, and goverments are in NEED of more secure software!
Ulrich Haas Germany
Jörg Zühlke Germany
Marc De Germany Thanks for the initiative! Go for public code!
Hasn-Peter Petzoldt Germany
Noah Groß Germany
Frederik Banis Germany
R. Lubbes Netherlands Dit is een heel belangrijk initiatief, ik hoop dat het wordt uitgevoerd.
Paintl Germany
Andreas Hencke Germany
Julian Dreier Germany
Moritz Fiedler Germany
Dobos Benedek Hungary
Manuel Röger Germany
Claus Heidecke Germany Freie Gesellschaften brauchen Transparenz - FLOSS in öffentliche Verwaltungen ist ein unverzichtbarer Baustein darin.
Julien Gomes Dias France Our money, so it's normal to have public code.
Nicolas MANDIL France
Christopher Maus Germany
klawuhn Germany transparente demokratie die technisch nachvollziehbar ist ist ein wichtiger bestandteil unserer demokratie.
Julian Germany
Daniel Kohtes Germany
Youenn Bouglouan Poland
Andreas Aubele Germany Von der Öffentlichkeit bezahlt sollte auch rechtlich der Öffentlichkeit gehören und für diese nutzbar sein!
Michał Grygierzec Poland
stefan reichel Germany Open Source trägt der Sicherheit, Kostenminimierung sowie der Verbesserung der Software durch Vorschläge dritter.
Giuseppe Bonocore Italy
Vavrek József Hungary
Finn-Thorben Sell Germany
Svante Bengtson Sweden
Alexandre Oliva Brazil
Martin Bartscher Germany
Christoffer Hansen Denmark Make code opensource.
mebjer China Chinese government not only illegal establishment of GFW with public funds,but also Use IBW to restrict citizens to foreign websites!
Richard Walther Germany
Simone Martelli Italy
Eloy rodriguez rosales Spain
Ralf Hersel Switzerland
Rainer Kemme Germany
Thomas Zajac Germany
Martin Möglich Germany
Hans-Jürgen Weis Germany
Max van der Sluis Netherlands
Sári Gábor Hungary
Sipos Szabolcs Hungary
Péterffy Gábor Hungary
Christian Goldberg Germany Gemeingeld für Gemeinwohl und Gemeincode!
Gabríel Arthúr Pétursson Iceland With free software, citizens can contribute in more ways than just paying taxes.
Heuer Sascha Germany Open Source für eine freie Gesellschaft
Dani Takfarinas Spain Por una gestión transparente y eficiente
Tobias Knöppler Germany Das wäre ein großer Schritt für die Sicherheit und Transparenz unserer digitalen Infrastruktur.
David Döring Germany
Odysseas Diamadis Italy
Alexander Neubert Germany
Regina Germany
Louis Kohnert Germany
Daniel Nezamabadi Germany
Berkant ER Turkey
Daniel Vasques Ribeira Spain
Dr. Rainer Teubner Germany
Samuel Parish United Kingdom
Geoff Pears United Kingdom
Arpit Batra India I support the public code movement.
edwin hijmans Netherlands
Michael Oldiges Germany Free and Open Source Software is really importent to keep the control of the code
Ernst Hagemann Germany I use open source since the last 12 years
Manfred Wendler Germany
Francesca Bria Spain
Fehér Tamás Hungary
FREY Alexis France
Simon Pfreundschuh Sweden
Tobias König Germany Public Money → Public Code → More Transparency → More Democracy
Csere Mátyás Hungary
Pieter Michels Belgium
Bernhard Santiago Kuhn Germany our work is education of childrens without parents, for this work we get money of the state, with opensource it is no so expensive
Joachim Blanck Germany
Fibinger Ádám Hungary
Bernd Schiedermeier Germany
Rabcsánszki Viktor Hungary
Malte Bittner Germany
Enrique Ocaña González Spain
Dominic Dierig Germany
Lajber Zoltán Hungary
Rian Lindenberger Germany
Christian Weller Germany Quelloffene Software ist der einzige Garant für eine sichere, zukunftsoffene Entwicklung kommunaler IT-Infrastruktur.
Thimmo Borger Germany
Matthias Brandl Germany Auch bei Software, die nicht speziell für öffentliche Stellen entwickelt wurde, wäre die Verwendung von freien Alternativen wünschenswert.
Cz. Nagy Zoltán Hungary
Konstantin Fischer Germany Bitte hören sie auf die Wissenschaft, nicht nur auf die Industrie!
Carsten Knoll Germany Eigentlich müsste es selbstverständlich sein, dass öffentlich finanzierte Ergebnisse öffentlich verfügbar sind. Das ist ein Nobrainer...
David Nuno G. da Silva S. Quelhas Portugal Government agencies should use open-source.Benefits: cost savings from licenses, and independence from private company commercial interests
Niels Falk Germany
Rebecca Mara Müller Germany
Diego Pino García Spain
Mario Garcia Spain
Mustafa Konur Turkey Kesinlikle desteklenmesi gereken proje.
Klaus Guenter Germany
Jan Šíma Czech Republic Nice idea...
Iñaki Spain
Daniel Roda Spain It is very important to keep open the source code of public-founded software to be a fair public administration
Lars Frölich Germany Mit öffentlichem Geld sollte nur öffentliche Software bezahlt werden
Papp Tibor Hungary
Robin Nehls Germany
Siklós Gábor Hungary
Agoston Horvath Netherlands
Tamas Domjan Hungary
Niklaus Leuenberger Switzerland Zugänglicher Code ohne Hintertüren, das ist OpenSource
Szabó Gábor Hungary
Diego Gaggero Italy
Gyuris Gellért Hungary
Sebestyén Tamás Hungary
Kiss Gábor Hungary
Julian Bertels Germany
Thomas Schlicht Germany
Lennart K. Germany Tolles Projekt
Kovács Tibor Hungary Egyetértek a nyílt szoftverek használatának szükségességével
Dashamir Hoxha Albania
Attila Buti Hungary
Christof Huber Germany
Michael Svensek Austria
Eivind K. Nilsbakken Norway
Müller Germany
Maximilian Betz Germany
Katrin Germany
Ryan Nelson Germany
Felix Friebel Germany
Prókai Csaba Hungary
Justus Büthe Germany
Stefano Crocco Italy
Kocsis Zsolt Hungary
Halbaksz Roland Hungary
Hendrich Attila Hungary
Kádár Bence Hungary
Dominic Hornung Germany noice
Christoph Kolb Germany
Alexander Mulorz Germany
Carsten Jäkel Germany
Alexis Rinaldoni Germany
Thomas Ritter Germany
Nico Heijnk
Daniel Guagnin Germany Free software is key for accountability, transparency, security and innovation.
Carsten Thumulla public money, public code
Dominic Pöllath Germany
Büte Levente Krisztián Romania
David Lehmann Germany
Olga Gkot Greece
Heinz Kederer Germany
Justus Keitel Germany Meine Daten sollen vernünftig Verwaltet werden. Deshalb fordere ich als Teil der Jugend auch eine zukunftsorientierte Politik!
Max Franck Germany
Patrick Echterbruch Germany Transparenz nutzt allen.
Peter Funk Germany
Thomas Theodor Meiwes Germany
Christian Rogoll Germany
Manuel Feller
Matthias Zilligen Germany
Helling Germany Wenn Steuergelder, für diese Software eingesetzt werden ,sollten auch diejenigen die dieses aufgebracht haben, davon profitieren
Marcel Dieter Germany
Michel Normand France
Ralf Germany We need opensource software to create jobs in our own countries.
Ferdinand Mayrhofer Austria
Sergio Vinco Italy
Klaus Poppenhäger Germany
wagner laetitia Portugal
Laky Norbert Hungary
Sudden Lindholm United States
Antonio Melillo Germany
Olivier Duquesne France
Bagyinszki Zoltán Hungary
Mauro Zabot Italy
László Tamás Hungary
Rémiás Róbert
Hegedüs Patrik Hungary
Hartmut Turowski Germany Open Source Software ist die einzige Möglichkeit halbwegs Kontrolle über Datenschutz zu erlangen
Mátyus Imre Hungary
Steffen Butthoff Germany Freie Software für die öffentliche Verwaltungen !
Matúš Dujava Slovakia
Yann Samain France
Piotr Pawel Makosa United Kingdom There is one more, very important, reason for public code: SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER PROGRESS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.
Nils Hamann Germany
Sergio Lecuona Spain
Pierpaolo Italy
Richard GENOUD France
Bernhard Wendler Germany
Massimo Reddavide Italy
Luigi D'Elia Italy Ritengo pienamente condivisibile questa iniziativa
Michael Kubicki Germany
Gabriele Italy
Pallinger Péter Hungary
Knut Wüst Germany
Ponsard France
Tim Tröndle Switzerland
Helmut Holzer Germany
Täntzer, Ralph Germany So eine rechtliche Grundlage ist längst überfällig...!!!
Christian Brosig Germany Open-Source und Freie Software wird Verwaltungen unabhängiger, resilienter und effizienter machen.
Hendrik Zimmermann Germany
Joerg Jaspert Germany
Stefano Carlesso Italy Salvaguardiamo i beni pubblici essenziali.
Antonio Sergio Alcina Aznar Spain
Matthieu Rigal Germany
Frank Zimmermann Germany
Timur Gadžo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bart Vliegen Netherlands
Stefano Rosellini Italy
Theodore Galariotis Greece
John Germany
Manuel Taboada Spain Inteligencia pública para todos. Lo pagamos lo debemos compartir
Tim Engelke Germany
José Manuel Samos Spain la privatización es un robo
Angelina von der Heyden Germany Eine Welt die offen und transparent ist kann nur gerecht sein.
Felix Sand Germany OpenSource Software sorgt für eine effizientere und transparentere Nutzung von meinen Steuergeldern. Eine Investition, von der alle profitie
Renoult Jonathan France
Mar Samos Spain If the States are to be reckoned they must be free from Private Dealers
Norbert Stüken Germany
Christoph Knauer Germany
Gregorio Bisso Italy
Erich Kalks Germany
Erich Turnwald-Kurtz Germany
Lion Hirth Germany
Duval France
Miguel Bruno Lemos de Gouveia Portugal
tobias France
Yannick Lemin Belgium
Robbie Morrison Germany models and data supporting public policy development must also be open
Vincent Riquer France
Yury Leikind Belgium
Benjamin Monjoie Belgium
Vivian MALATERRE France
Friedger Müffke Germany Build a better future with better code!
Marcelo Tavares de Santana Brazil public code! public documents! public budget! more transparency
Hartmut M. Bromkamp Germany Open Source for Open Societies!
Richard United States
Markus Thierolf Germany Software financed by me, has to be open source!
Aitor González Spain
Mirco Beth Germany
Stephan Becker Germany
Josh Elias Meister Germany
Dominic Linke Germany
Coordinadora d'Entitats per la Lleialtat Santsenca Spain
DUYE France Développeur depuis 30 ans, il m'es difficile de comprendre comment certains responsables ne comprennent pas les enjeux du logiciel libre
Salvador Spain This step would be an important step for the community to make it improve the resources and get stronger together
Jesper Mønsted Denmark There is no excuse not to publish non-confidential code.
Jesús Zoyo Spain
Robert Schütz Germany I'd improve some stuff for free :)
Lucía Campaña Spain
Simon Kelly United Kingdom With closed source, if a company dies, the code dies with it. Insist on open source to protect taxpayer spending on software.
Max Maton Netherlands
Dionysios Arvanitis Greece Transparency in the public sector promotes competition. Open source is key to ensure effective procurement processes.
Francis Behnen Netherlands Té vaak miljoenen in een IT-project gepompt, dat uiteindelijk faalt. Laat geïnteresseerden op z'n minst zien wat er gebeurd is
David Hare United Kingdom This is such a no-brainer. Open source saves money, protects privacy, fosters innovation, and makes best practices easy to share.
Diderik van Wingerden Netherlands
josep Forasté
Hans Beerenbusch Germany
Alejandro Bueno Moya Spain Clar que cal fer-ne programari lliure a les nostres administracions.
Schreiber Germany I agree, except for a few exceptions
Niklas Poslovski Germany
Uwe Hostmann Germany
Klaus Schäfer Germany
Alejandro Spain Per la transparència i el control de les dades dels ciutadans!
Freddy D. A. Spain
Rüdiger Ruß Germany
Frank Neuenfeldt Germany ENDLICH NACHZIEHEN: 7. August 2012 wurde in Italien ein Gesetz erlassen, das die Behörden zur Nutzung von Open-Source-Software verpflichtet.
Daniel Mota Leite Portugal It is everyones money, everyone should be able to study the code, use it, improve it and finally redistribute everything.
Juan Manuel Gómez Rubiano Spain
Lucas Henrique Ferreira Pereira Brazil
Uwe Wolf Germany
Holger Keil Germany Ich halte es für richtig, dass Vorgänge in der Verwaltung und Verwendung meiner Daten transparent sind!
Anna Vilarnau Spain
Matteo Lupetti Italy
E. Zeppenfeld Germany
Gerald Hien Germany
Jürgen Frenzel Germany Ich unterstütze das anliegen Softwarecode öffentlich zu machen.Zusätzlich fordere ich auch Handel zu verpflichten Hardware mit z.b Linux
William A. Corry United Kingdom As consultant seen massive waste without technical awareness of its scale allowed & vulnerability across all Govt incl Armed Forces!
Thibault Deutsch France
Dennis Krall Austria
Ewald Loehle Germany
Ian Blais United States
Hynek Schlawack Germany
Gabriel Spain I support this 100%
V. Graudenz Germany
Theodore Tsekos Greece
Robert Lieck Germany
Santiago F Cantero A Germany
Stellnberger Elmar Austria
Felix Neubauer Germany
Martin Neubauer Germany Open Source is ver important for the word. Limux is stupid!
Marlen Walther Germany
Benjamin Höhn Germany
stefan gossrau Germany
André Fernandes Portugal
Tasos Greece Public money, Public code right now!
Thomas Detert Germany Just to get some trust back, that was lost...
Tasos Greece Public money, Public code right now!
Laurens Weijs Netherlands
Phillip R Neal United States This is way created via public support belongs to the public.
Thomas Bartscher Germany
Antonio Vicién Faure Spain
Leonardo Felix da Silva Brazil
Christian Engelmann Germany
J.S.R. Mahabier Netherlands
Hendrik Bunke Germany
Paul-André Spiltoir Belgium
Patrick Chan South Africa We must stress that this is a DEMAND!! not a request
A van Breugel Netherlands
Jordi Gili Llurba Spain
Pau de Vilchez Moragues Spain
Stacco Troncoso Spain
Reto Kaiser Switzerland
choi yongkwan South Korea We will actively participate in the activities!!!
Milen Andonov Bulgaria completely support the idea that publicly financed software should be made publicly available under the Free and Open Software license
christophe schneider France
Martin Pohl Germany
Hendrik Brocke Germany
Hermann Kröner Germany
Wayne lewis United States Stop privatizing the fruits of our tax dollars, or we will replace you with someone who will.
Marc Walther
Stefan Weiberg Germany
Thomas Fischer
Hella Schuster Germany
Elan United States Don't let my tax money go to something which gives me no benefit. Taxes are for public good, not private gain.
Felix Pojtinger
Elke Zobel Germany
Marco Hoffmann Germany
Sebastien Kristian Reiseneder Austria
Marc De Germany
Stefan Kuhnert Austria
Christoph Berg Germany
Francisco Ferreira Portugal
Luca Filipozzi Canada public funds should be for the public benefit
Wouter Netherlands
Carsten Gerlach Germany
Florian Ströger Austria
Felix Bildstein
Johannes Kaufhold Germany
Ermengol Crusafont Balaguer Ja fa molt de temps, i de de l'inici que s'hauria d'implementar. Fonamentalment en l'estructura educativa, operativa i adminstrativa.
Joao Carvalho Portugal
Marcel Spangenberg Germany
Benjamí Villoslada Spain 'Res publica non dominetur'
Joan Miquel Torres Spain
Benedikt Morbach Germany
Carles Spain
Peter Dreuw Germany
Arnau Padró Olivet Spain Tot el suport perquè el programari de l'administració sigui lliure!
Biel Frontera Borrueco Spain Regidor de Transparència i Noves Tecnologies a l'Ajuntament d'Inca, on apostam pel programari lliure per posar en marxa l'Admin. Electrònica
Cesar Ferreiro Rouco Spain
Arnau Serra Cayuela Spain
Dennis Fricke Germany
Ina Zobel Germany Verwendung unserer Steuergelder für öffentliche Zwecke! Honoriert ehrenamtliche Arbeit mit Respekt,den Nutzen fürs Gemeinwohl.
Dennis Westphal Germany So kann unter anderem auch sichergestellt werden, dass Barrierefreiheit einfach implementiert werden kann.
Ángel Álvarez Spain Knowledge should always be open and freely accessible to everyone. Specially when it's people who fund it. Public money = public knowledge!
Martin Zobel-Helas Germany
Sven Bartscher Germany
Danilo Endesfelder Germany
Alexander Wirt Germany
Francisco Domech Spain
Jonathan Juursema Netherlands
Joan Jordana Spain
E. Siman Austria
Xavier Albons Spain
Bob van de Vijver Netherlands
Marcel Albornoz Puig Spain Prou de regalar diner públic a empreses multimilionàries.
Montserrat Aguiló Agné Spain
Aleix Vidal Gaya Spain
Jordi Fontich Spain
Josep Pueyo Ros Spain
Yunus YAĞIŞ Turkey Bu kampanyaya canı gönülden tam destek...
Agnès Peiró Spain
Sebastian Schwarz Germany Several security breaches in the public sector over the last years showed how important public code review is for security reasons!
Eddy Petrișor Romania
T. Feijten Netherlands
L. Veit Germany
Willem Mulder Netherlands
BOBILLIER France Pour le progrè du bien commun - For the progress of the common good
Jan Zidarič Slovenia Openly develop and share code to make the future better!
Tijder Tijd Netherlands
Koen Zandberg Netherlands
Johan Dijkhuis Netherlands
Kathleen Heyrman Belgium
PARENTI France Une cause importante.
Becq France
Kulyanee Yindee Thailand
horváth józsef szilveszter Hungary
Rafael Díaz
Quentin Chambers United States Our tax dollars pay for the software so we should all collectively own that software. You also do not have a good track record for secure so
Henrique Portugal
Dr Joseph Manning Ireland Please ensure that all software developed with taxpayer funds is released under a Free / Open Source Licence.
Jörg Knabe Germany Ich find das gut!
Daniel Raimundo da Silva Brazil
Stefano De Carlo Italy
Simon Schillberg Germany
Bruno Cavalcante France Open code! Open society!
daniel radu Romania It's our future, no point in forcefully delaying it.
Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm Germany Die Vorteile von freier Software sind hinlänglich bekannt. Jede öffentlich finanzierte Software soll unter einer Open-Source-Lizenz stehen!
Jo Van Bulck Belgium Free software, free society.
Roel Bruggink Netherlands
Adam Rogerson Ireland
Maik Derstappen Germany Mit öffentliche Gelder bezahlte Dinge, sollten der Öffentlichkeit uneingeschränkt zur Verfügung stehen.
tunda Germany Free Software as a commons.
A. Siman Austria
Michael Reitler Germany
Toni Hermoso Pulido Spain
Guido Schmidt Germany
Marco Scholle Open Source software will be crucial to lower costs and to improve transparency and security.
Marianne Corvellec Canada Administratrice de l'April
Eduardo Mercer Estonia
peter Denmark
Lakó István
Brahyan Franco Colombia All the software made with taxes should be open source!!
COUDERT Matthieu France Je dirai même plus : Argent Public, Code Public non-obfusqué !
Tim Schlüter Germany
Kolompár Erzsébet Hungary
Andreas Huck Germany
Dustin Carver United States
Martin J. Slovakia
Joseph KREUTZ Germany Ce qui est payé avec nos taxes nous appartient !
Andre Pereira Brazil If it was paid for by all of us, it belongs to all of us.
Dominic Switzerland More transparency through OpenSource means better Software. No hiding of bad code, costing the taxpayer more and more.
Thomas Koch Germany
Wilco de Boer Netherlands
Malcolm Bain Spain
Jan Hillebrand Germany
Tobias Sprafke Germany
Bert Peters Netherlands
Lasse Pommerenke Germany
Luiz Eduardo Cani Brazil
Fabiano Rodrigues Nascimento Brazil
Michele Orrù France
John Beck United States
Tobias A. de Jong Netherlands Obvious idea is obviously right.
Daniel Schubert Germany
Dennis Koenig Germany
Agusti Becerra Mila Spain
Gergely Máté Hungary This is a brighter future for the EU!
Karsten Brand Germany
Gennady Ehrlich Russia
Peter Schulz Germany
Ralf Burmeister Germany
Frank Isemann Germany
Xurxo Fernández López Spain
Torsten Mielke Germany
André France
Florian Humblot Netherlands
Jouni Koivuviita Finland Portugal
Sophia F. United States
Marius Christian Hammerich Germany
Gabriel de Gouvea Canongia Brazil
Spriet France
Roberto Vallega Italy
Oliver Gwyther United Kingdom
Jan Lipavsky Czech Republic
Sergi Alonso Paredes Spain Software libre y catálogo único para todas las administraciones públicas.
Clément Lagrange France
Lorenzo Calvisi Italy
Adam Spragg United Kingdom
Michael Govard Germany
Raphael Stoy Germany
Silvino Silva Portugal Only a corrupt mind don't understand the obvious reason that other else is unacceptable.
Pierre Marijon France
Marco Masucci Italy
Lambros Greece
Seanán Ó Coistín Germany Tá saorearraí le foinsí oscailte ar fheabhas! Ba chóir don Aontas Eorpach feidhm a bhaint astu.
sintiritis Greece
František Navrkal Czech Republic
Julien Damelet France
Alexandr Mansurov Czech Republic
Yann Soubeyrand France
Zuzana Gavorova Slovakia
Stephan Luckow Germany Selbstverständlich muss es so sein.
Alejandro Recio Sánchez Spain
Meike Jung Germany Durch die erforderliche Konformität mit der BITV wird außerdem Freie Software auch für die gewerbliche Nutzung barrierefreier.
Jonni Nakari Finland Software made with public money needs to be open source. Open source software enables better auditing and more cost effective maintenance.
Jan Kolibač Czech Republic There's no progress without sharing of knowledge!
Libor Danek Czech Republic go ahead!
Dimitrios Christidis Greece
Nick Rhodes United Kingdom
Juan Miró Silva Spain
Christos Kontas Netherlands
jean-christophe montigny France Excellente idée. Commençons par permettre de passer à 100% sous du logiciel libre en bureautique courante.
Wolfgang Fischlein Germany
Ben Minerds Australia
Tereza Leonhardt Czech Republic
Kari Söderholm Finland
Vojtěch Pikal Czech Republic signing as a Pirate. Arrr!
Martin Schweikart Germany
Kenan ulu Turkey
Edith Wong China
Kingman Leung
Riccardo Italy
Florian Scholz Germany
Boudhayan Gupta Germany
Christian Folini Switzerland
Miguel Esteves Portugal
Javier Salamanca Spain
Florian Gehring Germany
HISYL France
Steffen Müller Germany
Stephen Barraclough United Kingdom Indeed! Why should we pay twice for anything?
Lars Germany My money -> open source -> future!
Chevallier France
Francisco latosinski Argentina
Simon Wächter Switzerland Don't reinvent the wheel in Switzerland with 26 cantons
Steven Ravestein Netherlands
Detlev Sieber Germany
Rijk Ravestein Netherlands
Alfredo Spain
Lénaïc Grolleau France
Agostini France
Carolina González Spain Es fundamental el establecimiento de una renta básica incondicional y que el software se desarrolle libremente
María Luz Ramírez Spain
Domingo Morales Spain
Morgan Bazalgette Italy Security through obscurity is not security, it's just a way to postpone data breaches.
Frédéric Chateaux France
Linus Andrae Germany
Andrew J Slater United States
Diego Santos Garcia Spain
Özgür KURT Turkey If it is public money, it should be public code as well.
Christoph Schulz Germany
Pia Sovinc Slovenia
Urban Knupleš Slovenia
Josep Ysern Spain
Utku Halis Turkey Benim param ile üretilen proje de kendi hakkımın da olduğunu düşünüyor ve kodların açık kaynak olmasını istiyorum.
Anett Kis Hungary
ursula häusler
Panagiotis Rontogiannis Greece
Felix Müller Germany
Stathis Papachristos Germany
Olivier Sagna Senegal
Jonas Wagner Germany
Georg Häusler Germany Wer zahlt muss auch volle Kontrolle haben.
Muller France
giovanni Italy
HUVIG France
Ristic Pierre France
Emanuel Hoogeveen Netherlands Security through obscurity does not hold up. Public code should be open to the scrutiny of all.
RENARD Hugo France
Alper Kürşat Ünver Turkey Açık toplum açık kaynak
Mamadou Diagne Senegal
Paul Hill United Kingdom FOSS is the best!
John Jaarsveld Netherlands
Éric BÉTHEUIL France Logiciel Libre devrait être la norme pour le logiciel financé par le public
Moisés Martínez Spain
Julien Dhallenne Finland This should be in the law.
Ulises Gascon Spain
Alexandros Michalopoulos Greece A perfect opportunity for the greek left-wing government to prove that it's indeed left-wing.
kamel Malleh Tunisia [Public Money, Public code] Go aHead
Michael Nuyten Belgium
Gerard Bekhuis Germany
Martin Šechný Slovakia
Ricardo Jose Teixeira Portugal
Çağdaş Kurultay Kalkan Turkey
Pedro Henrique Lopes Portugal In all educational enviroments, should also, be used free libre sofware. Please see by (gnu/l
Pedro Henrique Lopes Portugal In all educational enviroments, should also, be used free libre sofware. using (gnu/linux)
Tadeusz Sienkiewicz Germany Unsere Gelder sollten efektiv auch für uns eingesetzt werden
Tobias Krüger Germany
Sinan namur Turkey
Christian Spain Todo mi apoyo a esta iniciativa!
Lejeune France
Javier Spain
Albert Riedinger Germany
Jurij Slovenia Public money, public code !
Volkan Evrin Turkey Halkın parası, Halkın kodları...
Edward Karavakis France
Fulvio Galeazzi Italy
Damjan Slovenia
Ümit Altun Turkey Bilgisayar öğrenmek için (C dilleri, Visual Basic, Assembly, Java, Android; Matlab, CAD, SolidWorks vb.) niye para ödeyelim?
Ulaş Berke Karataş Turkey We want to reach public code whenever we want. Public money, public code
Abdullah EROL Turkey
Matija Skala Slovenia
Jan van der Linden Netherlands Publiek Geld? Publieke Code!!!!
Aise Agba Turkey
Wollin, Sascha Germany Best thing we can do to make a better, healthy world from tomorrow
Nuri Engin Turkey Let's break the wall!
Jörg Heidemann Germany
Aristeidis Fkiaras Greece .
Istvan Nemeti Hungary
Stefano Veltri Italy I totally agree with this initiative!
Celestino Amoroso Italy
Marco Marano Italy
alex barchiesi Italy
Aris Christoforou Greece
Mario Reale Italy Totally important !
Jesús M. Espada Spain Stop with the propietary code in our public administrations. Public money, then, public code. Always FOSS
Ace Suares Micronesia, Federated States of My Country 'Curaçao' is not listed. PLEASE FIX THAT!
Jan Joosten Netherlands
Asier Aguado Spain
joop gerritse Germany
Michael Buchholz Germany
Gérard Bekhuis Germany
Gideon Netherlands
Albert Sunyer Vilafranca Spain
Anjandev Momi Canada
Nicola Marchesin Italy
Antonis Michalakis Greece
joseph lopez United States Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Anni Peti Germany
Hüseyin ÖZKILIÇ Turkey
Jay Turner United Kingdom
Catarina Simoes Portugal
An Sans Belgium Free the internet. Save neutrality!
Filip Francis Belgium
Ricardo Riol Spain Great initiative. Opensource is present a future. Thanks
Francisco Spain
Rodney Wilder Canada
Pedro Ferreira Portugal
Marcos Ruiz García Spain
Denis Monard Germany Software für die Allgemeinheit sollte grundsätzlich open source sein.
Jaime Pereira Portugal
Rihards Olups Latvia
christopher neitzert Sweden
Peter Chlebničan Slovakia
Michael Möckli Switzerland
Dániel Molnár Hungary
Fabio S. Italy
Volker Wysk Germany
Kaan Keskin Turkey
André Fernandes Portugal
Jan-Niklas Germany Ich finde es gut!
José Ignacio Aymerich Muñoz Spain
Manuel Rodríguez Spain El Software libre ha de ser el presente y el futuro
Niclas Horstad Denmark
Mehmet Ali Kaba Turkey
Ines Almeida Portugal This is super important.I see a lot of money being spent on closed software&Microsoft.I believe most systems are not secure,private&reliable
Oswald Buddenhagen Germany
Alejandro Perez Mendez Spain
Andreas Wettengel Germany
Nevermann Germany Ich denke zwar die Lobby ist zu stark aber veilleicht klappt es ja
Achintya Rao Switzerland
Marshall Neill United States
Yann Büchau Germany Open Source is the key to digital freedom and security. Governments should absolutely use Open Source code.
YERLY France
Christopher Stark Germany
Şener ATAŞ Turkey Özgür bir dünya için özgür yazılım
Peter Urban Germany
Esteban Richmond Salazar Costa Rica
Giovanni Angoli Italy
Maximilian Duffner Germany
Sofia Terzi Greece
Gareth Waite
Hajnal Andreka Hungary
Paul Mundt Germany While Open Sourcing funded research is a good start, IP issues remain - no secret FRAND negotiations, or submarine SEPs from funded research
Jörg Luther Germany
Erez Geva Germany
Reynaldo Cordero Corro Spain Public money, public code, of course.
Sebastian Meyer Germany
Horváth Gergely Hungary
Nikolaos Giannopoulos United Kingdom
Vasileios Daras United Kingdom Software developed using our tax money should be free to use for all of us.
Peter-Jan Gootzen Netherlands This should absolutely be put into legislation. Public money so public code.
Tobias Struckmeier Germany Tax money should be invested in open source so that citizen can contribute
Paul Smits Netherlands This should be enforced by an EU directive
Maik Holtkamp Germany
Harm Otten Denmark
Marco Bakera Germany
Kristóf Bajnok Hungary
Marc Gallet France
Stéphane Bégaudeau France We need public code to be able to monitor the quality of our software infrastructure!
D. Johanning Germany
Stephen Smyth Ireland
Tomás Antunes Portugal
Sakis Bouzanis Greece
Krzysztof Poland Buy complite product, not only the permission to usage...
Michael Witt Germany
Marco Italy Se il popolo è davvero sovrano in un paese democratico, ha diritto di sapere e vedere come il suo paese agisce e costruisce codice.
Muhammed Kadir Karakoç Turkey Kamu tarafından finanse edilerek kamu sektörü için geliştirilen yazılımların Özgür ve Açık Kaynak Kodlu Yazılım lisansıyla kamuya açık hale
Dieter Etz Austria
Davide Vaghetti Italy Public code means also better code, and less reinvent-the-wheel code.
Sascha Brechenmacher Germany
Maaike van der Dussen
Antoni Pina Spain
Alberto Spain Es de recibo que si pago por un software tenga el codigo del mismo
Matthias Benkard Germany
Herbert Poetzl Austria Software for the public sector should be FOSS!
Teofilis Martisius United Kingdom
Adon Metcalfe Australia
Jason Marinaro United States
Christian Villum Denmark
Andreas Neumann Germany Es gibt bereits freie Linux-Betriebssysteme und OpenSource-Software. Man muss es nur nutzen!
Thomas Ingram United States
Harley Jordan Ireland It simply makes sense to avoid relying on costly and unknown software, and move to FOSS.
Stuart Dilts United States
Jeroen Hoegen Dijkhof Netherlands Why is public money spent on vendor-locked, unmaintainable, closed software when it used to be different?
Yasunobu Igarashi Japan I hope public money and public code become a big discussion theme in Japan
Clemens Ratte-Polle Germany Petitionen für Datenschutz und mehr:
Omar Saleh Assadi Russia
Sam Schweigel Canada
Christoph Jansen Germany Open code will encourage collaboration across public institutions and nations to save money and improve software quality.
Nikolay Kichukov Netherlands Long live opensource software!
Maciej Libera Poland
José Luis Spain El código abierto que se financia de manera pública debería liberarse, para el uso de quien lo necesite.
Sebastian Bucher Germany
Alfredo Povedano Spain This is a great idea! It's right!, it's usefull! Let's go!
jezhiggins United Kingdom
Nacho Gil Spain
Hans-Christoph Steiner Austria Free Software keeps more EU software expenditures in the EU, rather than sending it all out
Lilyana Bulgaria
Quoc Thinh Vietnam
Nasko Anchev United Kingdom
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Thielen Germany
Christina Priavolou Greece
Stefan Richter Germany
Jeremy Mizell United States The software the supports our communities should be owned by those communities.
Henrik Grubbström Sweden
Jason Hatton United States
jourdanet France
Maurice Switzerland The aspect of security will be a lot higher with public code as more people can and will check it.
Marie-Alice Mathis France
Johannes Altmanninger Germany
Sabrina Mielke Germany
Christian Schweingruber Switzerland public code - public advantage
Erling Frederiksen Denmark
Sorin Sbarnea United Kingdom
Scott Saunders Canada I'm sick of pointless vendor lockin.
Markus Zhang Germany
Malo Morvan France
Hans-Peter Zahno Switzerland
Rafa de Bofarull Spain Do it!
Genar Spain
Thanasis Bouzidis Greece
Michael Bräm Germany
Brice Hogrel France
J.J. Traas Netherlands Public money should not be spent on proprietary code
Johannes Hubertz Germany Public Money ==> Free Software, use more GPL!
Markus Kilås Sweden
Samuele Catusian Italy
Chris Burr United Kingdom
Giacomo Tenaglia Switzerland
Ramon Izuel Rios Spain
Dieter Niklaus Switzerland
Ale Muñoz Spain
Martin Hettich Germany Wir sind der Staat.
Timothy Amadou Schneider Switzerland
Michael Rhyner Switzerland
Markus Wernig Switzerland Es klingt so logisch, man glaubt nicht, dass das nicht schon lange die Regel ist ...
Jean-Eric Cuendet Switzerland YES!
Anna Pantelous Belgium
James Hamilton United Kingdom
Aimee Cagle Germany
Tim Smith Switzerland
Robert Worreby Switzerland
Martin Wuersch Switzerland
Robbert Netherlands
Tim Hartmann
Alexander Mikhailian Belgium
Tassos Kolydas Greece
Blaž Tomažič Slovenia
Marius Hintsche Germany
Uwe Kaminski Germany
Lukas Grossar Switzerland
Frank Hochapfel Germany
Tim Schuster Germany
Charles LeDuc Spain
Olaf Karsten Germany
Richard Lennox United Kingdom I completely support this!
Emanuele Vitaletti Italy
Peter Dauth Germany Öffentliche Verwaltungen dürfen dieses Prinzip nicht durch "Public Private Partnerships" unterlaufen.
Henrique Lacreta Alves Brazil
Matías Guzmán Naranjo Germany
Michael Becker Germany
Erik Ahlén Sweden
Dr. Reinhard Naar Germany
Bastian Löhrer Germany
Fokion Sotiropoulos United Kingdom Open source OS and applications on every sector!
Denys Switzerland
Evgenia Petoumenou Luxembourg
Diego Gaggero Italy
Κώστας Δουρίδας Greece
Philippos Aivanoulis Greece
Tobias Plum Germany
Christoph Zimmermann Switzerland
Ivan Vilata i Balaguer Spain El software que hace funcionar un país no puede estar cerrado bajo el control de un solo jugador.
Severino Italy
Manuel Schmalstieg Switzerland
Alex Hoorn Netherlands Open sourcing governmental software builds important trust with civilians
Tibor Soviš Slovakia
Christoph Schüssler Germany
Erik Falke Germany
Stephen Simmat Germany The public paid for it, the public should get it.
Michael Weghorn Germany
Bernardo Belchior Portugal Open source is the future and the money spent on proprietary software could be sent on improving people's lives.
Apostolos Kritikos Greece #EU can continue spending money in software development, or start investing in Open Source Software Development
Markus Popp Austria
Jan Jurzitza Germany
Maurice Dittrich Germany
Markus Reinert Germany
Javi Spain
Alfred Steyrer Switzerland
J. Grave Netherlands
Aleksander Spain
Lauri Miettinen Finland
Sebastian Pichelhofer Austria
Paul Busse Germany
Ivan Manca Italy
Johannes Huber Germany
giuseppe andrioli Italy
Vlahovic France
Tibor Szécsényi Hungary
Giorgos Kyriakakis Greece
Felix Haldimann Switzerland
Joshua Dietz United States
Jarrod Cook United States
Leon van der Ree Netherlands
Péter Mekis Hungary
David Marceau Canada Justice, digital freedom, knowledge synergy
James Brandon Canada
Andreas Pfeil Germany
Rosen Papazov Bulgaria
Kaya Kupferschmidt Germany
Barna Csorogi Hungary
ercan ulusoy Turkey kazan kazan
Marcos dos Santos de Oliveira Brazil
Thomas Glaser Austria
Panagiotis Kotsalis Greece
Falk Appel Germany
Lasse Gullvåg Sætre Norway
Dr. Joachim Gruber Germany Wir Bürger müssen mehr Transparenz von den Menschen fordern, die in unserem Namen handeln.
S. A. Brekke Norway
Theodore Yankov Bulgaria It only makes sense for software, funded with taxpayer money to be released as free software for the benefit of the people that paid for it.
David Vonk Netherlands
Rūdolfs Strazdiņš Latvia Libre software is necessary for security in government
Halasi Zoltán Hungary
Csaba Simandi Hungary
Klaus Scheuermann Germany
Dan Printzell Sweden
Peter Switzerland
Kiril Zyapkov Bulgaria
Jens A. Koch Germany
Andrzej Poland Free the code!
Vassilis Protonotarios Greece Publicly funded software should be free and publicly available
Anton Russia
Oskar Homburg Germany
Yannick Leist Germany open source should be the future of transparent administration
Prem Anand Haridoss United Kingdom
Vagelis Greece
Aki Hyttinen Finland
Artem Vasenin United Kingdom
Tomas Kowalski Sweden
Enda Phelan Ireland
Martin Aarhof Denmark
Lukas Orsvärn Sweden Open software benefits everyone
Ellis Kesterton United Kingdom
Ali Orhun Akkirman Turkey Kesinlikle ülkelerin geleceği için gerekli bir kampanya.
Valentin Gehrke Germany A country depending on proprietary software is like making the school bully the head teacher
Florian Steinsiepe Switzerland Innovation fördern, wie mit Open Government Data!
Pranav Madhikar Netherlands
Isabelle Matteit Germany
Amador Pahim Brazil
Nickolay Mardanov Russia This just makes sence, I don't want the tax money wasted
David Balch United Kingdom
Alexandre Hitchcox France I beleive in open software
Frederik Højholt Denmark
dirk dierickx Belgium
Stephen McNelly United Kingdom
Maciej Buszka Poland
Max Danielsson Sweden
Eivind Furuberg Norway
Marco Laspe Germany
Gergely Hegedüs Hungary
Lee Braiden United Kingdom
Stephen J Eglen United Kingdom
Marc Böhler Switzerland
Mattias Fransson Sweden
Roshan PIsharody India The government should release the code for software made using taxpayers money as it belongs to us.
Alexander DeSchutter Canada
Ethan Beyak United States
Maria K. Papathanassiou Greece
Martin Macko Czech Republic
Victor Toso de Carvalho Czech Republic
Adrian Zaugg Switzerland
Zacharias Taubert Sweden
Johannes Näder Germany
Tomaž Kompara Slovenia
Mihail Gospodinov Bulgaria Free and Open software can be inspected by anyone, reducing bugs and protecting our information.
Akhil S India We need this right now!
Olmo Kramer Netherlands
Marcelo Barbosa Brazil
Nicholas Lockhart United Kingdom
Anton Löfgren Sweden
Diego United States open source is better for humanity
Kees Netherlands The more that is shared, the more the people can benefit from existing ideas.
Michael Hoogkamer Finland
Papachrysopoulos Lefteris Greece
Edwin van Olst Belgium
Nathan McSween Canada
Daniel Mevec Austria
Jason Peterson United States As a tax payer, I'd like to see how my money is spent.
foued ben chaladia Tunisia
Thomas Howe United Kingdom Releasing government-funded code costs nothing and is an obvious opportunity to give something in return.
Kevin Cavender United States
Mason Cluff
Zachary Loveless United States This could definitely save government money.
Nathan DeGruchy United States I believe that a government by and for the people needs open source to stay that way
Jonathan Throne United States
Mark Henry United States Public money, public code. Super simple stuff.
Valentin Haloiu Romania
Francis Kilroy
Alex Seibenick United States
Justin Smith United States
Ryan United States
Leonardo Gonçalves Brazil
Jacob Hernandez Philippines The government should release the codes used for the development of software used in the government as part of the freedom of information
Christopher Magyar United States Why the fuck do I pay taxes?
Arti Zirk Estonia
Kylie Brooks Canada
Nate Shiff United States
Diego Ficagna Italy Public, open, auditable software will be fundamental to national security and data protection in the XXI century.
Alan Winslow United States If we pay for it we should make sure it's open so everyone can inspect it
Matthew Neuforth United States
정준혁 South Korea This campaign is simple and right. We have right to know.
Alexander Bienz United Kingdom
Juan Miralles Gómez Spain
Emilio Alvarez Sweden
Alexis Vezina Canada I believe Open-Source (and Open-*) is the future
Callum Gare Australia
Edwin Netherlands
Adminrezo France
Tomasz Buchert Poland
Monica Righini Italy
Felix Stürmer Germany public code is an investment into the future
Kelton O'brien United States
Bart Meuris Belgium
Raúl Spain Public money, public code!!!
Jacob Paul Shaffer United States
Geoff Sams United States As a participating member of an organization based on open source software, I completely agree that this needs to be the way forward!
Alberto Cottica Belgium Mi sembra il minimo sindacale.
Hector Jusforgues France
Ferdia McKeogh United Kingdom
VERMEULEN audrey France
Paul Burnham United States
Garel Frédéric France
Denoyelle France
Thomas Hettrich Germany Its crazy that tax payers are funding software that is potentially harming them.
Jay doody United States
Zdenko Rohac Slovakia
David Doorn Netherlands
Jan Vepřek Czech Republic
Luis Mata Spain Software must be libre
Jorge Spain
Evert Van Petegem Belgium
Martti Mäkinen Finland
Thomas Winant Belgium
Dimitar Mitov Bulgaria
Mehmet Aydoğdu Turkey Freedom
Mike Brazeau United States
Martin Deshaies-Jacques Canada I'm a public servant physicist developping a lot of code for Canada's government, I would love to see a real policy on that matter.
Jacob Ferguson United States
Victor Nivet France
Jack Page United Kingdom
Joonas Sarajärvi Finland I want us to pay for companies who write us code. I do not want them to get paid for the privilege of getting a monopoly.
James M Brain United States I am for educating along with giving people the power with free and open source software.
Amin Spain A world with only FOSS software is an utopia, but it isn't acceptable to use public money to make propietary code
Justin Zandbergen Netherlands
Jonas Christensen Denmark
Yurii Kolesnykov Ukraine
David Wade Ralston Costa Rica
John Jeffress United States
Callum United Kingdom
Vassilis Koutsikos Greece
Seth Berryhill United States
Antoine Bolvy France I fully support this initiative and would like publicly founded software to be open source.
Suzanne Robin France
Lars Mühmel Germany
Vittorio Rainaldi Italy
Florent BEAUCHAMP France
Doug Walter United States
Guillaume Bernard France
Nir Dagan Israel
Robert Washbourne United States
Alain Jourez Belgium
Daniel Killenberger Switzerland
winterfeldt, thomas Windows muß weg
Theodoros Ploumis Greece Open code and open data can help us move on!
Alberto Geroldi Italy
Craig McPartland United Kingdom
Sebastian Fleer Germany
Eric Riese United States
Daniele Oriani Italy Moving towards this objective represents a statement that Human rights are the highest priority.
Olof Winge Sweden
snowwie Netherlands Let's make the world great again
Maximiliano Sandoval Chile This should be a basic right
Lyonel C Nichols United States Let's do this. It's the right thing to do.
Adam Ćwiertnia Poland
Stefan Heimersheim Germany
Jacques Rimbault France
Jeremiah Miller United States
Bogdan Sinitsyn Russia
Tim Kaluza Germany Absolut richtig. Keine Fragen.
Miles Smith United Kingdom
Lucian Armasu Romania All software funded with taxypayers' money should have free/libre and open source/public code. It's best for institutions long-term.
Marvin Martinez United States
Rodolfo Torres Jaime Mexico Would love to help my city and my country by writing and fixing code.
Kristian Polso Finland Open source is the only way
Ted Carlsson Sweden It's FOSS!
Niko Montonen Finland
J Reckman Netherlands tru•ism (ˈtru ɪz əm) n. a self-evident, obvious truth
Aarón Sánchez Spain
Karri Kuivanen Finland
Lucas Sterzinger United States
Krzysztof Urbaniak Poland
Wade Menard United States
Francisco Javier Dorado Spain
Markus Liukka Finland
Jón Ragnarsson Iceland
Matthew Wheelock United States
Damien Rembert France
Hartmut Schäfer Germany
Jesse Cabell United States This is a fantastic idea. I'm sure other technologists will agree.
Dağhan Kutsan Kaplan Turkey
Yseult Hb France
Alexandre Silva Portugal
Thomas Brix Larsen Denmark
Igor Mróz Poland
Gustaf Lindstedt Sweden
Robert Duffy Ireland
Jayden Illman Australia Free software has already been great for the private and public sectors, and more can only be beneficial to all economies of the world.
Alessandro Alemanno Italy
Daniel Cohen United Kingdom
Marcus Lancaster United Kingdom Open Software is the foundation of innovation. Help make technology better and safer
Ianis G. Vasilev Bulgaria
Louis-Philippe Asselin Canada
Daniel Knittel Germany Open Data and Open Source are good for a participating society.
James Edmonds United Kingdom
Markus Näsholm Sweden
Jorge Spain If we pay, we want to be able to see the source code. To be transparent for everyone, it should be available for everyone to check
Vedran Rodić Croatia
Alexander Dietrich Germany Unsere Steuern, unsere Software!
Axel Botton Belgium
Vincent Schülé Switzerland Every public project should be Libre!
Łukasz Filipski Poland FOSS is the only way to guarantee that our data is safe and only where it needs to be. We demand open code for every public software
Benjamin Nichols-Farquhar United States There is no reason that software developed with public funds should not be free and available to the public.
Bakelants Christophe Belgium If the money that is used for software is delivered by the public, then the code should also be signed over to the public.
Winklbauer Günter Germany
David Koňařík Czech Republic Free software makes sense for governmental use, the only barriers are social and those can be overcome.
Kapil Garg India
Milton Patar India I want develop my business and I want to stay informed about the future of this campaign
Jean-Christophe Bourroux France
Thorsten Glaser Germany We are standing on the shoulders of giants, therefore we should not presume to exploit all possible rights for works we do based on theirs.
Jan Mas Rovira Spain
Brent Huisman Netherlands
Tommy Brunn Sweden
Kevin Hill United States
Peter Hausamann Germany
Benoit Petit France
Ondrej Mosnáček Slovakia
Ashton V Honnecke United States
Bill Papadimas Greece
damien rasse France Tres bonne initiative.
Balazs Mezei Hungary
Matthieu Ancellin Ireland
David Pello Gonzalez Spain
Mezei Tamás Róbert Hungary
Tobias Allgeyer Germany
Iulian Romania I support this proposal of making publicly funded software open source.
Brigitte Abeln Germany
Juanfran Granados Spain
Patryk Bratkowski Estonia
Hajo Zingel Germany
Michael Pfeifer United States
Joseph Hofstetter United States
Szabó Gyula Hungary
John Ettedgui United States Code paid by the people should be available to the people!
Georg Witwer Austria
Stefan-Octavian Eremia Denmark
Simon Engel Germany
Ferdinand TAVERNINI Italy Public money public code
Rifaz Nahiyan Bangladesh
Benjamin Hodgetts United Kingdom
Felix Engel Germany
Ragalie Octavian-Paul Romania
Markus Nagel Germany Should be a no-brainer: Public Money - Public Code!
Raul Macavei Romania
Giuseppe Bilotta Italy
Rafal Zelek Poland I totally agree with it Our whole software is based on open sources projects There is thousands developers around the world which could help
Petros Gavalakis Greece Not only code, but also (process) models, studies (e.g. design, feasibility, implementation) and deliverables
Linus Schön Sweden
Adam Leonard United Kingdom
Sarantos Megklis Greece
David Kopp Germany
Josep-lluís moner Spain
Simón Martínez Spain
Pedro Francisco Casas Rodríguez Spain Desde España, NO al código privativo en instituciones públicas.
AUGEY Pierre-Louis France Investissons les biens publiques dans des logiciels dont les codes sont ouverts et peuvent servirent à d'autres
Frank Dengel Germany
Eduardo Amador Spain
Eugene Zhukov Finland
Norbert F. Spain
Bernd Gonsior Germany
Paulinus Burger Germany
Paul Judd Australia
Giovanni Mascellani Italy
Andrea Pellegrini Italy
C.Bergmann Germany Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
LEROY Matthieu France
Vincent HYVERT France Il FAUT que le logiciel libre prenne plus d'ampleur.
Francesc Martínez-Olmo Spain
Duchateau F. France
Surendra Kumar Kuppuraj Switzerland I pay my tax. So I want to the government spent my money in proper place instead of motivating criminal things.
Hans-Georg Dueck Germany
Rico Knorr Germany
Linus Lüssing Germany The foundation of a democracy needs to be the public and commons. Let's avoid a Corporatocracy.
Pravik Singh Fiji I support the idea of making software designed for the people, be fully available to the people
Ralph Pastel France Donnons le code source au peuple : il l'a acheté !
Matthias Schrank Germany Was alle zahlen, sollte auch frei für alle nutzbar sein (gilt nicht nur für Software...)
Jordi Martínez Marín Spain Estic a favor de la implementació del programari lliure a totes les administracions públiques
Pravik Singh Fiji I support the idea of making software designed for the people, be fully available to the people
Alexander Bustamante Ecuador I've read this and thik that our money should support open software
Peka Producciones Spain Free software for a free world
Leon Schürmann Germany
Daniel Schäfer Germany
Stephan Meißl Austria There are no arguments why it should be different.
João Filipe Portugal If the public money promote any - program code - then the license need to be Open / Derivative / Equal for all .
hECTOR Germany
Andrea Breitbach Germany
Maciej Krüger Germany
Simon Bungartz Germany Save money, earn trust!
Konstantinos Stampoulis Greece
martres France
Fabian Krone Germany
Perla Ceja Mexico Completely agree. Great initiative!
Georgios Melidis Greece
Pierre Harmand France Open Source dans tous les secteurs publics
Savvas Adamtziloglou Greece
Jörg Krempien Germany
Pierre Louison France
Guillaume Theyssier France
Daniel Hagemeister-Biernath Hungary
Emmanuel DESVIGNE France
Vincent Hindriksen Netherlands Voorkom dat alle gemeente dezelfde software moet aanschaffen
LUCAS GOMES Brazil Public Money, public code
Theodoros Diplas Greece
Yann MRN France Messieurs les politiques, montrez-nous que vous avez du bon sens.
Jürgen Voß Germany Skandalös, dass die sogenannten Volksvertreter das nicht längst aus eigener moralischer Erkenntnis geregelt haben.
Martin Höher Germany
Jorge arocha Spain the software, be free
Lars Kruse Germany
Olivier Driesen Belgium Plus de transparence, plus de contrôle public sur les données svp
Viala France
Sabine Kühn Germany
Frederik Hanghøj Iversen Denmark
Erlend Sogge Heggen Norway Bulgaria, UK and USA have good models to learn from. Time for EU to catch up.
Adnan Morocco
Nathanael Krauße Germany
Yalın Pala Turkey
villain France
Markus Blatt Germany If software is financed by the money of tax payers, then those should be able to use and modify it without rebuying
Pillot Patrice France
Pillias Sébastien France Le code est fermé est un frein au développement des nouvelles technologies. L'innovation doit être au service de l'intérêt général !
Martin Jensby Denmark
Steffen Scholz Germany
José Fernandez Pelaz Spain
Jad Sarout Lebanon it's ridiculous that we even have to ask for it
Marc Fischdick Germany based on the problems of the german election it must be able audit this software by anyone
ramiro rivera Argentina
Andreas Bombe Germany
Hans Christian Siller Germany If software is payed for by the public, it should also be available publicly!
William martins Brazil I agree with that
Fredrik Larsson Sweden
Jacob Burton United States
Tiago Rodrigues Portugal
Roberto Ricci Italy
Sergi Teruel Prieto Spain
Andreas Gantschnigg Austria
Björn Petersen Germany
Julián Melero Díaz Spain
Ana Maria Spain
Jonas Geiler Austria
George Pilavidis Greece Greece could use some open source governmental programs.
Nguyen tan nghiem Vietnam
Robert Lefering Netherlands keep on with the good initiave
Amadeu Rovira Spain
Benjamin Schneider Switzerland
Ricard Fredin Sweden
Jenny Fredin Sweden
Zlatan Todorić Bosnia and Herzegovina This should have been done long time ago, lets finally fix the mess.
Leonardo Pascual Argentina Public Money? Public Code!
Paul van Bree
Paul van Bree
Tobias Verbeke Belgium
Kurt Jansson Germany
Alexander Esselink Netherlands Great initiative, I've been saying this for years! Keep up the good work
Eckhard Althaus Germany
Jafsal Manjapully India
Frederic Gurr Germany
Luan Mark da Silva Borela Brazil Codes built with public money should be public, every one have the rights to analyze, opine and contribute to this code.
Max Knemeyer Germany
Bekir Dogan Turkey
Luca Ceresoli Italy
Chaim Zax Netherlands
Florence Piron Canada
Kay Schubert Germany
Antonio Pisasale Italy
Davide Bologna Italy it's so obvious
Daniel Kessel Germany
Tsao Santín, Francisco Javier Spain Public funded code must be public
Tim WIlson-Brown Australia Just like publicly funded research, publicly funded software should be freely available.
Ilkka Laine France
Johannes Germany
Marco Schlicht Germany
Federico Piovesan Italy
Laura León Morillo Spain Software libre para la administración; es mejor calidad, más transparente, y más publico.
Martin Meyer Germany
Maximilian Hanisch Germany
Edgardo Astete Martinez Spain
Björn Oberst Software welche von der Allgemeinheit finanziert wird, sollte auch der Allgemeinheit zugänglich sein!
Patrik Båt Sweden
Yogi Parashara United Kingdom
Denis Seidel Germany Wir haben bei "PC Wahl" gesehen wohin der bisherige Weg führt. Sowas muss verhindert werden!
Massimo Caputo Italy
Diego Luiz Brum Brazil
Matheus Brazil
Ιωάννης Κοτσώνης Greece
Borja Spain If it´s oayed with public money, tax, it needs to be public code, public and free acces, and free for use
Sergio Clemente Brazil
Joel Rodrigues Portugal
Robin Germany
Enrico Panontin Italy
Marco Brandizi United Kingdom
Angel Galan Galan Spain
Juan José Spain
Manuel Antuña Isasi Spain
Artur Czajka Poland
Pawel Ngei Poland
Anna Mavroudi
Saúl V. Mexico
luca Italy
David Spain
Fernando Spain Me parece una gran iniciativa. Adelante.
Samer Hassan Spain
Uwe Kirsch Germany
Oscar Andersson Engler Sweden
Thomas Engelen Germany
Alberto Panontin Italy It was high time we asked the public sector to use libre software!
Sebastian Dodt Germany
Gabor Kabacs United Kingdom
Daniel Neis Araujo Brazil
Marcel Gosmann Germany In der post Snowden zeit kann man geschlossener Software nicht mehr vertrauen.
Jaroslav Kučera Czech Republic
Brice Beffara France
Simas Pašakinskas Lithuania
german asprino Argentina Es hora de cambiar como vemos la informacion y educacion para todos.
Dominicus Wondergem Netherlands
Kent Lagerquist Sweden Public financed should by default be public available.
Jouni Tuomisto Finland Great initiative!
Heinz Groote Germany Offengelegter Code hat etwas mit Sicherheit und Vertraulichkeit der Anwendungsdaten zu tun.
Caroline Zygar Germany
Peter Matousek Slovakia Gret idea, support this fully. Lets do it!!!
Giovanni Biscuolo Italy Give us our code!
furkan atalar Turkey Görüşünüz eğer gerçekten bu şeffaflıkla yapılacaksa mutlaka desteklenmeli
Igor Milov Netherlands
Jan Hendriks Germany
Ina Schmitt Germany
David Davó Spain ¿Por qué algo hecho con dinero público tiene que ser propiedad de una empresa privada?
Hami Bahadori Iran
Giovanni Italy mi sembra addirittura suqllido doverlo chiedere, dovrebbe essere naturale
Coşkun Aktaş Turkey
Marcin Wisniewski United Kingdom damn right!
Gabriele Labita Italy
Simon Ince United Kingdom
Ozgur yeniceri Turkey
George Soule South Africa
Ocaña Cedric Switzerland
Mehmet Burhan Tekbas Turkey
Henri aanstoot Netherlands Free the world
Vadim Peretokin Netherlands
Daniele Gamba Italy
Rafael Puy Agirre Spain
Furkan Kalkan Turkey Halkın vergisi, halkın kodu !
Sipke Durksz Netherlands
Javier Rubio Martin Spain
Matteo Dessalvi Germany
Eliz KILIC Turkey Halkın parasıyla yapıyorsanız, halka yapıyorsunuz.
Florian Laber Germany
Gokhan Ozdemir Turkey Bütün bakanlıklar delik deşik olur. :D
Maxime Hohl France
Ali Erdinc Koroglu Turkey I support Public Money, Public Code campaign
Fernando Caínzos Fernández Spain Nuestro dinero, nuestros derechos.
Joerg Schmitz-Linneweber Germany Otherwise. Please explain *why not*? *We* paid it!
Ulrich Göttlich
Emanuele Cammarata Italy
Vivien Ripoll France
Lorenzo Italy
Xavier Palacios Spain
Giovanni de Sousa Martins Brazil
Chris Davenport United Kingdom Long overdue.
Mayte Cases Spain
Jose Spain
Nis Wechselberg Germany
Ruggero Italy
Marcus Menezes Brazil Public code is usefull to save money and efforts! repository of Ministério da Cultura
Erwin Feser Argentina
Gunner Gewiß Germany
Marcel Straube Germany
Marco Antonio Perez Colorado Spain
Angelo Alù Italy Condivido in pieno
Ivan Pleva Slovakia
Steve Lhomme France I support this message
Giampietro Bordogna Italy
Miquel Lluís Mestre Spain
lydia Spain
Michiel Rutjes Netherlands
Josefine Germany
Melih Karasu Turkey kesinlikle katılıyorum.
Dennis Roczek Germany
Christopher Gervais Canada
Santiago Benejam Torres Spain Soc usuari de programari lliure i crec que es el millor que m'ha passat en la vida.
Paolo Campi Italy Software LIBERO per una Pubblica Amministrazione LIBERA
Adam Andrzej Jaworski Poland
Roland Alber Germany
Heide Konrad Germany
Stephan Fuchs Germany Public Code if you use Public money
Frédéric Bastide France Argent public ? Code public ! Logiciels Libres à l'école, collège, lycée, université, dans services de l'état et collectivités territoriales
Marco Molteni Italy
Daniel Fonseca Portugal Não existe qualquer razão legítima para não se alterar a lei.
Vérin France
Milan Pässler Germany
Emre ONGUN Turkey
Lorenzo Beltrami Italy
Andreas Samberg Germany Freie Software für eine moderne, sichere und nachhaltige Verwaltung
Andreas Hirschauer Germany Sharing is caring
Imke Prang Denmark
Matthias Olschowy Germany
René van Kleef Netherlands
Ersin Sümer Germany No Taxation Without Representation implies No Public Money Without Public Code.
Frank Siebert Germany Mit Steuergeldern finanzierte Programme müssen allen zugänglich sein
Muhammed Kılıç Turkey
Rolf Bollig Germany Also open software would avoid governmental spy software.
Raúl González Spain
Julie R Butler United States
Jean-Yves LIGNIER France Le software et la data prennent une telle place dans la société qu'ils ne peuvent être détenus par quelques acteurs privés !
ibrahim arslantürk Turkey free code linux
Florian Gilcher Germany
Dirk Willems Belgium
Dominic Sigmann Germany
Jan Philipp Albrecht Germany Zukünftig sollte nur Software mit offen Quellcodes in der öffentlichen Verwaltung eingesetzt werden.
Jan Philipp Albrecht Germany Zukünftig sollte nur Software mit offen Quellcodes in der öffentlichen Verwaltung eingesetzt werden.
Alex Morlini Italy Sono convinto che sarebbe una vera rivoluzione positiva e un cambiamento epocale della società. Voglio questo cambiamento ORA!
Enes Köksalmış Turkey
Huw Wyn Jones United Kingdom Open the code. Promote innovation.
Thijs Kloosterman Netherlands
Martin Oehzelt Germany
Jusore Spain #PublicMoney #PublicCode
Kasper Friis Christensen Denmark
Gaëtan Gilbert France Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
Michal Stanke Czech Republic
Anton Ukraine
Geert Jonker Netherlands
Kurt Ploß Germany Was z. B. mit Linux bestens funktioniert, sollte auch mit Verwaltungssoftware dafür Sorge tragen, dass Firmeninteressen außen vor bleiben.
Steven G Elmore United States
Kerem Bozdaş Turkey Kamuda kapalı kaynak güvenlik zaafiyeti ve para israfıdır.
Tiago Lopes Portugal
Martin Schreiber Germany
Nuno Cachado Portugal
Oliver Propst Sweden
Jens Schaarschmidt Germany
Gökmen Görgen Turkey
Holger Will Germany
Thomas Stiefel Germany Get money AND code back!
CIMON France
Sven Berkvens-Matthijsse Netherlands
Willem Voogd Netherlands
Carlos Spain I dont want my taxes to pay proprietary code.
Ricardo Morte Ferrer Germany Only Free Software(free as freedom, not as free beer. To be clear: LIBRE) defends our freedom and our fundamental rights.
Chris Wiegel Germany
Menno Snel Netherlands
Pastor Gómez Spain
Özgür Çınar Turkey
Inês Filipe Portugal
Clément COUBRONNE France
Christophe Guychard France Et il devrait en être de même pour toute R&D totalement ou partiellement financée par des fonds publics.
Mengü Yazıcıoğlu Turkey Free as a bird
Etienne Sophie France
MehmetCan ŞAHİN public money public code
Yago Rodriguez Lopes Spain
Christian Viola Germany
Yann Forget France
Manuel FAUVEAU France
René Schwarz Germany
Ahmet Gökalp Ergeö Turkey
Lucas van Lierop Netherlands Also very good idea from educational standpoint
Kaan Özdinçer Turkey Yine Yeniden Özgür Yazılım
maarten brons Netherlands publiek geld hoort terug te vloeien naar het publiek.
Matthijs Kooijman Netherlands
M. Everts Netherlands Creëer wetgeving die vereist dat publiek gefinancierde software ontwikkeld voor de publieke sector openbaar beschikbaar gesteld moet worden
Rafael Andrade Portugal
Melvyn Sopacua Netherlands There's a lot of progress made in .nl and focus should shift to being to find it.
Kristofer Leifland Sweden
Xabier Lizarralde Aldalur Spain something necessary that is better for all of us
Francesco Serra Italy
büşra uman Turkey Özgürleşmek adına.
Xose Pérez Spain
Micha Rosenbaum Germany
Mustafa YILDIRIM Turkey
Nikolai Netherlands
Rainer Wocher Germany
Peter V. Beck Liechtenstein
Martina Mayrhofer Spain
Stefan Koehler Germany
Michel Buze France
Cornelis Lijkendijk Netherlands Geef zaken terug aan de burgers en krijg meteen de eigen ontwikkeling in de hand.
Cem Aktaş Turkey
Gregor Rebel Germany
Fahri Dönmez Turkey Vergi verenlerin parasıyla üretilen yazılımlar Özgür Yazılım olarak yayınlanmalı.
jason gibbs United States
Daniel Todt Germany
Valorie A. Zimmerman United States This seems so simple and clear; please make it so. "Publicly financed software developed for public sector must be made freely available."
rivelino Brazil dinheiro público, software público.
Nuno Mota Portugal
Thomas C.Voigt Germany -> information should be free2any1; CVEs should be patched; any system should be transparent; "intellectual property" is suizide4dummy(/ie)s
Josep Pairó Spain
Guilhem CRESPO France
Cleomar Schmitzhaus Brazil
Abel Groenewolt Germany
Nicolás García Martín Spain
Gabriel González González Spain Si es nuestro dinero, no puede ser 'su' software
Moritz Moroder Italy
Dimitrie Hoekstra Netherlands Transparency is the way to go, both for safety, reusability and speed
Frans Spiesschaert Belgium Hopefully the European Commission will endorse this campaign in its next open source software strategy program.
Daniel Guirado Boguña Spain
Gabriel Arnaud France
Besim Ongun Kanat Turkey The source code of the software is the best guarantee for the privacy of citizens
Jose Angel Ibáñez Tejero Spain Public Money? Public Code! (Of course)
Christian Neyers Germany
Joël Galeran France Transparency is key!
Oğuz Arslan Turkey
MEHMET ŞAFAK SARI Turkey Kamu yararına verilen hizmeterde kamunun tam erişim, düzenleme ve değiştirme hakkı olmalıdır. Kampanyauı destekliyorum
Mikkel Kjær Jensen Denmark There is much to win and little to lose.
Marco Gozzani Italy
Christoph Kraus Germany
Raoul Teeuwen Netherlands
Favier France
Gary Warman United States
José Ferreira Neto Brazil fantastic idea I think it's fair to play the project and have access to the code.
Jorge Yagüe París Spain
G.H. Renkema Netherlands
Rocío Manzano Spain
Ludwig Rafelsberger Austria
Josh Levinson United States We really need to open source our software -- especially for voting records.
Mirjam Moroder Italy
Kelly Brouwer Netherlands Peter Niesink en Hans van der Woude
Philippe Jadin Belgium advocating this since a long time
Foucart jv Belgium
Bahri Meriç Canlı Turkey
Alexandru Barbur United States
Jonathan Beatty United States Transparency is good for society.
Andreas Moroder Italy
Antonio Gabriel Perez Caselles Spain Si lo pagamos todos, que sea codigo para todos.
Stefan Fincken Netherlands
Steven Hammer United States
eduardo alfonso martin Spain public money, public code
Matthew Wholey United States Please do the right thing.
Volker Sachse Germany
Benjamin Carlsson United States
Stefan Solich Germany
Korbinian Nida-Ruemelin Germany
Mark van der Velden Netherlands
Mike Wendler Germany
Andrea Trentini Italy
Martin Johan Lilleøen Norway
Nils Koch Germany
Thomas Bradley Canada
Marcin Słoniewski Poland
Morten Garbøl Franck Denmark
Emil Harder Denmark
Adri van Drunen Netherlands
Axel Kowalski Germany
Boy Baukema Netherlands
Martin Pärtel Finland Vendor lock-in is a huge waste of public money, and this would be a simple policy to prevent that.
Zbynek Grepl Czech Republic
Vlagyiszlav Makszimov Hungary I pay taxes, I want access to the infrastructure for which I pay.
Marcos Rivas Martínez Spain
François Aubriot France
Simon Kunzmann Germany
Clemens Schiff Germany
Hubert Winkler Germany
Mária Pastuchová Slovakia
Böddeker Ralf Germany Möglichkeiten für freie Software, sowie Wissen und sich zu informieren, für jeden, auch ohne großem Geldbeutel
Christian Boer Netherlands
Robert Ros Netherlands
Matteo Kloiber Germany
Severin Fürbringer Switzerland Digital freedom is important. Especially when funded by taxes.
Bastiaan Netherlands Open source code is going to be the future
José Luis Abenza Spain
Isaac Oliveira Brazil
Emmanel Digiaro France
Flávio de Souza Vivório Salles Carneiro Brazil I believe that software that was created for the government and public institutions have to be free for everyone
Matringe France
Bas Wilbers Netherlands
David Sawatzke Germany Usage of software financed by the people shouldn't be restricted to the government
Chris Mulder Netherlands
R. Lubbes Netherlands Dit is een heel belangrijk initiatief, ik hoop dat het wordt uitgevoerd.
Joey van Hummel Netherlands
Pedro Costal Spain
Ben Whalley United Kingdom
Gunther Klessinger Germany
Austin Shoecraft United States
Sebastian Jennen Germany Ich sehe die Politik in der Verantwortung digitale Erzeugnisse der Allgemeinheit zur Verfügung zu stellen.
Ladislav Nešněra Czech Republic
David Lesieur Canada
Letellier France
Jose María Ramírez Mira Spain
bernardi France
Nicolas Krausz France
Jan Eibicht Germany
Alfred Galitó Spain
Matthias Klöpper Democratic Republic of the Congo
Maarten Bijster Netherlands
Ingo Weiss United Kingdom
Nicolas Turtschi Switzerland
Mario Kresse Germany
Henk Hobbelink Spain
Heitor Colangelo Brazil Excellent initiative
Konstantin Bläsi Germany
Allan Fletcher Sweden
Helio Loureiro Sweden Freedom matters!
Ettore Atalan Germany Was von Steuerzahlern finanziert wurde, muss auch für Steuerzahler zugänglich sein!
Niels Gustav Westphal Serup Denmark I would like it to be possible to learn from public sector systems.
Xavier Aranda Maldonado Spain L'ús de programari lliure a les administracions públiques pot generar un estalvi molt gran!
Felix Gruber Germany
Lorenzo Toso Germany
Moritz Germany Für offene, von wenigen Unternehmen abhänige, sichere Lösungen und mehr Vertrauen in öffentliche digitale Infrastruktur.
Nicolas Rochet France
Lukas Frese Germany
Daniel Menzel Germany
David Así evitaríamos chapuzas como esta:
Jan-Martin Roth Germany
Juan Alberto Babío Pérez Spain
Rene Zimmermann Germany
Klaus Leppkes Germany Freie Software/Open Source braucht/kostet Geld für die Entwicklung, nicht Verwendung. Die Idee sollte man auch für Schulbücher verfolgen!
Skalla, Jan Germany Ich hoffe, dass Sie mit dieser Kampagne viel Erfolg haben werden.
Wolfram Lehner Germany Unverständlich, daß das nicht schon lange geändert wurde. Wo bleibt der Mut für Fortschritt?
Stefan Winter Germany
Cedric Buelens Belgium
Ronan Rodrigo Nunes Brazil
Fabian Bialowons Germany
Moraitopoulou Elina France
Parth Lawate India
Ivan Topolsky Switzerland
P. Vandenberghe Belgium Hergebruik van overheidsinformatie, open & wendbaar, vertrouwend, verbindend en vooruitgaand
Bram Giebels Netherlands i fully support this, public software should be open!!
Stefan Paul Germany
Brian Teeman United Kingdom
Mark Abraham Sweden
Hans Netherlands
Hans-Georg Willems Germany
Jan Dabrowski Germany Super initiative! Ist überfällig
Philipp Mangelow Germany
Josep Oliveras Escura Spain Absolutely necessary, legitimate and useful!
Βαγγέλης Σκαρμούτσος Greece Η χώρα που δημιούργησε την δημοκρατία και την ελευθερία, πρέπει να δείξει τον δρόμο στον κόσμο: Μόνο ελεύθερο λογισμικό στο δημόσιο.
Marcel Boer Netherlands
Philipp Sckopke Germany
Edgar van Santen Netherlands Publiek gefinancierde software moet Vrije en Open Bron Software zijn!
Guy Tournoy Belgium
Fèlix Casanellas Berges Spain
Sven Velt Germany Schon der *gesunde* Menschenverstand sagt, dass es so sein muss!
Ove Larsen Denmark
Marcelino Gauguin Denmark
Aznar Marine France
Giulio Italy
Brandon Reeringh Netherlands
Matthew Slater United Kingdom Isn't it self evident?
Tom Adriaensen Belgium
Alexandre Catenne France Nos institutions ne doivent pas être contrôlées par des organisations privées étrangères. Cette seule potentialité doit être exclue.
Sitbon France
David Pérez-Suárez United Kingdom
Joel Calvet Benedico Spain
biancone raphael France
Sjoerd Kuster Netherlands
creativecommons United States
Paolo Ciuffetti Italy
Theo F. Netherlands Free code and free Kurdistan
Henk van Capelle Netherlands
Elisabeth Menten Belgium
Tomeu Vizoso Czech Republic
Tuomas Nurmi Finland
José Vicente Blasco Torres Spain It's our money, it has to be our code. Now that privacy is becoming an issue we need public code not to spy on us.
Dominik George Germany
Floris Groenendijk Netherlands
Ronald Wildenberg Netherlands
Ivo Valkenburg Netherlands
Schomburg Dirk Germany das ist nur rechtens. Warum soll Microsoft oder die NSA auf jeden deutschen Behördencomputer zugreifen können. Bei uns wird Datenschutz hoff
Noor Sadiq Netherlands Net als open data hoort ook software open source te zijn als het met publiek geld ontwikkeld is.
Paul Mooibroek Netherlands
Bastiaan Netherlands Free software will be the basis of any future country
Cristian Blanaru Belgium
Valk Netherlands
Tuomas Pyykönen Finland
Miikka Jormanainen Finland
Dobrica Serbia
Carel Bast Netherlands
Sybs ALHABSHI France This is essential for controlling "controllers", especially in the wake of AI and various implementations of big data algorithms !
Marco Netherlands
Martijn ten Caat Netherlands
Chris Vigelius Germany
Turtschy Switzerland
Theo van Ghesel Grothe Netherlands Public Code Please !
Karsten Schramm Germany
Josep Rius Spain
Michael Crusoe Lithuania
Walther Heuner Germany
Adriaan Peeters Belgium
Sami kciku Kosovo
Rami Thierry France
Jorn Bunk Netherlands
Maarten Jan Kamerbeek
Pegeot France
Victor Sterpu Romania
Jens Och Germany
Grégory David France
Dmitry Kudriavtsev United States Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like
Martin Schiedt Germany
Cristiane Azambuja Brazil
Falco Netherlands
Gabriel F. T. Gomes Brazil If it's about paying for the service, remember that it can still be fully free (as is freedom) software as a paid service.
Rob Wijnhoven Netherlands Help naast je landgenoten ook de rest van de wereld!
Antonio M. Cali' Italy Condivido interamente
Wolfgang MAHLE France
Kai Löffler Germany
Tim Terpstra Netherlands Yes!
Tim Armstrong Netherlands I'm surprised this wasn't already the case.
björn linzer Netherlands
Israel Spain
Stefan Netherlands
Melvin Loos Netherlands Delen van kennis heeft al zoveel vooruitgang geboden, laat onze overheden hier ook van genieten
Roger de Beaumont Netherlands
Michiel Fokke Netherlands
Didier Chatellard Switzerland
Stefan Zijlstra Netherlands
Guyot Switzerland
Jorrit Smit Netherlands
Joan Torrens Spain
Robin Keet Netherlands Open source is always for the win. It would also allow the auditing of why something costs millions and does bugger all...
Uwe Menges Germany This is just the right thing to do.
R van Huik Netherlands
Bossy Jordi Switzerland
Maximilien LUVET France C'est ridicule d'avoir des logiciels fermés américains et du matériel Lenovo importé tout droit de Chine, comme dans les armées.
pieter gommers Netherlands
Aytekin Aygün Turkey
Arnout Aarts Netherlands
Aimeric Cordier France
Maria Gual Mercadé Spain
Sai Viswanath India Free software means software that respects users freedom and community.Drupal Hyderabad added,
Martijn Mulder Netherlands Een heel goed initiatief en hopelijk kan dit eraan bij dragen dat Europa minder afhankelijk word van de Amerikaanse softwarehuizen!
peter gorter Netherlands
Jelle vd Kooij Netherlands
Dirk Ruijne Netherlands
Jelle vd Kooij
Pascal Netherlands
philippe lhardy France
Torsten Scheck Germany Whereever you look, proprietary code for the public sector is sub-standard, inflexible and insecure. This needs to change!
f coers Netherlands
Helmut Dörfler Germany
Christian Knaapen Netherlands
Jose Sánchez Spain
Tushant India
APC Rijnart Netherlands
Thom Heemstra Netherlands Eens! Tevens promoten te investeren in open source software en/of software op OS gebaseerd.
Niels Leerentveld Netherlands
Peter Uithoven Netherlands Niet meer dan logisch
APC Rijnart Netherlands
Kristof Leroux Belgium
David Mehren Germany
Remco Boom Netherlands
Robin Harmsen Netherlands Publiek gefinancieerde ontwikkeling zou open en vrij beschikbaar moeten zijn.
Isabelle Germany Every kind of freedom is very important in a democracy
Peter Dudok van Heel Netherlands Transparency & continuity is a good thing for software made with public money.
Mikel Zarraga Otazua Spain Ez erosi askatasun gabeko softwarea gure diruarekin!
pieter boots Netherlands
Richard Ulrich Switzerland
Miloš Feč Slovakia
Lucas van Oosterhout
J. Booij Netherlands
Emil Renner Berthing Denmark
Andre Spendier Germany
M.H. Olree Netherlands
Marcia Santos Brazil
Christoph Lohmann Germany
Kris Dekeyser Belgium Publicly available code for publicly financed projects can also fight corruption. At least it will expose overpriced and failed projects.
Joep van Dijken Netherlands
Dick Boogaers Netherlands We should not rely on a few large companies for code development
Stijn Dubrul Belgium
Markus Germany
Tim van Wegberg Netherlands Ik kan van publieke infrastructuur gebruik maken, ik kan inzicht krijgen met een WOB verzoek, dit is niet meer dan logisch.
Telmo Silva Portugal Country of rights isn't complete without all other freedoms. State tied up in closed software vendor licenses is restrictive and expensive t
Dennis stolmeijer Netherlands
Jack troost Netherlands
Wouter Boelen Belgium
Marcelo Pomarolli Brazil
Nicolas Massé France Free up the code !
Radoslav Jánoš
Ad Huikeshoven Netherlands Uiteraard open broncode voor met publiek geld gefinancierde software
Anko Mulder Netherlands
Alfredo Miranda Brazil
Dominik Fischer Germany
Lukáš Ekl Czech Republic Keep going
Yoann Rodiere France
Victor Schümmer Germany
karel van dongen Netherlands
Sander van Rijn Netherlands Share knowledge, improve code, reduce costs!
Luis Álvarez Spain
Andrea Marzadori Italy
Gerard Bos Netherlands
Oscar Grootveld Netherlands
Tobias Fonsmark Denmark
I. Jonk Netherlands
Minze Zwerver Netherlands
Flutra Osmani Kosovo
Pim Bliek Netherlands All governments should be open and transparent!
Pim Bliek Netherlands All governments should be open and transparent!
Juan Antonio Moreno Valderrama Spain
Juan Miró Silva Spain
Antonio Diaz Diaz Spain
Arjan vliem Netherlands
Gerke Netherlands
Wout van Albada Netherlands
Dan Søndergaard Denmark
Pierre Paul Lefebvre Canada
Bram Patelski Netherlands
Arthur Nascimento Brazil Please, make it so!
Paul Bersee Netherlands
Fidan Kalaja Kosovo Kosovo Center for Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption – KUND 16
Julian H Netherlands
Mark Hayen Netherlands
Sander Steenhuis Netherlands Public money, public code. It's the right thing to do.
Charlton Roberts United States
Bert Singels Netherlands
Erwin Junge Netherlands
Johannes Hörmann Germany
Rafel Anguera Arqués Spain
Remco Netherlands
Marek Škvarka Slovakia
Marcin Jędrasik Poland
Dian Kosovo
Tomáš Štrba Slovakia
Joan Ramon Cucarull González Spain
Martin Dudok van Heel Netherlands Natuurlijk moet alle publiek gefinancierde software, (wetenschappelijk) onderzoek en publicaties opensource en vrij beschikbaar zijn. Op die
Jethro Beekman Netherlands
Michel Greve Netherlands
Pybe Faber Netherlands
Jonathan Wazlawek Germany Öffentliche Software wird sicherer wenn sie open-source ist, da Schwachstellen eher entdeckt und beseitigt werden können.
Euskirchen Germany
Petros Zimourtopoulos Austria reasoning
Lars Riber Denmark
Mercè Moreno Tarrés Spain
Abel Lifaefi Mbula Democratic Republic of the Congo C'est serait une mauvaise fois de n'est pas distribuer le logiciel financé par le contribuable sous une licence qui permette sa réutilisatio
Tobin Bradley United States By closing the source code, government forces constant wheel reinvention, leading to increased cost and lower security.
Arend van Putten Netherlands
Giordano Schillaci Italy
Alain van Hoof Netherlands Public Money = Public Code
Robbie Timmer Zeer goed initiatief!
Raul Spain
Bjarni Spans Netherlands Just code it for the commons, the coding going to be done anyway, let all benefit.
Eduard Santamaria Spain
Ronald van Zantvoort Netherlands
Jure Bernava Prah Italy
Stefan Broeils Netherlands
Eloi Nadal Spain
Marco Montanari Italy
Sayf Jawad Netherlands Dit maakt software van de overheid sterker en geeft iets terug aan de maatschappij. Goede actie!
bernardino ciuffetti Italy Tutto il software pagato con i soldi pubblici deve essere libero ed accessibile a tutti.
Vladimir Andreev Germany All code should be open, but let's start with the publicly paid for!
Jan Mulder Netherlands
Tomas Härdin Sweden Great initiative! As a state employee, I see public funds being poured into proprietary software controlled by a few. A dangerous dependence
Gautier Berthou Sweden
Frank Van Maroey Belgium open code, open samenleving, onafhankelijk van big companies
Robert Mens Netherlands
N. Baggus Netherlands Er is al voor betaald, waarom moet iemand in NL/EU het wiel nogmaals uitvinden?
Carles Guadall Blancafort Spain
J.P. van Wingerden Netherlands
Thomas Reesink Netherlands
Robbert Coops
Corne Lukken Netherlands
Abraxasz Netherlands Open Source, free world
aat karelse Netherlands
gabrielli France
Roser Armenteras Pascual Spain
Leslie de Groot Netherlands
Chris Kuipers Netherlands Also, to some extent the Kerckhoffs principle applies.
Laia Pardo Spain
Robert Garrigos Spain
Mercè Romagosa Huguet Spain
Marnix Rijnart Netherlands
Laurens Netherlands Excellent initiative
Andrea Manna Italy Sarebbe ora succedesse!
Michiel Netherlands
sairamraavi India Introducing Free Software in public sector will help in the growth of the society.
Angel Joaniquet Tukiainen Spain My dentist said FLOSS, EU should too, xD
Gregor Schram Netherlands
Raymon Boer Netherlands Meer ogen, minder lekken!
Rik van Zomeren Netherlands Vrije en Open Bron Softwarelicentie is een goed ding
Egbert de Waal Netherlands Why isn't this already implemented?
Jean-Paul Anceaux Netherlands
Stefano Dall'Agata Italy Le Pubbliche Amministrazioni devono fare la cosa giusta.
Luca Italy
Maarten de Boer Netherlands
Stefan van der Hoek Germany Software that is programmed with taxpayers' money should be released as Open Source. Let's make this a reality, everyone !!
Bruno Van de Velde Belgium
Jan Keersmaekers Belgium
Mathis Benguigui France
Marten Janssen Netherlands Goed initiatief!
Mickael Istria
Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven Netherlands This will also increase auditability.
rene Netherlands
Sander Bol Netherlands Ben benieuwd of dit gaat werken bij software ontwikkeld door dure consultants...
Sean Jones United Kingdom
Jan Garaj Slovakia
Brecht De Ruyte Belgium As a developer I believe in this a lot! Even when it comes to accessibility.
Robin van stigt Netherlands
Erik Hardiek Netherlands Hierbij ondersteun ik
Rick van Schijndel Netherlands
David Netherlands Transparency! OpenSource code is not only transparent, it's even better and more secure code!
Gerben Netherlands sensible it almost hurts.
Folke Defurne Belgium
ghysbrecht France
Anton zeinstra Netherlands
Patricia Goncalves Portugal
Dimitri Stoikof Netherlands
Martin Kuštek Slovakia Skončime s vendor lockinom a špageti kódom!
Jarno Jansen Netherlands Do it
Klaas van Gend Netherlands
Michele Italy
Richard Brouwer Netherlands Make a better open world
Manuel Groß Germany
Jeroen Meiling Netherlands
Glenn arens Netherlands
Jan Roetman Netherlands public money to public and open software
Klaas Haasjes Netherlands Open source heeft veel voordelen en veel winnaars.
Thomas Eizinger Austria
Ruben Pera Netherlands
Steve Van Hoyweghen Belgium Use public funding is the best possible way and give opportunities to smaller companies.
Yuri Riet Netherlands open source and open standards, it's a no brainer why wait?
Sven Netherlands
Demi Staal Netherlands Go for it!
Mike Christof United Kingdom
Iwan Arensman Netherlands Samen sterk!
Pim Snel Netherlands
Roy Buitenhuis Netherlands Open sourcing software, or the individual components is very important. Think about bsd and Linux and the critical applications they're in.
frederic hancart Belgium
Harm Netherlands
Marcel Wenting Netherlands A Better Democracy, starts with more Transparancy. Public Money should create Public Code
Rio Kierkels Netherlands This is the 21st century after all.
Robbie Groenewoudt
J van de Werken Netherlands
Gerard van Enk Netherlands
Riekle Siersma Netherlands
Rob Ouwehand Netherlands
Rogier Wessel Netherlands
Micha Kersloot Netherlands
Matthijs Oosterhoff Netherlands
Alessandro Vozza Netherlands
Alexander Overvoorde Netherlands Open source has incredible benefits, it's time to integrate these into the government.
Peter Wuyts Belgium
Niels Vermeulen Netherlands
Sander Griffioen Netherlands
Erik Verbeet Netherlands
Leon Huzen Netherlands Let's get real, let's get digital.
Matthieu TALBOT France
Bux D. Netherlands
Ward Delabastita Belgium
René Moll Netherlands
Khas Lavasani Netherlands
Roelof Snijder Netherlands
Kasper Kamperman Netherlands
Oscar A. Gárate Spain Lo hemos pagado, es nuestro! Código abierto sin licencias propietaras!
Tim Rombout Netherlands
Robbert van der helm Netherlands Open source projects lead to easier development of futurue projects and safer code.
Vincent van den Braken Netherlands Public money, public code.
Roberto Cappelloni Italy Il software libero sarebbe volano di grande sviluppo per tutti, in modo particolare per glia mbiti di studio e ricerca.
John Slobbe Netherlands
Bouke Visser Netherlands Why should we all discover the wheel individually?
CHEVALLOT Pascal France Et qu'on arrête de nous dire qu'il faut être formé. Il faut aussi être formé pour utiliser du "propriétaire".
Danile Netherlands
Christian Heffels Netherlands
Anne Douwe Bouma Netherlands
Paul Davies United Kingdom
José Manuel Cerqueira Esteves Portugal
Gerard van Dijnsen Netherlands Overheden dienen allereerst Open Source Software te overwegen. Ook software ontwikkeling dient open te zijn.
Corné Dorrestijn Netherlands
Ernstjan Bevort Netherlands Gemeenschapsgeld, dan is de code van de gemeenschap!
Willem Bogaerts Netherlands Why isn't this law already?
Henk-Jan van der Molen Netherlands Open Source adds to the trust of IT processes and is the best way to support learning how to write good code
Andreas Drinkuth Germany
WB Kranendonk Netherlands Het is niet meer dan logisch om middelen uit publiek geld maximaal ten goede te laten komen van de maatschappij
Codrin Kruijne Netherlands Ook zouden universiteiten in onderwijs/-zoek aan ontwikkeling bij kunnen dragen.
Johan Splinter Sweden Make people feel responsible for the quality of their work by publishing the details.
antonio zoccarato Italy i agree
Björn Wijers Netherlands
Thijs van den Berg Netherlands
Jeroen Hubers Netherlands
Sandeep Choudhary India
Jan Derk Stegeman Netherlands
Lars Zondervan Netherlands
Bart den Hoed Netherlands
Ruben Bakker Netherlands
Athanasios Papadopoulos Netherlands Sharing is caring.
Tiuri de Jong Netherlands
Ralph Peperkamp Netherlands
Raf Pauwels Belgium
M. Huizer Netherlands
Thijs Prins Netherlands
Halit Bal Netherlands
Rick Huijzer Netherlands
Michiel van der Leeuw Netherlands
Jacob Thorselius Pedersen Sweden
Rutger van Dijk Netherlands
Jeroen Janssen Netherlands
Tom Verdaat Netherlands For our security, so we can use it too and to share great stuff with other countries!
Bas Dado Netherlands Why does every country have to build their own software for everything? Share!
Willem-Jan van Kranenburg Netherlands
JHJM Ardts Netherlands Aan uw toelichting valt weinig toe te voegen. Bovendien ben ik in dit geval een voorstander van opensource bij wet geregeld.
Benoît Fournier France
Bart Erven Netherlands
David Truyens Belgium Time to change, big companies can't control our lives.
Gerard Steenvoorden Netherlands
Richard Hinkamp Netherlands
Pepijn Casius Netherlands
Maarten de Graaf Netherlands Een open source wereld is veiliger, transparenter, educatief en goedkoper.
Peter Smeets Netherlands
Patrick Jenner Netherlands Pas toe of leg uit waarom publiek geld naar een gesloten leverancier zou moeten gaan
Frans-Willem Hardijzer Netherlands Anything created from public money should be released in the public domain.
Patrick Houtzager Netherlands
Henk van Capelle Netherlands
Wouter Franken Belgium
Nick Boltjes Netherlands Why do we even have to ask for this? We, the public, pay for this. We should have the opportunity to see what we've bought.
Mike de Heij Netherlands
Nick Sulkers Netherlands
Robert Zweistra Netherlands
Patrick Damstra Netherlands
Merijn Supply Belgium
Daniël van der Wal Switzerland Yes lets create a better world together and share code by making it open. This can speedup development, make robustness, prevent vendorlock!
Remko Janse Netherlands
Jan Willem Groenenberg Netherlands De eerste stap naar een open digitale overheid.
Nick Bakker Netherlands Digitale overheid begint bij open source software
Dieter Vandoren Netherlands
Frédéric Jacon France
H. Spaans Netherlands Het gebruik van Open Source code is voor iedereen van belang.
G.A. Burger Netherlands
Mika Eriksen Netherlands Ik ben voor het opensource principe
Martijn Kluijtmans Netherlands I totally agree
Geert Bouckaert Belgium Open code is beter en goedkoper voor iedereen. Bovendien beter controleerbaar. Bedrijven houden dit graag enmaken het zeer duur
Jordi Lensing Netherlands
Sijmen Schoon Netherlands
Bart Hermans Belgium
Jelle Hermsen Netherlands
Van de Velde Belgium All funded work by the people should be public. This means also that the code written for the goverments should be open sourced!
Bettayeb Alexia France
Bas Rongen Netherlands
Joost Meulenbeld Netherlands
Maarten De Munck
Elgar Weijtmans Netherlands
Kees Meijer Netherlands
Jussi Ohenoja Finland All SW used in public/communal/national affairs needs to be open and available for public review.
Levi van den berg Netherlands
Jiri Hoogeveen Netherlands Graag opensource, zodat ik zelf de code kan controleren.
koen Halfwerk Netherlands
Joep Seuren Netherlands
W. Verheij Netherlands
David Kohnstamm Netherlands Geweldig initiatief
Christophe Farges France
Mahendra Yadav India
Freek Giele Netherlands Open Source geeft on de mogelijkheid om op elkaars code te bouwen en waarde toe te voegen, ipv elke keer opnieuw het wiel te moeten uitvinde
Herman Nelissen Netherlands De logica hiervan is overduidelijk.
Luc Gommans Netherlands Free software, free society (slogan of the free software foundation, which I agree with)
Bart Netherlands
E.M. Berntsen Netherlands
Vivek Anand India
Jeroen Warmenbol Belgium
David Woudenberg Netherlands
Stephan de Klonia Netherlands
Maximiliaan Mees van Dijk Netherlands
Petcu Andrei Cristian Romania Free as in free speech, not as in free beer!
Wouter van Rij Netherlands
Raymond Michiels Netherlands It's only logical
Simon Brouwer Netherlands
mick rustenhoven Netherlands
Jonathan Vermeulen Netherlands
Maximilian Machedon Romania
Bob Van Landuyt Belgium Some of this software handles your personal info. You should be able to validate what it does!
Michiel Blom Netherlands
Bodhi Mulders Netherlands I couldn't agree more.
Marko Ulvila Finland
Michiel Uitdehaag Netherlands
Ivo Limmen Netherlands
Harry ten Berge Netherlands
Atle H Norway
Norbert de Rooy Netherlands Since I'm paying for it I should get to see the code and the exploits.
Tom Netherlands Security through obscurity is wrong.
Bram Bruines Netherlands
Maurice Netherlands goed initiatief!
Jeffrey Vercammen Netherlands
Mike van Kuik Netherlands
Kevin Meijer Netherlands Ales programmeur vind ik dit een geweldig initiatief.
Boudewijn Rempt Netherlands
Patrick Deelen Netherlands
Laura Garcia Spain
Yolan Uyttenhove Belgium
Stefan Netherlands Geweldig initiatief!
Jacco van Schaik Netherlands
Nicolas Toublanc France
Gianni Van Hoecke Belgium
Age Bosma France
Boudi van Vlijmen Netherlands CDA Heemstede
Vincent van Adrighem Netherlands Do not allow our society to be held hostage. Free our software!
Marcel Wehrens Netherlands openbare code is minder gevoelig voor 'hidden features'
Kris Lowet Belgium Knowledge belongs to the world.
Michiel Piscaer Netherlands
Justin Reeringh Netherlands
M. Walther Netherlands Paid developers arn't looking as good as people with interrest. Get it open source, and people will help secure they'r own personal data.
Tom Caljouw Netherlands
Tist Verdonck Belgium
P.M. Reuvers Netherlands
Friso Brugmans Netherlands Openheid voorkomt corruptie
Jan van Gemert Netherlands
Tim Heiszwolf Netherlands Als het betaald word met mijn geld dan wil ik er gebruik van kunnen maken.
Twan van de Moosdijk Netherlands
Marcel Kuipers Netherlands
Oscar Zom Netherlands
Maarten Brouwers Netherlands De schaal van de overheden kan zorgen voor een kwaliteitsinvestering die zich met gemak terugbetaald
W. Abbestee
Jaro Reinders Netherlands
Ruthger Gubbels Netherlands
Tiemen Joustra Netherlands
Dennis van der Staal Netherlands
Onno Steenbergen Netherlands
André Bação Portugal I really want Portugal to do this. I am not happy with the private code that Portugal chooses to use with everyone's money!
Daan Wagenaar Netherlands
Robert Johan van den Berg Netherlands Als de code niet open is, kan de software alleen aangepast worden door de maker. Dat is een ongewenst monopolie.
Joris Wagter Netherlands
Nanning S. Poelsma Netherlands
Dewayne Barends Netherlands
Laurant Marijnissen Netherlands
paul janson Netherlands
Koen Pauwels Belgium Software paid by tax money should be used for the benefit of all people !
Jan Pieter de Swart Netherlands
Jonathan van Zuijlekom Netherlands Share and prosper
Jonathan van Zuijlekom Netherlands Share and prosper
wender putters Netherlands
Krijn Soeteman Netherlands Open source software would also increase trust of institutions with the people.
Thijs Leufkens Netherlands
Siebrand Mazeland Netherlands
Wessel Heringa Netherlands
luitgaarden Netherlands i paid for the code by taxation
Marianne Netherlands good!!!
Jerry Zeilmaker Netherlands Goede zaak voor code inspectie => beveiliging.
Rogier Netherlands Opensource is the best way forward. Governments should be open, in all aspects. Closed software has no place in an open society.
gilbert suarez United States this is my stuff
Mathijs Hengst Netherlands
Michael Koopman Netherlands
Christiaan de Die le Clercq Netherlands
Daan Oosterveld Netherlands Veiliger, beter voor concurentie. Beter voor innovatie.
Jarmo Besselink Netherlands
van der Made Netherlands
Paolo de Heer Netherlands Doen!
VIDAL France Bravo et vive le logiciel libre !
Brecht Callens Belgium
Robbert Smeets Netherlands
corstiaan Netherlands Mensen willen helpen. Je hebt hierdoor constante ontwikkeling
Edin Gusic Netherlands
agterberg Netherlands had al veel eerder moeten gebeuren , had de staatstkas heel veel geld kunnen besparen.
Terence Netherlands Openen die code, betaald met door ons zuur verdiende belastingcenten.
Zabeeh Khan Afghanistan Agree and support this cause.
Eddie Niese Netherlands Free public funded code for a better world. Sharing is caring.
gilbert suarez United States i need this for my family and life.
Gabriele Italy
Ian Stewart United Kingdom ...taking the additional costs into consideration.
Jaume Bargalló i Comes Andorra Beneficia al teu entorn amb programari lliure
Enrique Spain
aataprian Indonesia
DUARTE Morgan France Argent public, code public !
Roberto Colistete Junior Brazil FOSS
Royden Yates Sweden public funds, public domain
Joseph Rice United States Please spend my tax dollars wisely. Invest in open source software to improve auditability, code quality and independence from corporations.
Jaume Casado Ruiz Spain Free software my friend
Alfredo Luque Garcia Spain Keep going!
Francois Allain France
Elie Rakofsky Belgium
André Claaßen Germany
Fernando Fernández Mancera Spain Protect your freedom
Philippe Verdy France
Haro de Grauw Sweden
Tomas Tamayo Spain
Thomas Etter Switzerland
Orosz György Hungary
Sebastian Hug Switzerland
Cornelius Stubbe Germany If software is payed by our tax money, we should own the software.
Ramon Roca Spain
Marcin Andrzejewski Poland
Horst Germany
Christina Priavolou Greece
Tim Landscheidt Germany
Marco Italy
Simone Stella Italy
Hans Wurst Germany
Montagner France
Radomír Palovský Czech Republic Software is knowledge how to made some information from the other. From public money should be made public knowledge.
Jean BOSSU France
Said Zazai Canada
Constantin Zumtobel Austria
Emil Hemdal Sweden
Nicola Freddo Italy In public code we trust
Flavio Filini Italy
Diego Spain
Daniele Lain Italy
jorge Spain Lo publico tiene que ser abierto y transparente.
Peillet Sébastien France Pouvoir publier son code sans prétexter que c'est parce qu'on a besoin de Github :)
Massal France
Peter Krüpl Denmark This is brilliant, no more black boxes in the public sector.
Noah Maze United States
Juan José Gil Sánchez Spain
Manuel Spain
Elisabet Roselló Spain
Michael Kaup Germany Der Steurzahler zahlt, der Steuerzahler sollte also auch Einsicht und Mitspracherecht erhalten. Das gilt nicht nur bei diesem Thema.
Jos van Wolput Netherlands
Marc Rosanes Spain Free Software, free society
Federico Cerruti Italy Public Software from Public Money! FOSS to the people!
Richelet France
Clemens Tolboom Netherlands
Stefan Peeters Italy
Timo Truyts Belgium
Alexander Hornung Germany Weniger Kommerzlobby, mehr Fortschritt.
MARTIN Stéphane France
Frank Huysmans Netherlands Publicly financed code belongs to the commons and should be used for the benefit of all
Javier Iglesias Spain WE NEED IT!
Rosalind Simpson Belgium
Philipp Schuster Austria
Ines Armbrust Germany
Pedro Araújo Portugal If public money is used, so the code must be open to all.
Alejandro Segade Uruguay
Leo Martine France
Martin Noblecourt France
Benjamin Bach Denmark In Denmark: Millions of € wasted on failed public software projects, code is never made public!
Coeffic France
Rui Miguel Silva Seabra Portugal
Romain Gautier France
Maillard France
Jannic Warken Germany
Dieter Theiler Austria
Robert Lanzl Germany
Davide Serradura Italy Speriamo....
A. André France
Patrick Stangl Austria
Allen Philippines If it's public money it's public code!
Morten Ramcke Germany
Chang hao tien Taiwan
Pieter Frenssen Bulgaria Code written for government organizations should be open source so it can be shared and reused by other institutions.
Martin Kostolný Czech Republic
Antonio Liccardo Italy Che sia pubblico il software pagato con soldi pubblici!
Teresa Oberhauser Germany
Julé France
Caroline Corbal France
Maxime Bossard France Excellente initiative !
Rik Willemen Belgium This seems mere common sense. Companies who benefit from taxpayer money should "give back" to the community that fostered them.
soltani France public money , public code !
Aldo Tarquilio Italy
Laia Bertran Spain
Christopher Peirs Belgium Public money => public code!
Jose A Lobato Spain
Gabor Matics United Kingdom
Alexander Færøy Denmark
Andrea Aime Italy Yes please, this should really be a no brainer!
Eric Bréhault France
Dennis Jakupovic Netherlands Public money = public code!
Michael Barbier Belgium
Michael Davies United Kingdom
Jonas Klarstr Denmark I want my signature to appear in the list of signatures
richelet France Your request is the right one !
Telmo Silva Portugal If it is made from everyone's money, it should be in everyone's hands!
Marjan Schnetz Netherlands
Arnaud Bourrée France
Matthias Baran Germany Offenheit schafft Verantwortung.
Christophe PETIT France
André Grube Germany
André Grube Germany
Simon Dörig Switzerland we paid for it
izlem Gözükeleş Turkey
Ronny Kunze Germany
Mario Labelle Canada Nous devons être des libres penseurs... Agir.
André COTTE Canada
Jonatan Ramos Spain
Eric Gourgoulhon France
Jean-Marc Prévot France
Carlos Capote Pérez-Andreu Spain
Mattias Wernér United Kingdom Makes perfect sense. Fully endorse this endeavour.
Asbjørn Kjær Olling Denmark
Fredrik Mikker Sweden
Michael Kudla Germany
LE MEUR France
Eloy Cuadra Spain Public money + closed code = dependency, unforeseen expenses, misappropriation, lack of insight, uncertain future. Not with my money!
LAMBERT Guy-Victor France
Giorgio Rolfini Italy
Sam Grüneisen Luxembourg Ëffentlech Gelder just nach fir Ëffentlechen Code! Sou muss dat sinn!
Jonas Beyer Germany
Fabian Patzwall Germany
Ingo van Lil Germany
Johnny Knight United Kingdom
Andreas Jakobsche Germany
Jens Meinhardt Germany
Alexandru Enachioaie United Kingdom
Michal Stromko Slovakia
Émilie Keller France
matteo ghetta Italy
antoine France
Marek Skalický Czech Republic
E. Allayarova Germany
Alexander Becker Germany Im Vordergrund sollte das Wohl der Menschen und der Fortschritt stehen. Public money, public code!
Borislav Sabev Bulgaria
Simone Besati Italy
Gregor Kneitschel Germany
Andre Maia Chagas Germany
Jeff Santarossa Germany
Juan Ramírez Ruiz Spain
Kristian Kankainen Estonia
zayyad Nigeria
Diego Álvarez Sánchez Spain
Bruno Zarzaca Italy aka @demodoXalogia
Michal Krnáč Slovakia
Kristjan Koppel Estonia
Daniel Agredano de San Laureano Spain
Manuel Erhardt Switzerland
Kushal Das India Having Free Software in public sector will help to get not only better software but also more secure.
Hana Dvorak United States
John Linstrom United States it is our software - why can't we see/use/repair it?
Luis J. Rodríguez Venezuela Esto es bueno y necesario, no solo para Europa, sino para todo el mundo. La propiedad intelectual es un monopolio artificial.
Angela Kurup United States
Febvre Valéry France
Leonard Zitzmann Germany
Geraldo Barros Brazil
Jorge Enrique Terrones Ibarra United States I can help,I see things and explain a million of defenitions
Ilisei Bogdan Romania
Jens Liebenau Germany
Frank Niederwipper Germany
Vogel Dorian France No more tax money for pointless software licences when FOSS alternative exist !
Jose Antonio Diez Morales Spain
Paolo Pedaletti Italy Il software finanziato dallo Stato deve essere rilasciato come Software Libero.
Abdulkareem Idris Nigeria
Ben Borges Portugal Our generation needs to create the code that will powerup democracy in the future, the time is now !
Giulietta Marani Netherlands
Krzysztof Madejski Poland Public money should result in public code!
Josef Andersson Sweden This should have been the standard since many years. Let's not reinvent the wheel again and again, public money, public code.
Sebastian Hasse Germany
Eduard Sik Hungary
Reed Sutton Canada
Tisza Gergő Hungary Not only does a free license maximize the impact of taxpayer money, it also improves the transparency and security of governance.
Iván Pérez Caro Spain
jourdanet France
Johannes Pensel Germany
Anne-Katrin Kalkhoff Germany Wieso ist das nicht schon längst so?
Peter Förster Germany
N'Haux Alain France
johan Netherlands Snellere ontwikkeling en meer rendement
Bernd Hartwich Germany
Lauri Apple Germany
Walter Palmetshofer Germany
Sven Selle Germany private-public-partnership Modelle müssen enden, da sonst die Digitalisierung in sich weiter erkrankt! Es führt kein Weg an OSL vorbei. :-)
Braquet Germany I want my money back
Raúl Sevilla Spain
Luciano Barea Spain
Eike Rathke Germany
Dufeux Patrice France
Zoltán Vadász Hungary
Luigi Catalani Italy
Dominik Kellner Germany
Christophe Strobbe Germany
José Gramaxo Portugal share the code !
Adam Paszternak Hungary
Valentin Guerrero Venezuela The use and difusion of Free (Libre) Software is a moral obligation, and also the natural state of technology itself.
Ricardo Nunes Portugal
Philipp Germany
Remy Bosch Netherlands Red de rechtsstaat en kies opensource!
Dennis Schürholz Germany
Javier Martinez Lopez Spain
Antonio Durán Gómez Spain
nasciiboy Mexico Without free software and hardware, privacy is impossible
Enrico Calore Italy
Antonio Spain
Albert Palau Matillas Spain
Karol Roller Germany
richelet France Absolutely concurring with your purely justified demand.
Aleix Quintana Alsius Spain
Uwe altmann Germany
Bosse Germany
DUBOIS France Tout ce qui est financé par la communauté doit appartenir à la communauté!
Dragan Sokolović Croatia
Tarpin Jacques France Les programmes "compilés" sont souvent amortis (plus que de raison). De plus, l'utilisateur est pieds et poings liés au concepteur. Donc pas
Benoit Maggi France
Eric Prenen Romania
Jörg Hofmann Germany
Johann Jacobsohn Germany
KennHuang Taiwan
Toni Beier Germany Freiheit besitzt viele Aspekte. Warum bei IT-Infrastruktur aufhören?
Øyvind Vikanes Norway
Bo Victor Thomsen Denmark
ashley zentz United States open letter
Lene Fischer Denmark
Martin Drewes Germany
Argimiro Veiga Spain
Robert Germany
Rosa M Aguilar Spain
KEUNEBROCK François-Xavier France Complètement d'accord, je signe et milite dans ce sens !
Renate Köster-Jacobs Germany
Markus de Wendt Germany Für ein starkes Europa.
BORSI France Quand je vois que La Défense a signé avec Microsoft, j’ai un doute sur le succès de cette démarche, néanmoins je signe
Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn Sweden
Dubois France
Daniel Rentsch Germany
Pierluigi Luciani Italy Un'ottima e giusta iniziativa!
Oli Switzerland I agree. Publicly financed software is owned by the public. It must be licensed under Free and Open Source Software license.
Arnould France
François Morlet France
Pierre-Emmanuel Novac France
Josep Lluís Amador Teruel Spain
paolo mazzali Italy
Mary ENSMINGER France I wholeheartedly adhere to the blatant right of the public to have free access to software it finances.
Albert Feliu Spain
Egidijus Milierius Lithuania Would be really great to make it at Ed level.
Michael Bauch Germany
Heinrich Kerstgens Germany
Fabian Bruns Germany It just does not make sense any other way
Antonio Di Lisi Italy
Franz Ratzinger Germany
David karla Hungary
Daniel Sousa Portugal It is very important that all public infrastructures are built in a transparent and secure manner.
Víctor Goñi Sanz Spain FSF Member, open source = freedom
Dieter Roels Belgium
Andrea Borgia Italy
Sandro Panfani Italy
Alexander Zangerl Austria
謝長恩 Taiwan 拿人民的納稅錢?就該做公開透明的資訊系統!
Lorenzo Buonanno Italy
Zalavary Gabor Hungary
Robert Pollak Austria
Milo van der Linden Netherlands
Mario Italy
Fredux Belgium
Didier Laumen Belgium
Roy Molepo South Africa
Robert Michael Garcia United States thanks
Sébastien Nicouleaud France
Peter skamrahl Germany Free Software is one of Last Chance for the FCK Humen Community
Elie Yebgui France
Eckhard Weber Germany
Christopher Hardwick United Kingdom No comment for now but wen I do it will be soon
John Gilmore United States When procuring software there are many companies who will release it as Free Software; you are not stuck with funding proprietary solutions.
BRaun Germany
vieillescaze France tellement fondamental, tellement évident !
Dominik Gierlach Germany
I. M. Chengappa United Kingdom If it is not made open source it is possible or likely to eventually become privately owned.
Björn Beutel Germany
Elke Flegel Germany Transparenz ist wichtig für alles, was dem Allgemeinwohl dienen soll!!!
Pavel Krupička Czech Republic
Fabio Buso Italy
alexasturias Spain
jana honegger Switzerland
Niklas Folkegård Sweden
Pascal Berthet France
Robert Wunderer Austria
Jordi Ullan Spain
Erich Carlmann Germany Security disasters like with the German "PC-Wahl" used at federal elections wouldn't happen anymore with free software.
Francesco Poli Italy Public money should fund Free Software available to the public!
Frederico Martins Portugal The only reason to not want this, is if you want to live in a less democratic and more obscure regime!
Gauthier C. France
Wilhelm Boltz Germany Freie Software sichert Geheimhaltung, Datenschutz, ermöglicht europäische Integration, fördert lokale Wirtschaft. All dies ist unerlässlich.
RDCH106 Spain It is time to transparency and we can use tools offered by free software philosophy to improve the public services.
Picavet Sébastien France Tellement logique…
Kamil Dabrowski United Kingdom Everybody benefits from supporting FOSS software, I hope the government orgs recognize that!
David Chapela de la Campa Spain I totally agree, if it is paid with public money the product should be for everyone.
johannes schilling Germany
Victor Jose Gallego Fontenla Spain
maugendre France
Christian Hasenfuß Germany
Sebastian Mense Germany
Gergo Barcza Hungary
Daniel David Austria I actually thought publicly financed software developed for the public sector would be already available as Open Source Software.
Jörg Beierbach Germany
Daniele Italy Con i miei soldi voglio finanziare software e dati liberi.
Michl Steglich Germany
Arianit Dobroshi Kosovo It's common sense and about time.
Nicola Barbuti Italy
Felix Ern Germany
Stefan Manov Bulgaria
Christoph Keiser Germany Das ist sehr wichtig!
Raoul Borges France
Defnx France
Garret France
Roy Reese Rinus Spain
Hans Schreuder Netherlands Bravo for common sense.
Christian Krause Germany
George Koum Greece
Anders Jonsson Sweden
Antoine Le Gonidec France
Jakob Schulz Germany
Tatjana Frangez Slovenia
Bálint Krisztián Hungary
Andreas Klust Belgium
Pedro Alves Germany
Baltasar Ortega Spain
Ferenc Boldog Hungary
Bellanger France
Eloi Maduell Spain
Erik Johansson Sweden
Leon Fehl
Aschauer Michael Austria
Domenico D'Anteo Italy
Maurice Kemmann Germany
Diego Serafin Italy
Levente Farkas Hungary
Simone Italy
David Germany
dcloud9 United Kingdom Just FOSS it!
Stefano Pastore Italy
Marcus André Germany
Andreas Rösler Germany
Daniel Rühlmann Germany
Pigeon Belgium
Claus Koch Germany
Rainer Germany Öffentliche Gelder zum Gemeinwohl einsetzen!
Joachim Sasse Germany
Pietro Tamburrano Italy Il codice usato dalla pubblica amministrazione deve essere aperto. Non possiamo gestire i dati pubblici con SW chiuso.
Veit Hehn Germany Software, die ich mit meinen Steuer bezahle, will ich auch nutzen können.
Gabriele Bertolucci Italy
Arnaud Minable France Il est grand temps que les infrastructures numérique publiques le deviennent réellement !
Jeremy Barnes Spain Si se ha pagado con dinero público, que sea para el público en todos los sentidos.
Ayush Agarwal India If I'm paying money for "something", I should get "something" in return with no strings attached.
Moritz Germany
Szókovács Róbert Hungary
PraveenKumar Bhadrapur India
Janhu Silvio Crispiatico Italy I vantaggi del sw libero sono innegabili, evidenti, economici, etici
agnes pe Spain
Chris Kerr Germany
Viktor Szathmáry Hungary
Laszlo Marai Hungary Besides being open source, these systems should always come with an open API as well.
Ulysses Huber Germany
Orlando Neto Brazil Public Money Puclic Code meets the Brazilian Public Software policy @
Jan Hinrichs Germany
Peter Cox United States Taxation is theft; this would lessen the impact.
Jürgen Wemheuer Germany
brigitte ammerer Austria In unserem OFFENEN BRIEF verlangen wir: "Umsetzung von Gesetzen, die verlangen, dass öffentlich finanzierte Software, die für den öffentlic
Guy Bernard Canada Tout gouvernement devrait priorisé les logiciels libres au lieu des systèmes privateurs
Hägele Tobias Germany
Raimond Kurz Germany
Christian Germany Mit quelloffener Software kann man Effizienzeinbußen durch schlecht programmierte Software mit eigenem Code ausbessern!!
Thorsten Müller Germany
Peppino Gioffré Florio Italy L'uso delle tecnologie informatiche ha pervaso la vita "animale", vegetale e minerale della terra e non solo.Il software deve essere LIBERO!
Salvador Sánchez Spain
Besfort Guri Kosovo
Dankahazi Lorant Belgium
Lars Roettig Germany
Uli Ehler Germany
Andrea Cartotto Italy
Jesús Hernández Gormaz Spain Free software for a free society
Tobias Brosge Germany Ich stimme auf ganzer Linie zu.
Albert Vandebroeck Belgium Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Alberto Italy
Rimas Kudelis Lithuania
philippe de henau Belgium
Jannes Gehle Germany Ein wichtiger Schritt für die Sicherheit in unseren öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
Rolandas Valteris Lithuania
Daniel Augot France
Wohlmuth Máté Hungary
Daniel Pratsch Germany Software used by the government needs to be open source, or it deteriorates and costs even more for all of us.
Lynoure Braakman Germany
jean-jacques guezennec France
Bastian Heinrich Germany
Juan M. Molina Spain
Ambady Anand S India
Evan Hahn United States
Maximilian Dorner Germany
Akos Maroy Hungary
Chris Bredesen United States Our money should be used to benefit all of us!
Antonio sicilia Italy
Fritz Kunze Germany In der öffentlichen Verwaltung sollte herstellerunabhängige Software eingesetzt werden.
Frank Reintgen Germany Software, die mit öffentlichen Geldern gefördert wird, muss offen und frei sein!
Paul Hager
Carl Lesswell Germany
Katherine Bottenhorn United States Software developers shouldn't profit off of software developed with taxpayer dollars, it should be provided to the taxpayers.
Stefano Fraccaro Italy la condivisione e la trasparenza sono la chiave per un mondo migliore
Marco Paletta Italy
Ernesto Castellotti Italy Basta software proprietario!
Gideon Grümer Germany
Alberto Vallortigara Italy
oskar ahrens Germany
Jan Nitschke Germany
Michael Eberle Germany
Simon Pepping Netherlands
André Buck Germany „Public money, public code“ is the only logical conclusion!
Pascal JAOUEN France
Kevin Krieger Germany Public code schafft Transparenz, Sicherheit und Arbeitsplätze
Jasper Bremenkamp Germany
Dániel Ács Hungary
Tiberio Italy
Kevin Bobrink Germany
Christian Kater Germany
Michael Mutsch Germany
Hector Domingo Orozco Perez Canada Publicly-funded software should not help a handful of people profit. It should be used for the benefit of everyone!
joao Finland
Bernhard Penz Germany
Jane Richardson Italy
Andrea Italy Serve software Libero ed Open Source compreso una trasparenza sull'utilizzo dei nostri dati personali che in ogni caso andrebbero crittograf
Matyáš Elicer Czech Republic Free software for a free society.
Jochen Piecuch Germany Wichtige Initiative - viel Erfolg
Ondřej Profant Czech Republic
Juha Ristolainen Germany
Lorenzo Fiocco Italy
Luis Farzati Germany
Marcin Owsiany Poland
Markus Malmros Sweden
Graham Cobb United Kingdom Public finance must mean public results
Renée Fountain Canada
Stefan Monnier Canada C'est du simple bon sens
Lucas Rangel Cezimbra Brazil
Volker Diels-Grabsch Germany Viele Software-Firmen würden in Ausschreibungen Open-Source-Entwicklung anbieten, wenn diese nur endlich danach fragen würden!
Paul Schaefer Germany If people pay for software they should own it completely as well. Start thinking about dependencies to companies and incompatible formats!
Paolo Debortoli Italy
Omar Castiñeira Saavedra Spain
Antti Laitala Finland
Josef Clemens Artzdorf Germany
Ahmed Shehata Germany
Igor Zubiaurre Spain Public code funded with public money benefits both public and private enterprises.
Ingo Marquardt Netherlands
Remi Reuvekamp Netherlands
Xavier RICHEVAUX France
Francesca Ussani Italy
Jan-Frederik Rieckers Germany
kajaharisai India
Djoerd Hiemstra Netherlands
Jaume Ferré Blasco Spain
Rae Knowler Switzerland
Federico Leva Italy As university administrator I learnt how dangerous it is to invest public money in proprietary software. Only free software suits our users.
Fabio Ciracì Italy
Matthias Held Germany
Martin Pabis Slovakia
Emmanuel SARACCO France
Maurice Berthelot Canada
Oskari Porkka Germany The public data systems need to be transparent and we must keep the ability to change the service provider without big costs
Agostino Regnicoli Italy
Alicja Golebiewski Germany
Alejandro Spain
Jonas Zetterberg Sweden
B. Clausius Germany
Steffen Froemer Germany We grow when we share! OpenSource for everything!
Daniel Schreiber Germany Public Money? Public Code!
Thomas Zink Germany Was die Öffentlichkeit bezahlt, sollte auch öffentlich zur Verfügung stehen. Digitalisierte Demokratie geht nur OpenSource.
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil India
Paul Marillo France Pure common sense.
Serge Smeesters Belgium Vous devriez chercher à œuvrer en favœur du bien commun ! En informatique, ce sont les logiciels libres ! Merci pour nous tous.
Harish Pillay Singapore Code paid for by my tax dollars should be made open to all to hack on.
Jean-Francois Dragon Canada
Joel Sjöholm Sweden
Joern Bielewski Germany
lise pilote Canada j'appuie la cause
Philippe Makowski France
Christian Kuhn Germany Public money, public code!
esprit libre France
Adrián González Blanco Spain
Jonas Große Sundrup
Malte Elson Germany
Nerio Baratta Italy
Michelangelo Della Camera Italy Il software libero può essere usato da tutti!
Nikos Kouremenos Greece
Carsten Giersberg Germany I absolutely give a +1 to this as it has a lot of advantages for all people. So called win-win situations.
Tino Löffler Germany
Walter Sobchak Germany
Antonia Kräser Germany
Alexander Libin Germany
Astori albertogiovanni Italy
Erwin Moller Netherlands Good initiative! For safer and cheaper gov infrastructure
Felipe Bressan Brazil What is the most important thing you could be working on in the world right now? ...And if you're not working on that, why aren't you? -A.S.
Valter Mura Italy
Jonathan Singh Germany Please make code used in the public sector open source.
Francesco Sinico Italy
Dimitrios Tsortanidis Greece I agree to this letter.
Kastriot Lleshi Italy
Nagarajan Chinnakaveti Germany
Gabriele Ponzo Italy
Maria Karpathiotaki Ireland "Public money, public code" says it all
Pierluigi Feliciati Italy
Stefanos Kouzof Greece
Julien Carnot
Giuseppe Mastroianni Italy La conoscenza deve poter essere usufruita da tutti!!
Julian Rath Austria
Tei Spain
Alejandro Galvez Spain
Óscar Spain Public money—> Public code
Andreas Frömer
Ranjith Raj Vasam India On of the biggest fraud happens with privitization of code generated from public money, we should fight till we stop this fraud.
J Manuel Valladares Pernas Spain
Hugh Giddens Germany
César Fernández Rodríguez Spain I consider this is essential for the evolution of our society. Congratulations for your initiative.
Alessio Melandri Italy
Martin Peters Germany Transparency and democracy needs to be strengthened. Release the code, that belongs to the people!
Javier Arrieta Ireland Code and systems paid with public money should be open
Marco Alici Italy Software = conoscenza. Per definizione, la conoscenza pubblica deve essere disponibile ai cittadini.
Kevin Spain
André Reinald France
Jannic Hartwecker Germany
Jason Kinney Canada
Marko Kolarek Germany
Frowin Stemmer Germany
Guus Verbeek Netherlands
Graham Rhodes Ireland
Paulina Olsza Poland
Stabauer Austria unbedingt unterstützen
Ivan Kirichenko Germany
Olivier Perbellini Ireland
Emil Varga Germany
Dennis K Germany This is the only way we can really trust that software.
Andrea Panontin Italy
Alberto Benedetto Italy
Alice L Ireland
Wolfgang Stief Germany
Regards Citoyens France Public code and open data are a must to ensure trust between citizens and the administration.
Marcial Gómez Martín Spain Our money, their benefit. Till when?
Benjamin Hanzelmann Germany
Arkadiusz Germany
Dr. Vladimir Lipp Germany Closed code hinders research. Many leading research groups have already understood it and relealed their software.
Dr. Nikita Medvedev Germany
Luísa Gonçalves Germany
roberto eccher Italy
EMANUELE DE GRANDI Italy Ciò che viene pagato chi soldi dei cittadini deve essere dei cittadini
Henry Krumb Germany
Gerben Wubs Netherlands
Jan Ulrich Hasecke Germany
Oreste Parlatano Italy
Morgan Roderick Germany
Hugo Leiter Italy
Joachim Hofer Germany
richard hickson United Kingdom
Sivan Bennet Germany
Jason Madigan Ireland
Freddy Spierenburg Netherlands
nithin India
Daniel Molnar Germany
Mihaly Australia It's pretty straightforward. If you want good software, it needs to be testable and that means the source must be available for scrutiny.
Xevi Ireland
Wágner Ferenc Hungary
Michael Gernoth Germany
Stian Grindvoll Norway Supporting public code as free software has strong educational benefits
Andrea Antonello Italy
Frederik Juul Christiani Denmark
Giuseppe Maffei Italy
Jan Wegger Norway
Michael Dobrowolski Poland Ad-hoc code can be repurposed if it is open at no extra cost to solve other problems in the present or future.
Daniel Lublin Sweden
Oleksandr Shulgin Germany
Annette Dehn Germany
Dennis Bläsing Germany
Alberto Peinado Checa Spain
Gianluca Della Vedova Italy
Stefan Oderbolz Switzerland To ensure transparency and foster exchange we need open source software for all public tenders.
Alessandro Sarretta Italy Trasparenza, miglior uso dei soldi pubblici, conoscenza condivisa e investimenti differenziati
Christian Theil Have Denmark
Leblond France
Bone Gabor Romania
Raphael Schindler Germany
Feike Steenbergen Netherlands
Arthit Suriyawongkul Thailand In full support. Open source code is better for transparency, accountability, security, innovation, and education.
Wander Jose Rodriguez Betances Dominican Republic I want to participate
Francisco Alves Brazil It coult have version in neutral language Esperanto. Ĝi povus havi tradukado al neutrala lingvo Esperanto.
Pierre Goldenbogen Germany Your comment (max. 140 characters)
Mr. Miller Germany
Chen China totally support
Cynthia Valdez United States Give the people what they paid for
Jan Wagner Germany
Torfinn Dahl Norway
Christian Kern Germany Having seen the latest horror news on the German electoral software "PC Wahl", open source seems more necessary than ever.
Jonatan Cloutier Canada
Ali Sabzevari Germany
Valentino Santori Italy Per il Software Libero nelle istituzioni!
Ryan Stewart United States Code paid for by the nation should be available for the nation.
Carsten Falkenberg Germany
Grégoire Deveaux France
José Luis Saavedra Spain
Massimo Pinamonti Italy
Alexander Wuerstlein Germany
Litsche Germany
Clemens Lang Germany
Miruí Araújo De Sá Brazil Por soberania, transparência e solidariedade.
Lukas Kahwe Smith Germany Public money should lead to public code, code the public can reuse and verify.
Bertrand France
Michele Caceffo Italy
Max Emil Schön Sweden
Manuel Bilderbeek Netherlands Great initiative!
Jose Adrian Perez Sanchez Spain live free software !!!, made by everyone for everyone
Ludwig Wilhelm Mieth Germany
Brenda Rice Belgium
Alexander Behrens
Brenda Rice Belgium
Patrik Willard Sweden
Willi Schönborn Germany
Mitja Back Germany
Serhii Cherniavskyi Germany
Robert garrett Germany
Petteri Lappalainen Finland Open source has showed its power. Given public access to the software it can quikly be improved for free.
Manuel Gómez Germany
Charles Hebert Canada What a nice a
Luca Daghino Italy
David Reyboz France
Leo Moons Belgium
Philip Tolland United Kingdom
Dario Italy
Michael Geiger Germany
I.B. Mobach
Cristian Ho tentato nel mio piccolo di far pervadere questa piccola idea nel settore pubblico. E' stato come scontrarsi con una montagna di granito.
Dr. Andreas Plöger Germany
Johan Hörting Sweden Offentliga medel - Offentlig källkod. Källkod som betalas av folket skall vara tillgänglig för folket.
Clairet France
Zigmantas Orvidas Lithuania
Johannes Hohnheiser Germany
Michael Droysen Germany Go for Open-Source! Make the World a better Place!
Manuel Atug Germany
Nicolina Rehefeld Germany Als Informatik Studentin finde ich diese Forderungen überaus sinnvoll..
Fabio Pietrosanti Italy Per il rispetto della legge, Codice Amministrazioni Digitali art. 69 comma 1
Victor Wejergang Petersen Denmark
Sandra Koning United Kingdom
Andreas Dietrich Germany
Johannes Peter Germany
Vincent Merlet France Logiciels libres pour une société libre (Free software, free society)
Clay Compton United States
Dieter Schian Germany
Manel Spain
Achim Bohnet Germany
Dávid Halász Slovakia
Jérôme NOWE France
Gudrun Kovac
Mantas Kriaučiūnas Lithuania
Paul van der Vlis Netherlands And don't forget apps on smartphones
Riccardo Italy
Schmidt-Gütter, Christian Germany Ich sehe keinen Grund für die öffentliche Geheimniskrämerei - zumal sie meiner Ansicht nach in Mittelverschwendung endet.
Marco Marega Italy il software sviluppato con denaro pubblico dovrebbe essere di pubblico dominio e rilasciato con licenze open source
Ilja Baert Belgium
Thomas Moreau France
Petr Široký Czech Republic
Emilio Russo Italy
Bruce Molyeux United Kingdom
Volker Grassmuck Germany längst überfällig!
Torsten Martinsen Denmark
Rainer Zachmann Austria
Jesús Miguel Torres Jorge Spain
Nüßle Germany
Jonas Zellweger Germany
James Pannacciulli United States Le logiciel libre est essentiel pour une société libre!
Peter Hauck Germany Was durch öffentliche Mittel finanziert wurde, muß auch öffentlich nutzbar sein!
Mattas Kontstantinos Greece
Martin Schön Germany public money for public code
Christofer Sweden
Lukas Grassauer Austria I believe not only that public funded code should be free and open, why stop there? Every public used code should be free and open aswell!
Andrea Gori Italy
Paride Dominici Italy
Jan Melkus Slovakia Public money public code !
Lucio Bragagnolo Italy L'amministrazione pubblica deve essere trasparente anche nel software!
Juan Antonio Spain Let us code to inprove our community for free
Martin Tepe Germany sollte eigentlich selbstverständlich sein...
Spyros Maroudas Greece
Vera Hansper Finland This should have been policy decades ago ...
renata piccoli Italy
Lilian Vogel Spain We find this iniciative very important! Our outmost support.
Hugh Williams United Kingdom
Alex Rupérez Spain
Robin Cogan Germany
Daniela Broll Germany
Andrej Smigala Czech Republic
Sergiy Kolesnikov Germany If software is made for the public and is payed by it, then it should belong to the public.
Erika Pellegrino United Kingdom
Bernd Müller Germany öffentlich finanziert == öffentliches gut
Julio Maldonado Mourelle Cuba
Cláudio Max Brazil
Harm Geerts Netherlands It just makes sense
Anibal Monsalve Salazar Australia I fully agree!
Tom Ward United Kingdom
Luit van Drongelen Netherlands
David Maulat France
Andreas Bergauer Germany Um den größten Nutzen aus öffentlichen Geldern zu ziehen, muss die damit finanzierte Software frei sein.
Walter Doekes Netherlands
Dimbernat Joel France
Roberta McGregor United Kingdom
Cristopher Chile Lets make code open
Jonathan van Geuns United Kingdom Without access and capacity to code, democracy is weak, and there's no true freedom of information, fairness, inclusion and participation.
Slobodan Australia
Juhana Laurinharju Finland
Noé DUPRAZ France
Adam Spiers United Kingdom
Six, Ellen Germany
Enio Gemmo Italy i agree
Felix Erkinger Austria
Michal Pelszyk Poland This is a great idea and will allow public institutions as well as citizens access to useful applications.
Donato Cammarano Italy
Mark Niehues Germany It's just about transparency, safety. Listen to the specialists.
Johannes Z. D. Mieth Germany
Franz Becker Germany
lord gigaybte Belgium
Glorieux France Pour libérer le code
José Carlos Valero Sánchez United Kingdom
Tatyana Bakalova Bulgaria
Tomáš Mráz Czech Republic
mohi Antigua and Barbuda 09384511798
Thomas Weiss Germany Wenn Software mit öffentlichen Geldern entwickelt wird, hat die Öffentlichkeit auch ein Recht am Code.
B Akhil Kumar India
Thomas Krilleke Germany Microsoft braucht niemand, solange es bessere Alternativen gibt, die nicht mal kommerziell ausgerichtet sind...
Andreas Rönnquist Sweden
Alex Jurado Leyda Spain
Wagner Germany
Nils Reichert Germany
Matthias Treydte Germany
Julian Labus Germany
Volker Barkmann Germany
AUBRY Philippe France
Henk de Bruyn Netherlands This is a very important step in propagating free software.
Sami Tikka Finland
Pascal France
Jorge Peixoto de Morais Neto Brazil
Pascal France
Khalil AlMaawali Oman All Government Code should be Open Source to stop monopoly game played by big corporates & open door for innovation.
Alegria Perez United Kingdom
Dr.Alf Vinçon Germany
Ovidiu Karagena Germany I completely agree
Matthieu FOURNET France
Bruno Binet France
Péter Szabó Hungary
lizi fox Belgium software created with tax money should be opensource. it's paid for by the people, so the people should be able to benefit from it.
Manfred Gipp Germany OpenSource is the Future of Software and Hardware
Joachim Deutsch Germany Ich habe 44 Jahre EDV - Erfahrung, davon 30 beruflich. Dieser Erfahrung sollten auch Abgeordnete vertrauen können.
Lukas Brausch Germany
Johan Groenen Netherlands Meer informatie en advies:
Juan Luis de Sousa-Valadas Castaño Spain
Jan Ainali Sweden Of course, it should be Open by Default!
benoit France
Jürgen Kumbier Germany
Giraud France
Oriol Alfonso Riba Spain I love this iniciative, I totally agree with this logic!
Bart Libert Belgium
Sanjog Sigdel Nepal
Herwig Hochleitner Austria How is it even a thing for the public to fund non-open development?
Spiros Klouvas Greece
Zoé Cagnol France
Rajasekhar Ponakala India Public sector should start to know about Free Software and its usage.
Thibaut Madelaine France Come on representatives : you can do something about it!!!
oscar Spain Transparencia, eficiencia, accesibilidad del código producido con dinero público.
Joaquín Yeray Martín de la Nuez Spain
Charles Roduit Switzerland
Angel Fernandez Spain
Bruno Pfatteicher Germany
Mathis Neumann Germany
Tomáš Kopal Czech Republic Also, use open standards for documents and data!
Walter Pape Germany
gilmer julien France
Udo Liedtke Germany
Emanuele Gissi Italy
Patrick Vogler Germany If we fund software develpoment we should be able to have the code publicly available
Felix Maurer Germany
Thomas Vincent France
Stijn Gruwier Belgium open source = transparantie, super belangrijk
Wolfhelm Hammer Germany
Florian J France
Julien Durillon France
James Cuthbert United Kingdom
Hamacher Germany
Damian Wojsław Poland
Mathieu AMIRAULT France
Bernd Waibel Germany We need to have control over the things we pay for. This is only possible with open source software.
Ioan Eugen Stan Romania If it's payed by the public it should belong to the public.
Giuseppe Scrivano Italy
Oscar Torrente Artero Spain
Folco Roger France
Pedro Ribeiro Portugal É uma questão de justiça que o fruto do trabalho pago com dinheiro público seja para uso público.
Étienne Deparis France
Raimer Ettmer Germany
Robert Parr Germany Warum muss das Rad immer neu erfunden werden?? Wenn es entsprechende Software gibt die leicht geändert nutzbar wäre..
Jiří Vozár Czech Republic
le marchand France
Radek Suski Germany
Anne Jan Brouwer Netherlands
Anne Baumstimler France
Gustav Svärd Sweden
Kristo Australia Code to the people!
Soren Beck Jensen Spain
Clemens Schittenberger Austria
Martin Čičmanec Slovakia We need this.
John Charlton United Kingdom
Bastian Schon Germany
Antoine Nivard France
Julian Bier Switzerland
Kristjan Cocev Slovenia
Javier Serrano Spain
Simon Hollenbach Germany Free sharing and Open Source raise the quality and security of publicly financed software, creating both trustable and useful applications.
Lewin Éric France Le financement public n'a aucune vocation à alimenter la sphère privée
Maxima Peque Spain
V. Sasi Kumar India
Conrad Zelck Germany
Shaun Daley Czech Republic It should always be possible for citizens to see the source code behind public services & to make pull requests for continuous improvements
Artem Sidorenko Germany
Panu Matilainen Finland
schaffner Switzerland Create public value by building Open Source Software.
James Zubrinich Australia Makes perfect sense to me.
Dean Ferreyra United States
Jan Doubravský Czech Republic
Martin Spickermann Germany It is a shame, that we still don't have it like this.
Frederik Konietzny Germany
Till Isenhuth Germany
JAMES NEUSHUL United States Absolutely!
Andrew Harrison United States Improve code access, code quality, and respect in one easy step!
Markus Ressel Germany
Dmitrii V. Pasechnik United Kingdom We open-source everything in our EU-funded
Anish Saroj Tondwalkar United States
Christoforos Korakas Belgium Rather than paying licences you can create public value by building Open Source Software
Matej Kohut Slovakia
João Abrantes Silva Portugal
Pablo Gamboa Spain
Loïc Grobol France
Moritz Herrmann Germany
Roland Illig Germany
Aleksander Wabik Poland
Costantino Italy
Jayvee Enaguas Saudi Arabia I would appreciate supporting this, so if they will become more libre/free.
Alex acme D'Elia Italy Free Software for Public Freedom !
Ladislao Pascual Bonilla Spain
Alvaro Bautista Spain
Dolores Maria Martin Jimenez Spain Public code to reuse OUR things!
Phillip Bischoff Germany
Andreas Fröhlich Germany
Mario Kresse Germany
Miguel Angel Pulido Spain
Peter Middendorf Germany
Christian Stoller Germany
Reiner Bühl Germany
Marc Lattemann Switzerland
Kirschner, Gudrun Germany
Miłosz Kosobucki Poland
Thorsten Schäfer Germany
Nicolas Villacorta Germany
Radoslaw Guzinski Denmark
Robert Kluth Germany Es handelt sich um unser Geld und damit auch um unseren Code.
CORRE Gildas France
Linuxpodden Sweden
Stefan Glüge Germany
Daniel Artfors Sweden
Profeta France
Lewis Smith France This seems a sensible & reasonable proposition
Denis Rouzaud Switzerland
Jordi Casas Spain
David Edler Germany
C.M. Bleeker Netherlands Goeie aktie !
philipp vollbom Germany pcwahl abschaffen! 👹
Luis Barreiro Portugal Free, as in freedom!
Ruche France
Frederic Beaupere Germany
Marcus Bitzl Germany
Ai Germany Code for FREE
Viviane Pons France
Keith Dale short jr United States It's ours give it to US of America
Björn Berger Germany Unsere Gelder = Unser Code!
Adrian Gabriel Germany Das Informationszeitalter bietet Chancen und Risiken: Infrastruktur und verbessern, Commons und offene Protokolle stärken!
Kevin Weis Germany
Sebastian Lasse Germany
Tim van Steenbergen Netherlands Free software can help decrease the gap between the rich and the poor.
Stefan Werner Germany
David Baberowski Germany
Stephan van den Akker Netherlands Let's stop pretending that ICT is a functioning free market. Please fix this with firm legislation. Act!
Asaf Niv Israel I want to know what software does and I want it to respect my freedom.
Bernard Decock Belgium A free society uses free technology.
Peter Schwindt Austria
Brun France
Ingo Steuwer Germany
Julian Vollmer Germany Qualitätssoftware im öffentlichen Sektor ist öffentlich kein Standard
Eric Herget United States If its publicly funded, it should be available without restriction or cost to all.
Karsten Gresch Germany Open source leads to more security and more innovation. Both are desperately needed in the public space.
Phelipot France
0it zou Germany
Stefan Brand Germany
Alexander Vöth Germany Der einzig logische Schritt.
Eric Blake United States Spend my taxes wisely: free and open source software is cheaper in the long run
Ingo Boernig Germany public investments should stay public!
Robert Lob Germany Public Money = Public Code
Jonathan Wakely United Kingdom
Dr. Arne Bense
Pedro Gras Spain
Sebastian Morr Germany
Jan Christian Pohl Germany No comment but hopefully more than 10k!
Daniel Rödding Germany This is necessary to ensure long-term rebliability and also will help to improve EU's IT competitiveness in the long-term.
Marian Klokkers Spain
David Zollmann Germany Gute Sache, ich sehe das genauso!
Steve Mike Neef Germany
Fermín Spain We can't accept that publicity financed software goes into private hands.
Maximilian Wisl Germany
David Glaser United States
Edelin Switzerland
Thimna Bunte Germany
Maxime Sidibe France Je vais en faire part à ma classe ;-)
Michael Lill Germany
Tim Zander Germany
Nate Vaughn United States Public Money = Public Code!
Niek Stam Netherlands
Baier Robert Germany
Dennis Bücker Germany
Leon Rohde Germany
Robert Bouclier France
Fredrik Viljesjö Sweden This is how we get transparency, good quality and healthy it investments.
Dieter Hoogestraat Germany
Oliver Brandt Germany
Thomas Lilliesköld Sweden It's fair. Public money spent should result in public code.
Giovanni Organtini Italy
Aquilenet France Public Money & Public Code = more transparency & commons
Jan Brennenstuhl Germany
Roberto Sanchez Spain
洪偉達 Taiwan
LE GOFF Hadrien France
Felix Kästner Germany
Nikos Tsingas Greece
Luis B Spain
Marcos Icardo Spain Everything payed with public money should revert to the comunity
Koen Roggemans Belgium
Pica Pica HackLab Spain Public money only for common public interests. Public money = Public code!
Marius Denecke Germany
Chris-Julian Fruhner Germany
Lukas Hupe Germany
Andreas Kinne Germany peace
Dominic Althaus Germany
Alex Smith United States Please foster an environment where knowledge is freely available.
kyle banta yoshida United States yes -- public money should create public code.
Diane Shears Canada
Marcel Hoppe Germany
Francisco Javier Morales López Spain El software líbre financiado con dinero publico, debe seguir siendo libre y puesto a disposición de los ciudadanos, no al software privativo
Arnaud MASSON France Espérons qu'un jour notre contribution publique sera utilisée à des fins publiques dans ce domaine
morane gruenpeter France
Carsten Brandt Germany
Ruben Cotera Spain I really wish you can achieve this goal. Open source is important for the improvement of our society.
Teresa MacKinnon United Kingdom Education must be for all!
Tobias Herbert Germany Free society need free, public code.
C.Crass Germany Komm endlich nach L I N U X ...
Harald Eilertsen Norway What's paid by the public should be owned by the public. Code is too important to keep hidden.
LE PESANT Thierry France
Marco Seguri Italy
Jorge Gustavo Rocha Portugal
Marc Fillion France
Falko Windisch Germany
Danny Derks Netherlands Paid by the public, so should be available to the public!
Kevin Moerman Netherlands The public deserves access. Open science and open source software should be the default
Pablo Stebler Switzerland
José María Redondo Spain
Filippo Cremonese Italy
Joachim Kappus Germany When you adopt a tool, you also adopt the management philosophy embedded in that tool. Clay Shirky
T. Ricker Germany
Xavier Provençal Canada
Marcel Kapfer Germany
Alberto Spain Public institutions should care for the citizens' interests. FOSS is the most reliable way to protect those interests in the digital world.
Jonas Bosse Germany
Frieder Jacobi Germany
Johannes Thoms Germany
Mathias MICHEL France
Omid Hezaveh Finland
Lambert Serge Belgium
Carmine Paolino Italy
Roberta Netherlands
Marcus Ahnve Sweden
Florian Filipitsch Germany
Federico Menotti Italy
Robert Croatia Also add, increase quality of sotware developed for goverment.
Dmitry Goryunov Germany Let it be real
jose Spain
Thomas Berger France
Hernán Labbé Grünberg Netherlands Public funds should be used for the public!
S Ingemar Johansson Sweden
Daniel Cañueto
Oskar Ehnström Finland I don't want my tax euros to go to the corporation that had the best lawyers. I want all EU citizens to be able to help make our software.
Antoine Romain Dumont France
Dominique Linhardt France
Christian Langlois United Kingdom Amazingly this is how it is in the USA, this makes so much sense and is the only way to reduce lock-in and have open access to the data.
Yvan Richard France
Peter Scholtens Netherlands To build a open society, we need open source tools!
Daniel Pujiula Buhl Germany Knowledge financed with public money has to be public. This goes for public code as well as publically funded research.
James Horne United Kingdom
Jesús Sánchez Spain
Matthew Ellery United Kingdom
Pavlos Greece "Public money, public code" explains everything..
Francisco Alonso Sarría Spain
Kurt Quehenberger Austria Please make software available under free and open source license and available for GNU Linux systems!
Viola Voß Germany
Dr. Achim Schumacher Germany
Ville Korhonen Finland
Daniel Lublin Sweden
David Prem Austria
Fabrizio Biondi Italy
Daniel Lublin Sweden
Jonas Kipp Germany
L.N. Gunti Netherlands
Stephan Micke Germany
C. Krüger Germany
Heinrich Seifert Germany Mit dem Geld der Bürger verantwortlich umgehen bedeutet: Nachhaltig investieren und nicht für propritäre Lizenzen verschwenden
Peter Läpple Germany
Luís de Sousa Portugal
Karl-Heinz Gödderz Germany
Maike Salman Germany
Martin Weiler Germany
Ioannis Pistofidis Germany
Paul Nevin France
Stephan Druskat Germany
Daniel Swärd Germany
Rasha Malek Germany
Visar Zejnullahu Macedonia
Mark Podesta Netherlands public money, public code. The same goes for publically funded research, the results should not be paywalled or hidden.
Joseé Fernando Moyano Domínguez Spain
Günter Zöllner Germany
Osvaldo Gervasi Italy
Leonard Ehrenfried Germany
Giuseppe Pignataro Italy
Kai Dirks Germany
David Herrmann Germany
Paul Dupouy France Revendication très juste, que l'argnt public revienne au public!
Nograbat JD France
Natali Vlatko Germany
Richard Maaßen Germany
Jean-Philippe Sap France
Michael Hanke Germany It cannot be any other way.
Krzysztof Jakubowski Poland
Kai Schell Germany
Axel Veil ...sollte selbstverständlich sein!
Manuel Keßler Germany
Stefan Tischler Germany I am because we are
Matthias Kerk Germany
Alexandre Cheuret France
ducq France
Jens Twesmann Germany
Jaume Barceló Spain
Moritz Schulte Germany
Alexander Swen Netherlands
Markus Vogt Germany
Francesc Rosas United Kingdom
DELRIEU Frédéric France Ensemble, construisons un meilleur service public en ligne
Johannes Clos Germany Build trust, develop Intuition, open your source code
Juha Siltala Finland
Maxima Peque Spain
Catalin BOIE Romania Surrender your code paid by me and nobody will get hurt!
Michael Bell Germany Open source FTW
Björn Selent Germany
Pavels Romanovskis Latvia
Giuseppe Platania Italy
Stefan Padberg Germany
Hauke Germany
Kränzle, Andreas Germany
Vincenzo Manarolla Italy Il software è la conoscenza devono essere liberi e per tutti
Sinemus Switzerland
Mohammed Gamal Morsy Germany
Jörg Stadler Germany
A. Mayer Wirtschaftlich, Sicher, Frei!
Walter Friedmann Germany
Stefan Lorenz Germany Mit öffentlichen Mitteln bezahlter Code gehört auch der Öffentlichkeit!
Christopher Mäuer Germany
Eneko Bladi Spain Creo que el software libre es vital en muchos ambitos. En empleo publico sobre todo
paride desimone Italy
Andreas Köhler Germany Open Source hätte das PCWahl-Debakel verhindern können.
Thomas Schweizer Germany
Bauer, Thomas Germany
Adi Heusser Switzerland
Emin Ismailov Germany
laurent France
Peter Jespersen Denmark
蔡育欽 Taiwan
Didier Link France Une évidence mais apparemment il faut le rappeler !
Horst Meyer Germany Meine Steuern möchte ich nur in offene Software investieren!
Scandola pierre alexandre France
Jannis Achstetter Germany
Alain Forcioli France
Martin Hammermüller Germany
Wolfgang Mrosek Germany
David Gries Germany
Ralf Krüdewagen Germany Sharing public knowledge and software deliverables should be a must
Michael Jeltsch Finland My code is public!
Pierre Ingold Switzerland Please, publicly financed software must be made publicly available under free and open source licence
James Schloss Japan Open Source Software is essential to a technically-literate population. People should understand and be taught what goes into their gov.
Martin Raimund Germany
Dino Grendene Italy Il software libero e open source è garanzia di qualità e sicurezza.
Jan-Christoph Möller Germany Meiner Meinung nach ist es ernorm wichtig, dass Freie Software staatlich gefördert wird, damit Sicherheit gewährleistet wird.
Matthias Barta Germany
Thomas Will Germany
Roman Martin Germany Ich bin Entwickler im öffentlichen Dienst und würde das sehr begrüßen! Bündelung von Ressourcen und Geld!
Robert Sedelmaier Austria die ms-herrschaft muss abgeschaft werden
Martin Catty France
Ryan Kennedy United States
Jose Dias Brazil
Aleksandar Botev United Kingdom
Jarett Canada we paid you to create the content, the code is ours and should not be hidden. we are your employers.
Rolf Pedersen United States Sounds like a good idea to me!
Riley James Australia Excellent idea, transparency would be a massive improvement
Eduardo Campaña Spain
Boris Moser Austria
Gerard CHEVROT France
James Plotts United States Public review would help make govt software more secure.
Nick Hammen
Winter Germany Public money -》 public property
Lorenz Höber Germany
Miguel Luís Portugal The general public must see benefit of being kind and gentle people.
Andreas Reichle Germany
Alfred Kuehne Germany
Thomas Rupprecht Austria
juan lopez Spain Por que el sotfware libre es gratuito y tiene la mismas ventajas que el codigo cerrado y no tiene ningun coste.
Maximilian Deubel Germany Weil man öffentlichen einsehbaren Code lieber ordentlich macht.
Manfred Nodes Germany
Gianfranco Genna Italy
Thinus Smith South Africa
Carriou France
Max Weller Germany
Anaïs Vidal France Pour la transparence et le droit d'accès
Sven Golchert Germany
Alex Chile this would be a breakthrough
Patrick Wegner Germany
Alberto Avidad Spain I work in a local administration and publish all the software that we do. All other administrations should do the same.
Piotr Pachół Poland
Beau Gunderson United States
Chester Corcos United States I'm a software developer and this is just common sense.
Bru Baldoví Spain
Hans Ch. Gossel Germany
Nowinsky David France
Pablo Passchier Netherlands
Byron Hale United States The US fought a revolution to free us from aristocracy (powerful private domain entities). How dare our elected officials try to reverse tha
Giannino Furlanis Italy
Frank Voncken Netherlands
Ntuthuko Mthiyane United Kingdom
Torben Klink Germany
Karl-Heinz Schulz Germany
Dr. Thomas Kloss Germany
Tomas Nordin Sweden As a citizen and tax payer I demand publicly funded software to be free, in particular software in schools.
Dario Italy
Ignacio José Lizarán Rus Spain
Alfred Kretschmer Germany
philippe de henau Belgium le logiciel libre est une garantie de sécurité
Nicolás Barboza Uruguay
Martin Reindl Germany Please consider our arguments carefully - proprietary software endangers public safety and public independence from commercial interests.
Thomas Jentzsch Germany Offene Codes für eine offenere Gesellschaft, die aktiv mit gestaltet wird.
JAVIER PUCHE Spain Obvious
Sebastian Pipping Germany
Morgan Leijström Sweden Trust, cooperation, standards, reliability
Sanjog Sigdel Nepal I'm Open Source Promoter and Speaker from Nepal and agree with this miasion
Claus Brunzema Germany
Tim Sievers Germany
Thorsten Kuster Germany Free Software, free community
Christian Seemann Germany
Ricardo Otxoa Spain My support to this petition from Basque Country
Rafael Ricardo Reyes Prendes Spain Dinero público, código libre
Wolfgang Wolman Germany
A. Wein Germany
Valentin Kleibel Austria
Alexander G Subotich Canada With few exceptions, publicly funded software should be made publicly available for the benefit of all
Fridolin Pflüger Germany
Arno P. Belgium
Kostas Kanaloupitis Greece
Bjørn Tore Hagen Norway
Len Lawrence United Kingdom
Oscar Sanchez Spain
Valentin Gogichashvili Germany
João Oliveira Portugal Open source is the way to go
Fabian Schlager Austria
Antoine sirven France
dzmitry Belarus
Richard West United Kingdom Why should we pay twice?
Marcos Paulo de Souza Brazil
Moritz Wade Germany
Florian Flierenbaum Germany
José Fernando Aranda Jiménez Spain Free software is better
Javier Merino Spain
Marius Stauga Lithuania
Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro Brazil
Rohrbach Wilhelm
Konstantin Shemyak Finland
Aidan Walsh Ireland
Jan Spengler Germany
Raluca Udroiu Romania
Claus Führmann Germany
Frank Wahlmeyer Germany
Tulir Asokan Finland
Hans Frey Germany
Érika Betancor Spain
Josep Febrer Spain
Daniel Isaksen Norway I think tax payer money the government spends on developing software should be open sourced, so the tax payers can benefit from it.
Albert Vila Calvo Spain
Suchet France Très bonne initiative
Meriam Reusch Austria Viele können sich die neuen Programme gar nicht mehr leisten. Die Forderung ist gerecht.
Klaus Trapp Germany
Pascal Flöschel Switzerland
Jakub Czech Republic Opensourcing solutions will help create standards.
Sandra Zwingenberger Germany
Jose Miguel Folgueira Fernandez Spain Public Money? Public Code!
Lukas Mertens Germany
Max Frank Germany
Larcher France La route est longue, mais la voie est libre...
Maximilian Overmeyer Germany
Sander Lepik Estonia
Boris Latvia It's really dumb that government instititions is locked down in proprietary sofrware.
Jürgen Bode Germany Ich will wissen, wofür mein Geld ausgegeben wird!
Robin Klefenz Germany
Frank Söhngen Germany
Jonathan Pasquier Spain
Dennis Witzig Germany
Ismo Toijala Finland
Patrizio Pesciaioli Italy Il software libero fa crescere la comunità
Harald Beck Germany
Edoardo Panfili Italy Quite obvious, public money for free software
Kevin Joan Correa Del Castillo Colombia
David Bresteau France
Yuri Chornoivan Ukraine
Lluïsa Nuñez Spain
Ruth Bozek Germany
Mechthild Munz-Welzel Germany
Andreas Schipplock Germany
Oscar Spain In spain this will be impossible, hope that not in a free catalonia
Gil Mexico
J G Andy Rohel Germany
Rohan Garg Spain
Adrian Neumann Germany
Bernd Brecht Germany
wolfgang Vater Germany
Marsa Marusic Slovenia
Pascal Laub Germany Public Code bringt Sicherheitsgewinn für alle Parteien und Kostenvorteile für den Staat
Maxime Coquelin France
Albert Vaca Cintora Spain
Anton Konz Germany
Alfonso Martínez Spain
Tucho Méndez Spain Que o software pagado cos nosos cartos sexa accesible para nós!
Yohan Giarelli France
Michael Iven Germany
Claudia Cristiani El Salvador
Josep Gesti Spain
Benjamin Schütte Germany
Elisabeth Sedelmaier Austria
Thomas Sell Germany Freie Software sollte durch den Staat gefördert und aktiv genutzt werden. Gerne auch im Bereich der öffentlichen Verwaltung.
Jörg Germany Open Source 💪✌
Joessel Outside the EU
Robin Moussu France L'open source et l'open data devrait être la norme pour tout projet utilisant de l'argent public afin que chacun puisse en profiter.
Alex Barwick United Kingdom
jorge Spain
Stefan Sedelmaier Austria
Matthieu Dubuget France
Felderhoff, Hans-Ulrich Germany
Patrick Hamann Germany
Matthis Gördel Germany Jo, der shit is wichtig und tut keinem weh. Würden viele Leute feiern.
Michael Meisser Germany
Chris-Tina Laforet Germany
Klaus Dörrscheidt Germany
Camilo Nevot Sanz Spain Hi! I'm agree with this project because it's very interesting that everyone will be able to update and use the same software with guarantees
Cosmin L. Neagu Romania
Stefan Sedelmaier Austria
Andre Felix Brazil
Pantelis Bazanos Greece
歐俊彥 Taiwan 自由軟體~~~政府不帶頭做~~~只會被某商業軟體綁架!
Enric de dalmau Spain
Víctor Manuel Delgado Cabrerizo Spain
Friedemann Roller Germany
Philippot France
Rod Sheaff United Kingdom Well, we taxpayers paid for it after all.
Christoph Sohn Germany Für freie Software, gegen rücksichtslose Monopolisten
Alejandro Exojo Spain
Martin Bartsch Germany
Clemens Pfützenreuter Germany
Theodoros Foradis Greece Το δημόσια χρηματοδοτούμενο λογισμικό πρέπει να είναι ελεύθερο
Victor Perin Brazil
Josua Schlotter Germany
François Crespin France
Michael Straßburger Germany Make code, not war.
Martijn Braam Netherlands Maybe we finally get a government software project that works
Malte Onnen Germany
Sebastian Schröder Germany #PcWahl ist das beste Beispiel! Open Source=Vertrauen
Lenny Andreu Chile Like it should be, we all benefit from the public code, even if you don't know anything on programming
Daniel Nagel Germany
Fernanda Inés Durán Spain
Steffen Gebert Germany
Florian Posdziech Germany
Werner Dittrich Germany Open Source sollte in Öffentlichen Verwaltungen selbstverständlich sein.
Michael Adkins United States
Massimiliano Italy It's easy: public money = Free Software, no other solutions!
Johannes Würbach Germany
Jozef Homola Slovakia open source sofware will protect public by public
Ishan Sri Lanka
Rodi Abdullah Germany I do fully support campaign: Public Money Public Code!
Rod Edmonds Canada
Olli Vistbacka Finland Enabling new business, public sector agility, increased transparency etc. There are a lot of opportunities in FOSS.
r.-bodo Germany i dont want big companys to charge us for software we paid them to develop.
Julian Dax Germany
Sumit Parmar Ireland
Anton CAMP France
Helmut Steinhauer Germany
Tomás Zerolo Germany In a civilised country, this should be a no-brainer.
olivia Italy
Wolfgang Schallenmüller Germany
Sylvain FRANDAZ France Non au gâchis, oui à l'efficacité et au partage !
Gabriel Carrion Spain Technology is 'the' Strategic Sector of the 21st Century. Being Sovereign implies Knowing Technology. Only Free Software makes it possible.
José Manuel Caínzos Spain Please. Do it. Thanks in advance.
Ulrich Schwab Germany
Niranjan Bharathi R B India Public money, public code
Thomas Eisenmann Germany
Arturo Italy
Christian Juner Germany
Curtis Davies Canada
Michal Kothera Czech Republic
Ørjan Langbakk Norway
Karl Hoinkes Germany Öffentliches Geld sollte soweit möglich nur einmal für einen Zweck ausgegeben werden.
Banvillet Arnuad France Vive le logiciel libre
Bruno Ebstein France
Raphaël ANTICO France
Mathias Bavay France
Jérôme Labidurie
Christian J. Brædstrup Denmark
Petr Barta Czech Republic
Stefan Poggenpohl Germany Transparency is an important piece of a democracy. Being transparent about the software used for public service is part of that.
Marco Unternährer Switzerland
Beni Paskin-Cherniavsky Israel FOSS guarantees power to fix indirect pains (to other departments, to public) that vendors don't have incentive to fix.
Alenka Černe Slovenia
Guilherme Raimundo Portugal
Vladimir Ryazanov Ireland
Ralf Gloerfeld Germany
Miguel Landaeta Ireland Software funded by public money must be developed in the public, with free software licenses.
chris Walsh Ireland
stuwe Germany
Djordje Serbia
Tomáš Havlík Czech Republic
Kang Ú-Hian Taiwan Let me stand up like Taiwanese!!!
Dušan Priesol Slovakia
CHAUBET David France
Werner Holtfreter Germany
Jörg Abderhalden Switzerland
Sergio A. Alvariño Primo Spain Safer, cheaper and better for public interest. We must have the right to study, improve and reuse the software we all pay.
Marco Tanner Switzerland
Werner Holtfreter Germany
Jeremy Brown Canada
Lilian Roller Germany
Werner Holtfreter Germany
Moritz Obermann Germany
Daniel Carranza Uruguay
Roberto Tait Argentina Definitivamente apoyo la iniciativa, y felicito a los autores del video que la promueve.
Jaroslav Sumbal Slovakia This should've been done years ago. If it has, we might have a functioning e-government by now.
Christoph Matthies Germany Why isn't this a thing already? Come on!
Daniel Stephan Germany
Silvia Gerber Germany
Ingolf Neubert Germany
Sven Wagner Germany
Julius Härtl Germany
Hauke Hund Germany
Goncalo Portugal
Sebastian Cruz Ireland Please support this!
Mathieu MARACHE France Argent Public ? Code Public !
Maarten Nieber Germany
M. Pohlmann Germany
Federico Cali Argentina What's done with public money should always be public and free!
Iain McGinn United Kingdom Global Corporate power is too corrupt to be trusted. Stop the rot.
Paul Kuntke Germany
Voit AS Norway It would fair
Jürgen Wenzel Germany
Jürgen Wenzel Germany
Jürgen Wenzel Germany
Marcos Siríaco Martins Brazil
Reinout van Schouwen Netherlands Completely agree
Jens Mildner Germany Hat sich der CCC eig. schonmal ELSTER und angesehen?
Tomás Fernández Serrano Spain the people pay the knowledge, the people get the knowledge
Reiner Jung Germany Open Source is essential for open science and an informed public.
Richard Tingstad Norway
Reinhard Schmid Germany
Konny Breideband Germany
Carlos nieves lameiro Spain Todo software financiado con fondos públicos ha de ser público
Konstantin Simeonov Bulgaria
Michael Pape Germany
Richard Bihler Germany
Champomier Tristan France Impensable que ce ne soit pas déjà fait !
Daniel Escoz Spain We should have the right to study, reuse and improve publicly developed software, and it will benefit all of us
Georg Meissner Germany Was soll mit properitäre Software verborgen werden? Schlechte Programmierung? Ich vermute ja!
Konstantinos Apostolou Greece
Guillaume DESRAT France
Mark Erdmann Germany I am part of a state. So when I buy a code, why mustn't I see it?
César Gómez Antonio Spain
Waltraud Sinz Germany
Wolfgang Müllner Germany
Vytautas Klumbys Lithuania Open-source is what makes current massive IT projects thrive.
Doris Gall Germany
Per Ullberg Sweden
Christian Sievers Germany
Kent Gustavsson Sweden
Michael Büttner Germany
Miguel Lozano Heredia Spain Nosotros pagamos, nosotros decidimos.
Arnaud de Mouhy France Il est une évidence que le travail effectué avec de l'argent public soit rendu disponible au public.
Henrique Silva Portugal As with the open access for scientific research, FOSS is a step in the direction of a society where we are only limited by ourselves.
Tom Ormiston United Kingdom Probably THE most powerful action that any government can do to dramatically increase innovation, competion, enhance privicy and opacity
Iago Cupeiro Figueroa Belgium
Donatas Miniotas Lithuania
Steininger Karl Heinz Germany
Florian Steidel Germany
Vicent Colomar Prats Spain Estic d'acord.
Roeland Desmet Belgium Open software adds a layer of transparency to the government.
Bernd Feierabend Germany
Emmanuel Boidot United States
Gabriel Devillers France Nations have so much to gain with libre software. Governements, please commit now.
Stefan Bringewatt
Lecluse France Vive l'open-source
Stefan Marsiske Hungary We already demanded this in 2009 in the FCForum Charter, great to see this gaining again momentum!
Michael Rieß Germany Zeigen Sie, dass die öffentliche Hand nichts zu verschleiern hat und stärken Sie wieder das Vertrauen in Politik und Verwaltung.
Heiko Häfele Germany Von der Öffentlichkeit finanzierte Software, muss auch für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich sein.
Hans Joseph Willmes Germany Schutz vor illegalen, verdeckten Machenschaften !
Iván Vicente León Fernández Spain
Uwe Liebing Germany Der Forderung dieser Initiative stimme ich voll und ganz zu.
Gerd-Peter Behrendt
Clercin Guillaume France
Vincent Blut
Günter J ö r n Germany
Pere Vicent Llidó Tormos Spain
Xavier Antoviaque France
Johannes Feldick Germany
Hartmut Goebel Germany
Filippo Micheletti Italy La libertà del software ad uso pubblico è un diritto del cittadino ed una garanzia di trasparenza che dobbiamo pretendere.
Rubén Espino Spain
Dr. Ernst Killenberg Germany Gerechtigkeit auch auf diesem Gebiet erforderlich
José C. Saavedra Guadalupe Spain The software should be multi-platform to allow other systems like Linux to work and share knowledge for the benefit of all of us.
Oliva Adrien France
Prof. Wiegandt Germany
mika satomi Germany Evaluation for publicly funded research projects should not count patents produced by it as success. It should be published as open source.
Paweł Bylica Poland
Luis Sánchez de León Peque Spain A great initiative
klaus scheidler Germany
Manfred K. Rose Germany
Miguel Ángel Vílchez López Spain
W. Dörhage Germany Warum wertvolle Steuergelder für Experten ausgeben, wenn engagierte Experten sich freiwillig an Projekten beteiligen?
Andreas Thiele Germany
georg loesel Germany
sint Germany los machen!
Thomas Schlegel Germany
Collette France
Mike Kühnapfel Germany
Wolfgang Blessen Germany
Carlos Royo Spain
Filippo Madaro Italy
Joseph De Veaugh-Geiss Germany This is a very important cause for the 21st century.
Patrick Walker Germany
Greg Lever United Kingdom
Ben Laurie United Kingdom
Markus Salman Germany Ich habe selbst in der öffentlichen Verwaltung gearbeitet, Open Source muss möglich und verpflichtend sein!
FAVRE Guillaume France Un bon code n'a pas besoin d'être obfusqué
Margaret Schooling France
Dario Nardi Italy
Miguel Sánchez de León Peque Spain
Dieter Schnürch Germany Kosteneinsparung und Transparenz = Recht und Billig
Jürgen Ruth Germany Es kann nicht sein das Großkonzerne mit unseren Steuergeldern riesige Gewinnen machen und kaum Steuern bei uns bezahlen !!!
Crina Vasiliu Germany Ich bin daffür
Francisc Czumbil Romania
Paolo Dongilli Italy
Thomas Gries Germany
Philipp Schüle Germany lange überfällig, sehr wichtige sache!
Sauer Germany keine OpenSource Softaware zuverwenden ist Korruption pur
frantz balinski France
José Escario Spain
Patrick Bach Andersen Denmark
Heinz-Günter Kuper Germany Die Gedanken sind frei, aber die Algorithmen nicht?!
Carlos Spain Aunque liberar enormes cantidades de código es peligroso al principio, a la larga lo hace más seguro.
Olivier Heinry France
Adrian Spain
Petr Cervenka Czech Republic Open the goverments!
Pavel Žák Czech Republic
Mathias Micheel Germany Freie Software dient allen - und da wir alle dafür bezahlen, wäre das nur sinnvoll!
Bernhard Schönhammer Germany
RIDAO France le libre est l'avenir des démocratie
Kristiyan Tsaklev Bulgaria
Miguel Angel Ajo Spain I believe in the power and freedom OpenSource comes with, and I want the money from my taxes to be used properly.
Pedro martín Spain carry on
Bertrand Nicolas France
IUNG Nicolas France
Jesús Arroyo Torrens Spain
Aleksandar Kostadinov Bulgaria
Juan David Rodríguez Spain
Petri Riikonen Finland
Andrej Hunko Germany
Vytautas Lithuania
Peter Aufner Austria
Antoine Cailly France
Michael Vinnemeier Germany Ich halte die damit mögliche Kontrolle über die Sicherheit für das Wichtigste..
Frank Lorenz Germany
Roberto Valentini Italy
Daniel Lozano Spain
Sven Jonetat Germany
Cuong Canada
Volodymyr Smotesko Ukraine
Felix Epp Germany
Bettina Steger Austria
Lazar Nenovski Bulgaria
Marcus Kiskemper Germany Das Volk ist der Staat. OpenSource ist vom Volk !!
Camille Tjhoa France
Hannu Toivola Finland
Iván Álvarez Spain
Stanislav Ch. Nikolov Bulgaria
Rémi Bouton France
David Marzal Spain Las instituciones publicas solo deberian trabajar y generar con software libre
David Larsson Sweden No more security through obscurity because it doesn't work, if that's the reason code isn't shared publicly.
Gerhard Hippmann Germany
Sam Muirhead United Kingdom
Alexander Wellbrock Germany Making public financed code open source is the only right thing todo. More transparency is what it needs for successful democracy.
Adam Guest Denmark
Francesco Italy
pascal Annen Switzerland Banzai
Diego Padovan Italy
Simone Gaiarin Denmark Science could move forward at more than twice the speed thanks to open source code.
Luis Miguel Castañeda Navas Spain
Mark Beekhuis Netherlands
aaron dios rocha Spain
Jose Maria Iñigo Medoza Spain
Peter Mikkelsen Denmark
Manuel Francisco López Ruiz Spain
Ithurbide Switzerland
Grigoris Pavlakis Greece
Reece Boyd United States
Matteo Piccinini Netherlands
Hans-Ulrich Köth Spain
Josef Svenningsson Sweden
Dustin Sedlacek United States public money should create publicly accessible software code.
Giovanni Doria Italy
Gabriel Bernardo Santano Spain
Daniel Hart Finland
Jose Sánchez Spain
Grace O'Hara Australia
Kimberley WARREN Australia
Tom Baumert France
Javier Spain La tecnocracia digital no puede seguir dominando nuestro futuro.
AARON LUNA BENITEZ Mexico I support public money - public code
Mahroof India
w3wfr France
Jordan Oxborrow Canada
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana Brazil We are all together for freedom
Timothy Pernell United States
Lukas Laufenberg Germany Transparency in politics and economy is the key to democracy. Free software is transparency.
Pedro Martínez Spain El dinero público nunca debe servir para impedir el acceso al público o limitar su libertad.
Emma Ahrens Germany
Timo Rantalaiho Finland
Lucas Mello Schnorr Brazil Yes, public code is a requirement for any science being funded with public money.
John Paul Ada Philippines If the masses are paying for it, the masses should have access to it.
Silas Brändlin Germany Many services in the web built on open source already. Let's commit for a win-win.
Nathaniel Monty United States
Thomas Jeffery United States Proprietary software is the most inefficient approach to public works.
Alejandro fer Argentina
Bogdan Olar Romania
Alan Miner United States This proposition is only fair and equitable.
Lou Chan United States Publicly financed software should definitely be Free (Freedom) Software which requires that the code be Open Source.
Virgilio Leonardo Ruilova Chile
Luigi Tropiano Italy
Jesús Basco We have right to access yo puedo data ALWAIS
Bojan Dedić Serbia
Lev Kravinsky United States
Anthony J Starks United States
Alexandros Aristotelous United Kingdom
Elias Schwerdtfeger Germany Geheimhaltung von Software ist auch ein Sicherheitsrisiko – wenn man »geheime« Lücken nicht fixt. (Wahlsoftware BRD)
Matias Verdier Uruguay For an open and better society for all
Jeison Pandini Brazil When laws start to be written in lines of code, it's our right can check if it really do what is supposed to do.
Mark Škoflek Slovenia
Nuno Antunes Portugal
Felipe Braga Brazil .
Paul A. Bauer Germany
Daniel Smith United States
Mike Swierenga United States
Nickolas Papanikolaou Greece
Markus Luczak-Roesch New Zealand It is part of our role as academics to push for open science and policies supporting participatory science.
Jacopo Italy
Denis Shipochki Bulgaria
Iván Jara Colombia This is the way we should be done
Andrés Sánchez Colombia
Carlos González Recio Spain
Luis Spain
Malte Hoffmann Germany
Enrique Velasco Spain ¡Public money! ¡Public code!
Benedikt Rötsch Germany
Pablo Hernández Torres Spain Stop privative software with my money!
Jose Palazuelos Mexico I want software that could be easily reused without legal battles or expensieve licenses
Emmanuel Florac France free code for the win!
Guillaume REMBERT France It would be a big step for humankind...
Tommaso Sardelli Italy
Brona Little Canada
Federico Valeri Italy
José Antonio Sabalete Spain
Clay Hansen United States
Jeffrey A Story United States As an open source software advocate, I endorse this cause.
Pablo Moreno Spain
CHAPELLON VALLETTE France reconstituer de nouveau la bonne propriété publique que nous soyons quittes et libres de toutes entreprises privées non pris dans des monopo
Neil Stoker United Kingdom Just makes such obviously good sense!
Robert Gibbons United States Just as copyrights belong to the public domain, so should the code generated by public funding.
Anže Merhar Slovenia Return to the people what they paid for.
Miguel Angel Pulido Spain free software may be the future of public administration.
Rubén López Díaz Spain
Tom Stowe United States I fully support public monies being used for public code except those for military purposes. More public equals more bugs fixed.
genet Belgium
Alejandro Mon Valdés Spain
Mitja Podreka Slovenia
Aleksandar Todorović Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cristian Eduardo Feldman Argentina
Emanuel R Woiski Brazil Public Money - Public Code!
Elena Richter Germany
Samuel Barker United Kingdom
Ingo Czerwinski Germany
Toni Villena Spain Esto es algo que debería haberse hecho hace ya mucho tiempo
Max Germany
Jarle Osmund Vågen Norway
Kyle Calica United States
Emilio Lopes Germany
Alexandre Trujillo Boqué Spain
Laurent Janet France
Marcin Okraszewski Poland
Christophe Cesetti France
Christopher E. Stith United States
Julius Tylkowski
Javier Di Mauro Argentina I truly believe that this is the way to lead us to a better world in the current digital millenia
Alan Brogan Ireland
Jauco Noordzij Netherlands I work for the Dutch Royal Academy, which already takes this stance.
Marcel Partap Germany For Open Access Governance Structures & a Free/Libre Future : )
Alex Boddam Canada Very strongly agree. Being able to 'audit' code written with public money helps determine the effectiveness
Federico Gutiérrez Lima Spain
François France
Jens Molgaard United Kingdom Let's build commons, and stop throwing public money into sinkholes.
Alain F. Carlucci Italy
Romain Thouvenin France
Georges Seguin France
Sašo Zver Slovenia
Miguel Hernandez Spain Public Money, Public Code!
Grignon France
Alessandro Di Federico Italy
Colin Wilson United Kingdom We deserve to benefit from the fruit of our taxes, which paid the wages of the developers
Malte Prang Germany
Matthias König Austria
Jaime Rabasco Ronda Spain
Patrocinio Muñóz Juárez Spain
Hans-Emil Skogh Sweden
Max Sandholm Finland
Emiliano Langella Italy
Fernando López Argentina
Colas Nahaboo France
Rubén Salazar Estal Spain
Joseba Spain ¡Software libre para el sector público!
Christian Schäfer Germany
José María Alonso Josa Spain
Jonah Stiennon United States
Jorge Roberto Martínez Peñaranda Saint Kitts and Nevis The code writte with the money of all european, must be accesible with all european.
Nicolas Grilly France
Danilo :/
Damien Raude-Morvan France
Francesco Turco Italy
Tristram Gräbener France
Dimitrios Tsiapkinis France
Ricardo Rodríguez Mexico Please, bring this to America... Is URGENT to get this started overseas...
Hannes Hauswedell Germany
Andreas Zweili Switzerland Doing anything other than releasing the software developed for/by a country under an open license is a disservice to its citizen.
Mike Melvin United States I support the proposition that publicly funded code be made freely available to everyone with a free and open license.
Wouter Moraal Netherlands Apart from the security benefits and lock-in protection, it makes perfect sense to let taxpayers use the code they paid for
Andrea Canada
Ausias Pomes Spain I agree 100%. Free open software could bring unprecedented levels of transparency. Next step: blockchain tech for a better governance.
Guillaume Pellerin France
Eduardo Fernandez Spain if our software was open source, we could find and repair the big issues on our justice software "LexNet" years ago
Alexandre Baldé Portugal
Michel Buffa France
John Herrlin Sweden
Cesare Ceschin Italy No comment. A scuola mi batto da molti anni in questo senso.
Olivier Raggi France
Anthony Delannoy France
Kristiyan Bulgaria
Justin Hubbard United States Why is out tax money going to create software that we cannot use?
Pascaline Guenou Canada En tant qu'Européenne et membre de la communauté du logiciel libre, je soutiens la campagne Public Money Public Code !
Teppo V Salonen United States
Charles Brent United Kingdom By making the software available for public scrutiny, security will be enhanced for all.
Ondřej Tůma Czech Republic No need any comment, i think.
Juha Jokimäki Finland
Stefan Röthig Germany
Rafal Marcinek United Kingdom
Fco. Javier Benítez Verguizas Spain
Jyri-Matti Lähteenmäki Finland All code should be public, even if not developed by an open community. Publicly financed code is a good place to start.
Dietmar Schurr Germany
Julian Fölsch Germany
Runar Ingebrigtsen Norway totally
Dorian Amouroux Netherlands
Edler, Carsten Germany
Edin Ikanovic Denmark
Gregorio Ros Spain Simplemente es lógico.
Oscar Garcia de Lara Parreño Spain
David Romero Spain
Matthew Brooks United Kingdom Like good science, public software should be a shared endeavor
Michael Graf United States If put in a public git repo I would happily commit code for the government as a kind of public service
mike bolland United Kingdom
Amine Brikci-Nigassa Algeria
Manuel Spalt Austria If I'm paying for it, do ist properly!
GNU Solidario Spain
Rafael Vidal Ferré Spain
Milos Radosevic Serbia Public money = Open source
Dietmar Winkler Norway
Florestan FOURNIER France
Hans-Günther Koch Germany
Christian Hertel Germany
Stefan Dröge Germany
Ulf Bartelt Germany
Ratan Rai Sur United States
Sergiy Revkov Canada
Dries Harnie Belgium
Daniel Villalobos Spain
Marcelo Uruguay
Bruno Lorenzi Belgium
Heiko Schaefer Germany open societies should not rely on secret and closed infrastructure, if at all possible
Denis Petrovic France
Ansgar Brauner Germany
Pablo Belay Spain
Billy Wade United States
Marc Druan Olivé Spain
Daniel Mexico Apoyo este proyecto dado que para que exista un progreso en la socidad es necesario que la misma sociedad tenga acceso a proyectos publicos.
Daniel Mexico Apoyo este proyecto dado que para que exista un progreso en la socidad es necesario que la misma sociedad tenga acceso a proyectos publicos.
Uwe Hoppe Germany
Javier Gonzalez Spain Keep the world open!
Phd.Naoki Inoue Japan My color vision and Visual acuity is somewhat weak, like easy studying how to spread
Aitor Alonso Núñez Spain
Uros Vukobrat Serbia
Andrej Milisavljević Serbia
Vespe Savikko Finland
Ignasi Labastida Spain
Diego Spain
Martin Olson United States
Dr Tony Shannon Ireland Agree, that this is an important/essential push to ensure that public services are built on a sustainable digital commons
Uros Stegic Serbia
garnero France
Sridhar Gutam India All the educational and research institutions should be using the free and open source software
Paul Muldoon United Kingdom
Noé Fernández Spain No hay excusas para que no sea así!
Andrew Bisset United States It's only logical that digital assets funded by the public should permit technical contributions from that same constituency.
Anthony F Worm Public money is for public good, research, code, infra; except defense
Mikel Pintado Spain
Paulo Köch Portugal
Gijs Nijholt Netherlands
Daniel Astone United Kingdom
Francisco Torres Perez Spain
Marek Černocký Czech Republic
Vicente Andrada United States
Jesse Millwood United States Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Armin Suljakovic Slovenia
Alain Modolo Italy Knowledge sharing improves the human being!
Ehsan Asgari Sweden This just makes good sense!
Tatu Tarvainen Finland Publicly funded code should be available for everyone to use and examine.
Thiery Florent France This is so obvious...
Troy Swanson United States The amount of waste in IT procurement is ridiculous!
Iñaki Spain
Jorge Molina Nicaragua
David Gossow Germany
Dr. Nicole Lieger Austria
Hayden Schiff United States
Florent France
Jadon Hansell United States
Jeremy Thiesen United States Look at the benefits open source already causes for so many software developers. Let's give both the government and the people the benefits.
Olivier Goletti Belgium
Roger Spain
Kevin Tostado United States Taxpayer funded code should be publicly available for anyone to use and modify.
Thomas Stone United Kingdom
Juan C. Sanz Spain
Alfonso Calvo Spain
Luis Spain
Hex Masteen Austria We deserve free software!
Nina Klemenčič Slovenia
Francesc Famadas Majó Spain
Rikard Linde Sweden Code is a Commons that we build, use and improve together.
Hebők Pál Hungary Transparency helps create higher quality code and drives adaption of the software. This is a cause everyone should support.
Theodore Dubois United States
Viktor Varland Norway Yes.
Francisco Gomes Portugal
Jonatan Blader Sweden
Pietro Li Causi Italy
Tyler Gerwig United States
Paul M Haggerty United States
Markel Spain Conocimiento libre !!
Arvind India
Christopher Culy United States
Marko Kopač Slovenia
J. Weickart Germany
Savo Kovačević Serbia
S Senator United States This is a public good.
Karl Wienand Germany
Albert Carter United States Dear Legislators - I support this initiative. This will allow for more secure and better software throughout the government.
Tom Clancy United States
marco Italy sarebbe l'ora :)
Radu Ciocan United Kingdom
Annelies Van den Berghe Belgium
Matthew Beran United States
anray26 Indonesia what it is know
Vicente L Ruiz Spain
Quentin Garnier France
Gregor Laharnar Slovenia
Yeray Vega Amador Spain It seems perfect because we need to have control over the software we use.
João Serra Portugal
Alessandro Calvi Italy
Paolo Vecchi United Kingdom Public Sector invest in Open Source technologies for data and technologies sovereignty
Kevin Walter Germany Open is the only way forward. Proprietary software is obsolete by design.
Eliah Giezendanner Switzerland
Subhas Dandapani Germany
Ken Mickles United States
Sergio Spain Code paid with public money must be public code. Period.
Carsten Duch Germany
Benjamin Kleiner Germany
Benjamin Grömer Austria
Élie Deloumeau France
Jagannathan Tiruvallur Eachambadi Belgium I believe in open source and it should be ethical for the governement to release software they make for the good of the public.
Cedric Seehausen Germany
Luigi Candita Italy I'm from Italy. A Nation with a Secretary of the Council Ministers, daughter of the president of Etruria Bank. What we are talking about?!?
José Fernando Aranda Jiménez Spain Free software is better
Fabio Duran Verdugo Chile Debemos apoyar esta gran iniciativa para dejar de ser productos de estados y generar conciencia sobre nuestros recursos y mercados
Juan Antonio Piñero Spain
Christopher Phillips United States
Manuel Hernández Sánchez Spain
Marcos Martín Pozo Delgado Spain A must!
RIOUX France
James Hobin United States FOSS allows free experimentation and reuse of code. It just makes sense to spread the benefits of public funding as far as possible.
Pablo Jais Argentina
Nikhil United States
Nastasia Vanderperren Belgium
Aidan Hyman Canada
Martin K. Germany
Joseph M Reagle Jr United States Public money should further the public good.
Karim France
Stuart Harrison United Kingdom
Nicolas Collin United Kingdom
Jens Peter Secher Denmark Innovations in publicly financed software should be passed on to future user, and that happens best by open-sourcing the systems.
Mikkel Munch Mortensen Denmark
Adam Chen United States
Achim Wagenknecht Germany
Bernard Vauquelin France
Pablo Domínguez Spain we pay taxes to improve our level of life, why the companys should profit on that too
Anette Hegermann Sørensen Denmark
Tim Hutt United Kingdom
Carlos Killpack United States stop stealing pls
David Martínez Spain
Jérôme Dautzenberg France
Juan Spain
Thomas J Quintana United States
Devin Bayer Netherlands
Benoit Courty France Le logiciel libre est le meilleur moyen d'optimiser l'investissement des citoyens.
Uri Sharf Israel Public money should only finance open code.
Marco Ascazubi United States Code by the people for the people. Should've been the way things worked from the start
Marius Lithuania
Lucia Spain
Jens Jørgen Mortensen Denmark
Stefan Pavlović Serbia
Virgile Andreani France
Ricardo Noguera Spain
André Brito Brazil
Jan Suchomel Czech Republic
Dejan Andjelic Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kirsten Jeude Germany
Carlos Durán Spain If it is made with the money of all, the code has to be free for all
Mark Halmai Hungary
Luca Rappez Germany
Charles DUVAL France
Edward Savage United Kingdom
Stefan Kasberger Austria
Arian van Putten Netherlands I think government software should be Free because my government (dutch) spends millions on failed IT projects per year!
Theodore Greece
Miika Henttonen Finland I signed because I believe free software is more efficient than propietary.
Osma Suominen Finland
Frank Lanitz Germany
Petri Sirkkala Finland Open Source improves transparency and efficiency.
David Neale United Kingdom
Alexander Finkhäuser Germany
Andrija Pešić Serbia
Emmanuel Salé France I fully agree with this !
Ali Riza Keles Turkey
Michał Szostakiewicz Poland
Miguel Branco Spain
Emilis Denmark Please give code
Romero, Jorge Nicolás Argentina
Vincent Van Osta Belgium
Gunnar Krüger Germany
Christian Dywan Germany
Manuel Spain O meu apoio dende a Galiza
Jaume Barcelo Spain
Hannu Kröger Finland
Henrik Jürges Germany
Ivan Spain
PONS Cyrille France
Bernard DUVERNE France
Luis F Hernandez Espinosa Spain
Marcel Costa Spain
Martin Süfke Germany Having code developed with tax money is a logical follow-up on Open Access publishing of tax-funded scientific papers.
Aino Tuominen Finland Open source method would give citizens a chance to offer their expertise to serve common interest
Juhani Kumara Finland Olen työskennellyt julkishallinnon rahoittamissa softaprojekteissa, ja minusta tästä aloitteesta on hyötyä kaikille osapuolille.
André Ventura Portugal
Javier Loffredo Argentina
Ela Legac Croatia
Phillip Prado United States
Bruno Eduardo de Oliveira Meneguele Brazil It would improve a lot of security issues due to public reviews.
Tuomas Koivusalo Finland
Antti Virtanen Finland This is absolutely the right way to go!
Russell Wallace Ireland
Gianna Papi Italy
Giannis Greece
Alexa Tilbrook United States Stop sucking on the tits of Adobe, America!
Jelle Besseling Netherlands
Aaron Schmidt Australia
Dominic Bauer Germany
Mihalache Adrian Romania git commit; git push
Sérgio Marques Portugal É tempo de acabar com as restrições que as empresas propriétarias nos impõem
Francisco Manuel Varo Villodres Spain
Marcus Bizal United States I develop software paid for by tax payer's dollars and fully support this cause. Having more publicly available code is never a bad thing.
Patrick McClurg United Kingdom
Xavier Fumadó Spain
Nathalie Furmento France
Acthernoene Mathieu France
Blas Rodriguez Denmark
Juan José Spain
Diego Moreira Guimarães Brazil
Fernando Echevarria Germany
Taylor Braun-Jones United States This is an obvious imperative that benefits everyone!
Sean Handley United Kingdom
Kristin Ameis Germany
Aleksandar Maletic Serbia
Govert Versluis Netherlands
Georg Austria
Joao Cláudio Carneiro Pires Spain
Javier Grisaleña Spain
Dustin Wagner This reduces costs, reduces development time, and provides a valuable service to the citizens of the United States.
Torbjørn Vatn Norway
Vicente Spain
Guillermo Ramos Spain
Peter Bittner Switzerland Wenn Staat, Kantone und Gemeinden Steuergeld verwenden, muss es selbstverständlich sein, dass der Benefit der Allgemeinheit zugute kommt.
Davis United States
Alexis Jesús Spain
Daniel Nebdal Norway Seems entirely sensible just from a maintenance POV, not to mention the ethics.
Mikel Sola Aguinaga Spain Public code is the best way to avoid reinventing the wheel
Mark United States Public Money, Public Access
Pereira France
Jan Schmitz-Hermes Germany
Guillier France
Jonas Knipper Germany A superior and more citizen-friendly approach in every regard
Jennifer Meyer
Jordi Mallach Spain
Lubomir Spacek Czech Republic
Muhammad Ali Abbasi Denmark It's about time!
Simon Diradourian France I am a software developer. All my personal projects are open source and I use other's open source code all the time. I love this idea.
Tony United States Why was this not a thing
laurent vildey France
Tobias Larscheid Germany
John Wilson Australia This makes so much send.
Kostas Greece
Kendra Lake United States
Francois Scharffe France
Pieter Wigboldus Netherlands
Pierre Donias France
José Marcos Portugal Boa ideia, só peca por tardia
Simba United States This is such a good idea it's a wonder it's taken this long to reach it.
Keven Godet France
Adam Vine United Kingdom
Louis Brooks United Kingdom
Johan Spaedtke Sweden
Harold Carr United States
Stefan Baer Germany France
Cristian Consonni Italy
Matthieu Caneill France
Teuna Ferrand France
Santiago Moreno García Spain
olivier France Nos logiciels sont un bien commun !
Sveinn í Felli Iceland Hugbúnaður og upplýsingar sem greitt er fyrir að hluta eða öllu leyti eiga að vera opnar almenningi með frjálsum og opnum notkunarleyfum.
José Iván Bethencourt Rodríguez Spain Me parece absolutamente imprescindible para garantizar la libertad y la seguridad de los ciudadanos europeos.
Adrian García González Spain
Alexander Struck Germany
Javier Anton Spain That would be transparency in taxes (sort of)
Sergio Tortosa Benedito Spain
Daniel Schär Nicaragua
Christophe Lachance Canada For the good of all, open source code can allow for greater security and better experience for citizens.
Pieter Michels Belgium
Aaryn Tonita Netherlands
Levin Straub Germany
Eduardo D. Vicente Leite Portugal
Darío Lodeiros Spain
Marco Minante Italy denaro pubblico --> codice pubblico!
Ander Elortondo Spain
Johan Dahlberg Sweden I do not want to pay twice for code. Once with via my tax, once when my business needs software
Daniel Baena Hermosa Spain
Julien MÊME France L'informatique est un outil, pas un produit, alors partageons le pour une monde meilleur !
Pierre-Marie Pédrot France
Dr. Michael Jütte Germany
David Spain
Maxime Petit Jean Belgium
Laur Ivan Belgium
Davide Ianni Italy Tutto il software sviluppato per il pubblico dovrebbe essere pubblico e open source.
Jérémie Roquet France
Peter Krenn Austria
Stefan Schäfer Germany
William Thompson United States Open source is important to combat malware
Ahamed Jordan
Firas Jordan
Sam Australia
Giacomo Russo Italy
Fabien Dupont
Enrico Camarotto Italy
Mattias Giese Germany Es sollte offensichtlich sein, das Ergebnisse der Arbeit aus oeffentlichen Mitteln fuer alle verfuegbar sein sollten.
Ignacio Tielas Spain
Aidan Butler Italy
Brett VanderVeen United States
Jose Colella Spain This is essential in order to be able to see the code that is in use in public institutions
Anivar Aravind India
Fernando San Jose Gutierrez Spain
Wojciech Kruszewski Poland
Marcial Diaz Toledo Lopez Spain public money, public code.
Olivier Belmontant France La démocratie n'est pas à vendre.
Carlos Portugal
David Arias Spain
Gabriel United States
Mirek Rusin Poland Yes
John Leach United Kingdom
Serafín Marino Spain
Adrián Spain
Juan Natera Cruces Spain This is a great initiative. Thanks.
Yoni Lavi Ireland Free software is cheaper, safer and overall better. Do the right thing
Michal Fabik Bosnia and Herzegovina
Millán Resa Spain
Kasper Souren Germany Been saying this since 2001.
ROBAUX Donat France
Fernando Bevilacqua Sweden
Mathias Stokholm Denmark I fully support this movement. Let individual contributors fix what they think is broken!
Eric Redon France
Tamir Duberstein United States
Noemi Brunetti Italy
Dimitris Levogiannis Greece
Francisco Martin Pedrosa Spain
Andreas Habermehl Germany
Maxime Bonin Canada
Andreas Røsdal Norway
Carl-Eric Menzel Germany
Andrew Max United States I strongly support this!
Heikki Salminen Finland
Mert Bora ALPER United Kingdom
Tim Farquer United States
Jurijs Saveljevs Latvia
Merja Saranpää Finland
Joshua Leung New Zealand It is only right that public money => publicly available FOSS software. It has maintenance + future proofing benefits too.
Tom Small United States
Jasper Stam Netherlands
Dennis Kanngießer Germany
Niclas Sweden
Henry Backman Finland
Stenio Elson Costa Araujo Brazil
James Harrison United Kingdom
Xavier Laviron France
John Ferguson United Kingdom
Olivier Pellerin France
Romain CATAJAR France
Sam Wessel United Kingdom
Martin Gross France Public Money => Public Code.
Henri Werth Germany
Santos Fernández Vázquez Spain For freedom software must be public and free
Pablo Molina González Spain
Andrea Italy avanti tutta.
Steffen Wallat
Gianluigi Calcaterra Italy
Rafael Ballester Pérez Spain
Schlessmann Germany
Cristopher López Santana
Mikko Rantanen Finland
Carlos A. Gómez Spain
Rafael Garcia i Serra Spain
phil burland United Kingdom
Blaz Kranjc Slovenia
norom Germany
Juan José Casafranca Spain
Codrut Constantin Gusoi Romania
Mikael Sörlin Netherlands Free software, free society!
Andriy Svyetlov Ukraine
Jesús Guerreiro Spain
Zoltan Orban Belgium
Dominykas Mostauskis Lithuania This is sorely needed. How much human effort can we afford to waste?
Nicolas KAROLAK France
Antonio Pardo Spain Public services must run free software
Andrew Montgomery United Kingdom
Gonzalo Toledano Spain Open Source FTW!
Tomasz Ryba Poland
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa United States This is a no brainer.
Sasa Friedrich Slovenia
David Perez Camarena Spain Public code will benefit to more coders and will cut the company-dependence
Norbert Nutsch Germany
Rick Haupt Germany
Johan Wärlander Sweden
Antonio Varilla Román Spain
Joel Fredrikson Sweden
Marco Gaiarin Italy
Meena Kharatmal India I support the slogan.. Public money. Public code.
Vid Seražin Slovenia
Alberto Spain
L. C. März Germany
Billy Smith United Kingdom
Wolfgang Nowak Germany
Martin Peterlin Slovenia
Mikko Saukkoriipi Finland
Najob Osm Albania
Detlev Schwarz Germany
Kristóf Torma Hungary
Adrian M. Whatley Switzerland
Eion MacDonald United Kingdom Research based onpublic money should be available to all so that all can benefit.
Fulvio Carrus Italy Renderlo disponibile come OSS può aprire a opportunità di miglioramento del software da parte di migliaia di sviluppatori motivati.
Steffen van Bergerem Germany
Christian Becker Germany Quellcode- Offene Software ist eine Maßnahme gegen Totalüberwachung !
Thomas Dalichow Germany So far, so obvious!
Luna Jernberg Sweden Don't Buy expensive software use free software and open source it
Dario Sestero Italy FOSS licence means to share knowledge benefiting all and making optimal use of resources
Daniel Bourrion France
Frank Brehm Germany
Christoph Pfeifer Germany Was durch die Öffentlichkeit finanziert wurde, sollte auch der Öffentlichkeit gehören.
Bjoern Leder Germany
Müller Jean-Pierre Switzerland
Lukas Plümper Germany
Olof Hagström Sweden
Andy Georges Belgium It is paramount that the people have access to the code that was produced with money provided by the people.
Mark Willert Germany kein Vendor Lockin für öffentliche Stellen
LE QUERREC Bastien France
Pablo Vazquez Netherlands
Giuliano Di Pasquale Germany
Arnaud Betremieux France
Rico Knorr Germany
Daniel Olivo Ruza Germany
Carsten Althoff Germany
Purvesh Shah India Feuture looks brighter with Open Source Software in goverment sytems
Christian Brüggemann Germany
Marc-André France Awesome idea !
Robles Rodolphe France Je suis convaincu de l'absolue nessécité d'utiliser des logiciels libres dans les institutions.
Mikko Koho Finland
Annika Persson Sweden
Christopher Brown United Kingdom This is an important principle that would be relatively trivial to implement.
Julien Fontanet France
David Silva Portugal
Mikael Bak Hungary
Francesco D'Anisi Italy
Thomas Heller Germany
Gratiot Sophie France
Ian Bierlich Germany
Erik Berglund Sweden
pineau Clément France
jan kaufman Czech Republic
Tommi Tuura Finland
dr anthony james doyle United Kingdom support and develop open source tools for public projects
Ulrich Mathes Germany
Maximilian Jung Germany
Néstor Salceda Spain
Arne Løitegård Norway
Malte Zieher Germany
Ismo Aulaskari Finland It's an impossible idea for our data and services to be locked to private systems
Pekka Savela Finland This is hugely important issue and needs to be implemented.
Marc Pahnke Germany I vote for open-source und open data formats in all public organizations!
Magda Stożek Poland
Tomasz Nowacki Poland
Max Schulz Germany
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro Spain
Julien Malik France
Janne Peltonen Finland Excellent idea. Publicly funded software should benefit the public, not only corporations.
Frank Weißer Germany
Marcin Stożek Poland
Markward Kufleitner Germany
Tomas Vikström Sweden An absolute necessity for non-classified projects!
Heintz Olivier France Le logiciel libre aide l'innovation et l'emploi
Gustav Wall Germany
Raphael Collet Belgium
Arnaud Loonstra Netherlands
Kevin Kirchner Germany
Sergio Talens-Oliag Spain
Leo Bistmans Belgium
Tobias Dreyer Germany
Samim Pezeshki Iran
Niechajowiez France
Gil Forcada Codinachs Spain
Ernesto Priego United Kingdom
Geoff Schrecker United Kingdom
Xie Tianming China Contributor of Hardenedlinux
Claudia Renner Germany
GN India Great Initiative!
Samu Wikstedt Finland There is no good reason for closed source code, it only helps some software companies to create vendor-lock in situations.
Karl Blass Germany Ich wünsche mir mehr Transparenz und Effizienz für unsere Verwaltungen. Danke.
Gendron France
Egon Willighagen Netherlands Public resources must be used for the public good, and nothing is as clearly for the public good as software everyone is allowed to use.
Robin Roevens Belgium
Frederic Jarlier France Absolutely right!
Alexander Olenberg Germany
Vlatka Matkovic Croatia
Vincent Maucorps France L'administration Française est déjà à la pointe sur ce sujet. Saurons-nous aller plus loin ?
Jean-Baptiste Bouché France Go !
Janos Pasztor Austria
Lewis Cowles United Kingdom Governments are wasting millions because of poor vendors
Neil Barsema Netherlands This is a no brainer
Jérôme Lafréchoux France
Markus Herpich Germany
Michael Greece
David Kamm Germany
Ruairi Hickey Ireland
Kaj Printz Madsen Denmark I dont want my tax money to support proprietary software
Iliyan Betovski Bulgaria I support the cause.
Pierre-Matthieu Anglade France Quel meilleur mécanisme pour une informatique publique de confiance et chasser les gabegies logiciels !
Janne Blomqvist Finland
Johannes Albert Germany
Daniel Bimschas Germany
Marta Massé Spain
Roger Morrison United States
Sylvain Viart France Everything should be opensource
Dan United Kingdom
Carlos Fernndez San Millan Spain
Andreas Eberle-Bannert Germany
esprit libre France
Libor Ansorge Czech Republic I agree with idea of this open letter. There is only few situations, when this approach is not the best way.
Michele Cardone Italy
Jonathan Pim Ireland
Jussi Kirkkopelto Finland
Anno von Heimburg Germany
michail Greece
Marco Taschin Italy
Timo Stordell Finland This is the future. No more vendor locks in public sector.
Bryce Glover United States I want to see what could happen if this movement came here to the US!
Jacob Chassereau United States
Kasparas Lithuania
Renzo Toffolo Italy
Peter Kania Germany Open Source für mehr Datenschutz und Sicherheit!
Svetozar Miuchin Serbia I agree absolutely
汪思孝 Taiwan
William Vincenti United States “Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
吳東融 Taiwan
Alejandro Soneyra Mexico
Urko Massé Villachica Spain
John Salatas United States I'm a EU citizen from Greece. I'm just currently living in the US.
Peter Eisenmann Germany If a software house doesn't want to produce open-source code, there will be others thhat happily will do so.
Alessio Treglia United Kingdom
Victória Fabris Brazil
João Ventura Portugal
Júlio Cândido Veloso Júnior Brazil Incredible idea!
Jose G Jimenez S Venezuela I totally agree, we should be working on it all over the world
Echedey Spain Una nación no puede crecer y mucho menos puede ser democrática si se priva del conocimiento y la libertad a los ciudadanos.
Thomas Schmitz Germany
Duncan Mac-Vicar P. Germany
Maria A. Greece
Antonio Muci Italy
Jorge M. Rosa Portugal
Dr Adrian Midgley United Kingdom Clearly a good idea. The EU has some track record with FLOSS, the UK a slight one.
Jonas Bieber Germany
Sofus Rose United States
Lorenzo Fresch Italy
Frank Quotschalla Germany OpenSource 4 FreeWorld
Camden Cheek United States Open source allows progress to build on itself. Our government should encourage and lead in this manner.
Lukasz Drozdz Poland
Ruairi Hickey Ireland
Robert Buj Gelonch Spain
Alessandro Barbieri Italy
Mattias Spångmyr Sweden With public systems run as open community projects there will be less waste, better systems and more transparency.
Pietrofrancesco Apollonio Italy
Andrea Gasparini Italy
Jordi Mas i Hernàndez Spain
Inese Ozolina Austria
João Filipe Miranda de Almeida France
Jaroslav Svoboda Czech Republic
André Rocha Portugal Um estado fechado não respeita o investimento de cada um nele!
Oleg Korol Germany It's time to evolve and adapt to the new times. By working together and transparently we can build great things.
Delaye Matthieu France
Jesús Alberto Vérez Corral Spain
Thibault Vataire France
Alistair Miles United Kingdom
Francesco Giannoccaro United Kingdom Publicly funded software has to be Open Source accessible so that it can be improved by everyone
Reza Moussavi Sweden Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Maria Elisa Ordóñez Ecuador
Michel Braibant Belgium
Samu Kankaanpaa United Kingdom
Christian Grünheit Germany
Tobias Wiese Germany
Brynart Belgium
Ana-Marija Tomic Croatia
Stéphane M. Grueso Spain ¡GPL o barbarie!
Gerandi Matraku Albania Open Source is the feature
Andrea Italy
Brock United States If you're concerned about security problems in open source code, please sit down with those familiar with open source.
Roman Germany
Francisco Canela Spain
Blanchard France
Denis Apel Germany
Prof. Andy J. Wills United Kingdom Publicly-funded research is Open - publicly-funded code should be too!
Ivo Damjanovic Germany Ich möchte wissen, was mit meinen Daten passiert.
Bougnon France C'est le bon sens même, en espérant que ce terme reprenne le dessus sur le profit. C'est notre liberté et notre sécurité qui est en jeu.
Toon Claes Belgium Free software is better for everyone, especially for governments.
Jonas Oswald Germany
brizard France
Giorgos Fousekis Greece
Manuel López-Ibáñez United Kingdom
Anastasios Gravvanis Greece
Hang Duy Khiem Finland
Virgile Deville France
Michele Lavazza Italy
Radovan Lupták Czech Republic
Paparsenis Konstantinos Greece
David Henry France
Tim de Lisle United Kingdom
Joachim Burgert Germany
Panu Kalliokoski Finland
Matija Nalis Croatia
chopin France
Alexis Bienvenue France
Ludovic Gasc Belgium
J. Albert Bowden II United States Enable and empower digital citizenship via literacy/tinkering by supporting this, as well as saving tax dollars!
Marta Irimia Mollar Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free...
R.W.J. Slupik Netherlands
Johan Breuninger France
Diogo Filipe Azevedo de Castro United Kingdom
Adrián Chaves Fernández Spain It’s just common sense!
Elke Germany
Jürgen Göricke Germany Software die mit öffentlichen Mitteln entwickelt wurde, muss offen und frei zur Verfügung gestellt werden.
João Bruno Portugal
Romain Dessort France
Nico Huber Germany
Bertrand Jacquin Ireland Chaque citoyen devrait avoir la possibilité d'obtenir confiance au code qui lui gère sa vie courante vis a vis de l'état
Martin Michel Germany
KyronTheKoala France Ce qui est financer par le contribuable doit pouvoir bénéficier au bien commun
dave racine United States
cornelius France
Marcus Wimmer Austria
Justyna Ilczuk Poland
Even Rouault France
Kai Hiller Germany
Schröck Germany
Sergi Blanch-Torné Spain
Νικόλαος Λενικακης Greece
Valeria Mazzola Italy
Alexandre Díaz Spain
Jonas Stendahl Sweden
Richard Wang Canada
Stefan Klein Germany
Jelle Netherlands Public money, public code.
Miguel Serra Caldentey Spain in Spain there is no transparency with public money
Tako Marks Netherlands I find it important that publicly funded software is also accessible to the public. A free software license enables this.
Antoine France
Robin Portugal free software is the right of the user. the goverment is entiteldt to know what they are running on their pc's.
Daniel Moßbrucker Germany
Leszek Pryszcz Poland
Christian Beneke Germany
Thomas Anders Germany
Samuel Kellenberger Switzerland No Democracy without Free Software
Michel Rudelle France
Christos Kotsakas Greece
Carsten Schmidt Germany Let's increase the public benefit of taxpayers money
Vladimír Čunát Czech Republic
pierre-yves samyn France
Aral Balkan France This is an essential step towards encouraging individual sovereignty and a healthy commons in the digital age.
rulliere France J’approuve complètement
Carsten Schönert Germany
Kirk Patton United States
Gerasimos Ch. Greece We support education, freedom, technology, community, imagination, collaboration, flexibility, productivity, individuality, advancement
Zuzana Beníčková Slovakia
giraudeau France
Patrick Häcker Germany
Boris Behnke Germany
Jesus Sanchez-Marin Spain
Thomas Dorner Germany Every knowledge fully finanaced by the public should be fully public.
Armin Rauthe-Schöch Germany
Andreas Constantinides Cyprus
Ivan Košdy Slovakia
Jean-Baptiste Faure France
Tobias Umbach Germany Proprietary software has no business in helping to run an open, democratic society.
Steven Ambrosen United States If I help pay for this I should be able to reap the benefits of my taxes
Shamil Bikineyev Russia
David Ström Sweden
Fournel France
James Fryer United Kingdom
Petra Croatia
Christoph Steinke Germany
Judicaël Courant France
Jan Christian Grünhage Germany
Stefan Kögl Austria
Stephen T. Stone United States If it made using public funds, it should be public code.
Uwe Herrmuth Germany
Frederik Slos Belgium
Paul Romania
Michael Arndt Germany
VUILLAUME France Je suis totalement pour cette initiative novatrice, qui ne pourrait être que bénéfique !
Simão Lomba Portugal
Alex AUVOLAT France
Mikael Berthe France
Luc de Jonckheere Netherlands It would even be more secure! Many people can see the code, so errors get found (and fixed) before someone can misuse them.
Thomas JOUANNOT France Open source all the things !
Manfred Schaub Germany
Sven Linke Germany
Marcus Richter Denmark No doubt the future is open source, we should get started as quickly as possible
Theresa Iana Tan Philippines
Václav Pavlín Czech Republic
Guillaume GROSSETIE France
Simon Wydooghe Belgium
Raphaël Thiessard France
Romain VINCENT France true story
Werner Dworak Germany
Przemysław Dragańczuk Poland
Heiner Oberkampf Germany
Christopher Edsall United Kingdom Open source it so that all of society can benefit
A. Diamantopoulos Greece
Milan Germany
Mayel de Borniol France
Sebastian Rampe Germany
Patrick Figel Austria
Steffen Richter Germany
Boran Car United Kingdom
Dr. Sabine Baer Germany
Sebastian Germany
Mathias Blanchemanche France It should be, it's a basic question of justice.
Michał Woźniak Poland High time for this.
Lukas Schreiner Germany
Zisis Michalis Greece
Eugen Rochko Germany When taxes pay for roads, everybody gets to use them. The same should be for tax-funded software. Open source is more secure.
George Tsotoulidis Greece
Cristian Oneț Romania
Doris Kroll-Hartge Germany
Rafael Laguna de la Vera Germany
Gaël Alberola France
Bernhard Austria
Patrick van der Leer Netherlands
Mathias Picker Germany
Alejandro Carol Camprecios Spain
Bettina Horvath Austria Wenn wir (Steuerzahler) etwas bezahlen, dann sollen auch wir nutzen daraus ziehen können.
Norbert Daum Germany D´accord!
Verlant Antoine Belgium
Jérome ARBEZ-GINDRE France
Iulian Radu Romania
Le Chanony Trisntan France Argent public, code public, pourquoi garder privé quelques choses qui appartient au peuple ?
Ennio De Rocco Italy Auspico che nel futuro specialmente le amministrazioni pubbliche utilizzino solo software open source.
Matteo Testa Italy
Jan Hieber Germany
Christoph Behnke Germany
Laura James United Kingdom
Letot Rémi Belgium There realy is no reason not to do it
M.Àngels Spain
Mathieu Gaborit France
Mathieu LEFEBVRE France code source publié = tranparence de l'argent publique
Simone Brand Germany
Anders Jonsson Sweden To learn from history and build upon previous progress, code should be open to further study and improvement, especially in public sector.
Gilles Cornu Switzerland See examples like GDS (,,
Dominik Welke Germany
Marcos Dione France We've been asking for this in Argentina since France's prop. 495 in '99. Half of it is the soft produced by the State, also the one it uses.
Gerd Henning-Bottin Germany
Henning Orth Germany
Lidia Zalevskaya Finland
Alexander Kowalski Germany
Noam Tenne Israel
François Schoubben Belgium
Wilhelm Frömgen Germany
Anna Rosati Italy
Jan-Eike Dreier Germany
Arthur Lutz France
Moufouki France
Schalk Cronjé United Kingdom
Oliver Braun Germany
Frank Schreiner Germany
Estarague Pascal France
黃保太 Taiwan 1.取之於人民,還之於人民
Daniel Allen United States We want open access to the software we the people funded.
RENDERS Pascale Belgium
Amir Switzerland
Luis Merino Germany
Martijn Berger Netherlands
Valeria Framondino Italy Tutte le barriere vanno abbattute, da quelle culturali, architettoniche e sociali. E' un problema di coscienza etica
Mario D'Amore Germany Public money must foster product for the whole public.
Richard Karsten Germany
Hervé Suaudeau France
Paul Bressand France l'emploi du logiciel libre dans l'administration publique serait un gain de temps, d'argent et de sécurité
Lecluse Francois France Transparence et éxemplarité doivent être les maîtres mots pour l'argent public.
Denis Zalevskiy Finland
Frank Thomsen Denmark
Raffaele Pettazoni Italy
Clément Joubert France
karin bore Sweden
Claus Fangmeier
Pierre JOUBERT France Absolutely right.
Alessandro Grassi Italy
Juan Jose Elizondo Spain
cubells Spain És necessari que els nostres diners es gasten en programari lliure
Alexandros Pantazis Greece
Kostas Papadimas Greece Public money - Public Code
Alexander Telle Germany
Hoyt Harness United States This is something I've said for many years after having watched multiple publicly funded projects die and be buried under proprietary dirt
Peter Meissner Germany
Bouras Christos Greece The use of open software makes Europe software independent.
Ioustina Flemotomou Greece
Guillaume Maudoux Belgium
Alaa Sarhana Germany
Luke Chandler United States I agree.
Flip Dempsey United States
Bâty France Pour un partage vertueux de nos savoirs faires et une transparence de notre démocratie.
Doug Rattmann Malaysia
Andrew James Morris United States
Diego Perez Argentina
陳立維 Taiwan 請政府只使用開放格式的軟體
John Martin Ungar Germany
Max Rumpf Germany Free and open source software improves transparency, allows collaboration & reusing existing code, thus saves taxpayers' money.
David Pflug United States Much government work is in the public domain; why not code?
Natale Vinto Italy
Jesse Denardo United States
Maximilian Böhm Germany
Nicolas Hicher Canada
Basil Eric Rabi Philippines
Cyrus Carbone United States
George Greece
Lara Olivetti Sweden
Lyle Cochran United States
Ross P. Hemphill United States Liberty and justice require this.
João Pires Portugal
Danie van der Merwe South Africa
Ask Hjorth Larsen Denmark
Andreas Greece
Patrick Jimenez United States Open Source everything
Manuel Persico Italy
Efren Perez Vazquez Mexico My country is in a big need for clearing out the use of public money and this is a great first step.
Konrad Borowski Poland
Steve Brooks United States Publicly funded code should be public.
Ken Nielsen Canada
Enmanuel Peru please, Libre software for etic education
Alexander Schittler Germany
Jérémie Fays Belgium
Ashley Wilson Australia
Giorgio Susanna Italy We are free, Living in a free state, but we are closed in our source
Kardos László Hungary
Chris Kitching United Kingdom
Jakob Kramer Germany
Torsten Paulsen Germany
Roberto Italy
boyet New Zealand
Casper Steuperaert Belgium Free software not only makes it transparent to the end users. Our governments are responsible to deliver public goods to the public.
Barribaud France le code libéré, délivré !
Fabio Giani Italy
Ricardo J. Barberis Argentina El software escrito para y utilizado por instituciones publicas deberia ser libre para garantizar su futuro acceso
Roman Denisov Finland
Christoph Rudorff Germany
Gabriel Guerreiro Brazil
Zanardi Maria Luisa Italy
Gregory Berger Belgium Free Software, free society
Edmundo Sanchez Mexico
Ermengol Spain
Olof Sjodin Sweden
Paula Clare Williams United Kingdom We need Software freedom in public organisations.
José Teixeira Portugal
ludvig böklin Sweden
Ilija Bogdanovic Serbia came here from /r/archlinux
Ludovic Rousseau France
Vadim Lebedev France
Claudia Bedini France
Gaetano Acri Italy La società ha bisogno di libertà: quando un programma ha un padrone, l'utilizzatore perde la libertà di controllare parte della sua vita.
John Marxer Spain There is no excuse for using public funds to create non-free software in my opinion.
maurizio marangoni
George Klissiaris Greece Public money, public code. Totally agree!
Korvin Flórián Ezüst Hungary OSS saves money, helps with security and ensures transparency. Proprietary software does the opposite. Obvious which one's better.
Lukáš Ďurfina Slovakia
Basilis Ziskos Greece
Ricardo Correia Portugal
Stefan Austria
Bart Noordervliet Netherlands
Leonardo Mazzon Italy
Alexandre LALAQUE France
Jonathan Gobbo Italy
Sevengek0 Italy
Gaëtan de Menten Belgium
Simon THOBY France Pour avoir le support et l'analyse de la communauté, libérez les sources !
Elliott Seyler United States
philipe boudes France
Bruno Velosa Portugal
Georgios Maroulis Greece
Eduard Najt Czech Republic
Boris Nalbach Germany
Raphael Rieble Germany
Zac Tolley United Kingdom I Do work for a government department and everything we build is in the open and open licence
Christoph Nikolaus Switzerland Security be Transparency - Great Initiative!
Sam Balana United States
Chomienne France All Data of any types made with public money should be open to anyone
Jannis Deisinger Germany
alessandro marzocchi Italy
Jesse Alas United States
Jens Adam Germany
Laurent Joubert France
Julien Maulny France
Joanna United States
Sandro Liebscher Germany
t1st3 France
Andrea Rossi Italy
Piotr Gankiewicz Poland
NICOLAS Alexis France It would save money and help better the software we use everyday, it would benefit to all.
Acacio France
Eriq Augustine United States
Marc Guastavino Canada
Michael Reutter Germany
Jordi Pakey-Rodriguez United States
Tugberk Isyapar Turkey
Nathan Robisnon United States Open Source the only serious way to get anything done.
Madame Mathieu Chantal France
Madame Mathieu Chantal France
Dan Caseley United Kingdom
Michael Schultz Germany Public Software, especially for any means in electins must be open source!
Douglas Kane United States
Charlie Habolin Sweden
Νικόλαος Πεταλιδης Greece
Maria Karlsen Sweden
Edgar Carpenter United States If my taxes have paid for software development, the software should be open software, which will save governments money.
Jake Davis United Kingdom
mathis harder
Phuc T. Duong Vietnam Open mind. Open source. Open future.
Alasdair Campbell United Kingdom
laurent Combe France
Nenad Mihalic Germany
Stacherl Christian Austria
Hanna Lüschow Germany
Gabriel PREDA Romania
Richard Janis Goldschmidt Germany I want to be able to check what is financed with my taxes. Proprietary code is undemocratic.
sofia Greece public money public code
Luboš Podrázský Czech Republic
Ulrich Adriany Germany
Logan Gorence United States
Jakub Šnapka Czech Republic
Robert Wertman United States
Tino Alvarado Peru Public money -> public software! Also F*** BLOCKSTREAM AND AXA
Martin Kühn Germany
Jan Frischkorn Germany
Sabrina Jacobs Germany
Marta G. Franco Spain
Josh Peters United States Important thing to note: FOSS software is also easier to audit for security purposes. Just sayin.
Peter Storch Germany
Simon Panay France
Madalin Fintina Romania Why not.
Mario Behling Germany
emanuela dalla corte Italy
Skyler Hawthorne United States Not only is the public entitled to what their money paid for, but the benefits to the rest of the software ecosystem would be innumerable
Dr. Helge Kreutzmann Germany
Mathias Huber Germany
Benjamin Campbell United States Global infrastructure is only possible through collaboration.
Ian Howell United States If we open source all of state run code, then it will be easier for us to find hole and fix them before leaks happen.
Michael Hug United States
Frederik Müller Germany
Chaput France
Andrew Morgan United States
Chris United States
MAROT France Argent public => code public. C'est une évidence ! #innovation #économies
Romain Sertelon France
Dylan United States
Florent Cayré France
Markus Nordangård Sweden
Martin Lentink Netherlands Open overheid, open bron
Emanuele Iengo Italy
Arvid Ortwig Germany Totally Agree !
Laurent BRETON France
Michal Ketner Czech Republic
Philip Petrov Bulgaria
Matthew Rhodes United States
William Sutton United States
Thomas Steffen Germany Meine Steuergelder sollen sinvoll verwendet werden. Darum Public Code
Gun Svensson Sweden There must be a balance between public needs and industry's seemingly unjustified need to earn money at all costs.
Laura Edith Olmos Germany
Lucas Frérot Switzerland
Marin Croatia
Grossenbacher Michael Switzerland
Paul Taylor Spain
PERRUSSEL France Les logiciels développés à l'aide de l'argent public sont la propriété de tous. Il est donc nécessaire que le code soit public également.
Nick Greece
Volker Heggemann Germany public money, public software
Florian van Herk Netherlands
Arvid Lepsien Germany
Efthalia Amargianou Greece
Caleb Bassi United States
Stephan Hendl Germany The only way to get secure software!
ferron France
Franz Schröder Germany
Florian Rehnisch Germany
Luís Mateus Portugal
Marinos Koutsomichalis Greece
Kris Dickless United States
José Miguel Sánchez García Spain
Joscha Krutzki Germany
Nicolas Pettiaux Belgium Le contrôle sur la chaine de l'information que le logiciel libre apporte est nécessaire. Pas suffisant encore.
Petar Slaviček Croatia
Thomas van Putten Netherlands
Richard Dvorak Germany Gute Idee!
Stephan Albrecht Germany
Hendrik Hamaekers Germany
Βασίλης Βαρσαμής Greece
Flaviu Porutiu Romania
Lukas Rauber Germany
Nicolas Semrau Germany
Hannes Iven Germany
Aurélien Jacobs France Pour plus de collaboration européenne et pour une meilleur utilisation de notre argent.
Lars Gerrits Netherlands
Silviu-Mădălin Lorenț Romania The government should be fully transparent towards Romanian taxpayers regarding the software they pay to be developed.
Sebastian Stetter Germany
Vanden Eynde Emmanuel Belgium
Fetsch Fabrice France Juste du bon sens appliqué
Carsten Rösnick-Neugebauer Germany
Artem Mateush Estonia
Allen Lydiard Canada If you released software as open source, it would allow the community to keep the software secure.
Christophe Phillips Belgium
Michalis M Greece
Tommi A Pirinen Germany Please note, that the public code should also include public data, where public money projects produce or curate data, such as texts
Yassine Finland Awesome initiative hope this makes it out there. Plenty of talented people plenty of opportunities to advance our society
Alexander Kohler Germany
Jan Simons Germany All publically financed content should be put back in the public domain!
Jacob Chassereau United States I sorry I let you guys down I don't know why I was being hunted for yeqea
Robert Wartenberg Germany Offene Software bietet Möglichkeiten ihre Sicherheit zu überprüfen und weiter zu entwicklen.
Bernd Petrovitsch Austria
Fabrice PENHOËT France La route est longue mais le voie est libre !
Janez Štupar Slovenia We should be able to know what our code is doing. Enough hiding in the shadows.
Yannick Habecker Germany
Daniel Frey Germany This should be a no brainer!
Michael Schmid Switzerland
Hans de Kleine Netherlands I totally agree!
Nick Apostolakis United Kingdom
Simone Vittori Italy
Mauro Biasutti Italy Da vice segretario del PNLUG come faccio a non dare il mio sostegno?
Kevin Mas Ruiz Spain
Cartegnie France
Jesper Juhl Denmark Tax payer money spent on software should always result in Open Source software.
Dan Christiansen Denmark
Massimiliano Raber Italy
Dubois Baise le capital
Johny BESSY France
Arda Çetin Turkey
Tomáš Zelina Czech Republic
Efstratios Grammenis Greece As software if funded by public money (taxes) then belongs to its funders (citizens).
Brian-Julian Ebeling Germany
Ivar Matstoms Sweden
Robert Costa Germany
Rainer Fischer Germany
Yann Bochant France
Peter Duncan Mossack Germany
Timo Hahtola Finland Public money, public code, now!
Madi karima France
Benjamin Gründinger Germany
John Gaida Germany
Flarp Emerald United States Our money, our code!
Maarten van Gompel Netherlands
Gabriele Villi Italy
Colin Pitrat Ireland
王鼎鈞 Taiwan 我支持自由軟體!
Frithjof Gressmann United Kingdom Long overdue!
makis Floros Greece Εξαιρετικά σημαντικό θέμα για την κοινωνια των πολιτών! !...
Mark Aylett United Kingdom
Philipp Kiener Germany
Cedric Valignat France
Vincent Trubesset France Open Source & Free Software are needed for trust & technological improvement.
Lars Gröber Germany
Nicco Maxime France
Coppere France
Chris van Lith Netherlands
Jonathan Battiato Italy This is one step toward our society's improvement.
Till Zoppke Germany As an electoral assistant, I am shocked by the carelessness of German Authorities regarding the voting software.
Paget Philippe France
Filippo Ireland
Christian Straßer Germany
陳國成 Taiwan
Maximilian Germany
Karim Trott Germany
Matthieu Humbert France
Ruben Philipp Germany
Theresia Reinhold Germany
Jimmy Olano Venezuela We need go to the space with a useful software: an astronaut must be able to fix his or her own software at starship, think about it!
Daniela Knodt Germany
Renata Verloop Netherlands
Dr. Cornelius Diekmann Germany
Nils Sweden This is a no-brainer!
Ooghe-Tabanou Benjamin France
Mário Chorváth Slovakia
Vlad Dascalu Romania I do agree and support this initiative. Also I think this should be implement in the legislation.
PAUL France I totally support this !
Martin Brunner Germany
Pedro Maia Coelho Portugal
Alessandro Belli Germany
Marco Ferrara Italy
Rocco Folino Italy
Jan Molnár Czech Republic
Marc joliet Germany
Xavier Claude Belgium
Alex Austria
Darius Whelan Ireland Publicly funded software should be made freely available; it makes sense
Ryan Suggs United States This is possibly one of the best ideas I have ever heard regarding the future of infrastructure. It just makes sense.
Antoine Brenner France
António Fernandes Portugal Software in public health care has bugs which can't be fixed because it's not free software.
Patrick Burke Germany
Ricardo Calobra Portugal
Bourumeau-Guénézan France
Josef Streibl Germany
Aleix Spain
Bourumeau-Guénézan France
Julien Machiels Belgium Let the developpers in Europe contribute openly to software, to make our Europe better and cheaper.
Stefan de Konink Netherlands
Torbjørn Ludvigsen Sweden Proprietary software is deeply unethical. Why do the public sector pay for such things? Respect our freedom, please.
Jochen Schulz Germany
Matteo Cavallero Italy Public money to public code
Stefan Schablowski Germany
Graham Rogers United Kingdom
Massimiliano Franchini Italy
Robert Clarke United Kingdom
Mikael Nordfeldth Sweden As an employee of the public sector my productivity and effectiveness would be greatly increased with free and open source software!
Mindaugas Baranauskas Lithuania
Tarin Gamberini Italy
Robert Zelník Slovakia
Corrado Petrelli Italy
Filippo Bergamo Italy
Trubesset France
Diomides Skalistis Greece I would like to see the same thing applied to information and everything that science have produced via public funded universities.
W. Tiedemann Germany
Gerard Parker Denmark
Stephen Geaney Ireland
Alexis Ballier France
Olivier Galinou France
Pierre Fourest France
Tobias Ebert Germany
Edo Plantinga Netherlands
Giovanni Minotti Italy
LUG StarinuX France
Pontus Sweden
Alfonso Parisini Italy
Audirac Francois France
Petr Valach Czech Republic
Lars Norén Sweden Stop using my money to finance private corporations - public money should be used for public code!
Rousselie France
Arno De Witte Belgium Vrij en open software is een bouwsteen voor de samenleving. Het gebruik ervan levert alleen maar voordelen op de lange termijn!
Ralf Schenk Germany
Tim Malte Gräfje Germany Free and open software allows for easier sharing of solutions between institutions and avoids duplicating effort.
Hermann Vocke Germany
Grégoire Jean France
Andrei Neculau Sweden Do it! It's long overdue!
Thomas Greece I full agree with this campaingn
Siorat France Argent publique, code publique !
Stephan Tesch Germany
Matthieu Baechler France
Mariachiara Verrigni Italy
Jordi Miralles Spain
Simon Gilliot
Sandor Spain
Diego Mérida Spain I'm currently work in government place, I'm horrorized about lots of money spended when updates the systems to another obsolete software
Bernd Amend Germany
Miaoulis Georgios Greece
Jens Lechtenbörger Germany There is too much uncontrollable software already.
Benedikt Brandl Germany If you pay it, you deserve to have it. Evenmore if there's only advantages
Pojo,s.r.o. Slovakia
Silvano Garnerone Sweden
Jozef Pohorelec Slovakia
Matthias Schmitt Germany I am a first time voter an this issue concerns me.
Ivan Starčević Croatia
Jannik Vieten Germany
Oliver Switzerland
Dimitris Koukoulakis Greece
Joan Ordinas Spain I agree.
Arne Klein Germany
Ivo Grimaldi Italy
Tobias Mai Germany
Lorenzo Fresch Italy
Janez Urevc Slovenia
Benedetti Rémy France
Julian Raschke Germany
Florian Zimmermann Switzerland Fully agree, this is something that has been irritating me for a long time.
Daniel Schwalm Germany
Giuseppe Rossi “Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Julien Biaudet France
David Croatia
Rhein France
Martin Wüstefeld Germany Open-Source und Freie Software fördern die Sicherheit und verhindern Monopole!
Reciclanet Asociacion Educativa Spain Dinero público, código libre
Luca Guastini Italy
Sergi Baila Spain
Molteni Patrizia France
Pace France Ce sera un bien meilleurs investissement, plus fiable et de meilleure qualité
Andy P France
Nicolò Castro Italy
Alex McKenna United Kingdom
Marco Candellero Italy
Fernando Spain
RAVINET Thomas France
Alfred M. Szmidt Sweden
Maria Chiara Prodi France
Thibaut LEFAVRAIS Belgium
sergej schmidt Germany Security researchers all over the world have shown, govs have failed to establish security standards for proprietary soft.
Andrea Piovesana Italy Copiamo UK gov che vuole codice open ->
Thomas Eichelberg Germany Okay
Brian Sutherland United Kingdom
Simon Hausmann Austria
Tasos Skiadopoulos Greece
Klaus Rettinghaus Germany
Jan Larres Germany
Marco Koch Switzerland yeah!!
tux llefia Spain
Carlo Bottai Italy
Lukas Wurtinger Germany
Shawn Chang China Our society is highly rely on free/libre and open source software and it benefits all of us.
Silviu Cojocaru Romania If public money is used to fund software development, that software should be free (as in libre, not gratis)
Simone Schirru Italy
Katie Tutwiler United States
Marko Komac Slovenia Publicly paid - publicly owned!
saz Germany
Boris Lischka Germany
Alberto Clocchiatti Italy Ottima proposta
Stamatios Aronis Greece
Daniel Schmidt Germany
pampos Cyprus
Giannis Tsagatakis Greece
Marcus Wellendorf Germany
Ioannis Andriopoulos Greece
Andrew Banchich United States
wasif India
Adam J Wadler United Kingdom
Raitis Kriķis Latvia
Kathryn Blitz United States The public deserves to be able to have access to what we pay for.
Jafeth Netherlands
Danijel Kutkurezovic Germany
Stefan Stefanović Serbia This is the only ethical choice!
PANOUTSOS Panagiotis Greece free public softwera
Giacomo Vitali Italy
陳茂洲 Taiwan
Tomislav Croatia Companies that make publicly paid software are only tools paid to do a software. They shouldn't be alowed to enforce privacy on source code.
Gorka Navarrete Chile
Andrew Yunker United States We can't trust our government, but could they try using open source software for more credibity and security?
Edgar Angel Mexico No hay razón para que el código hecho con dinero público no sea público.
Ty Myrick United States Everyone pays for the government. Everyone should benefit from those expenses.
Paulo Gali Macedo Portugal
Jann Eike Kruse Greece I would also like publicly funded reaseach, to be openly accessible, i.e. published _in full_ under CC-By(-SA) and NOT patented.
Pablo Tomé Mansilla Spain
Τσακιρίδης Θάβος Greece Θα ήταν ένα σημαντικό βήμα εμπρός
Ján Stibila Slovakia
Se7h France C'est tellement logique qu'un logiciel public soit libre, qu'il est triste de devoir faire une telle campagne. Mais c'est hélas très utile<3
Mario Torre Germany It just makes sense, if we pay for it, we need to own it too!
Simon Leidenbach Germany
Luca SAIU France
Timothy Martin United States The only way we can lower the threat of vulnerable code, financed with our taxes, is to allow public inspection, transparency, and reuse.
David CALLAMARD France
BRUNET Eric France
Mariella Paul Germany
Bruce Nelson Australia If the public pay for the code, the public should own the code. Simple logic really.
Melllerin France
Dominik König Germany Öffentliche Einrichtungen müssen durch die Öffentlichkeit konntroliert werden können. Quelloffe Software ist dazu zwingend notwendig!
Marco Aceti Italy
Fernando Sánchez Peru Respaldo la iniciativa, totalmente de acuerdo.
Phillip Mocek United States
Johannes Drummer Germany
Angelos Pappas Greece Public invest should return to public so they ll invest again
Bernard HENRY France
Dirk Massmann Germany
saintmerlin France
Rafael Reis Portugal
Marcel Mayer Germany
Benjamin Rottler Germany
Emmerich Lorenz Austria
Edda Seuchter Austria
Paul Waite New Zealand Open Government, providing open data, with free, open source software. Please.
Krzysztof Krzemiński Poland
Martin Krafft Germany This is long overdue. I don't want my tax money to fund the private sector given FLOSS is much better long-term.
Felix Ruess Germany
Mercè Marsal Spain
Hilko Bengen Germany
Christoph Schäfer Germany
Antony Mota France Just do it
Franziska Walter Germany
guezennec France
Philipp Förster Austria
Eric Bavier United States
Olivier Duquesne France
Club Linux Nord-Pas de Calais France
Shlomi Fish Israel FOSS is great and the public should get what they pay for.
Carles Pagès
Alexandrosmouhtsis Greece
Lucien Puget France
Restouble Marnic France Toutes productions financés avec l'argent des contribuables doit êtres accessible à ceux-ci. C'est encore plus vrai dans le monde logiciel.
Irene Koukia Greece
Ivan Stana Slovakia freedom and transparency!
Carpentier France
Renaud WUCHER France c'est une grande cause. Nous payons tous énormément d'impots pour réinventer le fil a couper le beure....
Hans-Peter Brügger Switzerland
Siebren Weertman Netherlands Well, if I were to use a so called secure program from the govt, I'd like to see the code thank you!
Ludovic Courtès France Des logiciels libres pour un service public numérique.
Michał Masłowski Poland
Eric Lemoine France
Paul Prechtel Germany
Philipp Meier Germany
Dimitrios Mantzavrakos Greece
Nicolas Perraut France
Markus Schaber Germany
Nicolás quesada Spain Public Money, public code
Michael Kotsarinis Greece
Tiago Veiga Lázaro Germany
Volker Berkhout Germany
Juan Gonzalez Spain
Boris Frtus Slovakia
Lopez France Logique. Mes taxes, mon code.
Raul Libório Brazil Super válido! Se o contribuinte pagou, ele precisa saber o que foi feito com seu dinheiro!
Peter Stumpf Germany
Bertrand Larsy Belgium
Aaron Rebmann Germany
Chris hinson United States
Gallais Véronique France
Stefan Kaufmann Germany
Alexandre Hua France
Ismael Spain
Jürgen Merz Germany
ONFROY France Je suis entièrement d'accord que tout programme ou tout autre chose financé par le denier du peuple soit mis à disposition gratuite .
Alexandre Bacquart France
Stefan Pantke Germany
Jordi Clopés Esteban Spain Why not yet?
Fred Lehodey Portugal
Thomas Constans France
Karl-Meelis Tuisk Estonia
Marián Marcinko Slovakia
Jörg Kastning Germany Use public money to improve open source not closed source software.
Benjamin Poldrack Germany
Ulf Müller-Baumgart Germany Seit langer Zeit überfällig.
Michel Sardon France
Mikko Viinamäki Finland
t crosby United States public money = public code
Rosy inaudi France je signe pour une procedure plus légale
Antoine Waché France C'est une évidence que les logiciels financés par les contribuables soient Libres et Opensource
Ketil Froyn Norway Interoperability. Security. Quality. Let researchers study. Reusability. Open collaboration between institutions and nations. And more...
Hugo Serra Portugal
Eric Colinet France
Pio Gabriel Rocca Italy I Want Free Code!
Bárbara Spain Aposho el software libre boludo PAHHHHHH
Marc Switzerland
Giancarlo De Gregorio Italy Il software sviluppato con soldi pubblici deve essere libero, soprattutto se sviluppato per conto della pa.
Caio Viotti Outside the EU This should be an open international letter. We're inside a Brazilian government branch and we are all up for FOSS!
Daniel Bevilacqua Meireles Brazil
Bernhard Herzog Germany
Bonni McKeown United States stop allowing backdoors not known to all of ud
Michael Walter Germany
Michael Walter Germany
Nikoltsis Nikolaos Greece A little suggestion but so strong. For my country, a dream of a summer night
María Ventura Spain Ich unterstütz freie Software
Edward Hervey France
Tobias Sweden
Monnier Jean-François France
timothy vollmer United States
Benoît Mendousse France Comme l'a dit L. Lessig, le code source agit comme une loi ; chaque citoyen devrait donc y avoir accès.
Moscato France
Oleksandr Ukraine
Laura Spain
Michael A Crumpton United States If we pay for it, it belongs to us.
Volker Brodel Germany
Marco Chemello Italy Vicenza
Athos Ribeiro Brazil This sort of initiative does benefit the whole world, regardless of where it is implemented. More regions should take similar actions!
John Tsevdos Greece
Josep Lladonosa i Capell Spain
Dr. Matthias Lohr Germany Public Money, Public Code - There's nothing to add whatsoever!
Mikael Marques de Medeiros Brazil
Gonçalo Silva Portugal
Danilo de Abreu e Silva Brazil We need to be, produce and work for freedom.
Steve Belgium We demand freedom. Proprietary software is an injustice and should not exist.
Rafał Marek Poland
Ferdinando Traversa Italy Ed i contenuti scritti in CC-BY-SA
Mat Jones United States Freedom is for everyone, software should be too
Glen Currier United States
Joseph Howey United States
Chris Lazaris Greece
Vinicio Silva Portugal Makes sense
Paolo Italy
George Termentzoglou Greece
Andrew Ukraine
Jordi Ortiz Spain
Paulo Santos Portugal
Olivier Bouzereau France It's about time for European interactions to use FLOSS software!
Daniel Lyke United States
John Poussart Netherlands
Vincent Ramiere France
Jean-Luc Duvivier France
Alain MICHEL France Argent public = code public | Et pourtant, ça paraît tellement évident !!!
Jan Ackermann Switzerland
Norberto Vale Portugal
Lukáš Sliacky Slovakia
LAFOND David France
Walter Neyder Austria Public financed code and science has to be part of public domain.
Greg K Nicholson United Kingdom
Etienne de Sevin France
Dr. Jürgen Schraten Germany
Riccardo Di Sarcina Italy Public Money -> Public Code!
Shikaruko Ryukan France
Nicolas Auvray France
loisel France Encore un moyen pour détourner les impôts des Français, une honte!
Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff Germany
Valerio De Angelis Italy I totally agree with the open letter: public money, public code.
Julio Menendez United States
Thomas Goirand France
Jacobo García
Žan Slovenia
Harry Parker United States If we've already paid for it, we shouldn't need to pay again!
Federico Zenith Norway
Elizabeth Murray United States If the public pays for it, then it belongs to the public.
Helder Guerreiro Portugal
Matthew Dawson Canada
Miguel Rodríguez Lopez Spain Software libre en la administración
Ralf Czaska Germany
Stefan Mai Germany
Marco Afonso Portugal We want to pay for open software products!
Lynn Berg United States
Jitendra Singh India yes! I agree with your thought.
Mullesch Carlo Luxembourg je suis pour cette licence de logiciel libre et open source
Tomáš Dienstbier Czech Republic Government software is public software, so it should have an open source code
Nicolas Germany
LMaxime Hurtrel France
Sven Sprengel Germany
Alexandre BARBIER France
Holger Rinne Germany Transparenz und Sicherheit für die Bürger und Ihre Regierung sollten höchster Maßstab sein.
Sander van der Waal Netherlands
Les Développements Durables France Tout code payé par les collectivités devrait être disponible en licence libre.
Patrick Kunz Germany Free Software, Free Society!
Ingo Lohmar Germany This is the very least we have to demand. Show that you are serious about freedom!
Thomas Stempfl Germany
Kai Hein Germany
Santiago Lamora Spain
Jesus Rubio Hdez Spain
Gregor Goldbach Germany
Anna cots Spain
jesus christian Cruz Acono Mexico
Florian Seifert Germany
Simon Gray Denmark
Martin Fink Austria
Makrai Patrik Hungary
George W Offley United States
Georg Robert Curnutt Outside the EU This is a great argument and I fully support it.
Silvio Foiera Switzerland Es ist nicht einzusehen, warum Steuerzahler für Iteration statt Evolution zahlen soll
Tiago Portugal
Micah Lee United States
Till Schäfer Germany Free Software is the perfect tool to organize commons and fairness in the digital age
Juan Asensio Sánchez Spain
Jean-Marc Liotier France Let the state enrich the public instead of enriching the vendors !
Jiri Stransky Czech Republic
Christophe Geiser France
Tanu Kaskinen Finland
Anagnostou Konstantinos Greece
Vangelis Karakatsanis Greece
Patrick Hanft Germany Code is law! Our administrations are governed by software code. This needs to be public for a transparent administration!
Brack Wired Canada As a pioneer in online communications and free access to fidonet and open source software
Denis KETELS France
Opeyemi Dahunsi Nigeria
Daniel Eriksson Sweden
Thomas Schöfbeck Austria
Hagen Nicol Germany
Andreas Koutroumpas Greece
Enoch Mahila Kenya
Karassimeonov France
Alexandru Portugal
tamara Netherlands
Duarte Martins Portugal
Bernard Zénon Je suis Québécois donc, pour l’instant apatride. Voilà pourquoi
Prémel-Cavic France
Katie Kosak United States
Diana Bendig-Stenberg Germany
Maurice Germany
Badet France Le code payé par le contribuable est un bien commun.
Michal Hriň Slovakia
bouillaut France
Wehrli France
Ricardo García González Spain I fully agree with the initiative and would like all publicly-funded software to be released under a free software license.
Thomas Arden Germany
Francesco Riosa Italy It's not only the right thing, it's a saver for the governments
frederic wets France
João Aleixo Portugal
Stewart Dickson United States Proprietary information and secrets do not serve the public
Ladislav Dobrovský Czech Republic
Zhuoqun Wang Germany
Michael Noe United States
Nilesh Chaturvedi India In full support of the motion.
Raihan Bangladesh
Bruno Kleinert Germany
James Kruth United States
Richard Duivenvoorde Netherlands
Artur Iwicki Poland Public investments should benefit the public. Closed source mostly benefits the vendor.
Michael Digas Greece
Moritz Weglage Sweden
Mathias Bavay France
Patrick Londema Netherlands
John Dixon United States
Loris Santamaria Venezuela
Alessandro Vinciguerra Italy
Pedro Gonçalves Teixeira Portugal FOSS should be mandatory for e-gov, after all it's our money and our property
Adrienne Jopa Luxembourg Je partage cette idéé du financement de tous pour tous et remercie en même tous ceux qui s'engagent pour nous tous. :-)
Harald Germany Open Source Software = Sicherheit für alle
Moritz Both Germany
Rafi Forrester United Kingdom I completely agree with this :)
Riccardo Fanciola Switzerland
Stephan Glaß Germany
Nathan Towell Australia Software Zero Days are easier to conceal when source code is obfuscated from the public.
Miguel Piedrafita Spain
Konstantinos Pechlivanis Greece
Grenier France C'est l'évidence ! et cela ecarte aussi les spywares qui pourraient s'y trouver.
gay France Les le seul moyen sinon on finira sous gouvernement google ou microsoft...
Drew Stowell United States
Jan Behr Germany
Laurence Diver United Kingdom
Tom Snelling United Kingdom
Mario Labelle Canada
Dmitry Mikhaylov Russia
benoit gougeon France If the people is paying for the code, the people should be able to read the code and use it.
Evelyn Toseland United Kingdom
Pravin United Kingdom I support this initiative
Martin Burchell United Kingdom
Abel Andrade Portugal
François Fontaine Belgium
Stefan Kruijer Germany
Eduardo Rodríguez Castillo Spain
Jean-Jacques MARTIN France
olivier nemoz saint-dizier Netherlands the only way to guarantee IT independence is to use open source software
Mikko Viinamäki Finland We already share the problems, how about we share the solutions as well?
Daniel López Pérez Spain
Hagedorn Germany
Adrianna Holden-Gouveia United States
Davide Ciminaghi Italy I fully agree with this and appreciate the initiative, thanks
Paulo Jorge Portugal
Bart Jeukendrup Netherlands
Fred Lamb United States Public funding = public code
Jan Kühn Germany
Legendre Guillaume France
Dario Martines Italy
Gonçalo Valério Portugal If developed with public money, should be free software. Public sector should use only free software. Off the shelf SW is different story
Sandrine Burriel France
Doutriaux Cédric France
Stefan Wagler Germany
Óscar Gallardo Román Spain
Miguel Camblor Spain
Rui Morêda Portugal totally agree
Constant Belgium
Mathieu Petitdant France
keller France
Antonio Ospite Italy
BenBE Germany
Dominic Hopf Germany
John Connett United Kingdom
Raimond Kurz Germany
Roland Schmitz Germany
David Forcadell Spain
Ricardo Fritsch Brazil
Renate Eilers Netherlands
H. van de G. Netherlands
George Manitsas Greece
Marcus Morba Germany Alleine schon wegen der Kostenersparnis und der Synergien sollte so entwickelt werden.
Sonja Dolinsek Germany
Heiko August Germany
Peter Wagler Germany
Jean-Marc Libs France
Laurent Pirotte Belgium
R Dwayne Ramey United States
Stephan Renner Germany
Robert Oostenveld Netherlands
Verdière Valérie France
diemert France Plutôt que l'open bar sur les licences Microsoft, on pourrait faire open source sur les logiciels financés par l'argent public.
Alessandro Ricci Italy It's simply good sense and a good way to give back somethng to tax-paying EU citizens :)
Gabriela Salvisberg Switzerland
Luke Murphy Ireland
Andreas Balg Germany
Jose Martin-Corral Spain
Markus Schmidt Switzerland
Radek Bulava
Jasper Wallace United Kingdom
David Díaz Spain
Robert Douglass Germany Public code benefits everyone, most of all the public.
Michael Titze Germany
Moritz Throne Germany
Vasilis Fotopoulos Greece
Matteo Italy
Tatiana Detlefsen Germany
Elisabeth Feltes Luxembourg
Gaudin France
Meunier France
Olivier Duclos France
Alba Jiménez Germany
Uwe Hanke Germany
Dawson Freitas Israel Brazil
Jacob Chassereau United States
Marcus Baw United Kingdom open source IS THE ONLY WAY for public infrastructure code
Christian Bewernitz Germany
Jakub Ambrozewicz United Kingdom
Hanna Samir Germany I can only support
Chiron Sylvain France
Dominik Kozaczko Poland Podatnik płaci, więc jest właścicielem i musi móc obejrzeć kod.
Jorge Sánchez Serrano Spain
Thomas Kluth Germany
Richard Sattel Germany We have the right to participate. FLOSS is the only way to make this possible.
Hrisafi Apostolidou Greece
Adrien Beraud France
Jacob Chassereau United States I meet some really great people and I hope you will too!
Domen Slovenia
le ludec France
Petros Kousounadis Greece
Sayat Satybaldiyev Kazakhstan
Evdokim Germany
Andre Hartmann Germany
Juan Spain Public money, public code. #openSource
Rossi Lorenzo Italy
Jean-Laurent Picard France
Marleen Stikker Netherlands
Alessandro Grassi Italy
Vincenzo Del Fatto Italy
Marco Grillo Italy
Annalisa Dordoni Italy
Till Lesser Germany Tax money, tax payers' code! Open source is safer. Face it. Hiding code is insecure.
Mikhail Gusarov Malta
Jochen Hoff Germany Schnittstellen zum Datenaustausch müssen offen sein. Dies fördert die freie Marktwirtschaft und die Chancengleichheit aller Marktteilnehmer.
IOANNIS STAMELOS Greece I fully support this initiative. Public money = public source code
Beiss France
Kris McCleary United States
Johannes Löthberg Sweden
Pierre France
Lisa Günzler Germany
Marian Dziubiak Poland
Christina Sereti Greece
Paul Stevens Netherlands
Pekka Lehtonen Finland Public money, public code!
Martin Chroboczek Czech Republic great idea!
MORERE France La liberté maintenant !
Sean Butler United Kingdom
Felix Stalder Austria Hilft der Datenscicherheit, dem Schutz der Privatspähre und dem Wirtschaftsstandort.
Bossard France
Dr. Hayssam Zakaria Germany same should apply for all publicly funded research
Nehemi Struple France We pay for it, we own it!
Desroches Joachim France
Sean Taiwan 台灣覺醒吧~
Patrice Lazareff France Code public et #blockchain publique pour chaque centime !
Daniel Rénuit France
Alberto Calderon Spain This should be the standard for transparency, auditability and money efficiency across public entities and other organizations.
Daniel Spain
Carsten Witteler Germany
Raffael Herzog Switzerland
Jeremy Ricketts United Kingdom Improve security, reduce ongoing and development costs.
Lenka Segura Puimedon Czech Republic
Alejandro López Sánchez Spain
Filippo Giunchedi Italy
Karlheinz Spiegelt Germany
Bernard Maccari France
Fabio Ropelato Italy
Hugo Lagerkrans Sweden
Brice Person France
Ian Hallworth United Kingdom
Yao Wei Taiwan
David Seseke Germany Completely agree with the statement, as it will greatly help in world where lots of politics is happening behind closed doors.
梁穎鎬 Taiwan
George Greece
Martin Scherbaum Luxembourg Security and prosperity comes by transparency and free access. In general, and for code.
Gabriel Lachmann Slovakia
Johannes Zellner Germany
Chris Hills United Kingdom It is in the interest of citizens to have open government software.
Dimitris Gravanis
Stefan Karstens Germany
Grigory Russia
GILBON France Tout est déjà dans le titre !
Victor Miranda Ireland If the public is funding code, they should be able to access the source.
Hans Schmidt Germany Aber HALLO!
Daniel Poelzleithner Germany
Nikita Tchayka Spain We shouldn't let the private companies restrict our rights, government must be open source.
Petr Ječmen Czech Republic
Marc Reichelt Germany
Hervé Le Crosnier France
Robert Rotariu Romania This is obviously the only sane way for publicly funded code to be licensed.
Louis Gesbert France
Sérgio Ribeiro Portugal
Frank Hollwitz Germany
Eric Rochard France
Haigermoser Rafael
Francis MASSEN Luxembourg
Raphael Dürscheid Germany If it's paid by society, make it public!
Pascal Germany
Miguel Ferreira Portugal
Wolfgang Kaiser Austria
Hugo Gonçalves Portugal
Jan Dvořák Czech Republic
Jens Himmelreich Germany
Fábio Silva Portugal
Manuel Barrera Yañez Spain
ReindeR Rustema Netherlands The code of (national petitioning website) is paid by taxpayers and is already open.
Emilie Clette Belgium
Palayret France
Peter Moser Italy
Koralewski France
Duarte Portugal Public money. Public code!
Paulius Jurgelevičius Lithuania It should have been like this right from the start
Ruben De Smet Belgium
Rudolf Doczkal Germany I use a lot of free Software, and therefoe i wold like to support it
Marouan Bakour Netherlands Free Software as in freedom
Jean-Jacques MOIROUX United Kingdom
José Portugal Hell yeah
Nathan Le Ray France
Christoph Lamprecht Germany
Richard Metzler Germany Ich arbeite als Software-Engineer fast ausschliesslich mit freier Software und sehe darin nur Vorteile.
Samuel Hicker Germany Das es das noch nicht gibt ist eine schande. Jestzt aber !!
Vinaychandran Pondenkandath Switzerland
Raphael Springer Germany
Damien Gleitz France C'est une evidence !!!
Nils Boden Germany
Fredrik Larsson Sweden
Thomas Kleyntssens Belgium
Bastien Guerry France I'm working in a public administration and I write free software.
Vincent Ambo Outside the EU
diego Spain
Clément Juste France
Jean=Luc Lefèvre Belgium
Colin LORRAIN France
Gesine Rodewald
Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo
Julien NICOLAS France C'est aussi simple que ça. L'argent est public, le code doit l'être aussi. Merci :)
ricou France
Alix Guillard Czech Republic
Javier Martinez Rojo Spain
Mathieu Dupont de Dinechin France
Jose Luis Cercos-Pita Spain
Poizat France En tant que professionnel du logiciel je supporte cette idée.
Vasco Grilo Portugal Totally agree! Excellent initiative.
Bernhard Reiter Germany
Hartwig Thomas Outside the EU
Pavel Šimerda Czech Republic
Sara Serrano Spain I totally agree with this campaign.
Guillaume Blin United Kingdom
Antonius Macha Germany
José Aniceto Portugal
Christian Wolff Germany
David Asensio Spain
BROUET Valentin France Action d'autant plus importante dans le domaine de l'école. Libérons l'éducation !
Diogo Fonseca Portugal
Marcello Stoll Germany
Benjamin Granjon France In a free world every public thing should be shared and transparent.
Carl Hedgren Sweden
Brinkmann Felix Germany
Rune Morling Denmark
Hugo Santos Portugal
Michael Opdenacker France Because the public should own the code it paid for. That saves a lot of public money in the long run too.
thines France
Krzysztof Smutek Poland
William Arnold Outside the EU
Amrouch Yassine Belgium An important thing, nowadays.
Rolf Menn Germany
Ganael Laplanche France
Antoine France
Blais France
Luis Anselmo Fernandes Portugal
Willy France
Steffen Exler Germany
Aníbal Rey González Spain
Thomas Hackert Germany
Bert Bruynooghe Belgium
Christina Holderbaum Germany
Patrick Gmelch Germany
張家豪 Outside the EU 制定法律,要求取自人民納稅錢所建置或開發的各公家單位軟體資訊系統,皆必須採用自由與開源軟體授權,公開給民眾使用!
Oliver Kömm Germany
Julián Melero Spain Un proyecto esencial para la libertad.
Manfred Lunz Germany
João Almeida Portugal
Morel Darleux Corinne France Conseillère régionale (Parti de Gauche)
Madalin Sava Romania
Sandro Weber Germany
Manuel Martinez Fernandez Spain
Sebastian Göhs Germany
Ingo Huxhorn Germany
Dorothee Janssen Germany Was wir gemeinsam erarbeitet haben, können wir mit allen teilen.
Guy Fagherazzi France #OpenResearch is the future.
Joao Oliveira da Rocha Portugal I agree with this open letter.
Nikolaus Schlemm Germany Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. This right helps support other fundamental freedoms.
Artur Gil Portugal
Richard Kellner Slovakia
Louise Belonne Belgium rendre au citoyen les moyens de vivre et participer à une citoyenneté souveraine!
Bruno Portugal
Iván R. Galicia Spain
Filipe Leitão Portugal
Markus Virtanen Finland
Jussi Piitulainen Finland
Victor Spain
Wenzel Pünter Germany
BARDAIL France open source and free for ever
Elisabet Wahlgren Sweden Our current software-controlled society, to be regarded as open, must enable citizens to scrutinize the software of public governance.
Daniel Kirchner Germany
Thibaud Griessinger France
Magnus Sandberg Sweden
Christian Andersson Sweden
Mathieu Baudier Germany Moreover, free / open source software is arguably a public good w/ positive externalities.
David Buffeteau France
Feltes Jean-Claude Luxembourg
Guy WEILER Luxembourg
Jorge Maldonado Ventura Spain El software libre es eficiente, seguro y democrático; el software privativo es inseguro, ineficiente y antidemocrático
Hendrik Mann Germany
BERNARD France C'est une évidence ! Les impots ne devraient jamais servir à payer des logiciels propriétaires !
Antoine Rault France
Ralph Kugler Germany
Björ Schad Germany
FAIZ K T Outside the EU I support the cause.
Martijn Grendelman Netherlands
Hans Lemuet France
Milos Sramek Austria
Matyas Dolak Czech Republic
Marcin Fabrykowski Poland If it's public, it shoud be public
Gabriele Tozzi Italy
Ciaran Edwards Portugal
Johan Holm Sweden
Fabien Moritz France
Miguel Portugal
Helder Murcha Portugal
Jacob Jansen Belgium
Frederic Muller France Yes public money = public code
Olivier Le Monnier France
Gaillard William France
Giorgio Comai Italy Foster further development, increase inter-operability and openness
Jesús A. Rodríguez Spain
COSTY France Privilégier le libre avant l'open source please
David Belgium Public money = public products. Simple as that.
Bartosz Feński Poland OpenSource is the way to go!
Rupert Kolb Germany Proprietäre Software ist verlorenes Wissen!
Fabio Comuni Italy
Protesilaos Stavrou Cyprus
William Ellison France
Sylvain Leterreur France
Narcis Pap Romania We need to promote high quality, open source developments in the interest of all EU citizens.
Igor Clukas Germany
Graham Lee United Kingdom I believe a public commons is crucial to a functioning democracy.
Hannes Niederhausen Germany
Bernd Germany
Massimiliano Puliero Outside the EU please make the public software opsensource.
Daniel Santos Silva Portugal Let's go
Eduardo Trapero Ruiz Spain I love the idea of using the public founds to create better software. Let's go for it!
Pedro Lobo Portugal
Lovell Dsouza Portugal
Marco Ciampa Italy È semplicemente giusto...
Jean-François Duprat France Je pense que ce serait également un levier pour plus de qualité, code public oblige!
André Gonçalves Portugal Os contribuintes têm direito a ter acesso ao software que pagam
Jozef Gercak
Pietro Montorfano Italy
Dierk Claus Germany
Marc Mootz Luxembourg
Deplano Damiano Belgium
Cédric Krier Belgium
Oriol Spain
Tobias Kern Austria We need to fix the security bugs together, before it‘s too late.
Pedro Gonçalves Portugal
Guillaume AUDARD France Je soutiens cette initiative.
BARRAIN France freedom !!!
Elisa Lindinger Germany
Rosco Kalis Netherlands
Simon Germany
Oscar Moreno Spain
Pol Maresma Spain Per ètica, per economia i per localització els diners públics en programari lliure.
Damien Garaud France
Thomas Gummerer United Kingdom
Alexander Kogan Germany
Juan José Guerrero González Spain Nada de dinero público para obtener beneficios privados
Claes Jakobsson Sweden
Przemyslaw Gasinski Belgium
Quentin Grimaud France
Denis Bitouzé France
Simone Eidel Germany
Katja Müller Austria Frei wie in Redefreiheit!
Keith Humphreys Ireland
Rene Cremers Netherlands
luca vicentini Italy Open source code open your mind and let save your money
Jose Manuel Beas Spain I fully support this initiative.
Sven-S. Porst Germany
Stefan Mayer Austria
Samy France
Mojca Maček Slovenia
VANDAELE Jacques-Henri France C'est du bon sens. L'Etat et les services publics doivent montrer l'exemple pour développer une économie et des rapports sociaux non marchan
Jonas Brømsø Nielsen Denmark
Friedemann Gerster-Streit Germany Die immer wieder auftretenden Sicherheitsmängel können nur durch transparenten Einblick in die Software verhindert werden.
Gabriele Kiok Germany
Alvaro García Loaisa Spain
Manuel Pütz Germany
Eldin Hadzic Germany
Roberto Santana Valdés Spain
Emil Madsen Denmark
VARRET Benoît France
Labourot France
Carlos Sierra Andrés Spain
Piet Germany
Ivo Bathke Germany
Alex acme D'Elia Italy Free Software for Public Freedom !
Marco Markgraf Germany Public Money, Public Code sollte nach dem PCWahl-Desaster selbstverständlich sein.
Emil Tullstedt Sweden
R. Gieben United Kingdom
Matthias Erche Germany
Giuseppe Corbelli Italy
Lorenzo Soligo Italy
Thomas Wagner Germany
Jose Pascual Gumbau Mezquita Spain
Daniel Stenberg Sweden
Rozé Romain France
Jan Plotetzki Germany
Bruno Cornec France
Dirk Olmes Germany
Hannah Williams Outside the EU
Andrea Coners Germany
Miguel Filipe Portugal Signing this because I believe it opens a lot of doors.
Michael Olberg Sweden
Sergio Spain
Florian Lottes Germany
Boulenguez France
Iván Garza Sánchez Spain
Francesco Abeni Italy The significance of your quest cannot be underestimated. Well done!
Xavier De Yzaguirre Maura Spain Public funds, public result.
Dominic Walden United Kingdom
CEH Naber Netherlands
Isabel Galindo Lucas Spain
Lars von der Brelie Germany
Anton Andersson Sweden
Iván Zaera Avellón Spain
Daniel Altena Germany
Bas Postema Netherlands Together is better
Paolo Sacconier Italy
Guillem Julià Spain I'm totally agree
Nick Diel Netherlands
Nukartaannguaq Lundblad Denmark
Simone Ramacci United Kingdom
Alexander Klier Germany Ich halte das für eine konsequente Fortsetzung der Entwicklung von Commons und Open Educational Resources (OER). Her mit dem Code.
Miguel García Porras Spain
Gornet France
Ivan Drienik Slovakia
Jérôme Darmont France
Lucas Vieites Fariña Spain
Alberto Matassoni Italy
Angela Cataliotti Italy
Franco Solerio Italy
İsmail Savran Outside the EU Good for Humanity
Jorge Ferrer Spain
Michael Pietsch Germany
Ducheyron France
Thomas Arnold Germany Public money, public code. Not hard to understand.
Salvador de la Puentr Spain
Ingo Huxhorn Germany
Manuel Lavilla Miyasato Spain
Mikko Tiihonen Finland
Reyer de Vos Netherlands
angelo.santangelo France
Killian BOUCAULT France Très utile pour analyser les systèmes de traitements de données personnelles des Citoyens...
Brecht Collen Belgium
Wolfgang Maehr Austria
Ritik Pareek Outside the EU Codes developed using public money should be placed under open source software. We have to discuss on the role for sensitive codes.
Fabien Givors France
Iñigo Zendegi Urzelai Spain
Finn Gehrke Germany the citizens pay for it, so the code is owned by all of us!
Fabrizio Sirianni Italy Open source is trasparent
Marcel Germany Weil in deutschen Behörden einiges gebaut wird das für alle interessant wäre
Igor Hammer Outside the EU
Marcus Sweden Nothing to say really, it so totally obvious that this is how it should be.
Steven Baker Sweden
Nicolas Bernaerts France
christoph müller Outside the EU switzerland
José Antonio Bravo Mateu Spain
Anett Bolvári Hungary
Michael Thiemicke Germany work together * free software = freedom
Schlomo Schapiro Germany This is long time overdue
Miquel Soldevila Spain
Oliver Köhler Germany
Tristan Barber Outside the EU Please set an example for the rest of the world.
Simona Knavs Slovenia It is simple logic!
Marcus Meyer Germany
Svetozar Kolesar Outside the EU
Leif Bode Nielsen Denmark
Gary Yeagley Outside the EU
Paco Guio Spain
Mattias Bengtsson Sweden I've always thought that this is the way to go.
Ana-Alexandra Mirea Romania
Daniel Havlik Germany
Mario Vejlupek Czech Republic
Quirin Johannes Koch Germany
Petr Neudek Czech Republic Democratic institutions should not have undemocratic dependence on a particular subject. It was "relevant" when there was no other option.
Benozillo France On est bien d'accord
Philip Gillißen Germany
Paulo Francisco Slomp Outside the EU Dinheiro publico. Codigo publico!
Pabisiak France
gunnar wagner Germany
Albert Kretschmar Germany
Kuldeep Singh Dhaka Outside the EU
Nasos Papamatthaiou Greece
Aleksandra Berberih-Slana Slovenia
Pedro Águia Portugal
Lukas Helebrandt Czech Republic Freedom to all code!
Tony Rojas keep fighting
alejandro perez Spain
Thomas Schlöbcke Finland Pitäiskähän kääntää suomeksikin - Müsste auch ins Finnische übersetzt werden.
Frère Luxembourg C'est ce que je fais depuis 10 ans...
Christian Rebischke Germany
Udo M. Richter Germany
Richard Wonka Germany How is this even a question?
Ajinkya Dahale Outside the EU
Patrick Neumann Germany
Lance Alligood Outside the EU
Fabio Till Germany Use the source, Luke!
Marian Hähnlein Austria
Pedro Freitas Portugal Support permissive free software licenses (2BSD, MIT).
Jérôme Avond France C'est tellement évident : argent public code libre !
Radu - Eosif Mihailescu Ireland A wholehearted thumbs-up, please do so ASAP!
Lukas Gradl Germany
JOUVIN Frédéric France I'd add that constitution must warranty to citizen 100% free technologies are available at all technological layers, including IC's.
jeppe winther sørensen Denmark You cannot fix a code problem if you cannot see the code. Living at the mercy of closed source software vendors keeps failing. Badly.
Noemi Novello Italy
Laurent RICHARD France
Alexander Nitsch Germany
Daniel Raissar Estonia
Kristijan Puljek Croatia
Janina Abels Germany Knowledge doesn't diminuish, when it's shared, it rather becomes more. So let's just move in the direction of common code as a default value
Henwood France
Jean-Louis Vaisse France
Lars Kruse Germany
António Silva Portugal It's a matter of principle. Software used by the state should be in control of the state, and that's only possible with opensource software.
Matthew McClintock Outside the EU
Jean-Marc Capellero France
Eduard Boldižár Slovakia Go go open world!
Lukáš Jelínek Czech Republic Public administration must be open. Open source, open standards, open data.
Dave Baxter Outside the EU
Metzinger Thomas France Le code payé par le peuple devrait être disponible pour le peuple!
Andrey Mokhov United Kingdom
Ronan France It's simple and make sense, public money=public code.
emilio astier Spain
Thomas United Kingdom
Bernard Sufrin United Kingdom
L. Alberto Giménez Spain
cristiano bolognese Italy
Alexandre Neto Portugal Full agree.
Florian Zwick Germany
Pablo González Otero Spain Nuestros impuestos deben crear bienes comunes y locales
Julian Rottenberg Germany
Christian Caldera
Nuno Oliveira Portugal
Ryan Barolet-Fogarty Germany
Joseph ITURBIDE France
Nave Nobel Outside the EU I believe, publicly financed software should be only Free Software. Anything, other than this, is injustice toward people.
Daniel Badack Germany Ein wichtiges Anliegen, das hoffentlich viele Unterstützer findet.
Christian Gebel Germany
Marek Rusinowski Poland
Alin Dobre United Kingdom Absolutely fair for public money to produce public code
Edgars Jēkabsons Latvia
Ramón Rey Spain
Fred Neau France C'est un combat fondamental pour notre avenir !
Christian Schaefer Germany
Lacombe France
Nicola Foresti Italy
Rodrigo Ferreira Portugal É simplesmente o que faz mais sentido.
Valo Sorsa Finland
Pachot France
Nico Höltzcke Germany
Bernhard Jungert Austria There is no viable commercial justification to ignore technical and ethical considerations of open systems.
Simon Chanson France
Andreas Wilhelm Germany
Jose Ignacio Dorrego Aroztegui Spain
Stelios Loukadakis Greece
Michel Smidt Germany
Stan Fetterly Outside the EU This is insane. Things made from public dollars should have public access. You're selling people their own money.
Jan Beilicke Germany
Martin Thoma Germany
Benedikt Künzel Germany
Stefano Beriozza Italy
ruicabanita Portugal
Francois Aubriot France
Bert Jehoul Belgium Code should follow same principle as with government data: Open by Default
Torben Spieker Germany
Bo Lundberg Sweden
Tobias Böhm Germany
Franz Damm Germany
Carlos Eduardo Leite Penna Elias Outside the EU We need this in Brazil. Precisamos disso no Brasil.
Jorge Spain
Rebecca Hudman Outside the EU
Klaus Ramelow Germany
Mattia Previtali Italy
Soufiane Tahiri France
Hugo Lefeuvre France Public money, public code. Thought it was obvious to everybody.
Hugo Lefeuvre France Public money, public code. Thought it was obvious to everybody.
Henrique de Sousa Portugal
Hugo Lefeuvre France
Oliver Klee Germany
Damián Aragunde Pérez Spain
Daniel Lewan Poland
Dainius Žiūra Lithuania
mathias wendel Germany
Juan cristobal Outside the EU Dinero público implica software público, ergo libre ¡
Nuno Carvalho Portugal As a software developer, I am more than in favour of this initiative
Stephan Uhlmann Germany
Daniele Tricoli Italy
Christos Ntokos Greece
porret France vivre libre
Daniel Matos Spain
Pierre Marchal France
Roger Menge Denmark
Bernd Ritter Germany Frei für die Bürger was von Steuern bezahlt wurde!
Remko van der Pluijm Netherlands
Morten Bergman Sweden
Daniel Arteaga Spain I was always negatively surprised that the EU was funding projects in which the software created was closed source and privately owned.
David Gregory United Kingdom
Francesco Guardiani Italy
vincent bernard France
Pedro Nunes Portugal
Benjamin Hünig Germany
Jeremy Allison Outside the EU Code is speech. Code is law. Public software should be Free Software.
Erik Moeller Outside the EU As a German expat, I'd love to see the EU take a leadership role on truly public infrastructure
Adrian Rothers Germany
Pablo Saavedra Rodiño Spain
Javier Flores Spain
Philip Espi France Les logiciels payés par mes impots sont un bien public. Ils doivent donc être libres et ouverts
Tobi M. Germany
Villeneuve France
chris huf Germany
PcPostar Slovenia From people for people.
Miguel Ángel Ocaña Silva Spain
Marco Tommasoni Italy
Le Doaré France Du code et des logiciels crées grâce à de l'argent public doit être disponible pour tous ceux qui payent ces impôts
Gravelines Quentin France
Gabet Cyril France
Florian Felgenhauer Germany
Rafael Fonseca Germany
Natassa Syllignaki Greece
Adrian Schroeter Germany
Antonio Mazzarino Italy
CARTA France
Daniel Waxweiler Luxembourg
Malte Laukötter Germany
Thomas Wermter Germany
Nico Rikken Netherlands Alleen met vrije software wordt de overheid controleerbaar en worden IT-aanbestedingen een gelijk speelveld
Mark-Oliver Junge Germany Sounds gud, pls do.
Fernando Verdugo Spain
Antonio J. Russo France
Stephen Brown United Kingdom It's obvious. Nothing to add.
André Ribeiro Portugal
Tom Janssens Belgium
Nick Belgium Make code public!
Dainius Barkauskas Lithuania
Gabriel Ireland Public money, public code
Adam Burke Outside the EU Publicly financed software should be made publicly available. Please.
Matus Valo Slovakia
Lubos Lecko Slovakia apply same policy to any non-personal information/data/service collected/produced by public money
claverie France
Gonçalo Alegria Portugal
Rui Alves Portugal
Christian Barth Germany
Dr. Robert Jördens Germany Software die durch die öffentliche Hand gefördert wird, muss der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung gestellt werden
DERUDDER Mickael France
Arnaud Astruc France Don't spend public money on proprietary software theirs are bad for citizens.
Jens Juffa Germany