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Nom Pays Commentaire
André Dal Molin Brazil Public money, public code
Sebastian Bove Wagner Denmark
___511_____ Saudi Arabia فيصل الرووقي!
Bishoy Awad Egypt
Mikolas Bingemer Germany
Benjamin Schroeter Germany
Lisa flare United States
ivan cabral United States Under Grant Agreement n°317862
Jessica Philippines I want to have a job in online networking
Peter Lennartz Germany Gerade in Hinblick auf die Sicherheit und Robustheit muss offener Code her!
Jean-Baptiste Hétier France
Han Burma Happy to support for an amazing idea
Nicolas Höning Netherlands Public sector infrastructure financed by public money means we need to see the code.
Bunny Blomerus Sweden
J.Chr. Ziegler Germany
Dominik Rehm Germany Opensource is a big chance for all of us! As less as possible of public money should be used for running proprietary software.
Dennis Baurichter Germany
Hanqiu Jiang Germany Give the software to the people and they will innovate
Marco Santos Portugal
Uwe Stange Germany
Andrey Gulyaykin Russia
MartaSadvnik Spain Considero que es una iniciativa necesaria y excelente. Adelante!!
Nur Athira Eileen Malaysia
Tomasz Necio Poland
sukhwinder Singh Canada hi
Oliver Schraml Austria
Pedro Gaivao Portugal congratulations for the initiative
Mario Stöckli Switzerland
Katie Beth Passwaters United States
Gilbert Tounkara Guinea Très bonne idée
Simon Giesecke Germany
Natalia Wackowska United Kingdom
Dominik Stańczak Poland It simply makes sense from an economical standpoint. More transparency, more cooperation..
giorgi Georgia netvork
Lorenzo Milesi Italy
Mark Engelhardt Germany
Enrique Castillo Sánchez-Beato Spain Por una tecnología libre, sin monopolios y para el pueblo
Robert Poland XXX
Bocar Republic of the Congo Bonjour
Erazem Kokot Slovenia With open source comes transparency which usually leads to better privacy and security for the software's users. Support open source.
Ben Oliver United Kingdom We pay for software, we should be able to see what it is! A simple request.
Julian Germany Ich fordere eine Testphase (ggf. erst in einem bestimmten Bereich), um zu sehen, dass freier Code vorteilhaft ist!
Romain Failliot Canada
Ralf Hartmann Germany Richtig, ich bin dabei!
Vasilii Gorokhov-Apelsinov Russia
Nobie Redmon United States
William Dimitrios Paraschas United States
Ismo Kärkkäinen Finland
Keno Goert Germany
Hubertus Becker Germany
Johannes Schiemer Austria
Lezement France
Juha Hytönen Finland
Xavier Benmoussa France
Arne Millahn Germany
Punjab ka sach India
Lorenz Sieben Germany
Bonnet France
Jeunieaux Brice France
Kathrin Lambeck Germany
Abdoulaye BELEM Burkina Faso
Gonon Gilles France
jagadeesh r India we have a big dream to start new business
Maerten France
LEGER France
nadine coutarel France
Goulet Esteban France Parce que l'open source est une garantie de fiabilité et de sécurité, je soutiens cet appel
Laura Amparan United States Public Money Public Code "open and free"
C. Klein Netherlands tax money = public domain
Cyril SIMON France
COUSIN France Les logiciels financés avec de l'argent public doivent être publiés sous licence libre
Vincent LAURENT France
Saskia Kaever Germany @HardcoreMietze
Werner Domröse Netherlands Open Soucre software can be audited thus checked for tampering, improves cyber security, transparency, greater independence from lobbyists.
Γιώργος Greece
Frankie McKenna Ireland Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Dirk Ventzke Germany
Φωτης Greece Στηριζουμε
Κωνσταντίνος Σπηλιάκος Greece
Tibissaï Guevara-Braun France
ΘΩΜΑΣ ΜΠΑΚΑΛΑΚΟΣ Ότι δημιουργείται με δημόσιο χρήμα, πρέπει να μένει στον λαό και να αξιοποιείται από τον λαό. Πρέπει να διασφαλίζεται ο δημόσιος χαρακτήρας.
Robin Neumann Germany
Takis Bouyouris Greece
Thomas Tanghus Denmark Nu har i chancen!
Rubén Spain
Michael Dallinger Austria
Steffen Klein Germany
MARIO DELACRUZ United States i have read and accepted the privacy statement , i want my signature to appear in the list of signatures,i want to stay inform ofthecampaign
RevLibre France L'argent publique et des contribuables doit financer des projets et des logiciels libres et publics, ce sont des biens numériques communs.
Jesmion Nigeria I appreciated
Radhakrishnan India
Philipp Schmitz Germany
Tristan Bendixen Denmark I see no downside to this so let's do it!
Antony Agnel India FOSS is a lifestyle!
Dominik Knipprath Germany
Izadi Egizabal Alkorta Spain
Jolanta Gänssinger Sweden
Yves Gänssinger
Hillary Kenya Let the software be free
Edsel United States 99 000278 483527 2
Emanuel Helmke Switzerland Was die Allgemeinheit bezahlt, soll Allgemeingut bleiben.
Bernd Hartwich Germany
Davide Lombardo Italy I sing this petition because all the software should be "libero", especially public founded software development!!
Dean Germany
Nicolas Chenu France
GORLA PRAVEEN India Publice code for public money using free Software
Julia Kloiber Germany
Sang vu
Ray Maxwell United States
Manuel Cerdà Spain
Steven Kimble United States
Matthew Peters United States
Χρήστος Ματσούκας Greece
Βάιος-Ραφαήλ Μιχαλάκης Greece
James E Nealon United States
Christian Kramer Germany
Edwin Muchiri Kenya Kindly Is much appreciate request pleasure for application registration the OPEN LETTER. Thanks
Wanheda Pakistan Hello, Im Klaus Wanheda
Karoly Balogh Germany
Colton United States I love this app!
Marc Flogaus Germany Eine Änderung des öffentlichen Vergaberechts für Software aus Steuermitteln ist mehr als geboten. Wie viele Dutch cases bedarf es noch?
Avinash Dongari India My signature
Jonte Laatz Germany
Stefan May Germany
Bourdais France
Tobias Muth Germany
Renata Spain
JArdin France
rosse christian France Linuxien depuis 10 ans (ceci explique cela)
Mário Costa Portugal É essencial. Sem software de código livre e aberto não há segurança.
Walter Barrios Vázquez Argentina Estoy de acuerdo, que sea software libre.
Marvin Strangfeld Germany
Timon Kottsieper Germany
Joshua Collings Germany
SITI NUR ZAWANA Malaysia MONEY-15-2222-7777-8888-3333-2222
Ziemowit Zabawa Poland
Alimx Gulo Indonesia Saya ingin bergabung
Sherida Huts Netherlands
Mario Italy
Guillermo Janner Germany
Thorben Wölk Germany
Matthijs van Wolferen Netherlands News and Scientific Research need FOSS to stay Free and Open.
Filipe Vilaca Portugal
Humberto Rocha Ribeiro France
Sérgio Araújo Brazil
Tiago Carreira Portugal public money => public code. For a more secure life
Mihails Simvulidi Latvia
Nishant Nigam India I completely agree, code should be like water free for all and should flow freely
Kristine Latvia
Gyenge Krisztián Hungary
Roberts Kukurs Ireland It makes a lot of sense to make publicly funded code open source; if everyone pays for it, it should be publicly available.
Horváth Zoltán Hungary
Yuvraj Chowdary India I need everything to be open and Free software.
Wickermann Germany
erdinc United Kingdom
Patrick Schreibing Netherlands Betere besteding van publiek geld en betere samenwerking van software!
SANTOS wilder DIAZ silva Peru Whassatp:+51982009565
Deniz Germany
Archaiasis Georgia
Denis Marcelo de Oliveira Brazil Parabéns!!
argha India I strongly believe 2019 is the year of FOSS. People should invest in FOSS developement so that their data remain to themselves.
Rafiqul islam Bangladesh I want to work here
Horst Graf Germany
Susanne Carrol Baumann United States Divine Oneness
Thomas Rahimi Germany Code is not only import to running public operations, but also represents knowledge, which in this case is publicly funded.
Svenja Roosch Germany Just do it, it makes so much sense!
Kilian Germany
Ann Smith
Leo Stewen Germany 👍
Elias Hackradt Germany It's just the right thing to do.
Stefan Gast Germany
David Schippers
Katju Aro Finland
Christian Villum Denmark
Jens Heinrich Germany
Santiago Perez Fontanillas Spain Democracia real es promocionar el software libre
Jane Coles United Kingdom
Damien Remars France
Antoine CARME France
Kajetan Poland
Andrea Spinelli Italy
Alexandre Gravel-Raymond France
cesar das neves Portugal It's an amazing idea. I agree with everything.
Jorge Fernández López Spain Tenemos que conseguir implantar en software libre en las instituciones educativas.
vamshi krishna India
Lasse Poulsen Denmark
rj parilla Philippines Software that are legally finance by the taxpayers should be open source and free because the taxpayers symbolically owns that software.
Rainer Bauer Germany
Andreas Baaden Germany
Holger Böken Germany
Johannes Landvogt Germany
Yuwasak MakChan Thailand My rights are Officially
Raphael Eismann Germany
Werner Schwierzock Germany
Peter Sandrini Austria I am in favour of open source. When it is financed by public money it must be free.
Guy LE JEAN France Transparence, partage, enrichissement collectif, gain d'efficacité global... on ne devrait pas avoir à lutter pour ça !
Ndongalasenior Democratic Republic of the Congo Je suis d acords
Frank Obergrießer Germany Only free code guarantees security and control. And public funded code belongs to the public!
Holger Friese Germany
Claus-Peter Makowski Germany Think!
Andreas Mewes Germany Bewegt Euch, Bewegt etwas!
Claudio Venturelli Italy
Thomas Nörtersheuser Germany
Nico Purschwitz Germany
Marko Harnisch Germany
Judith Roth Germany
Klaas Freitag Germany We can expect that for our taxes.
Claudius Frankewitz Germany Pls. support open and free software
Kåre Løvgren Denmark This should be obvious for the lawmakers, but isn't...
Amiruddin Indonesia Saya adalah seorang yang ingin keberhasilan
Flavio Casgnola Italy Solo il libero accesso ai dati ed il libero scambio sono garanzia di libera concorrenza e trasparenza.
Volker Berkhout Germany It's definitely time to use the money spent on software collaboratively at least in the public sector. Thanks @FSFE for spreading awareness!
Jürgen Nantke Germany
Grzegorzwilku Poland
Biju k Nair India Completely agree with issue that tax payers money should not be used for purchasing proprietary software. Zero tolerance
Rainer Schulze Germany München hat's mit 'LiMux' weise vorgemacht, dann durch Microsofts Lobbyarbeit eingebremst. Das darf nicht länger sein! Freiheit statt M$ !!!
Oliver Spain
Noah Johnson United States Yeaaaa
Sebastian Hübner Germany
Andreas Balz Germany
Markus Graf Germany
Aurélie Schiltz Switzerland
Silvia selle Germany Steuerverschwendung ade
Simone Seidel Germany
Dennis G Wicks United States This is long overdue and should have been the law from day one.
Matteo Serafini Italy
Franz Iberl Germany
H de Ruiter Netherlands
Paulo Fernando Espíndola da Silva Brazil
ahmad rudi Indonesia nice
Francesco Amato Italy
Attilio Fracasso Italy
Thomas Ganskow Germany Eine Grundforderung meiner Partei
Alfredo Diaz Spain
Tom von Clef United States
Miguel Spain Free software
Elvis Pivic Bosnia and Herzegovina Some of those actions already made in Bosnia, incative comes from private companies.
baruch cohen Israel i am voting for it
Roberto Battiston Italy I support this initiative
Alisha Steffens Germany Fast unbegreiflich, dass dieses Prinzip nicht schon längst Standard ist, wo Open Source schon so lange existiert!
Lars Röttig Germany
Tran quang vinh Vietnam
Mathias renner Germany
Kyriacos Sakkas Cyprus
Mason Louchart France
Birgit und Ralf Becker, EGroupware GmbH Germany Wir möchten den Brief gerne als Organisation unterstützen, ich habe nur den Weg hier gefunden zu unterzeichnen.
Theophil Bachmann Germany
Jonas Betzendahl Germany
Shannen c. United States rights
Bawi Lian Malaysia Now only I started and I may lacked in some area but i request you to be well done
João Matos Portugal
Benjamin Gericke Germany Code, der durch Steuergelder entsteht, muss auch der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht werden.
Diana Marashi United States
R. Pohle Germany Um in Zeiten des erstarkenden antidemokratischen Populismus gegenzuhalten, ist das Ziel dieser Initiative unabdingbar.
Thomas Kriegisch Austria
Mike Chilcoat United States implementing this legislation is important. Making public funds available is critical to having as many students as possible have access.
Mike Chilcoat United States implementing this legislation is important. Making public funds available is critical to having as many students as possible have access.
Riku Viitanen Finland
Michael Kriegisch Austria
Augusto Brazil Ansioso para ver isso no Brasil!! (Looking forward to see this in Brazil)
Torsten Landsiedel Germany
Tino Albrecht Germany
Julius Nickisch Germany
José Lopes Tabatinga Filho Brazil Transparência e Publicidade
trai vo ngoc Vietnam Xin chao
Travis Hornsby United States
Mike Chilcoat United States I agree with the privacy statement and with the elements listed as they are . It is by this approach that we may improve our support of bus
Heitor de Bittencourt Brazil
Lwin Min Khant Burma
Wartoyo Indonesia Saya setuju untuk kemajuan bagi kita semua,,,,
Nicolas Bonadio Germany
Jan Steffen Jendrny Germany
Marie Schäffer Germany
Kevin McLean United States
Pâmella Araújo Balcaçar Brazil
Myo Thu Htet Burma I fully support public code
Tobias Braun Germany
Sebastijan Bukovcan Norway
Thomas Hartkens Germany
dedi Indonesia tolong ajari saya Thailand
Claudio Del Linz Italy
Marco Heins Germany
Êndril Castilho Brazil
André Brazil Ao povo o que é do povo
Benedikt Lang Germany
Misael Bandeira Silveira Brazil
Silke Helfrich Germany Das gilt nicht nur für Software: Was öffentlich finanziert ist, muss öffentlich bleiben.
André Claaßen Germany Ohne offene Software, keine Digitalisierung. Hochkomplexe Verwaltungswirtschaft brauch offene Basiskomponenten.
Bernhard Fuchs Germany Schluss mit der Geldverschwendung. Linux im öffentlichen Dienst.
David CALLAMARD France
Martin Germany Keep old devices running
Rodolfo Date valore alla vostra libertà, o la perderete, ci insegna la storia. "Non annoiarci con la politica", risponde chi non vuole apprendere.
Lukas Ballon Germany
Maurizio Rosati Italy Bellissima iniziativa. Da condividere, diffondere e far conoscere nel mondo della pubblica amministrazione italiana e europea
Sebastian Scheibe Netherlands
Niels Seelhöfer
Samir Schwenker Germany
Paul France
Jakob Jordan Switzerland
Markus Möller Germany Transparenzgesetze nach Hamburger Vorbild in jedem Bundesland, für die EU und für eine demokratische UNO mit einem demokratischen Parlament!
Liv Märtens Germany
Jesko Ebert Germany
Zachary smith United States
Bouke van der Spoel Netherlands
Nathaniel Suchy United States Open Source Software means the Public can audit the technology and ensure proper protections are applied to our data.
Leo United States
Lhorens b. Sartori France La transparence est le meilleur allié de la sécurité.
Danglard julien France public money for public funds just makes sense and allow long-term thinking. Please, read and seriously consider why you don'y support it.
Le Marchand France
Oliver G. Germany Lasst uns aktiv werden gegen das Abschöpfen unserer Steuergelder durch wenige. Hin zur Selbstermächtigung!
Elijah Gay United States
Bori Gergő Hungary Támogatom a kezdeményezést.
Wilfred de Kok Netherlands
Steenaerts Axel Germany
ANDREANI Patrice France Argent public ? Code public !
Leprette Nathanaël France Liberté, égalité, fraternité <=> logiciel libre
nordine vallas France
Julian Rüth Germany
Jan Beilicke Germany
Brégeard France
Johannes Renkl Germany
Bayoud France
Acostey France Logiciel Libre et Open Source dans les administrations publiques pour une souveraineté numérique.
Gilles Vanhove France
Samer Egypt thx
Yannick VOYEAUD France
Dupont Antonin France Without Free Software, we are doomed to evil entities.
Jonathan Bourreau France Il en va de l'autonomie de nos institutions face aux compagnies privées.
Jean-Philippe DUFRAIGNE United Kingdom
Marco Italy
Genet jean-luc France
Jonathan ROULÉ France
Thomas Germany
Matthieu Herrb France
Mario Ester
Sven Moritz Hallberg Germany
Carolina Koehn Germany
Manuel Serra Spain
Alejandro Garcia Seco Spain
Felix Knop Germany
Blanca Murillo Germany
Joseph Ferguson United States 1234567890 Joseph Cazz Andrew Ferguson
Dorina Fernando Aquiles Philippines i just want to be part of the community who want to be public thos softwate that mention above .
Christian Engelmann Germany Was aus Mitteln der Allgemeinheit finanziert wurde, muss auch der Allgemeinheit uneingeschränkt zur Verfügung stehen
H. Hameister Germany
Jakob Fahrner Austria Code should be open and free
Oliver Voigt Germany
Sven Fischer "Public money, public code" sollte selbstverständlich sein.
Tobias Emig Germany Freie Software in der öffnetlichen Verwaltung könnte außerdem eine europäische IT stärken und einen Gegenpol zu den US-Konzernen bilden.
Lino Siegeö Germany
Michael Didszun Germany Transparenz und Software-Sicherheit
Mich Wyser Switzerland öffentliches Finanziertes gehört öffentlich (OSS) !
Jens Best Germany Es ist Zeit, digital durchzustarten. Bundesweit.
Marcin Grabowski Poland I'm programmer. It is much easier to integrate solution I'm working on when rest of the system is open source.
Bart Hofman Netherlands If we pay, we deserve to see the code and how it works and be able to publicly scrutinise
Maxence Billaud France
Fabian Biberger Germany
Matthias Karl Grosch Germany Was wir zahlen, sollten wir auch nutzen können!
Johannes Rohr Germany Als langjähriger Nutzer freier Software wünsche ich, dass mit meinen Steuergeldern ausschließliche Freie Software finanziert wird.
Federico Bentsik Italy
Marc Geyskens Belgium let common sense prevail
Stefanie Lombert Germany
Stefan Krüger Germany Steuergelder werden viel zu oft für sinnlose Dinge ausgegeben
Lukas Umlandt Germany Ein Anliegen dass jedem Bundes/EU-Bürger etwas angeht!
Jesko Anschütz Germany Dass man sowas erst forcieren muss!? Sollte doch selbstverständlich sein...
Ole Ickenroth Germany
Jakub Škoda Slovakia FLOSS prevents vendor lock in, foster national independence. Should be recognized as a public good and a reinvestment back into the society.
Ahmad Wael Egypt
Andreas Balg Germany
Maris Ozols Netherlands Those who are paying for it should also benefit from it. This is common sense.
nogie benida Philippines
Morgan Estes United States
Edgar Nova Colombia Tax-payed software has to be public. Period.
Juan Ventosa Spain
Daniel king United States
Uwe Schüler Germany
. Matthias Baenz
Georg Klein Germany Das ist schon lange fällig.
Ralf Becker Germany
André Schmalz Germany
Ern Weiden Germany
Andreas Richert Germany
Zhang Fei China
Zhang Fei China
er4ick Costa Rica En apoyo al codigo abierto por un futuro mejor
Philipp Gortan Austria
Mathias Lenz Germany
André baumgarten Germany Eigentlich sollte das eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein.
André Baumgarten Germany Eigentlich sollte das eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein.
Jens Germany Öffentlicher Code sorgt für Transparenz und Ideentransfer
Gerd Bruckner Germany Wer zahlt schafft an und wer Steuergelder verwendet hat für Transparenz zu sorgen
Jörg Fichl Germany Das ist endlich mal ein vernünftiger Ansatz lokale Unternehmen zu fördern und Transparenz zu schaffen.
Niko Germany
Jonas Dralle Germany
Morris Italy
Ivan Vergani Italy
Massimo Bologna Italy Voglio che la legge richieda che il software finanziato pubblicamente e sviluppato per il settore pubblico sia reso pubblicamente disponib
Stefan Pfeiffer Germany Software in und für die Verwaltung muss Open Source sein. Wir müssen aufhören, Konzernen wie Microsoft Millionen in den Rachen zu werfen!
Tobias Anton Germany
genbiarrabani Indonesia situs web
Wessel Germany
Bernd Ritter Germany Was mit Steuergeldern der Bürger finanziert wurde, gehört auch diesen.
Petr Kirpeit Germany
Axel Braun Germany Steuergeld für proprietäre Lösungen ist Verschwendung von Steuergeld. Wieviel Korruption ist im Spiel
Lukas Landhäußer Germany
Benno Fünfstück Germany
Filip Kapsdorfer Slovakia
Florian Klug Germany
Stefan Armbruster Germany
Heiko Hilscher Germany
Sheikhgolamrabbani Bangladesh Im interested to do this job
Francesc Guasch Ortiz Spain
Lars Sipos Germany
Julian Sander Germany
Fiee I want
Eilert, Ingo Germany
Ole Ickenroth Germany
Joe United States Cool
Sven Sprengel Germany
Moritz Fromm Germany
Kurt Manucredo Austria
Matthias Bock Germany
Neville Evans Australia
Petre Pircalabu Romania
Paula Kreuzer Austria
Jochen Breuer Germany Sie können jetzt entscheiden in welcher Welt Ihre Kinder leben sollen - einer Welt in der Menschen oder Unternehmen zuerst kommen.
Mark Heimer Germany
Jakob Nixdorf Germany
Максим Russia Полностью поддерживаю мнения людей.
Julian Hörnschemeyer Germany
Sebastian Schmid Germany
Gangesh Matta India I agree!
Peter Knapp Germany
Frederik Konietzny Germany
Thomas Eisenmann Germany
Kaminski Germany
William Martin United States
Lyndon Philippines HI HEllO,,its me Lyndon pls follow
Dr. Tilmann Bohne Germany Demokratie ohne Abhängigkeit von Megakonzernen mit zweifelhafter Datenschutzstrategie
Andreas Hillenbrand Germany
Holger Rudolph Germany
Gerd Armbruster Germany Freie Software bedeutet auch die Unabhängigkeit von Google, Microsoft und Co
Phrompassanan Adirekrath Thailand Good app
Alan Williams United States Please support this call for action. It's the right thing to do!
Hans-Christoph Steiner Austria We all pay for this code, we should also have control over it
Thomas Bettler Switzerland
Mark womack United Kingdom I like the way it sounds
Max Riegler Austria
tugrul Yildirim United Kingdom
Erwan Daubert France
Fabio De Simone Italy
Peder Bacher Denmark
Daniel Beyer Germany
Tavernier France
Schwarz Germany Als Software-Entwickler kann ich dem nur zustimmen! Habe selbst schon im Auftrag der Regierung Preise für Software gewonnen
M. Kupfer Germany
Patrik Walter Germany
Dirk Hildebrandt Germany
Ram Canada Public Code!
Günter Horscht Germany Public Money - Public Code
Florian Ferber Germany
Svenja Grau Germany
Stefan Mayer Germany
Sebastian Dillinger Germany Was alle bezahlen muss auch allen gehören.
Matthias Aschenbrenner Germany
Hans Sowa Austria
Jörg Haas Germany
Jonny Wohlfeld Germany
Jeremy LEMOINE Germany
Daniel Gohlke Germany Open Source can increase security of software.
Björn Jacob Germany Open Source hat unser Unternehmen erfolgreich gemacht. Open Source sorgt für Sicherheit, Krativität und Innovation.
劉軒佑 Taiwan 台灣太多標案都用不正當的手段了,利用開源也可以適度檢視標案的內容
Wolfram Meinig Germany
Klaus Laucke Germany
Robert Peitsch Germany Extrem wichtiger und sinnvoller Schritt!
Max Riegler Austria
David Latz Germany Let‘s shape a strong and common vision supportee by public code!
Mario Hamel Germany
Dr. Christoph Steup Germany
Florian Ruhnke Germany Grossartige Innovation konnen Aus Open Source Programme. Ganz Starke Kampagne
Bent Benedict Germany
Mark Piffer Austria
René Klitzing Germany
Tobias Lensing Germany
Henry Alves Germany
Christoph Müller Austria
Ronny Volger Germany
Martin Kopf Germany
Joscha Nassenstein Germany
Andreas Goebel Germany A lot of money is spent for educational software at the moment. This should be open source, too!
Reichel-Langer Karl-Heinz Germany
Heiko Tietze Germany
Franz Binder Austria Für einen transparenten Staat ist freie Software eine Grundvoraussetzung.
Ruben Dieckhoff Germany
David A. Keller Germany
Simon Chromow Germany
Andreas Ehrenforth Germany
Katrin Schwahlen Germany Unser Geld – unser Code
Susanna Schiller Germany
Carsten-Emil Klein Germany Selten war die Argumentation für eine Petition so einleuchtend. Bringen wir Deutschland ins nächste Level.
Johannes Escherich Germany
Stefan Varchmin Germany Unabhängig vom amerikanischen Monopol, könnten auch Doppelentwicklungen reduziert werden.
Steven Coltman Germany
Nicolas NOUET France
Micaela Argentina En vivo
Sebastiaan Veld Netherlands
Florian Schiller Germany
Eva Hartmann Germany
Shahzalal Amin Bangladesh Thanks for this service in the world
Paolo Dongilli Italy
Gernot Krost Germany
Stefan Grotz Germany
Danny Germany
Greza Germany
Gabi Banfield Germany public money - public code ... dem gibt es nichts hinzuzufügen!
Max Bruchmann Germany
Andreas Illmer Germany
Andreas Loh Germany Ja das macht alles Sinn, Public Money Public Code
Tobias Germany
Florian Beier Germany
Michael Heimberg Germany Das ist einfach nur streng logische Fortschreibung der Idee Beteiligung aller BuergerInnen!
Marvin Bernd Germany Die Regierung will das Unternehmen die Digitalisierung vorantreiben, dann sollte es auch Schnittstellen zu öffentlicher Software geben.
Till Hafermann Germany
Thomas Butterbach Germany Digitale Infrastruktur wird bzw. ist bereits so wichtig wie die Verkehrs- und Versorgungsinfrastruktur
Svenia Knüttel Germany
Jhonas Wernery Germany OpenSource - Freies Wissen für alle. Auch in Behörden wäre dies ein echter Zugewinn an Unabhängigkeit und keine Einschränkung.
Willi Junga Germany
Martin Oliver Germany
Sebastian Bergmann Germany
Ingo Dettling Germany Nur bei mit Open-Source-Lizenz veröffentlichter Software läßt sich im Nachhinein prüfen, ob die Qualität den Preis auch rechtfertigt.
蘇子敬 Taiwan
Marc Mader Ich bin (Hobby) Fotograf und arbeite nur mit Open-Source-Software. Ich bin voll davon überzeugt das, dass die Zukunft ist.
H.Schnittger Germany Der beste Kommentar den ich in den letzten 40 Jahren gehört habe.... und sogar schlüssig.
Alexander Girke Germany
Moritz Schlarb Germany
Jacob Jens Germany
Johannes Hubertz Germany Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung der Almende! Die kommt seit langem in Europa zu kurz.
Marco Pivetta Germany please make code public: let the open-source community help you!
Karl-Philipp Wulfert Germany
Malte Blättermann Germany Thank you!
Uwe Flache Germany
thekla mothes Germany
Sebastian Wiesendahl Germany
Marvin Matuszak Germany
Michael Schäfer Germany
Tanja Adam Germany
Helke Höpfner Germany
Martina Schlager Germany
Lars Böhnke Germany
Pascal Knüppel Germany
Florian Wagner Germany Was für öff. finanzierte Forschung gelten soll, Publikation der Ergebnisse, Peer Review, Kollaboration, sollte ebenso für Software gelten.
Matthias Lechner Germany
René Christmann Germany Jeder sollte das Recht haben Software zu verbessern die mit Teilen seines Geldes finanziert worden sind.
Lange Germany
Lorenz von Haselberg
Marc Siebeneicher Germany
Timo Schuler Germany
Simon Weis Germany
Sparkasse Germany Gleicher Code für alle Länder - nur einmal bezahlt und entwickelt fördert die Zusammenarbeit der Länder in Deutschland UND Europa!
Sebastian Fischer Germany Open Source ermöglicht Qualitätskontrollen durch unabhängige Stellen.
Philipp Horn Germany
Jonathan Bölz Germany
Oliver Benad Germany
Luca Guidetti Italy
Maciej Swoboda Poland
Daniel Absmeier Germany
Moritz Durst Germany
Dr. Jürgen Haas Germany
Julien Jerphanion France
Florian Markert Germany
Sebastian Fastner Germany
Eberhard Schefold Germany Open source makes better and safer software with more control over privacy.
Pascal Engélibert France
Ralf Engelhardt Germany
Claudio Nessi Germany Selbst große Monopolisten wie Microsoft haben die Stärke von Open Source erkannt und schwenken um!
Thomas Donath Germany
Alexander Göhrig Germany
Stephan Otto Germany
Michael Steffens Germany
Christian Huschens Germany
Kliesch Germany was öffentlich bezahlt wird soll auch für die Öffentlichkeit sein.
Rolf Bollig Germany
Michael Verron Germany Eine tolle Iniative...
Oellerich Germany Unsere Steuergelder-unsere Software
Christian Wittrock Germany
Baruth Germany Code sollte Open sein
Thorsten Strathaus Switzerland
Paul-Friedmar Laux Germany Dies schafft die Möglichkeit, Fortschritt zu fördern und gleichzeitig mehr Vertrauen zu schaffen.
Jérémy Maille France
Ulf Volmer Germany
Stéphane BONNET France
Loís Rousse France
Alexander Linck Germany
Sandro Dadaczynski Germany
Quentin Duchemin France Le logiciel propriétaire est une source de "competitive waste", et donc de gâchis de l'argent public. Libérons le code.
Mathis Haane Germany Unterstütze ich!
Stéphane Crozat France
Silvio Ankermann Germany
Michael Ruppert Germany Freie Software fördert Gerechtigkeit und Innovation.
schilling Germany
Enrico Kliesch
Carsten Müller Germany
Franz Hollerauer Germany
Bernd Hartwig Germany
Nick Marx Germany Als Entwickler arbeite ich nicht nur an meinen eigenen Sachen, sondern helfe auch anderen Open Source Projekten.
Steve Braune Germany
David Keller Germany
Jonas Sulzer Switzerland
Bernd Großmann Germany Ja, Software die durch Steuermittel finanziert ist sollte auch öffentlich genuzt werden können.
Johannes Pulm Germany
Manfred Schmid Germany
Marcel Kuhla Germany Öffentliche Quellen von Software die durch öffentliche Gelder bezahlt wird ist sowohl wichtig als auch richtig, daher gebe ich meine Stimme.
Finn Künkele Germany
Tobias Schmidt Germany
Mario Surlemont Germany
Christian Petrat Germany
Jan-Peter Voigt Germany
Benedikt Breuer Germany
Eike Starkmann Germany
Arnold Redhammer Austria Eine äußerst sinnvolle Initiative, die Politik sollte sich damit intensiv befassen
Cullmann, Tobias Germany
Uwe Sievers Germany
Matthias Laux Germany
Sebastian Bräuer Germany Es ist für mich unverständlich warum dieses Prinzip nicht längst Gesetz ist.
Dr. Yannick Kalff Germany
Martina Müller Germany
A. Hildebrandt Germany
Martin Kramer Germany
Christian Grönke Germany
Torsten Gedenk Germany
Hans-Michael Gläß Germany
Tobias Beyer Germany
Anika Sparenberg Germany
Abou-Chleih Germany
Stephan Kochs Germany
Tobias Jürgen Henzler Germany Von dem Volk für das Volk
Ulrich Zorn Germany
Michael Morawietz Germany das wäre ja mal ein Fortschritt in die richtige Richtung
Alexander Hemesath Germany
Sven Haberzettl Germany
Nils Gundlach Germany
Karsten Ludwig Germany
Detlef Schneider Germany Ich kann diese Forderungen nur unterstreichen. Die Öffentliche Hand nutzt u.a auch Open Source, steuert aber bislang kaum etwas bei.
Jakob Klein Germany
Matthias Knopf Germany
Uwe Schulz Germany
Michelle Cockrum Germany
Waldemar Dubowski Germany Unterstütze diese Petion weil freie Software- und Open-Source-Linzenzen alle gehört.
Amin Abromand Germany
Sven Lampe Germany
König, Jonas Germany
Bernhard Germany
Frederic Schwieren Germany
Rick Erbau Germany
Nico Pleyer Germany
Robin Metz Germany
Nick Bremer Germany
Marcus Nahrgang Germany Als IT´ler kann ich den Gedanken nur unterstützen. Letztendlich trägt die OpenSource Community auch zur Sicherheit von Systemen bei.
v.r.-wolter Germany ein längst fälliger Schritt
Danny Fischer Germany
Antje Pausder Germany
Altmann Germany
Ruch Germany Wenn wir in der sich schnell entwickelnden digtalen Landschaft abgehangen werden ist der Wirtschaftsstandort Deutschland mehr als gefährdet
Andreas Kottre Germany
Jakob Huber Germany
Martin Rehm Germany
Matthias Scholz Germany
Markus Schwemmle Germany Gehört auch in die Ausschreibungen für 5G und andere Projekte - Spionage vermeiden!
Christoph Engler Germany
Kai Borgmann Germany
Roswitha Steffens
Clemens Padtberg Germany Vorteil: Entwickler können auf Grundkonzepten aufbauen; Nachteil: die von dt. Steuer bezahlte Entwicklung nutzen andere Länder kommerziell
Holger Göbel Germany Überfällig!
Jens Austermann Germany
Jörg Schürer Germany
Viktor Küspert Germany Der Bürger hat es bezahlt❗
Moritz Albrecht Germany
Thomas Weidinger Germany
Damian Spinola Germany
Peter Doliwa Germany
Clemens Berndt Germany
Robert Wincior Germany Wir von glauben, dass Demokratie nur offen möglich ist. Daher ist Open Source der richtige Weg.
Herbert Keßler Germany Wenn ich sehe, wie viele öffentliche Rechner noch mit veralteten Betriebssystemen am Netz sind und ein Upgrade benötigen.
Felix Schlüter Germany Wenn es von allen Bürgern bezahlt wird sollte es auch allen zur Verfügung und Überprüfung stehen.
Marten Hein Germany Ich benutze ein quelloffenes Betriebssystem, welches mich nicht ausspioniert. Frei einsehbarer Code schafft vertrauen tranzparenz.
Henning Kurth Germany Transparenz für mehr Vertrauen!
Martin Wolf Germany Was Bürger bezahlen muss Bürgern gehören.
Jakob Brunert Germany
Michael Husemann Germany
Nico Faure France piblic money = public code
Adrián Chaves Spain
Thomas Khaipi Germany
Christian Clas Germany
Adolf Ziemer Germany
Robert Jaensch Germany
Jürg Blaser Germany Lasst uns Geld sparen.
Christoph Muth Germany
René Giesinger Austria Da ist wohl alles gesagt. Frechheit das man für sowas überhaupt stimmen sammeln muss. 😉
Felix Rau Germany
PD Dr. Fabian Huettig Germany
Rita Germany
Tobias Thamm Germany
Fabian Neukum Germany
Patrick Junger Germany Öffentliche Gelder sollten der Allgemeinheit maximal nutzen.
Burkhard Bierhoff Germany
Klaus Beuse Germany
Hansen Peter Germany in den usa ist es schon immer üblich, das alles frei ist, was vom staat bezahlt wird. auch fotos z.b. der NASA
Robin Grell Germany
hannelore behrens Germany
Andreas Ketelaer Germany
Mario Scheeren Germany
Alec Kempendorf Germany MAKE IT PUBLIC!
Frank Hellwig Germany
Stefan Lehmann Germany Was alle finanzieren, soll auch allen gehören. Staatlich finanzierte Software muss Open Source werden!
Hans Bauer Germany Software Open Source zu stellen, ermöglicht BürgerInnen gesellschaftlich kreativ zu werden und zum Gemeinwesen beizutragen.
Leonard Nürnberg Germany
Martin Gerken Germany Nach Informationsfreiheit & open data ist das der nächste richtige Schritt
Paul Standcke Germany
Detlef Lorenz-Ellermann Germany
Eugen Germany
Lorenz Hoffmann Germany
Andre Knuth Germany
Östermann Gerhard Germany Public Code ist ein wichtiger Schritt auf dem Weg zur Demokratie 2.0
Susanne Germany
Holger Münzhardt Germany
Ingeborg Karsties Germany
Ernő Kajcsa Germany
Alisdair MacLeod United Kingdom
Heiner Otterstedt Germany Public Money Public Code!
Sandra Schink Germany #PublicMoney #PuvlicCode
Diana Alemir Germany
Achim Gebhar Germany die Argumente liegen auf der Hand, kein login, schnelle Entwicklung, die Möglichkeit der einflusnahme auf die weitere Entwicklung...
Jens Vogel Germany
Simon Arnold Germany Freie und offene Software ist der beste Schritt hin zu einer von großen Konzernen unabhängigen, sicheren Infrastruktur.
Jannik Nöldner Germany
Markus Peifer Germany
Dennis Röhr Germany
Helmut Weber Germany
Klaus Tilg Germany
Thomas Jerosch Germany
Arwen Schnack Germany
Markus Wiedenmann Germany Nur durch Open Source, kann permanente Verbesserung und dadurch Sicherheit gewährleistet werden,
Kevin Steppan Germany
Daniel Mäckelmann Germany Für eine bessere Softwarequalität!
Sebastian Wochnik Germany
Heike Vollmers Germany
Arvid Requate Germany
Thomas Reisinger Austria
Bernd Appenzeller Germany
Christian Schlauch Germany
Alexander Eisele Germany
Harald Fischer Germany Staatlich geförderte Entwicklung muss Gemeinwohl werden, sein und bleiben!
Gabriel Dobersch Germany
Ralf Westram Germany
Inga Stellmacher Germany
楊明勳 Taiwan 教育行政軟體 尤其是應該這樣
Gero Fendler Germany
Markus Stahmann Germany
Max Waldemar Pommert Germany
Jorah Diethold Germany
Marcel Derleh Germany Was alle bezahlen, sollte auch allen gehören! Endlich einheitliche Software in Behörden und nutzbar für den Mittelstand!
Mario Hermann Germany Wollen wir eine funktionierende, bürgerfreundliche digitale Verwaltung ist dies ein optimaler Weg.
Cederik Höfs Germany
Christian Gerdell Germany
Gerald Gatzert Germany
Volker Tanger Germany Senior IT-Security Specialist, Bezirksverordneter a.D.
Maria Theresia Wirtz Germany
Alexander Fiedler Germany
H. Seleker Germany „Wir brauchen rechtliche Grundlagen, die es erfordern, dass mit öffentlichen Geldern für öffentliche Verwaltungen entwickelte Software unter
Moritz Huy Germany
Andreas Coenen Germany
Falk Wieland Germany
Marc Dierig Germany
Thomas Hoyer Germany
Erich Pawlik Germany
Vera Schneider Germany Freie Software sollte integraler Bestandteil jeder demokratischen Gesellschaft sein.
Boiret France
Alexander Kötter Germany
Juliane Schwerter Germany
Dominik Greim Germany
Johannes Gollwitzer Germany
Claus Baaden
Franz Kohnle Germany
Jan Hittig Germany
Daniel Sondick Germany
Wolfgang Zimansky Germany
Herbert Braun Germany
François Badier France
Tomas Klünner Germany Eine sehr sinnvolle Initiative! Keine Macht den Monopolen! Es lebe der freie Mensch!
Markus Steicker Germany
Andreas Frömer Germany
Gerrit Müller Germany
Michael Geißler Germany
Sven Eberth Germany
dirk Germany
Ann R. Germany
Lotfi HAMDAOUI France
Joris Vandermeersch Belgium
Björn Glienke Germany Im Bildungsbereich wandern Millionen zu kommerziellen Anbietern und steht damit nicht mehr für Schülerinnen und Schüler zur Verfügung.
Michael Berka Germany
Ünal Aydin Germany Ich befürworte diese Idee, denn es würde der Wirtschaft und der Entwicklungsbranche viele Vorteile bringen.
Christian Otte Germany
Stefan Kanitz Germany
Nils Seidenstücker Germany
Georg Krause Germany
Christian Knott Germany
Felix Rauch Germany
Jacqueline Ahrens Germany
Luis Wäsler Germany
Bernhard Gehrmann Germany Wir, die Steuerzahler*innen, zahlen den Lohn UNSERER Diener*innen! Ihre Arbeitsergebnisse gehören uns!
Dieter Germany
Christian Sawatzky Germany Steuern zahlen heißt, den Staat für einen Dienst für seine Bürger zu bezahlen. Und natürlich wollen wir wissen was da für uns getan wird.
Konstantin Werner Germany
Falk Schmidt Germany
Ann-Kristin Lickert Germany Top
Rob van den Berg Netherlands
Sabine Fratzke Germany
Klaus-Werner Prinz-Hardebeck Germany
Malaval Fabien France
Daniel Rauber Germany
David Küntzel Germany
Tom Justin Heße Germany
Thomas Frobieter Germany
Florian Brandl Germany
Seppo Pyykkö Finland
Markku Tavasti Finland
Pausenberger Germany Fotografieren in staatlichen Museen jedem Besucher erlauben!
Frederik Stey
Andreas Weigel Germany
Philipp Rauch Germany
Tasso Mulzer Germany
Andreas Beyer Germany
Christian Hujer Germany If my tax money is used for Software, it shall be Open Source.
Andreas Haubold Germany
Stefan Münz Germany Der gläserne Bürger fordert einen gläsernen Staat. Und dazu gehört gläserne Software.
Michael Fuckner Germany
Johannes Danneker Germany
David Breier Germany Wir brauchen in Europa eine gemeinsame, offene Softwarearchitektur. Nach Snowden dürfen wir uns nicht von den USA abhängig machen
Dirko-J. Gütschow Germany
Atahualpa Seyffert Germany
Axel Horstmann Germany Ich stimme zu
Justus Schümmer Germany Open source ist die einzige Möglichkeit, Datensicherheit zu garantieren.
Paztick Loch Germany
Fischer, Peter Germany
dominik kraft Germany
marco traldi Germany
Karl - Georg Müller Germany
Thomas Lorkowski Germany open source <3
Hermann Hetzer Germany Also wirklich, ist einfach nur logisch das so zu machen!
Florian Riebe Germany
Alina Breland Germany Funktioniert seit Jahren! Keine Widerrede!
Lukas Schnermann Germany
Thomas von Deyen Germany
Hans Dirks
Lars Märtens Germany
Andreas Winter Germany
Caroline Krohn Germany
Kilian Beckenkamp Germany
werner sailer Germany und bitte die daten-kraken whatsapp usw. schnell ablösen, z.b. mit simsme
Christian Kandels Germany
Sebastian Heye Germany
Christopher Lux Germany
Markus Langenmair Germany Offener Code für offene Grenzen
Sebastian Knott Germany
Voigt Germany
Dirk Henkel Germany
Daniel Bautz Germany
Markus Katharina Brechtel Germany
Philip Washington Sorst Germany Es gibt keinen seriösen Grund steuerfinanzierte Software nicht öffentlich zu machen
Simon Urech Switzerland
Willi Preuk Germany
Carla Hustedt Germany
Christian Schneider Germany
Jörg Fischer Germany
Niklas Droste Germany
Anne Schulz Germany
Björn Skrzipek Germany
Patrick Bittner Germany
Benjamin Tews Germany
Robrecht Dewaele Belgium OSS improves accountability, quality, security, and reusability. Weakens long-term provider dependencies.
Marco Paulus Germany
Konstantin Skibinski
Johannes Lenhardt Germany
Sandra Eikenroth Germany
Jan Wokittel Germany
Paul Lunow Germany Quelloffener Code ist ein wichtiger Baustein um Transparenz und Gerechtigkeit sicher zu stellen.
Bastian Schittkowski Germany
Frank Wiebeler Germany
Olivia Schütt Switzerland
André Schalkau Absolut selbstverständlich
Mike Rathmer Germany
Bram Harmsen Netherlands There is no good reason not too: public money, public code.
Eric Metzler Mexico
Matthäus Peter Gorny Germany
Birgitta Blatzheim Germany
Christian Putzke Germany
Max Wehner Germany
Joshua Germany
Florian Liebig Germany
Dirk Pritsch Germany
Jeremias Wolff Germany
Matthias Hemmerich Germany
Matthias Kubeile Germany Publicly financed open source software would also help stabilizing developing countries by providing a free basis!
Marco Ernst Germany
Oliver Paschedag Germany Die Anschaffungskosten von Freier Software und Open Source Programmen sind gleich Null, was wirklich sehr vorteilhaft ist.
Thomas Fischer Germany Auf Open Access folgt Open Source für staal. Aufträge
Alexandre Bonneß Germany
Lennard Wenzel Germany
Fabian Degott Germany
Heiko Adams Germany
Torsten Krüger Germany Public Money Public Code
Kristin koss Germany
Markus Piller Germany
Ulrich Voß Germany Seit zwei Jahrzehnten überfällig …
Maximilian Weiß
Sven Reißmann Germany
Beat Rupp Germany
Gerald Hien Germany
Holger Kipp Germany
Frank Lichnok Germany
Benjamin Koppe Germany
Christian Classen Was mit öffentlichen Geldern finanziert wird muss auch allen zur Verfügung stehen
Taghva Rismansanj Germany Power to the People
Dr. K. Hofstetter Germany
Thomas Artmann Germany
Jürgen Schwarze Germany
Niels Westphal Germany
Jan-Luca Döen Germany
Van Zuijlen France
Matthias Fauconneau Switzerland
Bastian Gaumert Germany
Felix Mann Germany
Stephan Schultchen Germany
Pouya Rismansanj Germany Alles, was im Namen und mit Ressourcen der Allgemeinheit getan wird muss transparent und verfügbar sein - für eben diese Allgemeinheit!
Marco Wischnewski Germany
Sascha Zimmermann Germany
Tilman Oestereich Germany Unsere Steuergelder, unsere Bugs! Bitte open sourcen, damit wir sie auch fixen können!
Nicolas Döring Germany
Bernd Fiedler Germany
Adrian Zeise Germany
Felix Eckhardt Germany
Christian Kühnel Germany
André Claaßen Germany Es geht nicht nur um Freien Code, es geht um Kooperation mit der Zivilgesellschaft
Gerhard Boehmler Germany
Tobias Bartels Germany Bring LiMux back.
Guerin Delacommune France
Christine Radke Germany
Jonathan Sandkühler
hlaphone Burma ဒါကေတာ့ဘာလည္းမသိ ေလ်ာက္ကလိျကည့္တာ
Alexey Falkunskyy Germany
Koch Germany
Patrick Scheid Germany
Konstantin Knopp Germany
Medick Germany Etwas was von allen finanziert wird, sollte auch allen zugänglich sein
Michael Hornfischer Germany
Maik Wendt Germany
A. Hermann Germany
Manuel Fahmy Germany
Holger Kampffmeyer Germany
Matthias Roeingh Germany Mit Steuergeldern bezahlte Software, gehört dem Steuerzahler und ist deshalb für Alle frei zur Verfügung zu stellen und darf nicht kommerz.
Raphael Greb Germany 90459
Tobias Liedtke Germany
Lukas Forer Austria
Sascha Meinert Germany
Klaus-Otto Hennings Germany
Linus Voermanek Germany
Stefan Hofmann Germany Offen muss offen bleiben! Ohne dies würde es das Internet in seiner jetzigen Form nicht geben!
Kai Germany
Philipp Rezanka Austria
Tobias Grunwald Germany
Armin Ortmann Germany
Martin Schmidt
Peter Schädel Germany Das sollte eigentlich eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein!
Stefan Kögl Germany
Christian Bühler Germany
Stefan Blanke Germany
Moritz Mair Germany
Thomas Eisele Germany
Sigrun Franzen Germany
Niklas Weissner Germany Releasing publicly financed software as free software should be an obvious choice
İsmail Özcan Germany
Marco Büttner Germany
Marco Mattes Germany
Jason Maurer Germany
Heiner Benner Germany
Thorsten Magers Germany Eine Sache für Profis - sagen ja die Politiker! Zeit diese auch heranzuziehen...
Olaf Taupitz Germany Vernünftiger Ansatz
Michael Kleimann Germany
Jens Oberender Germany
Stefan Kress Germany
Tim Jünemann Germany
Michel Penke Germany
Alexander Leben Germany
Achim Schumacher Germany
Reinhard Manecke Germany
Jan Meyer Germany printf("Free software for free citizens!\n");
Holger Joest Germany
Lux Germany
Tim Reutemann Germany Sollte ein no-brainer sein... #Neuland
Ulf Sudbrock Germany Nach 10 Jahren in der IT-Branche weiß ich, wie sinnvoll diese Forderung ist.
Thorben Germany We shall be able to use what we paid for
Julian Popp Germany Öffentliche Gelder sinnvoll einsetzen und Innovation fördern!
Sebastian Deppisch Germany
Leo Repp Germany
Christian Hau Germany
Patrik Tesarik Germany
Michael Starck Germany Es sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein, mit öffentlichen Geldern ausschließlich freie und open source Software zu bezahlen
Raphael Rott Germany
Axel H. Germany Freie Software für mehr Transparenz und Sicherheit.
Olaf Walther Germany
Bernd Germany
Dries Harnie Belgium
Fritz Iversen Germany Grundsätzlich müssen Investments aus Steuergelder "open" sein: Das Gilt für Brücken und Straßen wie für Wissenschaft, Daten und Code.
Ellen Dosch-Roeingh Germany Was Bürger bezahlen, gehört ihnen auch! Alles andere ist Betrug.
Lars Röttig Germany
Frank Neumann-Staude Germany
Tobias Bohn Germany
Flavien Métivier France
Lenz Grimmer Germany
Mathias Lenz Germany
Sebastian Kreideweiß Germany
Patrick Moeller Germany
Markus C. Schulte von Drach Germany
Rainer Bielefeld Germany Bin völlig dafür! Diese Haltung bewog mich schon vor zig Jahren, mich an Open-Source-Entwicklung zu beteiligen.
Heinz-Jürgen Bove Germany
Nico Funke Germany
Rico Becker Germany
Ralf Koller Germany
Kai Gülzau Germany
Maik Waidmann Germany
Wolfgang Silbermayr Austria Freie Software ist der richtiche Weg in eine Zukunft, in der Handlungsfähigkeit und Unabhängigkeit der Institutionen gewährleistet ist.
Christian Klünter
Christina T. Germany
Sascha Schulte Germany
Fabian Wunsch Germany
Jochen Germany I want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available ..
Matthias Christ Germany
Mirko Schenk Germany
Jan Oeser Germany
Lukas Zitzlsperger Germany
Christian Brüggemann Germany
Wolf-Michael Bolle Germany
Isabell Pflug Germany Unfreie Software nimmt den Nutzern die Freiheit und schafft fahrlässige Sicherheitsrisiken
Michael Bohle
Steffen Hirsch Ich bin kein Bot ;)
Friedrich Holland-Moritz Germany
Christophe De Troyer Belgium
Philipp Legran Germany
Nathanael-Osirius Woggon Germany
Stefan Mayr Germany
Weitz Germany
Marc Kampmann Germany
mikael New Zealand
Josef Roth Germany
Yvonne Rowoldt Germany open-soure, open-data, open-government gehören zusammen. public money = open = transparency
Julia Wenzel Germany
Smaïl Hammour Belgium
Leif Brandt Germany Macht Sinn und ist wichtig.
Stefan Probst Germany
Tizian Kohler Germany
Manfred Steger Germany Ich bin nicht nur für freien Code, sondern für jegliche freie Inhalte die mit öffentlichen Mitteln finanziert wurden. #schule # bildung
Gabriele Mühl Germany
Malte Stegmaier Germany
Malte Stegmaier Germany
Hannes Frank
Stefan Lau Germany
Stephan Akrong Germany
Fabian Christ Germany Steuergelder müssen in offene Entwicklungen fließen.
Benjamin Isinger Germany
Kai Haase Germany
Andre Hohmann Germany
Jan-Phillip Wolter Germany
Zap0xfce2 Germany Mehr Transparenz für Behördensoftware!
Marc Radziwill Germany public money - public code
Jan Meyer Germany
Dustin-Mike Heyne Germany Staat ist Gesellschaft, ihre Erzeugnisse gehören uns allen
Jochen Schwarze Germany
Rüdiger Werner Germany
Peter Freu Germany public money - public code
Tanja Walbrunn
Robert Weber Germany
Christoph Paa Germany
Florian Schwarm Germany
Werner Schmitz Germany Richtige Initiative, die Dominanz von Microsoft im öffentlichen Sektor ist die Lizenz zum Gelddrucken und der Weg hin zu Überwachung...
Jessica Gollub Germany
Aljoscha Germany
Julian Leyh Germany
Sybille Hubig Germany
Alexander Grollmann Germany
Harri Haataja Finland Fulfillbthe four software freedoms
Nils Schumacher Germany
Danielle United States I strongly agree
Schmidt, Dr. Michael Germany
Karl Beck Germany
Robert Hölzl Germany
Bernd Strebel Germany
Philipp Herrchen Germany
Christian Berg Germany Nicht nur bei eingekaufter Software. Auch im Bildungsbereich und in der Kommunikation zwischen Behörden und Bürgern. Frankreich nutzt matrix
Sascha Germany
Schoonjans Sophie Iceland
Christian Holzmann Austria Ausgezeichneter Ansatz!
Thomas Germany
Tobias Harms Germany
Matthäus Falkowski Germany Für eine effizientere Nutzung von Geldern, sicherere Anwendungen und mehr Bürgerbeteiligung
Rolf R. Meier Germany
Florian Schwanz Germany
Stephan Prantl Austria
Marco Geiger Germany
Wolfgang Grein Germany
Petra Teufel Germany
Patrick Büchner
Linus Andrzejczak Germany
Manfred Prothmann Germany
Tom Maelsa Germany
Markus Boerner Germany
Tom Winkelmann Germany
Daniel Schunk Germany Von offener Software und offenen Architekturen profitieren alle!
Niklas Knipp Germany
Gerd Schwaderer Germany I pay for it, so it belongs to me
Robert Schröder Germany
Johannes Cram Germany
Daniel Kratz Germany
Wolfgang Raabe Germany
Simon Doba Germany
Daniel Wolfrath Germany
Ralf Kühnel Germany
Thomas Mühl Germany
Maik Hartwig Wilhelm Germany Hierdurch wird Innovation und Unternehmertum gefördert
Daniel Naber Germany
Marina König-Pankov Germany PublicMoneyPublicCode
Mike Konia Switzerland
Anne Jacobs Germany
Kabs, Uwe Germany
Martin Vollenbröker Germany
Roland Legat Germany
Florian Schildwächter Germany
Adrian Muraru Romania
Sebastian Waschnick Germany
Moritz Kempe Germany
Achim Nierbeck Germany
Ulrich Berlin Germany
Uwe Eikmeier Germany
Lothar Jestädt Germany Es ist wichtig das viele an Software arbeiten die alle nutzen, wir müssen Rückstand aufholen
Ralf Schindler Germany
Georg Baumann Germany
Wiesmeth Germany
Alois Germany
Dennis Wiemann Germany
Thorsten Dellbrügge Germany
WIlliam T.S. Norway
Florian Tölle Germany
Peter Wiersig Germany
Stephanie Koller Germany
Hans-Helmut Sparrer Germany
Robin Klaiss Germany
Wim Deblauwe Belgium
P. PETIT France
Kaplan France
Anton Rudolph Germany
Daniel Ferradal Spain Transparency in every sense , always with public money.
Paul Heymanns Germany
Filippo Pelliccione Italy Please add me.
Karsten Schneider Germany
Mike Einmueller Germany
Nicole Y. Jodeleit Germany ... und dass vorhandene OpenSource (bspw. OpenOffice statt Microsoft) eingesetzt wird.
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Göpel Germany Prima Initiative! Es wird Zeit für eine öffentliche Digital-Politik
Francois Rose Belgium This should be obvious to anybody.
Tim Christiansen Germany
LUBERT Arnaud France
Manuel Weidmann Belgium
Dr. Karin Uphoff Germany
Silke Will Germany
Christian Kulik Germany Sharing is caring but more challenging than coding
Christian Stein Germany Diese Forderung ist eine Selbstverständlichkeit u. hätte von Anfang an so gehandhabt werden müssen.
Martin Röw Germany
Peter Müller Germany machen!
Christina Kuhb Germany
Jens Tangermann Germany
Leo Kaufmann Germany
Mark Carstens Germany
Ariane Landes Germany
Christian Schneider Germany Code written with tax money should benefit all people. So open source makes a lot of sense.
Sebastian Müller Germany
Michaela Felsing Germany
Arne Cordes Germany
Roberto Switzerland I agree, public money, public code.
Ludwig Jäschke Germany Staatliche Kontrolle kontrollieren, auch in Ihrer Software!
Erik Zimmermann Germany
Eugen Wiens Germany
Dirks Germany OpenSource für alle
Michael Beierl
Michael Heyne Germany
Maud Schlich Das ist längst überfällig: Code, für den auch ich zahle, darf nicht zur Gewinnmaximierung von Unternehmen dienen.
Sebastian Bär Germany Das ist eine Chance liebe Regierung. Ihr wisst nicht wie kurz GG 20 Abs 4 bereits ist.
Moritz Ruth Germany
Winfried Hardt Germany wo immer ich kann, benutze ich open source Software und ich verspreche mir deutliche Verbesserungen durch staatliche Gelder.
Jan Filter Germany Gute Sache mit Vorteilen für alle Beteiligten!
Elia Cereda Italy
Patrick Schröder Germany Opensource - sharing is caring - Abhängigkeit von Unternehmen hemmt die Handlungsfreiheit
Felix Theel Germany
Lukas Huber Germany
Frederic Gaus Germany
Frank Schmiletzky Germany
Georg Stergiou Germany
Stefan Guth Germany
Jan Hohner Germany
Feth AREZKI France Argent public, résultat public ! Les citoyens ont le droit de jouir pleinement de la propriété de ce qu'achètent les contribuables.
Lars Eidenberg Germany
Florian Stein Germany
Hähnel Martin Germany
Matteo Sanfilippo
Marcel Maus Germany
Christian Seeberger Germany
Thomas Goldbach Germany
Leon Fischer Germany Die Vorteile von Open Source, in öffentlichen Einrichtungen, überwiegen klar und deutlich, denen von Closed Source.
Edouard Rousseau France
André Stafast Germany
Thomas Zilliox France Le code produit par les états devraient appartenir aux citoyens
David Lehmann Germany
Lars Erhardt Germany I <3 OpenSource
Volker Ehrmann Germany
Tamino Büttner Germany Durch ‚Public Code‘ können wir unsere digitale Zukunft mitgestalten.
Fabian Liesch Germany
Manuel Caldeira Germany
Tobie Langel Switzerland Open sourcing public code is the only rational choice to make.
Leonardo Maged Germany Was wir bezahlen sollte auch jeden Bürger zugänglich gemacht werden! Aus diesen und anderen Gründen unterstütze ich diese Initiative!
Thomas Finger Germany
Orlando Policicchio Germany Freier Code für steuerfinanzierte Institutionen
Karl Kolb Germany Ich dachte, das wäre schon Vorgabe? Zumindest schon teilweise in manchen Kommunen?
Matthias Hinner Austria Sehr gute Idee, es gibt tolle Open Source Projekte aus Europa, es ist oft gar nicht nötig proprietäre software zu kaufen.
Sebastian Schöpsdau Germany
Zbigniew Conrady Germany Public money, public code.
Patrick Stary Germany
Ulf Morys Germany
Philipp Kunkel-Körber Germany
Hans Egger Germany Gerade für das Thema KI ist das wichtig. Open Source kann das notwendige Vertrauen bringen.
Spengler Germany
Klaus Lammertz Germany
Ute Voigt Germany
Stefan Enke Germany
Steffen Dirksen Germany Was wir alle bezahlen, sollte auch allen zugänglich gemacht werden. Daher unterstütze ich die Initiative.
Michael Rieble Germany
Stephan Kellermayr Austria
Uwe Born Germany
Benjamin Wagener Germany Closed Source stärkt nur die Abhängigkeit von bestimmten Konzernen.
Peter Monien Switzerland Die Vorteile von Open Source Software sind überzeugend. Besonders die Transparenz ist für öffentliche Systeme sehr wichtig.
Lerk Germany
Christian Stein Germany
Riko Uphoff Germany
Franz Wemnemann Germany
Heike Carle Germany Dieser Schritt ist überfällig und bedeutet in vielerlei Hinsicht Freiheit.
Bertrand Delacretaz Switzerland Way to go!
Lukas lütke Germany
Alfred Schmidt Germany
Lukas Zajonz Germany
Justus Römeth Belgium Als im Europäischen Parlament arbeitende Person finde ich diese Petition sehr unterstützenswert!
Maria Burkanova Germany
Olaf Finkbeiner Germany eine der wichtigsten Forderungen in diesem Bereich!
Thomas Hagenhofer Germany
Josef Willkommer Germany Durch Steuergelder finanzierte Software sollte als Freie Software veröffentlicht werden! Punkt!
Stefanie Berger Germany
Felix Häberle Germany Open Source Public Code
Eric Haas Germany
Alexander Grüßung Germany Open Source bedeutet auch Diversität und Weiterentwicklung.
andi gurk Germany Ich bin dafür!
Reiner Schwope Germany
Tanja Stier Germany ..weil auch mein Steuergeld drinsteckt.
Christian Baer
isabell putz Germany
Kai Gert Germany Ganz recht: mit öffentlichen Geldern entwickelte Software muss open source sein!
Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer Germany Erstens rechtlich, zweitens faktisch!
Sebastian Schipper Germany
Bernhard Wahl Germany
Dietrich Lüders Germany
Britta Sell Germany
Dr. Christine Kolbe Germany Openess is definitly the best strategie - to share, to improve, to invent, to innnovate and solve common issues in common sense!
Thomas Hilburger Germany Open Source was von allen finanziert wird mit besserer Steuerung bessere Projekte.
Marco Schmidt Germany
Rolf Schneider Germany
Alexander Steienr Germany
Ben Schultz Germany
Felix Hirschfeld
Jan Christe Germany
Max Stephan Germany
Martin Hildebrandt Germany
Nils Heering Germany
Eva Heerdegen Austria
Jürgen Haas Germany Das ist nicht nur demokratisch und gerecht sondern fördert auch die Code-Qualität. Gibt genügend Beispiele dafür in der Software-Industrie.
Sebastian Hirstowski Germany
Michael Conzelmann Germany
Sven Lange Germany
Michael Quarz Germany Eine öffentliche Verwaltung agiert "nur" als Stellvertreter aller Bürger. Ihre Investitionen gehören folglich auch allen Bürgern.
Raffael Comi Germany
Gunnar Neef Germany I want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available ..
Sabert Germany
Frank Scheuer Germany Dies ist längts überfällig. Wir sind mal wieder das Schlusslicht. Dies ist ein Bürgerrecht!!!
Martin Wirtz Germany
Jürgen Wolter Germany
Marcel Schneider Germany
Wolfram Homburger Germany
Silas Jökel Germany
Frederic Krissler Germany
Ingo Illbruck Germany
Karl-Heinz Germany Sehr gute Idee! Es macht auch von großen SW Konzernen unabhängiger.
Pascal Wengerter Germany
Dr. Marc Halbrügge Germany
Mario Meltzow Germany
Oliver Gassner Germany
Tobias K. Germany Free all the public code!
Steve Schutzbier Germany
Markus Schicker Germany
Josip Germany
Stefan von der Krone Germany Auf Open Source basierte Web Anwendungen sind die Zukunft für die Behörden-IT.
Mirko Friedrich Germany
Stefan Weitzel Germany
Christoph Müller Germany Commons sind für alle da
Wolfgang Holzhauser Germany Was die Allgemeinheit bezahlt, sollte auch der Allgemeinheit gehören. Gerade Technologie lebt von der Innovation vieler Köpfe!
Daniel Ziegler Germany
Dennis Koch Germany Von PublicMoney/PublicCode würden sowohl der Staat als auch die Open-Source Szene profitieren.
Niklas Jordan Germany
Nico Wickersheim Germany Freie Software unterstützt Programmierer ungemein in ihrem Alltag!
Catalin Miu Romania
Matthias Wassermann Germany
Marc Clemens Germany Gerne unterstützen wir auch im Namen unseres Unternehmens CodeControl GmbH.
Jürgen Dickler Germany
Fabian Reh Germany
Björn Waide Germany Steuererklärung auf Basis offener Schnittstellen wären... ein Traum...
Karsten Kalbe Germany
Volker Kleinschmidt Germany Viel Erfolg
Rainer Bunger Germany
Astrid Eberiud Germany
Niklas Zantner Germany
So Prathna Sim Germany
Stefan Lücking Germany
Volker Müller Germany
Stefan Rütsch Germany Das Engagement öffentlich er Stellen für freie Software ist schon lange überfällig.
Robert Germany
Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura Austria
Susanne Fuchs Germany public money public code
Daniel Kalz Germany Freier Code für freie Bürger!
Bony Stoev Germany
Christian Klose Germany
Ruben Hauser Germany
Benjamin Buch Germany
Rennert Germany
Claude Léveillé Canada Please don't allow corporations unjust, exclusive, control over public healthcare and school systems.
Sabine Meyer Germany
Alexander Bigga Germany
Maierhofer Christian Rupert Germany Open Source ist die Zukunft
Michael Schrupp Germany
andreas rensch Germany
Maik Dieth Germany
Dominik Holler Germany
Philipp Bielefeldt Germany
Christian Straßer Germany
Sebastian Schlatow Germany
Lukas Mreyen Germany
Enno Steppat Germany
Farina Steinert Germany
Stephan Nielsen Germany Public Money -> Public Code!
Michael Blunck Germany Als Webentwickler begrüße ich es wenn Software offen gelegt wird.Im web ist das durch diverse OpenSource Bibliotheken geradezu unausweichli
Thomas Wüst Germany Ich unterstütze die Initiative, da OpenSource für Transparenz steht und der Staat beim Einsatz von Algorithmen kontrolliert werden muss.
Christian Zeller Germany
Roy Jürgens Germany
Ibraimova Barbara Germany
Michael Schreier Germany
Manuel Kudruss Germany
Minh Hoang Pham Germany ich bin gegen Lobbyismus und Verschwendung von Steuergelder
Dominik Liebler Germany
Oliver Studen Germany Ich finde diese Kampagne gut, weil wir vielleicht einen Standard haben.
Phil S. Germany
Jonathan Herklotz Germany
Ernst Germany Wir sollten unsere SchülerInnen zu selbstbestimmten BürgerInnen erziehen, die Abhängigkeiten hinterfragen und Alternativen kennen.
Niklas Dinklage Germany
Onur Topalak Switzerland
Michael Blaszczyk Germany
Eric Schwab Germany
Jörg Sorge Germany
Lothar Neumann Germany
Wolfger Schramm Germany
Jannis Gutleben Germany
Julian Ahrens Germany Freie Software löst Abhängigkeiten auf. Außerdem sind sie meist qualitativ hochwertiger und sicherer.
Volker Natho Germany
Lukas Neubert Germany
Herbert Gnauer Austria
Kirill Klipan
Alexander Nobbe Germany
Tobias Nieberg Germany
Sascha Lohmüller Germany
Kai Hofmann Germany Was wir Steuerzahler (mit-)finanzieren sollte uns endlich auch gehören - dazu gehören auch Forschungsarbeiten/-ergebnisse!
Tobias Dittus Germany Was gibts mehr zu sagen. Software, bezahlt von allen, sollte auch allen gehören...
Volkhard Hufsky Germany
Weck Germany Wer das nicht will, ist peinlich!
Carsten Dobschat Germany
Holger Dyroff Germany Steuerfinanzierte Entwicklungen müssen Open Source sein!
Jonas Schrouff Germany
Lukas Poque Germany
Sebastian Dietrich Austria
Carsten Germany Was die Allgemeinheit bezahlt, muss auch von der Allgemeinheit frei nutzbar sein, ob Wissenschaft, Grund und Boden oder eben Quell-Codes.
Kevin Kampeter Germany
Eva Olivin Germany
Martin Pfeiffer Germany
Vincenz Eigebrecht Germany
Melf Christiansen Germany
Thomas Staudacher Germany
Marian Sievers Germany
Mathias Neumann Germany In Opensourceprojekten können interessierte Proframmierer auch leichter nach Fehlern suchen und diese beheben. Sicherheitsvorteil!
Denise Obermann Germany
Thomas Peter Germany
Thomas Richter Germany
Franz Alt Germany
Matti Schmidt Germany
Björn Stierand Germany
Hajo Thelen Germany
Jens Flammiger Germany
Christian Lück Germany
Marcus Herrmann Germany Von öffentlichen Geldern entwickelte Software muss darüber hinaus barrierefrei sein
Arunrat Pangsaleah Thailand
Derrick Kenya I am good to go
Enno Park
Rieblinger Dominik Germany
Jan-Simon Baudler Germany
Tobias Bähr Germany Opensource <3
Kai Froeb Germany
Marcel Hibbe
Hanns-Jörg Rohwedder Germany
Burkhardt Röper Germany
Dr. Jens Mittelbach Germany
Tobias Marschall Germany Unbedingt
Jürgen Bilstein Germany
Remo Linter Liechtenstein
Tobias Hettler Germany Open Source hilft mir täglich bei meinen Software Projekten und erlaubt es auch privat Personen/kleinen Unternehmen wettbewerbsfähig zu sein
Arash Azhand Germany
Richard Naeve Germany
Ralf Franz Germany
Philipp Hamann Germany
Günter Witt Germany Freie Nutzung durch den, der sie bezahlt, uns Steuerzahler
Philipp Czapski Germany
Julia Klemp Germany Freie Bürger brauchen freien Code!
Philipp Sieder Germany
Anna Kathan Germany
Adrian Pohl Germany
Lennart Morgenschweis Germany
Till Sanders Germany
Benjamin Gebauer Germany
Thomas Ebel Germany
Maximilian Grützner Germany
Philipp Wolfer Germany
Alexander Wunschik Germany
Marvin Borisch Germany Von Bürger finanzierte Software sollte den Bürgern auch offen zur Verfügung stehen. Transparentes geben und Nehmen.
Alexander Salas Bastidas Spain
Aleksey C. Russia Transparent and accountable, FOSS results in better and more reliable software. Budgets shouldn't waste $millions$ on proprietary software.
sean United States would love to be oi
Janis Bundschu Germany
Joan Spain Si volem ser lliures, el codi ha de ser lliure.
Sinh Nguyen van Vietnam Sinh nguyen van
Tobias Stein Germany Transparenz ist eines der höchsten Güter einer Gesellschaft, sagen wir doch den Lobbisten den Kampf an!
Dulce Maylet Hernadez Cortaza Mexico No es justo por que el dinero es publico, y entonces el gobierno solo quiere sacar beneficio de eso.
Maelic Philippot France Un enjeu de société pour encourager la coopération, la connaissance et l'expertise.
Christos Mavromatidis Greece
Max Pommert Germany
Ram Kumar Albania
David Montazer Germany No comment needed
Philipp Erchinger Germany Für die Etablierung einer Open Source-Infrastruktur!
Herczeg Zsolt Hungary
Raimon Salvador Maza Spain
Marta Andreose Italy
Julio Sanchez Spain
Dungcot23 Vietnam Mã code
Lukas Hübner Germany
Franco Vecchiato Italy
carlos mauricio De Luca Argentina
Andrea Brugiolo Italy SACROSANTO!
Marco Bettin Italy
Kasper Sweden Please do this, we as citizens need to be able to both use the code *we* pay for to the fullest and be able to trust it.
Erik Rühlmann Germany
raphael bastide France
Ghilda Fries United States
luca stramenga Italy
Valentino Küspert Germany
Constantin Pfannschmidt Germany Linux instead of proprietary garbage!
Laurent Magréault France
Philip Hayes United States Closed source software has no place in the government. Besides all the usual advantages of opensource, it helps to make the gov transparent.
Meshann Fitzgerald United States
M SRIBUAROY Thailand Oh my god
Cindy Mongolia get advertising
Malte Gejr Korup Denmark
Dr. Robert Winkler Mexico Researcher/ professor at a public research institute (CINVESTAV)
ANGEL Bulgaria
ANGEL Bulgaria
angela darby United States
Thomas Puetz Germany
Lorenzo Mastrogiacomi Italy
Manuel Hora Germany
Yoan Mollard France
Riccardo Cardellini Italy The code should be free and open
Massimo Bologna Italy Ritengo sia importante che un software sviluppato con soldi pubblici debba essere reso disponibile a tutti i cittadini per poter essere stud
Sergio Rodriguez Rios Mexico Excelente iniciativa. Necesitamos más voluntades!
MONTASAR MHADHBI France free code
Todor Georgiev Bulgaria
Ignacio Martínez Soriano Spain Aprovechemos el código y apagado.
Christian Einwang Germany Nur so sind öffentliche Vorgänge nachvollziehbar
Md Sirajul মো সিরাজুল ইসলাম প্রচার Bangladesh
Carl morales United States
Stephan Rave Germany
Matthias Hoffmann Germany
Carlos Eduardo Dutra Brum Brazil Dinheiro do cidadão beneficiando o cidadão
Fábio Benites Tramasoli Brazil
Sebastien CHAVAUX France Notre argent, notre code!
Rui Catarino Portugal
Julien Beauvais France
Miguel Alves Portugal
albert Spain
Daniel James King
Gajendra Saraswat India Open-source is a necessary step for every new comer, and to feel everyone home with the code behind the covers.
Shannon Alegria United States You want to help people? Do the right thing and present and pass legislation
Manuel Plavsic Switzerland
Wilkinson Canada We demand to be able to utilize what we pay for!
Matthias Ghijs Belgium
Duvan Rojas United States Free software
Patryk Kachel Poland open source software FTW
Zbigniew Michał Marcinowski Poland I think that it should be open. It can save a lot of money and can help develop better softwares.
Siegfried Sbrzesny Germany Software die mit Steuergeldern Finanziert wurde, ist Eigentum der Steuerzahler, nicht eines Einzelnen!
Federico Nocentini Italy Buona Iniziativa
Lennert Holvoet Belgium
Mandy Reinhardt Germany
Alexander Micheal Elijah Nigeria Welcome to plenty things center a platform to advertised you products and services to the world
Depommier France
Johan Bichel Lindegaard Denmark
Dr. Michael Scholtz Germany Es geht nicht an, dass mit Steuergeldern entwickelte Software von einem Unternehmen kostenpflichtig angeboten werden kann.
Praveen chauhan India
Paul Kies Austria
Zarko Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eva Banegas Spain mplement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and O
Simona Pliešovská Slovakia
Tomi Rauhala Sweden
Gabriele Bernard Italy
Hatto von Hatzfeld Germany Open Source software and hardware can promote European IT industry and improve security, too.
Benjamin Germany
MD. SOHAL MIR Bangladesh All
Oscar alejandro Guzmán garcia Mexico Nesesito el apoyo económico para realizar una empresa para curar la enfermedad del cáncer y diabetes sin drogas ni medicamentos
Love one Thailand 0652268640
san roman Belgium
Christoph Schirmel Germany
Mike Smith United Kingdom
Fernando Cellini Italy
Henry ngoko United States I want to create a phone and app on it
Roberto Grassi Italy
Wenceslao Argentina Me parece que realmente va a ayudar a que los sistemas se perfeccionen y combatir la corrupción.
Andreas Kilgus Germany
Julian-Pascal Martin Germany
Benjamin Winkel Germany
Michael Lannert Germany
Lubnaa Jaumdally Canada
Vuillemot Florian France Public code for freedom, privacy, cost saving, national sovereignty and more !
Ecaterina Moraru Romania Open Source means having control and being able to pass down whatever progress done. No lock-in, full vizibility.
Alexandre Garel France C'est une évidence. Rien que l'aspect souveraineté devrait le motiver. Et bien sur il y a bien plus !
Daniel Bachtanian Germany
Muhammad Radwan Germany Please make it open now. Do not be like the USA, lead the world by example.
Kaioshin1980 Germany
Benjamuin LARCHER France
Shannon K Sexton United States MY AQUARIUM@sshcomgov.
Sophie Wendler Germany
Tobias Siebicke Germany
Jessica Kephart United States We already paid for it
Alessandro Italy Free code in free world!
анатолий Russia
Roger Jerrell United States Hnmm
Jose Manuel Garcia United States The right of the people will be returned.
Rubel Musicwould Bangladesh Admob Account Adjust Ad Code AdSense Tag Automatically update Settings
Thomas Bellebaum Germany
IMAD EL United States Hi, Let's be friends 😁
Karl Etoquilla Philippines
Daniel Goldinger Switzerland
GOUY France
Patricia Casanova Diaz Spain
Keinath Daniel Switzerland Bin einferstanden
Martha leticia ambrocio Mexico Eso podria ayudar a cualquier problema concientizado en la seguridad publica de nuestras colonias y comunidades.
Jaime Alonso Spain
Sébastien Celles France
Seyfettin Uluca Turkey Genel kod
Alberto Mesin Italy
Seyfettin Uluca Turkey Genel kod
Ivan Italy
Asaph Souza Portugal
Francisco José Jurado López Italy
David Durchholz Germany
Ginés Utrera Pavón Spain
Timo Könnecke Germany
Grohs Walter Germany Wenn Software von der Öffentlichen Verwaltung entwickelt, dann muß diese auch allen Staatsbürgen kostenfrei zu Verfügung stehen.zur
Hajo Passon Germany
Guillaume France Pour le logiciel libre !
David Schmidt Germany Schön wäre es!
Andrea Zagli Italy
Andreas Mitrousis Greece
Nikunj India I need back link
Cristian Martina Italy Mi sembra il minimo!
Konstantinos Bouklis Greece
Bertrand Nŕon France
Martin Schmitt Germany
Peter Derus Germany Gerade bei Software die solch kritische Daten verwaltet muss Transparenz gegeben sein.
Nico Italy Thanks, a lot.
Hitendra Singh Rathore India Yes. Code should be public
Bianca Giammanco Italy
GutenDev Bangladesh Public code, public software.
Roberto Sales I still believe in the EU, the privacy and better management of public money are very important. You can do it!
Giovanna Brancato Italy
Habib Bangladesh Every student in the world is educated and educated, it is the duty of the students to disintegrate people with a new look
Habib Bangladesh Every student in the world is educated and educated, it is the duty of the students to disintegrate people with a new look
Andrea Chiappinelli Italy
Anna Italy
jmfriedt France as associate professor teaching embedded system programming at university, public money should yield to free software
Francesco Italy I agree, free software!
Michele MAsè Italy
Adalbert Hanßen Germany Es ist wichtig. Allerdings fürchte ich, es nur schrittweise erreichen zu können. Trotzdem muß man damit anfangen.
Stefano Chittaro Italy
Gioele Giuffria Italy
Andrea Colombo Italy
Ole Saustrup Kristensen Denmark
Geoffrey Mosini France
Cristian Italy Software must to be free. If software is not free, people will be not free.
Ferraris Ivan Italy
Florian Kohrt Germany
Moritz Wilhelmy Germany
Michele Pinassi Italy What i pay as citizen should be publicity available. It's not rocket science!
Jean-Marc Gervais France Let's share knowledge and not feed priviledges with public funds. Let's be efficient, and not re-invent the wheel...
Eleonora Giammanco Italy
Manuel Micai Italy
Massimo Avanzini Italy I believe in free software and sharing
serenity romero United States
Raffaele Paolo Guidi Italy Open Source is the most sustainable way
Michele Ponte Italy
David Fuhry Germany
Raimondo Giammanco Italy
Markus Vieth Germany
Fabio Cinus Italy
Carlo Italy
Valerio Pachera Italy
Raffaele Baroncelli Italy
Enrico Salardi Italy Muste be done!
E. Behrend Germany
Harald H. Schäfers Germany
Matteo Iervasi Italy
Alexander Eller Germany
Johannes Heyder Germany
Simone Italy Use free and open source software for real freedom
Perry van der Zande Netherlands
gianemilio ferrari Italy
Antonio Scordia Italy
sacarde Italy
Benedetto Pitò Italy
Kim Allamandola! France IMO *free software* (not only OSS) MUST be mandated by law, we can't simply accept private "knowledge" in a society.
Nicola Vallinoto Italy We support your campaign and we'll promote during next European elections.
Lodovico Gobbo Italy Mi sembra logico e necessario che il codice finanziato dal pubblico sia disponibile al pubblico
Matteo Bocci Italy
Alessio folli Italy
Ivano Italy FOSS is the only choice for public software
antonio Italy Free software is safer than closed software
Danilo Macrì Italy
Valerio Cavagni Italy
Giampaolo Melis Italy
Maria Chiara Pievatolo Italy
Emanuele Di Giacomo Italy
Dario Pagani Italy The public should be able to see the code behind software used by the public administration!
Andrea Mrak Italy FLOSS software is sustainable
Mario Di Bacco Italy
Luigi Montemaggi Italy
Jacob Grevald Denmark
Amedeo Minelli Italy Denaro pubblico, codice pubblico!
Alberto Rizzolio Italy
Marco Bassetto Italy Il software open source è importante per garantire libertà, trasparenza e democrazia nelle amministrazioni pubbliche europee e italiane.
Andreas Lorenzen Denmark
Nils Schumacher
Emanuele Davalli Italy
gabriele renzi Hungary
Tassel France
Andrea Pusineri Italy
Federico Piazza Italy
Gabriele Giuranno Italy
Marco Caspani Italy
Paolo Arena Italy
Mattia Italy
Alberto Strappazzon Italy
carlo zampieri Italy
Gianni Bonafe' Italy
Giuseppe Storti Italy
Edoardo Maria Elidoro Italy
Lorenzo Rossi Italy
Olivier Prêtre France
Miatello Mauro Italy
Fabio Redaelli Italy
Fabio Cremona Italy
Luca Bressan Italy
Giovanni Sani Italy
Gabriel Butoeru Italy
Federico Colantoni Italy
Fabio Cagliero Italy
Heinrich Dürscheid Germany Freie Software für freie Bürger
Ettore Dreucci Italy
Marco Bottacin Italy I agree
Alessio Artoni Italy
Emanuele De Matteis Italy An Open Source Software will be made by and belong to people. There are many pros and almost no cons
Andrea D'Angelo Italy
Federico Torsello Italy
William B Peckham United States
Samuele Guerrini Italy
Mauro Mossino Italy E magari abolire anche Windows dal pubblico sarebbe un passo in più
Alessandro Righi Italy
Davide Molteni Italy Public money public code!
Ivan Guerreschi Italy
Guido Buldrighini Italy
Giampaolo Mancini Italy
Gabriele Pallaoro Italy
Jesper Kjeldgaard Denmark
Francesco La Vella Italy
Giuseppe D'Andrea Italy
luca montemaggi Italy
Lasse Gaardsholt Denmark
Artur Miglio das Neves Spain
C. Richardson Germany Its mandatory that things financed by the public are made available to the very same! Same goes for all the sciences and gathered informatio
Rafael Luque Leiva Spain
Raoul Scarazzini Italy The statement is really simple and at the same time powerful. Let's do this!
Giovanni Astarita Italy
de FOS France
Mohammad Farli Nice to meet you
Peter Vasen Germany
Patrick C. F. Ernzer Germany
Dwayne Moore United States "We the people..." need to have access to the people. We need ones that will fight for us, the common folk!
Steven Elmore United States
Hugo Maurício Tavares Portugal
Hugo BEHAR THINIERES (Assemblée Virtuelle) France PERFECT
yevgeniy kaufov United States
Benjamin Dumas France
Bernard Chabot France
Jan Hamal Dvořák Czech Republic
Noeli Mexico
Héctor Sebastián Trejo Luna Mexico #DevHood
Leo Egorov Germany
Mikey Sanchez United States
Antoon van Hooft
Ishaan Desai Germany
Marek Poland
Sebastian Baumeister Germany
Konstantin Manner Germany
Manuel Atug Germany Der richtige Ansatz auch für KRITIS also kritische Infrastrukturen
Danielle Mazzeo United States
juan Argentina Muy buena idea. y la mejor manera de invertir recursos publicos
Alessia Italy
Francisco de A. Pineda Spain ¡Dinero publico, código público!. Public money, public code!
Fernando Spain
Arneshia graham United States
Angel MArtín García Spain
miika kainu Finland
Ahmad idris Nigeria Yes am agreed
Uros Susa Serbia Amin
Steffen Exler
Jonathon Maxwell United States
Hào Vietnam
Tobias Mayr Italy
Lukas Döhler Germany Open Source ist die beste Möglichkeit Software-Qualität hochzuhalten und kryptografische Sicherheit in IT-Prozessen zu gewährleisten.
Guillermo Spain Y el idioma internacional debería ser más neutral y justo: Esperanto. No discriminen.
Emmanuel Hadj Spain
Andyk Setyawan Indonesia Menyelamatkan bumi
Jonas Heinz Germany
Grzegorz Skorupa Poland
Julian Weiland Germany
محمدمهدی صابری Iran 25350112
Ponnala Mallaiah India Yes
Joan Porcar Spain Me encanta vuestra propuesta, todos juntos lo conseguiremos!
Pablo Spain
Martin Nybo Andersen Denmark
Björn Engel Germany
Arto Finland Hello eweryone..
Torin Doyle Ireland
Graeme Pietersz United Kingdom
Albert Spain
Alexander Sander Germany
Lluís Piqueres i Pla Spain Fa 12 anys que he canviat a distribucions de Linux en el meu portàtil privat, i n'estic ben content. Matiso que el meu país és Catalunya.
Fabien Gainier France
Rene Kalk Germany
Claudio Roncaglio Italy
Emery Hemingway Germany
Romain Sertelon France
Simonas Kazlauskas Lithuania
João Vieira Portugal
Thierry DUMONT France
Joseba Burzaco Spain
Christian Römer Germany
Benjamin Grelier France
Jani Untinen Finland
Jorge Hay que colaborar entre todos para crear un mundo mejor
Rafael Cañavate Gonzalez Spain
MUHAMMAD RUKI UDIN Indonesia Share mue block and follow my YouTube chanel Muhammad Ruki on youtube please help me im new blogger help me help me
MUHAMMAD RUKI UDIN Indonesia Share mue block and follow my YouTube chanel Muhammad Ruki on youtube please help me im new blogger help me help me
Juan Carlos Senar Spain ¡Adelante!
Robin Penea France
Wojciech Miziołek Poland
Sony Tricoire France
Jose Manuel Spain Las instituciones deben adoptar software libre y de código abierto por seguridad y transparencia para el ciudadano.
Vprockers India
Rémi morissette Canada
Pavel Núñez Deschamps Dominican Republic Every year in my country spend more than 240,000,000 USD in privative software, instead using Linux and many other technologies.
Maximilian Ochs Germany
José Antonio León Spain
Nina Botthof Austria
Jérémy Landes France This is not just for code but for any public research.
Henrik Christiansen Denmark Public code should always be Open Source
PhungMobile Vietnam
Günther Wagenhöfer Germany Also my opinion: my tax for the benefit of all people
Helen Corker United States
Danh vũ kiệt Vietnam
Jakob Wilke Germany
Monica Camba Italy
Francesco Maria Atzeni Italy
Jorge Ferrer Spain
Aaron Elliot Ross France
Claudio Fumagalli Italy If the software is purchased with public funds, it is good that it is free, opensource and really public.
Echedey López Romero Spain Es injusto que las contribuciones públicas no puedan beneficiar a todos.
Roberto Planchuelo Spain Aquí va mi granito de arena
Christian Austria
Manda putri Indonesia
Dr. Christian González Austria
5c5e620e7bb51 Afghanistan
Francisco Alcón Marcos Spain
chorn rasmy Cambodia
Cristiano Marques Dos Santos Brazil I webdesignto am Brazilian and the unic any free is corruption
Cristiano Marques Dos Santos Brazil I webdesign and want to user WordPress that i love one great platform to development and learning.
U. M. Scheffer Germany
Dean United Kingdom Make free
bangly Vietnam getbalance
Jan Lenk Germany
Robert Gašpar Croatia Javni novac Javni kod
Fajar Utama Travel Indonesia
Simone Bonato Italy
jbd France
Daniele Andreis Italy
Michelle A United States Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software.
jef gad Canada
Noah Ezekiel Edwards United States
Lucas Lasota Germany
amyat Afghanistan Everthings off me is only for you.
mittelberger France
Gabriele Falasca Italy
Gabriel Pickl Austria Producing public code is not only necessary from a public spending POV but also from an accountability POV
patrick valk Netherlands
letruong Vietnam
Aleksei Prokopov Estonia
Sorin Pânca Romania In my country, government code is big business and big corruption.
Alexander Miller Austria Free the code!
Alberto Bonilla Italy Comparto ampliamente el concepto de "dinero público, código público".
Jonas Gunnarsson Sweden Good initiative!
Simon Pesch Germany
Kyrre Havik Eriksen Norway
Asa Zosel United States Show me the source's
Rudolf Dovičín Slovakia Public code means better support, higher security, higher privacy, better concurrence, lower chances for corruption.
LouisRoisin Canada
abdel chakar United Kingdom good work
Shawn Jones United States Yes I am single and live on a very tight budget week to week. Whenever I'm researching something on line in ways to better myself deadened
Jens-Rene Giesen Germany
Joan Bover i Alonso Spain
Vitor DA COSTA Portugal All transparency to the people
Gustav Trodin Sweden
Antonio De Marco Belgium
Adam Nagy Belgium
Richard Muthig Germany
Fabian Wagner Germany Public money, public code is the way it should be.
Steffen Vogel
radikal Spain Software libre obligatorio para las administraciones públicas
Florent Fayolle France
Cshivakumar India hi im Cshivakumar im India
Gerard Brull Spain
Gerard Brull Spain
Judit Pons i Baños Spain
Rémi Morissette Canada
John Hedrick United States Public has this right!
Valckeneers Belgium
Sanjit kumar India Your choice yu right
Mandy Broughton United States We have rights, RIGHT?? Well it's not right to keep something the people themselves work hard to build for you to take it away, BULLIES..
Basanta Thapa Germany
Jouni Tuomisto Finland
Murdy Saudi Arabia 0507772765
Ralf Schmid Germany Wenn mit öffentlichen Mitteln Software finanziert wird, sollte der Code auch der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stehen
Matija Nalis Croatia Slobodan i transparentan softver za slobodnu i transparentnu državu
Raphael Stoy Germany
kevin Germany 7492
Sebastian J. Bronner Germany
ridwanirawan Indonesia
ridwanirawan Indonesia no coment
Timothy Boswinkle United States Software whose creation is funded by the taxes and work of the people should be AVAILABLE to the people.
Hannes Koller Austria
Marco Boretto Italy
saiful Malaysia http://kiss918.prosoftware.hack
Papp Péter Hungary Veritas vincit! - Az IGAZSÁG győz!
Stepan Russia Biznes you
Vuillemot Florian France Public money, public code, public knowledge
SS Japan
SS Japan Schönhauser Allee 6/7, 10119 Berlin, Germany
SS Japan SS
S S Japan
arafat alamerri Yemen يجب تنفيذ التشريع
arafat alameri Yemen
Lender Morrison United States Born to appropriate approve
Milos Sramek Austria
Jesus Urbe Philippines Its nice to be a part of this team.
Jimmy Levi Gauthier United States Geterdone
Christian Weidner Germany
Jalil Arfaoui France
Lancelot PECQUET France I have been promoting this idea for 20+ years.
Ingo Haupt Germany
Jakob Florian Kimmes Germany Why isn't this reality, yet?
Prieur France Ca serait la moindre des choses, non ? ;)
Duston Lambert United States I'd like the contributors to be able to be paid for their helpon this monster project.
Diego Rodriguez Spain
Soeren Striesow Germany
Benjamin Hartmann Germany
Klaus Merkert Germany
Marcelo Griggio Cajueiro Brazil A Portabilis está começando esse movimento no Brasil!
Roland F. Teichert Germany
Michael Rowley Fuck Me Satan
M. Scholz Germany
Christophe BOISSONNADE France
Paulo Ricardo Espinodola Brazil Parece até ironia estarmos discutindo esse assunto tão óbvio. "Public money, públic code!"
Jörg Henke Germany Außerdem bin ich für die Abschaffung von kommerziellen Betriebssystemen in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
Javier Catalá Spain
B. Winter Germany
Lars Brinkmann
Ulrich Althöfer Germany Freie Software ist FAIR
Robert Krüger Germany
Alexander Teumer Germany
Philipp-Alexander Blum Germany sicherer und nutzbar fuer alle!
Tiago de Faveri Giusti Brazil Contas e dados abertos não são suficientes. Queremos que os softwares que as produzem também sejam. Mais transparência e controle social.
Raimon Spain
Reciclanet Asociacion Educativa Spain
Felix Markus Germany
Josef Käsbauer Germany Innovation, Stabilität, Sicherheit, Dynamik einerseits und Langfrisitgkeit beweist FOSS täglich.
Aaron daniel Kaatz United States Thank you everyone
Dirk Spannaus Germany Very reasonable demand.
Schlicht, Thomas Germany
Schlicht Sabine Germany
Cyrill Hegglin Switzerland
Simon Schulte Germany
Johannes Schubert Germany
Vincent Gierisch Germany
Troy Pinto - Prayer Request United States Behold I Come!!!!
Tomáš Dvořák Czech Republic
Krolikowski Franz Germany
Rainer Vogel Germany
Klaus Scheuermann Germany
William Gauthier Denmark
Sebastian Saeger Germany
Reciclanet Asociacion Educativa Spain
Albert Riedinger Germany
Andreas Heydecke Germany
Benjamin Buch Germany
Steffen Schwittai Germany
Paul Schaefer Germany
Rune Henriksen Denmark
Md Zohirul Islam Bangladesh Thanks for wordpress
Md Zohirul Islam Bangladesh Thanks for wordpress
Paul Pfeiffer
Georg Häusler Germany
Oliver Sturmhöfel Germany
Mertens Germany
Rainer Koch Germany Es liegen alle Pro-Argumente auf dem Tisch! Politiker, die das verhindern, sind gekauft!
Manuel Selinger Austria
Andreas Gaulhofer Germany
Arthur Moisés da Costa Borges Brazil
Dangelo Martins Brazil Software feito com dinheiro da sociedade, precisa ser código aberto. Esse projeto se faz de grande importancia para todos.
Leonardo Favario Italy Free Software Free Society.
Wolfgang Blessen Germany Von Open Source profitieren alle. Was von der Allgemeinheit bezahlt wird, sollte auch der Allgemeinheit zur Verfügung stehen.
Daniel Nehme Muller Brazil
Stefan Kemnitz Germany
fabs balvedi Brazil
Michał Nazarewicz Poland
Ioannis Dimas Germany
Björn Siebke Germany
Carsten Sprung Germany
Uwe Bittermann Germany Helfen Sie die Anhängigkeit und Angreifbarkeit der IT im öffentlich Sektor zu verringern!
Sebastian Wenzler Germany Abhaengigkeiten vermeiden, lokale Dienstleister foerdern und zudem einer globalen Gemeinschaft beitreten - warum nicht?
Mathias Oertel Germany
Peter Sandor Romania
Nico Schwarz Germany Public Money for public code!
Christian Mack Germany By using Free Software it is also easier to translate software into all languages used in the EU as native speakers can do that.
Andreas Urban Germany
Heiko Proft Germany Open Society Open Access Open Source Open Mind
Martin Krancher Germany
Moritz Kempkes Germany Bitte unterstützen sie die schaffung rechtlicher Grundlagen, um Europa als Vorreiter für digitale Infrastruktur zu stärken!
Arne Martens Germany
Torsten Martiny-Huenger Norway
Gergő Gulyás Hungary
Bjarne Rest Germany Public Code schafft Transparenz.
區壬豪 Taiwan 沒公開原始碼才能施政透明化,避免被偷塞後門。
Kai Lienemeyer Germany
Lars Wesemann Germany
Urte Zahn Germany
Marc Vorreiter Germany
Stephan Kusch Germany
Paul Koch Germany
Jens Thate Spain I'm working since 1997 with open source software as a user only. Today 99% of my work and education I get done with this kind of software.
Ian Nelson United States Public projects deserve to be known by the public.
M. Czerwenka Germany Es wird Zeit das in dieser Richtung endlich was passiert.
R.-Bodo Riediger-Klaus Germany
Patrick Fink Germany Wer diese Initiative nicht befürwortet, der hat die Demokratie entweder nicht verstanden oder er zweifelt an ihr.
Nagy Olivér Emánuel Hungary
Fabjan Sukalia Austria
Csókás Bence Viktor Hungary <b>Szabad szoftver, szabad akarat! / Free software, free will! / Freie Software, freie Wille!</b>
Wolfgang Heins Germany
Ingo Tertel Germany
Mészáros Máté Hungary
Jan Speckamp Germany
Thomas Jacob Germany
Peter Mercer Germany
Viktor Cerny Germany Genau wie mit öffentlichen Geldern finanzierte Filme frei sein sollten, sollte auch Software frei sein!
Patrik Simon Germany
Bíró István Hungary
Mithul singh India
David López Villegas Spain
Kay Freyer Germany Freie Software gegen Terror
Jürgen Radinger Germany
Hugo Hinterberger Austria
Robert Manigk Germany Als Softwerentwickler weiß ich sehr gut, wie sehr einem freie Software das Leben erleichtert, nicht nur in der Verwaltung.
Alvalina Fortson United States
Marco Schlicht Germany
SPRING Jacques France
Valentin Weber Germany
Yovko Lambrev Bulgaria
Dennis Busch Germany Freie Software/Open Source/Transparenz sind wichtig für eine demokratische, offene und freie Gesellschaft.
Olivier Le Monnier France
Rüdiger Ruß Germany
Meik Teßmer Germany Nur so ist eine nachhaltige, sichere und offene digitale Infrastruktur für alle möglich.
Farkas János Hungary
J.Fossy Weinzinger Austria Es ist schließlich unser Geld mit dem der Staat wirtschaftet.
Stefan Rehm Germany
Alvaro Bermejo Spain Los esfuerzos en grandes proyectos se deben compartir para mejorarlos y reducir costos.
Michael Thies
Steffen Gerdes Germany
Mathias Gulitz Germany Open Source ist eine Grundvoraussetzung für sichere Software
Restouble France
R Buenter Switzerland Free software is one key component to the dis-enslavement from the hardware being the other
Bócz Péter Hungary
Teknős Ferenc Hungary Támogatom .
Paul George Grecu Romania +1 supporter/vote
Pau Soliva Dueso Spain
Luke Australia
দৈনিক মানবাধিকার ক্রাইম বাতা ঠাকুরগাঁও Bangladesh
Yolanda Woodall United States
asiaboba Malaysia I fully support the free software concept,
Biplab Mukherjee India Hi
jerpl jerpl
Laura Escorihuela Martínez Spain
Anders Denmark Jeg forsøger at få oprettet Word Pres. org for at oprette min hjemmeside.
Jahnke Germany
ahmed hamedy Egypt
Gavin Henry United Kingdom
Kolb Jannik Germany
Valentino Giudice Italy
Paul Scheffler Luxembourg
Jean-Pierre Melard Switzerland
Abhishek Wadhwa India FOSS by government is equivalent to it being secular instead of favouring one religion (proprietary software)
Kai Pruskil Germany
Kaan Özdökmeci Turkey
Remy Rojas Czech Republic
Jonas Beyer Germany
Joan Gelabert Àvila Spain
Thomas R Germany Sollte selbstverständlich sein
Alex Netherlands
Elisabet Ràfols Canada Bangladesh নওগাঁ রাজশাহী বাংলাদেশ মাহাবুব আলম রানা
Friedrich Ruynat Germany
werner wiesmeth Germany steuergeld=mein geld=mitbestimmung
Lurdes Rodrigues Brazil
Aditto isan Bangladesh i love work
Farel Indonesia
Björn Bidar Germany
Lars Luedorf Germany Yes!
Ricki Chester United States
Mireku Foster Ghana I strongly stand for the motion
Alessandro Carderi Germany
Alex Germany
Pierre-Jean CHANCELLIER France Good Idea
badboTTHAI Thailand
Andreas Krüger Germany
Timo Ludwig Germany
Josep Spain
Tim Konusch Germany
Christian Walgenbach Germany
Florian Craig Germany
Andreas Backes Germany
Laura Germany
Marvin Germany
Ariane Jedlitschka Germany
Steffen Kahlert Germany
Martin Kühl Germany
Jorge Vitoria Spain Son años que venimos regalando dinero público a las grandes empresas, tirando nuestros recursos a la basura. no más malgasto.
Go1o Spain Puertas abiertas de corazones sensibles, visibles solo a pensadores y soñadores que las abracen.
Donna McBride Australia let's see
Josep Constantí Mata Spain
Mercè Romagosa Huguet Spain No ens en cansarem mai, de demanar-ho.
Jordi Garcia Duran Spain
Jaume Camprubí Lladó Spain GNU/LINUX
Oriol Dresaire Artigas Spain
Sivert Grenersen Norway
regnier France
Dr. Marco Kühnel Germany
Marc GS Spain
Ester Roig Spain
Albert Ràfols El programari lliure és decisiu i definidor per als afers públics, per la democràcia.
JOAN BUSQUETS Spain Vull un programari lliure a l' administració pública
Yannik Fleer Germany
Enric de Vilalta Pach
Albert Galdeano Berbel Spain
WoopDogg United States
hleone hleone
Deena Wright United Kingdom
Dario Italy
Fabian Große Germany
Gabor Laszlo Germany
matthieu Lochey France C'est tellement bon de partager.
Badier Saudi Arabia
Ulrich Kloppenburg Germany Public code should definitely be free!
Nils Kowalick Germany
Christian M. Grube Germany
Chandan India Lets free the codes, so they can fly to everyone.
Martina Wirth Austria
Clàudia Manyà Aragay Spain
Morten Heszlein-Lossius Norway
Russell Jarvis
Marina Gale Australia
Marc-Aurel Schulze Germany
Alain Web-creator Cameroon je vote en faveur de la législation qui requiert que le logiciel financé par le contribuable pour le secteur public soit gratuit !
Ann Ann Laguerder United States I'm very pleased that there are organizations like this, that doesn't only gives awarenes to public cause but can help and educate...
gail gail
Pierre-Antoine Rault France An open code society is already showing its potential with open source communities. Expanding it promises exciting times and great outcomes.
Aled United Kingdom
Juan sanchez Argentina Es increible que los gobiernos no tengan las voluntad promover estos ideales y criterios.
Mikkel Folke Olsen Denmark Public money, public code. Enough said.
Christine United States
NguyenThang Vietnam
Szpera Germany
Perry Ciampanelli United States Its just right
Nils Kuhn Germany
David Ghana I have also accept and fully supported
Ralf Schulze Germany Es muss auch endlich das Bewusstsein vorhanden sein, dass Abhängigkeiten von proprietärer Software eine Sackgasse ist, die mittelfristig unw
csr csr
marina Australia
Ondřej Kolek Czech Republic
Serkan Holat Netherlands
Jiri Ulip Czech Republic
Thomas United States All accessible domains should if in lieu be in accordance with grotesque consumer applicable gratuity returns without pending denial of appr
Igor Zobin Germany Ich bin Programmierer von Beruf. Programme sollten eine freie Lizenz (GNU GPL o.ä.) haben, alles andere ist schlecht für die Gesellschaft.
Louerat France
Eniolorunda Nigeria Thanks to you and your company for seeing it necessary to develop software freely to the public. I am fully in support
Marie Lise Véronique Robillard Canada
Albin Eldstål-Damlin Sweden
Daniel Vrátil Czech Republic
Eduardo Viana Portugal
Christian Kollross France
Stephan Rinke Germany If it's financed with public money, the code belongs to the tax payers...
Aaron Daniel Kaatz United States Thank you for being part of the solution and not part of the problem help the world have a safer and better Internet
Richard Werth Germany Was alle bezahlt haben, das gehört auch allen! wer damit Geld verdient betrügt die Gemeinschaft.
Miss AMPIKA PINTASRI Thailand 1510600003438
Curtis Anderson United States The collaberation and clesing the backdoors will take the development out of those controlling the government and put it back to the people
Jorge Blázquez Saborido Spain
Kamil Kubica Czech Republic
Stefan Derkits Austria
lenoir France data (other than private) should also be public
Harald Eisenmenger Germany I want open code from my tax money! Do not trust companies with closed source!
Lecocq Alexis Belgium
Shakila Powell United States
Jonathan Schmeling United States This makes sense and benefits the public good, something all governments should exist to do. Indonesia Kumpulan Website Situs Domino Poker Terpercaya Indonesia 2019 | Pusat Domino Poker
Matthias Köfferlein Germany
Malthe Fransson Thisen Denmark
Christian Reinbold Germany
André Peeters Belgium
Mirko Italy Free as in freedom
Justus Tartz Germany
Tawatchai wansikaew Thailand
Kurt Manucredo Austria
Tom Wroblewski United States Free and Open Source Software is more secure.
sami flew United Kingdom If public money is used to create software the software must be open source so i can use without paying again
Daniel Antonucci Italy If we use free and open source software we help local companies to grow up, because the big IT software and companies are from US.
Adriano Peluso Italy
Thaha Jemni Netherlands I pay, so I wanna see the code. Simple as that. OwO.
Dagmar Krefting Germany
Diego Spain
Vikings GmbH (Thomas Umbac) Germany Politicians need to think more cost-effectively and beyond their term of office. FLOSS offers this in addition to being the ethically superi
Lukas Jackowski Germany This signature was created by the GNU/Gang
Paulo Muacho Portugal
Patricia Goncalves Portugal Sofware developed with public money is value created by the people and for the people
Tiago Charters Azevedo Portugal Dinheiro público, software livre e público.
Jacob United States
Miklos Vajna Hungary
Armin Le Grand Italy Ich bin selbst LibreOffice Developer, ODF ein genormtes, offenes Format
Antonio Superba Croatia
Chavito Vlog
Markéta Gregorová Czech Republic
Erwin Yükselgil Germany
ธัญญารัตน์ Thailand I accept that to help support and affect the security of Thailand.
David Molina Estrada Spain
Aaron Daniel Kaatz United States Help shape Help shape better For the world!
Pilar Mera Spain
ankit solanki India web devloper
Victor SOUBEYRAN France
Zackary Ayoun France How is that possible that any code used for "democracy" purposes is paid with our taxes, while we could just write it for free together?
Yoanna Nasfadi Germany
MiltiadesT Greece Publish the knowledge
Mathis Mensing Germany
Nnabuo Emeka Charles Nigeria Thanks tipster 180
Nnabuo Emeka Charles Nigeria Thanks tipster 180
Dalibor Grgec Croatia
Nnabuo Emeka Charles Nigeria Thanks tipster 180
Paysense India MakeMytrip customer care number 6294576565 ,,, MakeMytrip customer care 9470424784/8917536658 MakeMytrip customer care number 6294576565 ,,,
Gary Peacock United Kingdom help me please
Samuel Orman-Chan United Kingdom
Marcel Führer Germany Sehr gute Initiative!
Sebastian Heuser Germany
Sebastian Schramm Germany
Aljosha Friemann Germany Do it
Saulescu Gica Romania
Christopher Blum Germany
Richard Musiol Germany
Max Germany
Patrik Spieß Germany
Rian Lindenberger Germany no-brainer.
Maik Thiele Germany Please do it, for the future!
Antoine France
Benni Wößner Germany
Nuguet France Should have been like that since the start of FS
Théo GUERIN France
Florian Kleiner Germany
Lars Erber Germany
Cyryl United Kingdom
William Calliari Italy
Krzysztof Przybyla Poland Release the software!
Gaetano Italy free is better than open
Daniel Mäckelmann Germany
Timon Engelke Germany
Finn-Thorben Sell Germany
Daniel Bogdoll Germany
Erik Tews Netherlands United States
Patrik Spiess Germany
Lucas Hoy Germany
Joao Paulo Pizani Flor Netherlands
Sergio Spain
Samantha United States I support this legis
Gorkhram India Gorkhram
الشيخ الروحاني كهلان Yemen
Shivam Kumar India
Владимир Меркушев Russia Поддерживаю общедоступное ПО, финансируемое из бюджета.
Gregory Collard Australia
Aaron Kaatz Thank you for all your support development your friend from Google Aaron Daniel Kaatz
Mazeres France
Luis Hiniesta Spain Muchas gracias
Peter Lianpi Burma
Pam Davis United States Free software & payments
Shakila Powell United States
Suleyman Mohammed Ahmed Ethiopia I want to claim or received and withdraw all of my unclaimed money I have at so many sites so I needed your fast support
Markus Falkner Austria
Vinit Kumar India Nice
Shivam Kumar India
Robert Robbins United States i need records of recording
YangNational Day China aiaihome777
Abdellatif Amara Morocco Imagine you were never in a trade longer than two weeks. A BUY would appear for a stock. You’d get in. Precisely fourteen days later, you’r
Philippe Allart France
Mar Spain Mantener el código privativo no solo no es óptimo, es un abuso del dinero de la ciudadanía.
Hans Ch. Gossel Germany
Morgan Armer United Kingdom
Göran Lönnqvist Sweden
Alberto Martínez Almeda Spain Free software, free society.
Xavier Chantry France "Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
Kledi Andoni Albania
Krzysztof Krzemiński Poland
Iva Mandekic Croatia
Razvan M Romania Please stop the big software licence ripoff ! Open the code !
Claude United States This makes sense. If taxpayer money used to develop software, make it available at no cost to taxpayers.
Игорь Грущаков Russia
Erik Winkel Germany It's time to create a real democracy!
Armin Beširović Germany Wie kann man anders echte Sicherheit und Privatsphäre haben?
Abhishek Deshpande India
Juan A. Zamarripa Spain
Lavinhbao Vietnam 3 dongbai3 hoakhanh lien chieu danang Việt nam
Uroš Serbia
msendin Ecuador
Marco Heinemann Germany
David Kemp Canada I agree with your statements it should be and thankfully is available
Richard Heider Germany
Open Education and Software Association e.V. Germany
Jacob Reynolds United States
Eugene Samonenko
Dmytro Kolesnykov Ukraine I stand for FLOSS, open standards and open data formats.
Leandra Roller Germany
Avtar France Closing public financed-sofware source code is not democratic.
Shakila Powell United States
Stefanie Thiel Germany Alles allen
Johannes Loer Germany Für eine demokratische, gleichberechtigte Digitalisierung ohne Kommerz!
Mario Ganz Germany
Michaele Obst Germany
D. Roland Böhme Germany
Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan Indonesia
Manfred Kreische Germany
Miguel Ángel Garrido Fernández Spain
Daniel Germer Germany also all Software in the Education sector should be FOSS. We have software for schools, that is not even useable online but outdated
Yakubu Abubakar Nigeria
Roberto Miralles Spain Excelente y lógica iniciativa. Si el dinero es de todos, el código debe ser de todos.
Ezekiel Nigeria
Thorsten Schäfer Germany
Stefan Pasteiner Austria For me it is really discusting to see puplic administrations buying them into ther own dependence on big software firms
Leo Rooijakkers Netherlands
Ozalp Balaban United States
John Germany
Bruno Roost Switzerland
Rolf Strathewerd Germany
Jan Ulrich Hasecke Germany Infrastructure is a commons! We need more coops to foster this!
Peter Hormanns Germany
Johannes Huber Germany
Sangi Naveen Kumar India I'm an open source backend engineer and a proud supporter of the FOSS movement.
Markus Haindl Germany
5c12c8209735b Afghanistan
Detlev Zundel Germany
Gerrit Findt Germany Microsoft nimmt uns den letzten Copper aus der Tasche!
Esteban Spain
Noah Wagner Germany Opensource for a transparent administration and government
Lieuwe Rooijakkers Netherlands
Peter Magnusson Sweden
bellm bellm
Alexandra Arweiler Germany Ergänzen möchte ich noch folgendes: Verwendet die öffentliche Hand Freie Software, so löst dies einen Innovationsschub aus.
bellm bellm
Dennis Irrgang Germany We should stop relying on foreign countries closed-source code but instead create our own, open to all!
Dicky Kristiyanto Indonesia
Oscar alejandro Guzman garcia Mexico
Brian Oryem United Kingdom
Brian Guerrero United States Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software.
Fehér Attila Hungary
Mark Massey United Kingdom
alexaringa Philippines sana mabawi ko ito
alexaringa Philippines sana mabawi ko ito
Paul Bauriegel Germany
Kristin Germany
Giulia Rocchi Italy
Matthias Totschnig Germany
Jason R Garrett United States
Razvan Stefanescu Romania
Sibusiso Mathabela South Africa
Emil Vanherp Belgium
Kyle Falconer United States The government runs off tax money. Spending on software should be as transparent as the software it buys.
Dr. Marcus Wendler Germany
Isabella Babbucci Italy
Giovanni Montini Italy
Reinhard Hennig Germany Die Microsoft-lastige Monokultur ist eine Gefahr für die Sicherheit. Software mit Spionage-Komponenten (Telemetrie) ist schädlich
Black Coder Burma I am a beautiful person. The comments for your help. I have been a while. I
Romain Maire France
Jorge Figueiredo Portugal Despesismo é pagar fortunas por softwares proprietários.
Joao Eduardo Luis Portugal
Johnna Calaway United States 100
Dennis Bankmann Germany
Rémi Borfigat France Je suis heureux de pouvoir apporter ma modeste contribution à cette initiative. Oui à la souveraineté numérique des administrations !
Stefano Andriolo Italy
David Lape Germany Europe must not become a software colony of companies or foreign states. FOSS is be necessary to meet to that goal.
Andrea Gori Italy
David Negreira Netherlands All code financed by taxpayers should be FREE for everyone to read and make improvements.
Riccardo Rolfini Italy
Du Lin Italy
Giacomo Puligheddu Italy
Andrea Berlingieri Italy I completely agree with the initiative and feel that it should be implemented as soon as possible.
albrkaty Saudi Arabia
Luis Jose Martinez United States
Jamie Finch United States
Andreas Mueck Germany Bestellung
Janet Roger's United States
Remik Pi Poland
1510400136272 Thailand ติดต่อกลับด้วยคะ
Cas Dijkman Netherlands
Tilo Wiklund Sweden
呂振麒 Taiwan 贊成
Médéric Claassen France
陳國成 Taiwan 不危害國家安全的前提之下,支持自由開源軟體
Adam Claxon United States
Gudula Reglitzki Germany Wichtig für Freiheit und Demokratie!
王健宇 Taiwan
AVTAR France All public applications created by govs and public sector must be released under a free/open source licence, for democratic transparency.
Georg Heyne Germany Das ist sehr wichtig. Open Source in Computern in öffentlicher Hand!
Mauricio Conceição Brazil Olá sou Mauricio
Wanda Roberts United States
addk entity Switzerland fOIA. Let's all come together and build a future
Corinn Catalanotto United States
廖介瑋 Taiwan
呂國輔 Taiwan 打倒邪惡美帝
陳鈞 Taiwan
莊穗如 Taiwan 支持開源
陳建豪 Taiwan 支持公務機關所開發之軟體,必須開源授權釋出
周雅婷 Taiwan
張浩天 Taiwan 我支持以自由暨開源軟體授權釋出
詹景崴 Taiwan
陳記安 Taiwan
紀坤安 Taiwan 支持Open source
E.Gal Germany
Percy United States 356708086638333
傅裕夫 Taiwan Open Source Is Good
Markus Germany
nguyen manh cường Vietnam
RAIDA RADWAN YESSIN United States What belongs to the public should be Free to the public who already payed from his taxes.
Xavier de Pedro Puente Spain Enhorabona per la iniciativa!
Google Developer Ronald E Chapman United States Excellent Work Guys & Girls
george United States MARRYJEANGOREE123
Michael South Africa I agree with the movement completely
Irvin Cabrera United States The best company
Baran Oğuz Turkey
Tim Sweden
Helmut Saier Germany Wenn die "Volksvertreter" im Sinne des Volkes handeln würden, wäre das längst so.
Tobias Eberle Germany
Tarek Saier Germany As a German I'm painfully aware that the digital world is #Neuland for people making the rules. Really hope this campaign is successful.
Julian Pritzi Italy
Jonas Zöschg Italy
Karsten Müller Germany
Luca Bernstein Germany I'm ready to support this great idea. #SoftwareDeveloper
Carles Anson Spain Perquè si treballem per un Govern Obert, el programari també ho ha de ser
Eugen Agafonov Russia Yes it is important, because if regulators will continue use propriaritary soft, blockchain tech destroy governance institutes much faster
Cronka Germany
Cronka Germany
Raphael Guntersweiler Germany
Charlie Winzent Simth Netherlands L|Orgon| - LovelyOrganicEnergy - ReaL0VEngery8 - HandmadeART
oI0 Germany L|Orgon| - LovelyOrganicEnergy - ReaL0VEngery8 - HandmadeART
Inocencio Mejia Lebron Dominican Republic
Rahmat hidayat Indonesia Saya ingin begabung
Ho Chee Cherng Malaysia How important it is to have had a lot money for what..
mirzha Indonesia i dont know get starting
Ole Reglitzki Germany
Christian Savary Switzerland
Giulio Marchisio Italy
Chandpreet Sing United States Hi
Stefano Rosellini Italy
Michele Vizzani Italy
Riccardo Serafini Voglio che i soldi pubblici producano Software Libero, riutilizzabile da qualsiasi comune o istituzione pubblica che ne abbia bisogno!
Stefan Weil Germany I'd love to have free code and data from the European READ project (
Charles Brandt United States The City of Bloomington, Indiana, USA shares the code we develop as free and open source software:
alightner alightner
PT Indotama Mitra Logistik Indonesia Perusahaan yang merupakan salah satu Perusahaan yang akan membutuhkan pertumbuhan dunia. Perusahaan yang merupakan badan usaha yang memfokus
Grant Forrest United Kingdom Should apply equally to the development of new drugs and interventions by the publicly-funded NHS in the UK
Indra Indonesia
Linda Vazquez United States Truly a no brainer.
Sanjit Kumar Verma India Sar my name sanjit kumar Verma and my mobile number 6291838751
Sanjit Kumar Verma India Sar my name sanjit kumar Verma and my mobile number 6291838751
Karsten Heuschkel Germany
Jamie United States
Malcolm Smith United Kingdom
Wanda Roberts Publis
Jim MacDiarmid United States
Sven Lange Germany
Krzysztof Witko Poland
Holger Ritter Germany
Jason Ross United States
Aaron Targa Italy
Willam Darnell United States Open source just makes sense.
Federico Razzoli United Kingdom
Kurt Gramlich Germany Democracy and education needs Free Software -
Lorenzo Farinelli Italy
Massimo Modica Italy
Luca Italy
Francesco Rainone Italy
Mirko Nardin Italy
Martin Englund Sweden
Jesicalen matus United States
Matt United States Ready to get to work
Imanol Pinto Spain It's a must!!
Rami Olsen Germany
Oscar Megia Lopez Spain Free Software is freedom for the people. Privative source is negative for the development of software.
Tom Koehler Germany Ich bin total begeistert ...
Avelino Collar Spain
Matthias Weirich Germany
Chandpreet Singh United States Hi everyone my self CHANDPREETSINGH I’m belong USA
david zambrana Spain Working as a software dev and qa I strongly support this (and would be happy to help as well)
Julio chana Spain
Dirk Henn Germany
Xabier Larrakoetxea Spain
Erdal MUTLU Turkey
Laura Guirao Spain Quiero que el software desarrollado con dinero público sea publicado como software libre
Josef Andersson Sweden This is way long overdue, and it should be one of "should"-requirements when the public sector is buying new IT-projects.
Rumma & Ko LTd Estonia Maintainer of the Lino framework
Timo Reymann Germany
Ryan Lacy United States I hope the significance of the signature makes a difference!
David Blair United States
msxbomb Saudi Arabia Welcome !!
Mark Baumann Germany Actually it seems so obvious "public money for public code" that I'm wondering why we have to even talk about it.
ridwan onchy Indonesia
Adamsroba United States We beleive in our community and the company thats supporting as
Bengt Wikander Sweden Software designed using taxpayers money should be free for the taxpayers to use.
Amritpal Gill United Kingdom Please consider how freely accessible code can help develop expertise and work as an enabler for many people across society.
Christer Larsson Sweden
Muhammad Qureshi Pakistan
vangelis papadimitropoulos Netherlands free
David Knapman United Kingdom
Erwin G. Pfuhler Germany
Natasha Washington United States I would love to become a member of your company
Björn Molin Sweden GNU!
Volker Oertel Germany Dann muss eine 100% Förderung wettbewerbsrechtlich möglich werden
Andrew Walker United States
Ilya Kamenshchikov Germany
ryu United States
Bakary daou Côte d'Ivoire Comment faire pour devenir riche
Krzysztof Jeziorny Austria
Wolfgang Eckhardt Germany
Chuck Metalitz United States Obviously software we pay for should be available to us.
Fabian Raab Germany Stärkt auch Freiheit und Demokratie und würde Kapitalismus reduzieren.
Sarvesh India Yes i am agree for open letter.
Andreas Poisel Austria Free software for free Europeans!
Mueller Germany Yes! So it´s.
Radoje Stojisic Germany
Jefferson Elias Brazil Money public, code public.
riccardo dalle carbonare Indonesia vicenza
Reinaldo Moreira Italy Good inovation
許晨詣 Taiwan
Tawatchai Thailand Good day
Fabio Figueiredo Portugal Sounds feasible
angel Spain Basta de fomentar el capitalismo de Silicon Valley
Rodger Zambia Good move...
Claas de Boer Germany
Miss.siriwan ussavapitukpong Thailand I think true
Danhez ceejay Nigeria I join the call to implement legislation requiring for free software as default option for publicly financed software
C. Gazzoti France Soutenir, utiliser, promouvoir les logiciels libres c'est permettre la pérennité de nos données.
Joe Canada
Dimitrios Maroulidis Greece
Christian Zebisch Germany Die Technik in den Dienst nehmen. Den erworbenen Fortschritt teilen. Gemeinsam vorangehen.
Antonio Domenico Fracasso Italy
Fabien Castan France
u_a Italy r.o.o.t.
werner France
Oliver Galvin United Kingdom Great campaign, I agree it's wrong to keep publicly funded software proprietary! (See CompCert!)
Galih regata Indonesia
Gabriele Oppermann Germany Governments should at least follow the digital principles ( to develop sustainably
Gerhard Müller Germany
Peter Gafert Germany
Cossement Christophe Belgium
Lucian Dragomir Romania
Daniel Dressler Germany Just like laws, algorithms and source code governing the public need to be public.
David Oyen Belgium
Petar Ivanov Bulgaria
Giancarlo Miguel Giuffra Moncayo Italy Open source has demonstrated over the years its tremendous power to create great systems. Public Money Public Code makes a lot of sense.
Reisenberg Vicky Germany Wir brauchen freie software
Hiếu Vietnam Hihiiiii
Marcel Auer Germany
Michel Iran Salam
Derek Nedveck United States
Siwat Siriket Thailand
Jorge Spain
Markus Kamp Germany Ich bin kein Programmierer, aber ich möchte, dass gemeinschaftlich finanzierte Software, im freien Zugriff der Gemeinschaft bleibt.
Andrea Cuchetto United States "As an adjective, open to all; notorious. Open to common use." Public legal definition of public - Legal Dictionary.
David Russo United Kingdom
AJS India We need software freedom.
Maxbomv Saudi Arabia Ksa
Jonas Mages Germany Ich möchte mit Steuergeldern bezahlte Softeware auch selbst nutzen können, z.B, im Büro.
johari hashim Malaysia Kebebasan untuk mengkaji bagaimana program ini berfungsi, dan menyesuaikannya dengan keperluan anda
Harry Jede Germany
Ulrich Lukas Germany
Fynn Godau Germany Ich komme direkt vom F-Droid blog, wo berichtet wurde, die Tagesschau App könne man jetzt auch über eine eigene F-Droid repo herunterladen.
johari hashim Malaysia Kebebasan untuk mengkaji bagaimana program ini berfungsi, dan menyesuaikannya dengan keperluan anda
alberto maurizi Italy
Philipp Stern Seychelles
Clemens Nestler Germany Es wird Zeit für Sichere und hochwertige Software.
Suprianto9511 Indonesia
André Pinheiro Pires Portugal
Jonatan Saari Sweden
Luís Fonseca Portugal
Brooks vermillion United States
Minar Bangladesh A
Benjamin Höhn Germany
Oscar Elmqvist Sandvik Sweden Germany
Yann Patrick Martins Switzerland
Suntriya Thailand Suntriya khamto
Jan Path
eventraja eventraja India Best Quality| Collar t shirt| Round neck T shirts| Custom T-Shirts Printing Services in Hyderabad.
Norbert Wagner Switzerland
Narendra India Hiiiiii girls
Florian Martens Germany The citizens should be able to use the software they are paying for.
Vignesh N India I support this endeavour. The government software being full of security flaws is one of the major reasons why.
Etienne France Open code would make software available across EU states, cheaper and the source of more collaboration between European citizens.
Legrand France
Malin Freeborn United Kingdom I'd love to see more emphasis on how libre software is technically superior to proprietary software.
Lavinhbao Vietnam Tôi cần 1 người giúp sử dụng để kick hoạt plugin alidropship PHP
Andres Felipe Esguerra Restrepo Colombia
Mario Cacciatore Switzerland
David Perilo
Kc United States Public codes
Hollmann, Frank Germany
Stephan Bärwolf Germany
Bashiru Mansaray Sierra Leone What`s belong to the public, must be accessable to the public.
Carsten Lunde Petersen Denmark
Joan Vinyals Ylla-Català Spain
Tobiasz Poland
Roland Weimer Germany
Dustin Henning United States
Daniel Hengst Germany
Domingos Silva Angola
Ahmed Elgameel Egypt It's our money, and the code should be our's too!
Quita Angola Close the back doors
Andrea Bach
Lennart Trunk Germany
mahsun servan yıldız Turkey
Baris Parlan Turkey Let codes #Free and #Open!
Tobias Büttner Germany
Dustin Henning United States
Jonnie Romero United States
Timo Reymann Germany
Patricia Windt Germany Steuerlich Finanziertes muss unbedingt frei sein. Frei zugänglich, frei adaptierbar, frei nutzbar. Ich sag nur Effizienz!
Harald Kayser Germany Man muß nur sollen!
Simeon Schaub Germany
farshchi Iran
Axel Philipsenburg Germany
Jan Kästel Germany
Wojciech Teichert Poland
chrys Cyprus
Sirinart Khongyadee Thailand คุณสามารถช่วยให้เราสร้างผลกระทบที่ยิ่งใหญ่กว่าได้โดยการเซ็นชื่อด้วย! เราจะมอบลายเซ็นทั้งหมดให้แก่ตัวแทนทั่วยุโรปที่กำลังโต้วาทีเสรีภาพในการบ
biswajit ghosh India Chanchal malda
Rémi Huber Switzerland
Panis Pieri Cyprus Go team! Public money, public code....
Ioannis Demetriou Cyprus Tax payers money should not be used as a vessel for private entities to profit from. Don't get me started with security concerns
Sorin Basca Cyprus
Andreas Loizou Cyprus
Xavian Gray United States
Michael Pignataro United States
Ricardo Martins Portugal
O. Becker Germany In the end, this still leads to good software. Does anyone want that? Yes!
Kimhuy Vietnam
siti robiatul adawiyah Indonesia Its good
Emil Abramov Germany For more cost savings and collaboration through openness
Thomas Eicher Germany Insbesondere die Rückmigration der Stadt München von Linux zu Microsoft ist sehr schlimm.
Anubis Barba United States Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector.
Dyego Cantu Brazil
Carlos Alberto Martins Correia Portugal
Gustavo Spain
Martin Latvia
Niklas Meinzer Germany
Julian Ruppel Germany
Øyvind Sørensen Norway
Jennifer Nissley Germany
Isaac Holeman United States This is a great initiative, should be commonsense. Thanks!
Paul Ashworth United States
Rene Reichert Germany
Paul Lesur
Martin Gülich Germany
Knut Ahlers Germany
Thomas Mack Germany Aus meiner Sicht ist es an der Zeit, dass einmal aus Steuergeldern entwickelter Code auch allen zugänglich wird. Unsere Gesellschaft gewinnt
Valentin Rigal France
Morten Meyer Germany
Mario Henkel Switzerland
Patrick K Germany Public money, public code. Man kann es nicht einfacher zusammenfassen.
Manfred Wendler Germany
Singer Michael Germany
Tim Stahel Sweden
Martin Langsjøen Norway Norwegian Unix User Group
John O'Donovan United States “Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Jens Stephan Germany
Martin Häuer Germany
Samuel kindie Ethiopia Contact me as soon as possible
Gabriel Da Silva Cardoso Brazil
Christopher Bodtke Germany
陳豪聲 Taiwan open
Nathalie Kuborn Belgium
Porntip Thailand 500
Stephen United States
Manzoor Wani India The public money shouldn't be used to serve corporate mafia!
Kyriakos Papadopoulos Greece
林澤西 Taiwan
Andhini Larasati Virmarina Indonesia sangat membantu dan memberi inspirasi
Kim Ervik Norway Publicly paid software code should harness the open source revolution.
Bas van der Lans Netherlands I - as an Open Source agency founder - love the idea 'public money, public code'!
BRAJAMOHAN PANDA India i agree with your idea
Norbert Spieß Germany Transparenz schafft Vertrauen und bringt die Gesellschaft voran.
MaryAnn R. VasQ United States please support publicly financed software be made available to the public under free and opensrc
Mark Allelein Germany If i pay Software with my tax-money then i want to participate from this code!
Martin Thales Germany Proprietäre Software-Tools und damit verbundenen Lizenzzahlungen sind nicht mehr zeitgemäß! Es gibt sooo gute Open Sorce-Alternativen!
Benoît Rossi France
Sebastian Duda Germany
Martin Hepel Germany
Selim ÖZDEMİR Turkey Lütfen bu talebimizi dikkate alın.
Pattarapong Raungram Thailand Max 140 c
Julien Beraud France Ma devise depuis de nombreuses années.
Eva Malaysia Hi.. I heard about wordpress b4. I decide to try it..c
Jessica Benson United States
Wannaphong Phatthiyaphaibun Thailand
José Anjos Portugal
stella Philippines more money help!
Matthias Leimeister Germany
Jordi Gili Spain
Cinta sala Spain
Albert Romero Spain
Violant Pardos Spain No entenc que es pagui per programari quan n'hi ha de lliure i igual de bo. Prou pagar a especuladors. Dediqueu els cèntims a coses nece
Rebecca Diver United States By the People FOR The People!
João Nelas Portugal
Philip Leupold Germany
mamata India care for child's mother
Mohamed ROMDANE Tunisia ERP/CRM/ATS/HRM/CMS are a must for companies to start
Ahmad Pakistan This initiative is super awesome to make the govt code/softwares for public use and open source, it will make the community even better.
Dustin Snider United States
Thomas Silvestre Belgium
Cleber de Souza Clemente Brazil Eu apoio, eu acredito!
Ricardo Botelho de Sousa Portugal
Joakim Eide Norway
Valentin Petzel Austria
Simen Brenne Wigtil Norway
Bendik R. Brenne Norway
Tim Brendenahl Germany Free open software makes us independent from any single party's agenda. Besides all other benefits it's deeply democratic – it's our way.
Ivan De Masi Germany
Didit Maryadi Indonesia Like
Andre Vatterrott Germany
Tom Yates United Kingdom
Christian Gmeiner Austria
Jérôme Brunet France
Marcin Konicki Poland We pay taxes, so it's logical that we should be able to read and review the code
David Woodhouse United Kingdom
Ricardo Ribalda Denmark
Erwin Pfuhler Germany Die Zukunft wird offenen Standards gehören, da sie für eine starke Wirtschaft stehen
Niklas Duda Germany
Felix Schmidt Germany
Richard C Black United States It's only right
Daniel Krumbacher Germany
Robert Freuck Germany
Alban Hoxha Italy As an open source contributor i find this idea really useful
Timo Pannes Germany
erik Carter United States
Dashiell Ferrero United States
Bas Thailand
Lukas Germany Closed Software in public sucks.
Ettore Atalan Germany
Fischlum France super initiative, qui tombe sous le sens, adhérez !
Robert Schüle Germany Open source promotes code quality and a brimming third party app ecosystem.
Nathalie Wanzek Germany
Sascha Stumm Germany
Po Fadimira
Main Hexose Ghana I am proud of it
Valentin Weindorf Germany Decentralization of power; transparency; ability for less ressourcefull people/countries to profit from collective creation
G. Pannek Germany
Tamer Aslan Austria
Ottmar Deinhart Germany
Christian Schäfer
Stephan Jauch Germany Öffentlich finanzierte Software muss transparent und nachvollziehbar werden
Stefan Fischer Germany
Alexander Keidel Germany
Peter Rossmanith Germany This is important for economical and military security. Microsoft and co may switch of everything
Raphael Germany
Jürgen Schöpf Germany
Claus Grundl Germany
Stefan Joist Germany Bitte der Aufforderung folgen
Fabian Gallenkamp Germany Die einzige Möglichkeit eine öffentliche, nachhaltige IT-Infrastruktur zu gewährleisten.
Gerhard Brändle Germany Das ist dringend notwendig.
Bao Chi Tran Nguyen Norway
Andreas Kühne Germany
sascha bestges Germany
Claudius Frankewitz Germany So etwas wie in München mit LiMux darf nie wieder passieren.
Heino Frerichs Germany Die Öffentlichkeit, insbesondere die Jugend, für Open Source Software interessieren und IT-Programmierer besser stellen, bezahen und schulen
Christian Duquesne Germany
Füscher Germany
Fabian schipfer Austria
Adrian Bente Spain
Steffen Rumpf Germany
Kimmo Lehnen Germany
Constantin Gehrmann Germany eGov Fachverfahren sind in Code gegossene Gesetzte. "Public Code" macht Software & Funktionen transparent und nachvollziehbar.
Andree Theiner Germany
Kracht, Christoph Germany
Martin Weis Germany This is an important issue, and mostly helps to develop, adapt and re-use software throughout administrations, this can save some money, too
ALex Brem Germany
Dennis Schridde Germany Es sollte egtl. selbstverständlich sein, daß staatl. Institutionen nachhaltig handeln und das Wohl der Gesamtgesellschaft im Blick behalten.
Stefan Kühn Germany Public Code heißt freie Zukunft, Vielfalt der Dienstleister und beste Chance für hohe Software-Sicherheit.
Edgar Hoppe Germany Zu Open Source gibt es keine Alternative!
David Vagt Germany
Jean-Peer Lorenz Germany
Nico Boehr Germany
Peter Tutsch Germany
Johannes Grødem Norway
Amanda Come and take a look sexy
Andreas Tümpen Germany Wenn wir unsere digitale Zukunft wieder selbst mitgestalten wollen, ist diese Initiative ein guter Ansatz.
Marco Mayer Germany
Christian Bunge Germany
Stefan Erichsen Germany
Marco Paulus Germany
Mathias Püstow Germany Public money. Public Code.
Agnes Germany
Somali Community United States Thank you
Martin Hottas Germany Sounds linke a no-brainer to me.
Frank Meyer Germany
Cara Couldn’t agree more!
Oliver Scharrenberg Germany Economic growth is the result of innovation and collaboration. We need to foster those.
Marco Stipek Germany
Daniel Krippner Germany
Wieland Mikolajczyk Germany
Markus Schlichting Germany Software created with money taken from the public community and society has to be available to everyone.
Pavle Jankovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
Austin White United States There is a lot of potential for great software that can be made.
Jimmy Schulz Germany
Christoph Buehring-Uhle Germany
Seb France À ne pas publier le code source, serait-ce parce qu'il y a des choses à cacher ? Argent public = code public !!
Corinne Welsh United Kingdom Free software is intrinsically better software by design.
Daniela Das sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein.
Stephen Barger United States The Right to the People to Rule Shall Not Be Infringed.
Norbert Ringleben-Fricke Germany If it is paid from public money it is for everybody to use ! Make software be like our streets !
Seb Guyon France Argent public = code public !
Lars Jansøn Engvik Norway
Audun Myhra Bergwitz Norway
Nikolai Røed Kristiansen Norway
Thor Høgås Norway Fri programvare flytter fokus fra hemmeligheter til bedre kompetanse og deling av den
Kaihsu Tai Finland
Joachim Tingvold Norway
Robin Johansen Implementeres lovgivning som krever at offentlig finansiert programvare utviklet for offentlig sektor gjøres tilgjengelig for offentligheten
Herpai Kornél
James United States thanks
Wolfgang Welter Germany
Ian Dunn United States Publicly financed code should be publicly available.
Jackson United States
Grandrath Jordan Belgium
Agustin Giussi Uruguay
ignacio giussi Uruguay
Sofia Giussi Uruguay
Huy le Vietnam CODE424506
mrsanjaykumar India 7060025391
Andrea Diamantini Italy
Jonas Jaenicke Germany
Gregory Bastianelli United States I am 100% in support of this bill.
Göntér Bence Dániel Hungary
Frederik Baymler Mathiesen Denmark
Gulyás Tibor
Gyuraskó Gergő Hungary
Timo Kohn-Quednau Germany
Rodrigo Cesar Lopes Belem Brazil
Musa, Omofoma Nigeria Let's see what you gonna provide
Imran panka India Hi
Jan Riemer Germany
Tony Nicolaides Sweden Jag har propagerat för öppen källkod inom offentlig sektor i 13 år. Tyvärr behövs nog en lag för att få det att hända.
Diego Rodríguez Uruguay
Arzeehan Ariffin Malaysia need public code
Steven Neale United States Free and open source software should be mandated when using taxpayers money!!
Laigha Young United States
Harley Blackburn United States Show me the money. Thank you
Evans Cumari Kenya This is great, I really hope it going to work
Asmat Malaysia
Asmat Malaysia
Christian Helmuth Germany
Ian Phillips Germany Microsoft gain from keeping software in the 90's.
Christian Villum Denmark
Reed Davenport United States
Jens Apel Germany
David Miguel Susano Pinto United Kingdom
Alejandro Uruguay
britanny spears Barbados another stupid building ordered by the carmeligo female and anasthasia monks and infrastructure without permission from the didactic owner.
britanny spears Barbados another stupid building ordered by the carmeligo female and anasthasia monks and infrastructure without permission from the didactic owner.
Thomas Meister Switzerland
黃嘉旭 Taiwan 支持!!
derrick United States
Thomas Hilfert Germany
Sayad Arman Ahmad India
Rémy Léridon France Si on avait généralisé le logiciel libre, jamais nous n'aurions connu le "diesel gate"
Jan Hamal Dvořák Czech Republic
Arkadiusz Bednarczyk Poland
Johannes Jacob Germany
Roland Becker Germany
Bilal TAS Turkey
Vangelis Zacharioudakis Greece This legislation will improve Greece's isolation between coders, legislators & beaurocrats
Dominik Sakry Germany
Artem Gordienko Germany Respektvoller Umgang miteinander wuerde uns weiter bringen.
Jose Antonio Sabalete Spain
Alexander Kaspar Austria I support this.
Andreas Walter Germany Auch für die Filmerzeugnisse der öffentlich-rechtlichen Medienanstalten!
Dániel VÁRNAGY Hungary
M. Helms Germany
Stephan Schurig Germany
Boisset France
Antonio López Abad Spain Dinero público, resultados públicos.
José García Spain Para decidir en libertad, necesitamos programas y sistemas operativos libres.libres
John Dalton United States I was wondering if there's anything to help out learning Disabilities
Alexander Götz Germany
smolski France "Ce serait peut-être l’une des plus grandes opportunités manquées de notre époque si le logiciel libre ne libérait rien d’autre que du code.
Harold Hans France
Szabó Elvira Hungary
Titouan France
Conrad Hughes United Kingdom Public funding, public benefit.
Michał Paluchowski Poland
ΜΑΝΟΣ ΠΟΥΛΑΚΗΣ Greece Συμφωνώ απόλυτα.
Stavros Papadakis Greece
Lisa Avina Macias United States
Rauno Ots Germany
Steven Weeks United States Open Source is for the betterment of humanity and our digital lives.
Matti Lammi Finland
Arsen Dovlatyan Armenia
Carnac France C'est si évident qu'il faut le faire vite!
Stanisław D. Poland I won't pay for closed source
arzeehan Malaysia
Mattias Axell Sweden Free and Open Source in public sector supercedes proprietary and enables vendor independence, healthier economy, innovation and more.
Musard France
Michele Amato Italy
Luraine Olivier France
BERNARD France Une entreprise publique ne devrai utiliser que du libre sauf dans le cas rare ou il n'y a pas d'alternative crédible pour un besoin précis.
Philippe Lepleux France Des solutions et des logiciels libres existent, pourquoi les ignorer ?
catherine France
coin France
Amaury d'Aviau Belgium La souveraineté est l'enjeu majeur de ce mouvement !
Lamourec Alain France C'est bien normal non ?
Patrice Grundmann France Nous devons préserver notre indépendance technologique vis-à-vis des firmes privées et privatives.
Robert France
Sauret Roger France Aucune bonne raison de payer chèrement des logiciels informatiques quand des équivalents libres existent !
Eike Schrötter Germany
Lewillon Bruno Belgium
Lessard Frédéric France Reprenons notre indépendance informatique avec les logiciels libres.
Laurent France vive le libre !
Xavier Odul France Si les informaticiens publics sont compétents, alors le logiciel libre est une évidence.
Dorte Stéphane France Même les serveurs devraient être sous Gnu/Linux pour des raisons de stabilités et de sécurité. Confier des données persos voire sensibles à
crochemore France
GOPELNA JOHANN France Non à la privatisation du code
Carmona France
Rok Jaklic Slovenia
Pierre Naveau Belgium
hodoul France Halte à la main mise des GAFA
ROY Patrick France SVP, ne cédez pas aux lobbys !
Bruno Delsupexhe Belgium Je paie un service, je dois en bénéficier comme je l'entends.
lacour sebastien France et c'est plutot logique en faite
Sascha Morr Germany We need open and free software for the administration!
davidluismedina United States
Agbeni Samuel Nigeria It is inhumane to get funding from tax payers and yet deny them the benefits that they have earned a right to. If it comes from the public, it should be free to all!
Česlav Przywara Czech Republic
Thomas Parmelan France
Andreas Post Germany
Christos Kontas Netherlands
Daniel Tenningås Germany
Andreas Kohlmajer Germany I would even pay more taxes for public code...
Gregor Zattler Germany If software is paid by the peoples taxes people should be free in its use.
Michał Szczepański Poland Because I can.
Benedikt Tuchen Germany
Markus Grabosch Germany
Marcel Winter Germany
Christophe Caillet France
Johann Pardanaud France
Frank Winkler Germany
Alessandro Barbieri Italy Decisamente!
Nitin Rathod India
Jürgen Hörmann Germany
Munna Michael official India 140
Munna Michael official India 140
Antonio García-Saúco Iglesias Spain
Benedikt Müller Germany
Paul Magdon Germany
Frederik Ring Germany
Martin Peres Finland During my PhD, i never published a paper without code, but my colleagues were not always as diligent
Jürgen Radinger Germany
Jack Noordhuis Australia
Christian Mauderer Germany
Yannick Warnier Belgium
Marcin Fabrykowski Poland Public software should be open source
David Tolnem Sweden
Estephan Zouain Norway
Dariusz Grzesista Poland I fully approve of it!
Dariusz Grzesista Poland I fully approve of it!
Holger Woltersdorf Côte d'Ivoire
Sebastian Bergmann Germany
John Hagemeister United Kingdom +1 for transparency and common sense in public administration
Stefan Potyra Germany
Carl Norway Lets not waste public money
Arneshia United States
Gerasimos Chourdakis Greece With Free Software, anyone can contribute, find and fix problems, or learn from the code. Plus, no lock-in to proprietary software!
Jacob Smith United States
Sturla Hallås Norway
Benjamin Uekermann Germany In science, this is particularly important. Many communities don't see this yet.
NICUSOR PLOSNITA Romania The people, not the elite, should have the rights to decide upon future development of society!
Simon Josefsson Sweden Free code is the way for secure public infrastructures
Marco Gatti Italy
Legros France
Raphaël Hertzog France
Pavel Zorin-Kranich Germany
Thomas Canova France and also, maybe prefer using/developping free software instead of buying proprietary licence
Ralf Meyer Germany
André Nähring Germany
Ronny Aasen Norway sounds so obvious, it is hard to belive it is not law
Gregor Perner Austria
Jo-Erlend Schinstad Norway
Dimitris Levogiannis Greece
Morten Eek Norway
Thomas Sødring Norway
Petter Reinholdtsen Norway
Tom Fredrik Blenning Norway If it's paid by the state it should be available to the people.
Vincent Ambo Norway It's bizarre that this isn't already a requirement!
Ole-Morten Duesund Norway
Asli Telli Aydemir Germany Public code should be made available to citizens under an Open and Free Software License.
Fabian Raetz Germany
Patrick M Germany
James Carter United States As a taxpayer, I am all for this, it makes complete sense to share public funded code
Olivier Youf Spain Bon sens geopolitique
Florian Effenberger Germany Taxes should be spent for the benefit of everyone. Free Software serves the public benefit. Public code enables us to learn and improve.
Lucy Santos United States
Chad R Marshall Australia Globalisation
Chad R Marshall Australia Globalisation
Mamat Rahmat Indonesia Modivikasi motor pompa air RO,dimana kesulitan saya membeli ramel/konektor motor RO trsbut saya gantidengan motor kipas/moto peng mesi cci.
Maria Giovanna Italy
Alea ohmart United States
Robin Harms Oredsson Sweden
Jens Bartlog Germany
Iwan Briquemont Belgium I want to participate in public software, free software can ensure that I can!
L. Veit Germany
minar Bangladesh Jg
D.m.solanki India Nice
Alexandre Dréan France Il est aberrant que l'on ne puisse pas accéder au code que l'on finance !
Joseph Akinola Nigeria
Mathieu Aubin Canada keep it up!
Vincent Chen Taiwan support Open Source
Magnus Falko Denmark
Robin Germany When I pay and some buildings are financed, I can see them, decide what I think. Why isn't that the same with coded buildings?
Jacob McFarland United States
Henrik Kristensen Denmark Free as in Freedom is Libre soft/hardware
James Johnson United States
Radu Braniscan Romania This will be a major step towards innovation and competitiveness in all Europe!
Maximilian Richt Germany
Connor O'Hara Netherlands
Nadeeka Sri Lanka Public money,public code
Stephan Dörner Germany
Zoran Vitez Portugal
Joshua Flynn United States
Gerardo Fallani Italy Thank you!
Karol Gancarz United Kingdom
Marvin Leichsenring dos Santos Germany
Dennis Grieten Belgium Reclaim power
Andreas Düring Germany
Paul Wolke United States
Aaron Gillespie Ireland Code funded buy public money should be made public.
Benjamin Stutte Germany Beste.
Francisco Euzébio da Cruz Brazil Quero estar bem com todos.
TNL Japan 8674
thomas ambs Germany Impressiv Software
付定宇 China 支持这项活动,确实如果能够减少浪费、重复利用好公共资源能为我们的整个社会带来很大的福利!
Meng Chhenghong Cambodia
Parveen Bhadoo India
Bernhard Rader Austria
kanokwaree buntam 5577555108112769
Ian Pepin Canada
Alwin Schlünder Germany Denkt an die folgenden Generationen!
Nguyễn Thị Thảo Vietnam
Agiel Indonesia Welcome
Lucas Ramage United States
Steffen Brink Germany
Marc Heintz Germany Eigentlich eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Allein die Notwendigkeit der Frage ist grotesk.
Sergio Morazán Germany
Willem Jan Faber Netherlands Open software is what thrives innovation! Make it so!
Clemens Kunwald Switzerland go for it
David Daniel Switzerland Free software forever!
Hendrik La Germany free software ftw
Damian Zaręba Poland
Nicholas Anand United States
余冠陞 Taiwan
Георгий Russia
Niklas Duda Germany
黃鴻文 Taiwan 以公眾的錢開發的軟體,以開源授權,天經地義
Oliver Hart Germany
Anthony United States Thanks for the update
Cord Walter Germany
Robert Gritsch Austria
Nama anda Indonesia 1400.000
Uwe Platt Germany
Krzysztof Haładyn Poland
阮韞澂 Taiwan
陳建玎 Taiwan
Gianni Bombelli Italy Code is our future and FOSS is shared, secure, modern and transparent software!
Claudio Beatrice Italy
Pietro Campagnano Italy
Paride Legovini Italy
Anne Fintelman Netherlands
Francesco Bartolacci Italy
Georgi Urumov Germany Code should be open source
Davide Bologna Italy Citizens should own what they pay. A common framework will make integration easier. And life too!
Aleksandr Tishenin Russia
Alexandra Busch Germany
Pamala Smith United States Being left out of the loop hole, is to be blind to what really is...
Richard C Black United States
Rogério Moreira Portugal
Sergio Sánchez Spain Free software for a free society
Felipe Pablos Lamas Spain Debería ser obligatorio
Stefan R. Grotz Germany Public domain supports inovations
Samuel Grahn Sweden
Joachim Werner Germany
Hao Vietnam
Martin Zuber Germany Ich verstehe die Frage nicht! Wie kann öffentlich bezahlter Code nicht Open-Source sein?
Delivery: Electronic Download United Kingdom ALREADY LETS GO
Alessandro Accardo Italy
Julia Gutierrez United States
Alejandro Gonzalez García Spain Si es público, ha de serlo a todos los efectos. La libertad y neutralidad en la Red ha de ser un máximo al que llegar.
Hodei Lopez Castrillejo Spain
Enrique Garcia Navalon Spain
Ryszard Jezierski Poland
Potempa Germany
Rahul Jadhav India
Eduardo Yáñez Belgium
Bart Poland
Albert Homs Gall Spain
Martí Villaret Spain
Ανδρέας Πετρίδης Greece Δίκαιο αίτημα ωστόσο δεν πρέπει να αφορά λογισμικό σχετικό με την Εθνική Ασφάλεια
Binetti France Vive le logiciel libre
Mohamed Ahmed Egypt
Σαρρή Κατερινα Greece
jordi domènech casal Spain
Miquel Colomer Spain
Dawid Poland signed
Pol moragas Spain
Oscar Torrente Artero Spain
Konstantinos Karystinakis Greece public money should be spent transparently. Everything paid with it should be also public and free, including code
Ismael Benito Spain
Miquel Comas
Lluís Dalmau Spain
Theresa United States
Mark Seemann Denmark
Spyros Michas Greece
Thibaut FRANCOIS France
Σαρρής Μ Greece Νομοθεσία με αναδρομική ισχύ & για λογισμικό που έχει ήδη τεθεί σε λειτουργία
Morel France Clermont ferrand
Calum United Kingdom
Θανάσης Κατής Greece
Andrew Deakin New Zealand
Krzysztof Poland
John Seekins United States Similar to how all other work done by the government should be available for citizens, why wouldn't code be available?
Stanislav Petrula Austria
Athinodoros Trifonopoulos Greece
Yannis Kotronis Greece Epitelous !!
zhoul Malaysia This public code, really make big sense. Some people had big idea but lack of money. So, here it goes.
Tom United Kingdom
Julian van der Heide Netherlands
Dafne van Kuppevelt Netherlands
Victor Messeguer Espsda Spain
GINER André France C'est nous qui payons nous avons un droit de regard sur ces logiciels
David Germany
Siddhivinayakkhabar Nepal
Andrew Awni Egypt
Ahmed Elmayyah Egypt
Robert Horvat Slovenia
Markus Döttling Germany governance and its software need to be transparent to every citizen
Anna Díez Spain
Guillem LLuch Moll Spain
Salvador Rodríguez Nicolau
Andreas Balg Switzerland
Daniele Padula Italy
วิทวัส เสนาหมื่น Thailand
ali abdul ghani Iraq
Farah Ili Malaysia Pleasure to accept.. tysm..
Bob He China the public software, especially the good ones give the open window to see and study new things, and help me much on study!
Saxnot Germany Libre and free Software for libre and free humans!
Rémy Benedetti France
Sivan Pätsch Belgium
Jonas Dralle Germany With public code we stop reinventing the wheel again. e. g. cities can use parking meter solutions already developed by other cities.
Wolfram Sang Germany
Michael Kees Germany
Georg Lassnig Germany
Dave Hardcastle United Kingdom It makes SO much sense!
Randall Martinez United States
Tawhidur Rahman Dear Bangladesh
Serkan Akgül Germany Love and peace through sharing
Mathias Germany
Márton Tamás Hungary
mengchhenghong Cambodia hongapp88
Ingo Schnabel Germany
sascha Germany wie geht das genau nochmal hier?
Sheen Taiwan The PUBLIC sectors are funded by PUBLIC money. They should definitely use PUBLIC codes so the PUBLIC can use.
Norbert Bohl Germany
Ron Sijm Netherlands I'm a software developer, and I'd want software I've made for public institutions (gov) to be publicly available.
Simone Massaro Italy Open source code is definitely better than closed one for several reasons. I really believe that code payed with taxpayer money must be open
Michael de Lang Netherlands There's already a disclosure of administration law in effect, just make it open source already!
Henrik Faeth Germany Public money, public code!
Bas Ammerlaan Netherlands Vrije software is veiliger en, zeker voor iets dat door publiek geld wordt betaald, oneindig beter te rechtvaardigen.
Dr. Wolfgang Mader Germany
Adams Roba United States We are here for the public trust
Sascha Biermanns Germany Software und öffentliche Verwaltungen sollten so transparent wie nur möglich sein!
Tim Stahel Sweden
Andreas Verling Liechtenstein
Christian Saar Germany
Philipp Rosenberger Germany
Jan Walter Germany
Stefan Zink Germany
Tomasz Adamiec Poland
Adan R Nura Oman
Aldo Latino Italy
Tom Schmidt Germany
Ralf Hersel Switzerland
Toms Trasūns Latvia Un nediskirminējoši dokumentu formāti (ODF), sabiedrisko sektoru atverot sabiedrībai!
Leonardo Löfgren Sweden Fri mjukvara hjälper att bevara samhället hålbart för framtida generationer.
ดวงใจ ชัยบัวแดง Thailand 1000
Robert Lehmann Germany
Bogusz Schubert Germany keine Abhängigkeit mehr von NSA und USA und wie die alle heissen. Lasst Euch nicht verarschen.
Nicolas Figueira France
dodi prasetyo Indonesia
Sven Küter Germany
Florian Rabis Germany Schluss mit der Profitmaximierung auf Kosten öffentlicher Mittel!
Abei Villafane United States Use Free Software
Ashish Odich India Good.
Jeffrey K Cunningham United States
epps, sherye United States
erik sanchez keep going.
Shawn Jackson United Kingdom
Alfred Kamara United States This is such a case of common sense. Get it done.
Nikola Pantelic Serbia
Radomir Hadzic Serbia
Jean-Philippe Gois Belgium Je demande une législation assurant que les logiciels développés avec de l'argent public soient redistribués sous licence libre
reza Iran
Susan Marienfeld United States I feel the government takes too much from the people that we actually pay for and then charge us for it.
MphdAminBinAbdMuin Malaysia ME AGAINST THE WORLD! -₩
ดวงใจ ชัยบัวแดง Thailand
ดวงใจ ชัยบัวแดง Thailand
Mário Sintra Portugal FOSS is the way for a viable and ethical digital present and future.
ดวงใจ ชัยบัวแดง Thailand
Jean keiffer United States Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Karl-Andreas Luik Estonia
Sivanagaraju Mundru United Kingdom Agreed
Thomas Lefley United Kingdom
Szymon Zyguła Poland
Roy China
Lucas Desgouilles France
Ferdinand Bachmann Austria
Robert Bańka Poland open source = open local environment
Joshua Rombauer Germany
Pau Ruiz Safont United Kingdom
Christian Sohm Austria
Jeffrey Paul United States
Mathieu France
Андрей Russia Я поддерживаю эту инициативу
Ross Allan United Kingdom
Tobias Manske Germany
George Soule South Africa
Philippe BERCY France Il faut remettre au gout du jour les choses communes : Air, Eau, Energies(solaire), etc
Gaurav India
mohiuddin abdul quader Germany
Jan Martin Brockmann Germany
Prem Shankar Menaria India Spl Live Learning
Marc COSCOLLANO France Je travaille sous GNU/Linux, et je me bas pour que certaine directive Européenne soit appliqué au cotidien.
Jonathan Ruzek Canada
Max Becker Germany It is complete nonsense that e.g. Microsoft is payed insane amounts of public money, just to deliver a closed source spionage tool
DE SAINT RAPT Alain France
Hermann Kirschner Germany
Konrad Borowski Poland Nie rozumiem czemu kod źródłowy aplikacji pisanych przez rząd takie jak Klient JPK 2.0 nie jest publiczny, to nie ma sensu.
Shaikh India This is really awesome.
Moritz Wachsmuth-Melm Germany
Julia Mitton United States
Hardeep Asrani India
Jeremiah Heinze J.H.A.G
EID SAED Somalia Well done service
EID SAED Somalia Well done service
Valerie chouinard Canada $$$
Johan Andersson Sweden Code written by the public's money should be public for everyone since we payed for it!
John Biddle United States This is a great idea, let's start with open source redistricting software to prevent gerrymandering.
David Spain
Bob0809 Thailand 17917 SIGNATURES
Bob0809 Thailand
Christopher Björkqvist Sweden Tycker detta är solklart klart man skall dela med sig av kunskap det är ju det den är till för..
Vladymir Bulygin Russia Свободный встроенный сервис в Интернет обязан быть бесплатным по опреднлению
David Simpson United States Open data and open source programs are necessary for furthering democracy.
Bryan Honof Belgium Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Pedro Marrucho Portugal
michael shivelhood United States Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like
Daniel Laguna Soto Spain Public code implies mainly transparency along with more benefits. People deserve it, we pay for these softwares.
Daniel Laguna Soto Spain Public code implies mainly transparency along with more benefits. People deserve it, we pay for these softwares.
Killian levacher Ireland
Dimitrij Breinenger Germany Ich bin dafür dass die Code’s frei zugänglich sind!!!
Darius Runge Germany
Guillaume Turri-Werth France
Stephane Deparis France
Andrea Chiesa Argentina Somos muchos los que queremos codigo abierto, muchos los que hemos trabajado para que sea libre y de acceso publico.
Bastien Humeau Canada
Romero France
Alessandro Cavalli Italy
Stéphane Henriod Switzerland
Julien Angeli
zanella France public money, public code, it is simply normal.
David Fritsche France
Matthis Scheil Germany
Fabian Annich Germany
Pierre Thierry France
Steven Hooker Germany
Jackie Spratt United Kingdom
Jackie Spratt United Kingdom Thanks
Martin Mucha Austria Daneben wird es weiterhin lizenrechtlich geschützte Standardsoftware geben.
Jeff Armstrong Canada Thx
nikko United States Physical immortality cannot be achieved.Water is worth more than gold. Gravity pulls us all down! Time used for this worth over a million!
Arne Davids Germany
Sasha Colao United States Code developed with Public money should be made public period!!
Matthieu SCARSET France
Elnegrojefe United States I would like to know more about public code
Florian MICHEL France Tax paying is mandatory, that doesn't imply the choice belongs to government in EU democracies.
Bilyaminu lawal Nigeria I am bilyaminu lawal i need yoy support my site
Mathieu Guérin France Open Source is the best way to improve many services, in many domains. They will always be people to contribute.
Nicolas DUBUISSON Belgium
Nigel Masimba Rodgers Zimbabwe As a citizen of a third-world country I would rather our government have access to cheaper open source than receive aid
Gorakh Sirsikar India This is phenomenal, it has the potential to change the software industry forever!
Kate coker United States I like the program as it looks
Victor Zarranz Argentina Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Guido Iaquinti Italy
Tajol islam Bangladesh cnc tech bd Door Engraving 3D Design
Akash Chandra Gupta India Codes should be made public. This will bring a greater clarity and transparency in the governance. People will have a better digital life.
Hans-Gerd Gerhards Germany
Joan Maspons
datxu peris Spain
Stanislav Grinkov Kazakhstan OSS for better life of all people of the United Earth. We are the one planet.
Larry pogue United States Let's do this
Thijs Haker Netherlands /root/ my life!
Andrew Lin Taiwan 為什麼拿納稅人繳的稅去開發的軟體還要限制只有用微軟的 Windows 才能用? 我是 Linux 作業軟體的使用者就不能使用線上自然人憑證
Kieran McCarthy Ireland Indonesia
Baseeruddin Mohammed Saudi Arabia
Carlos Rafael Garcia Caballero Cuba
Robert Abramov Israel если речь идет о программном обеспечении, финансируемом из бюджета, то предпочтение по умолчанию должно быть отдано свободному программному
Aaron United States Act
Daniela Bernreuther Germany
Warren Buffett United States
Warren Buffett United Kingdom
Sebastian Gärtner Germany
Enric Senabre Hidalgo Spain
Stefan Wendelmann Was von der Öffentlichkeit bezahlt wird, sollte auch der Öffentlichkeit gehören !
Sören Wrede Germany
Kenan Trgic Austria
Adam United States publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available
Rifai arsyad
Stefan Müller Germany
Gabriele Lapport Germany
Manuel A. R. Spain Con dinero público siempre software libre
Becca Rose United Kingdom Collaborate via social media, product influencer
Ehanbigcat Thailand 96150
Nicholas Bakker Netherlands Open Source Software will provide the necessary transparancy that we, the peoples of Europe, demand
Johan Coffigniez France
Abdulmenom Saliem United States
Francesco ROMOLI Italy
Rifai arsyad Indonesia
Stefan Rank Germany
Pasali Petr Moldova
Thomas Lueck Germany
Ivan Mingueza Spain
César Córcoles Spain
Laurie Cork United States
João Carvalho Portugal
Andreas Stallinger Austria
Luigi Avvisati Italy
Klaus Merkert Germany
Udo Beckstein Germany
Matthias Sprau Germany Die Schule Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium benutzt seit 2010 Open-Source für alle Schüler-/Lehrer-Arbeitsplätze!
Matthias Sprau Germany Freie Wahl und Unabhängigkeit der Software sind wichtige Ziele, die zudem viel Geld sparen können.
Everaldo isaias luiz Brazil Quero participar e entender melhor
Jochen Leberecht Germany Ich unterstütze ganz allgemein die Open-Source-Idee.
Bernhard Eckert Germany Wichtig
Ajay solanki India 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Ajay solanki India 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Richard Leinstein Germany Anstrengungen konsolidieren und das staatliche Gemeinwesen stärken.
Davide Schönberger
Nicolas RIGAUD France
Uwe Schwarz Germany
Jelle Netherlands
Naushad India
Vladan Stojanović Serbia
René Stich Germany
Gerhard Streichert Germany
Álvaro Gil Falcó Spain It should be mandatory that the applications that we pay all developed by the state were free and open source.
Luc Van der Auwera Belgium
volwassenwordenmetadhhd Belgium
Randi main Indonesia Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone. Tax from citizen should be back to upgrade public knowlegede and free
Noah Oller Smith United States
Nico Manthey Germany This needs to be done.
Nicholas Hodlofski United States
Dustin Falgout United States
Morgenstern Marcel Germany
Jory Hogeveen Netherlands Great initiative!
Pierre LEVY France
Giulio Avvisati Italy
faizan Pakistan nice new technology
Julien Lambé Belgium
Toby Otterburn United States
Gabriel Mays United States ode paid by the people should be available to the people.
Dimitris Kalliris Greece
JamHard WalkSoftly Netherlands Free soft- and hardware,... Free society!
Ertuğrul Erata Turkey
Florian Beetz Germany
Sinan Şahin Turkey
Antonio Jesús Lospitao Boyer Deberían de estar disponibles en un único repositorio público.
Jason Antwi-Appah United States
Eric Sizemore United States
Stan Williams United States I think this is a wonderful idea!
dickykarna007 Indonesia Penghasilan yang nyata
Simon Krauter Germany
Roy Tanck Netherlands
Kathirvel Vijayavel United Kingdom
John Blackbourn United Kingdom
Kevin MacConkey United States
Dominic Meiser Netherlands
Mike Little United Kingdom It makes sense morally and technically to give the public access to the code that was paid for with public money
José María Guisado Gómez Spain El Software Libre es la única forma de respetar la libertad de la ciudadanía.
Bjarte Strømme Norway
WEIBEL France PARIS gives its public code with Lutece - java framework - and hundreds of plugins
Shannon Flores United States I do not feel its right to withhold information.
Fincken Netherlands
Filipe Ferreira Portugal A no-brainer.
Nico Lorenz Germany
Luc Princen Netherlands
Simon Blackbourn United Kingdom
Irina gómez Spain
Tom Knapen Belgium OSS promotes innovation
Niels Lange Germany
Tuomas Kumpula Finland
Naveen Verma India
Steve Bruner United States
Piotr Zawadzki Denmark
Tim Hemig Germany Would also love to work for such projects
Stephanie Murrile United States Add legislation that publicly financed software made for the public sector be publicly available under Free and Open Source Software license
Leon Patzig Germany
Kiran More India I support Open Source
Paul Schaub Germany It is only logical, that software which was created using public money should be in public domain.
Fernando Spain El dinero público no debe financiar intereses privados
Rita Best United States
Kurt Manucredo Austria
Adam Ciardelli United States By studying free software, we allow everyone to advance in technology, advancing society
Jan Birecki Poland
Rui Nobre Pinheiro Portugal
Anton Timmermans Netherlands
Joan Codina Spain
JanW oostendorp Netherlands Open source is transparancy
Filipe Catraia Portugal A no-brainer.
Mark Edworthy United Kingdom
Becq France
Andreas Schaefer Germany
Maciej Bończak Poland
Sebastian Sartor Germany
Dumont Thomas France
Christian Maria Fischer Germany Einfache Idee, gute Idee.
Robin Germany
Gustavo Martinez Spain
leridon France
Marc Spain Great idea! Thanks FSFE for this initiative.
Marcel Gaub Germany
Kummerländer Germany
Lucas Gallindo Brazil
楊建輝 Taiwan 支持國家發展自由軟體,讓學習可以終生累積
Guillem Castro Olivares Spain
Jacqueline Arnold Germany open source and free software is freedom
Cyril Saintigny France ne pas enrichir les capitalistes avec l'argent public!
Israel Varea Spain
Andre Maciel de Amorim United Kingdom
Reinhard John Germany
Jonas Wolff Germany
Tobias Borchmann Germany
孫小紅 Taiwan
Vergain France Je suis pour les biens communs et le logiciel libre en fait partie.
Miguel Piedrafita Spain
Garlef Germany We need FOSS supported with public money, because it's the only way to build a truly democratic technological fundation for our society.
王文忠 Taiwan 這是我陳年已久的疑問,感謝你們~
Simona Italy Code paid by the people should be available to the people!
Till Bucker Germany
Oto Šťáva Czech Republic
Tobias Aurich Germany
Dirk Mauz Germany Unglaublich, dass die Stadt München von Linux wieder zu Windows wechselt. Krasse Steuerverschwendung!!
Uwe Paffrath Germany
李果正 Taiwan 『革命尚未成功,同志仍需努力!』
Massimo Bologna Italy
Wolfram Löning Germany
Joel Ziegler Germany
王榮祥 Taiwan 政府機關所開發的軟體需要開源,讓公眾可以審視並且參與並且得參與改善,台灣的軟體要發展 就從政府機關 開源開始
Andreas Grünbacher Austria
Moritz Momper Germany
Martin Kröning Germany FOSS FTW!
gzlivre Spain
Wolfgang Sangkuhl Germany
Sebastian Hirsch Germany government + public services should use public domain software as a matter of course
Sergej Busch Germany
Сергей Буш Russia Всем - свободного ПО!
Dirk Jäckel Germany Free Developer wants free Software
Claudia Sichting Germany Bin dafür. Software für alle zum reingucken.
Equo Catalunya Spain
Matthias Hoffmann Germany
Thomas Schäfer Germany
Bence Pauló Hungary
Davide Italy
Giorgio Corra' Italy
Hans-Christian Höpcke Germany
Thomas Schäfer Germany
Flavio Sousa Portugal
Pascal Engel Germany
Peter Thomassen Germany
Julian von Bülow Germany
Caroline Krohn Germany
Oscar Carlsson Sweden Apply offentlighetsprincipen to all the things!
Christian Münscher Germany
Evelyn Müller-Lüscher Switzerland
andy juarez Costa Rica futuro brillante para nuestros paises, mucho del gasto publico seria resuelto porque los proveedores cobrarian por su trabajo solamente
Andreas Gabler Germany Als EDV-Verantwortlicher in der öffentlichen Verwaltung unterstützte ich diese Initiative voll und ganz.
Karl Garcke Germany
Héctor Villarreal Ortega Spain
Daniel Müller-Lüscher Switzerland
Miguel Spain
Philipp Lewe Germany
Sergio Faleiros Brazil
Benjamin Mahr Switzerland
Leonard Follner Germany
Agata Ceglarska Poland
Isaac Spain
Stanisław Gacki Poland
Michał Zając Poland
Raphaël Lavoie Canada
Justin Phillips United Kingdom
Katharina Holder
Sean Tierney Ireland
Nicolás González Meneses Spain There is not reasing for code not to be free except if it contains malware, and in that case it should not be funded with public money.
Dr. Ingo Bremer Germany
Nicolas BESSET France
Gaudichaud France
Marton Alexandru Romania
François Autin France We can't let our infrastructure be controlled by foreign interests that abuse their monopoly.
Andres Kaaber Estonia
Dr Christian Mattler Germany
Andreas Hackert Germany
Peter Harych Germany ... das würde auch Verwaltungshürden für Kooperation beseitigen.
Alex Juncu Romania I think Europe and Open Source are a good match and can help each other out for a better future. I support this movement.
George Peter Banyard United Kingdom
Benjamin Koppe Germany Nicht nur an staatliche Einrichtungen denken. Kirchen finanzieren sich zum Teil auch über Steuern!
Jakob Szostek Germany Open Sauce schmeckt am besten!
Yohan Piegay Switzerland Pourquoi ne pas y avoir pensé plus tôt ?
Marcello Nuccio Italy
Tisza Gergő Hungary
Rokas Tamošiūnas Lithuania
Iyan Mendez Veiga Spain
Ralf Mattes Germany
Martin Weber Germany Software, die aus öffentlichen Geldern gezahlt wird, muss auch öffentlich einsehbar sein. Allein schon aus Sicherheitsgründen.
Alex Bachmayer Austria
Manfred Keller Germany Da ich privat Linux nutze bin ich schon immer ein Fan von Open Sourcecode.
Vasilika Laci Albania
Claßen Germany
Johannes Schäffer Germany
LEFEBVRE Hervé France
S. Kleinwegen Germany
Gaisser Germany
Ricardo Souza Brazil
Daniel Secareanu Romania A free and open society should prioritize the use of free and open source software.
Lorenzo Lucchina Italy
Igor Falcomata Italy
Longree Belgium
Mathieu Loiseau France
Michele Italy
Melik YALÇİN Turkey Pasarını vermiş olduğum yazılımı kullanmak hakkımdır!
Rob Bosch Belgium All over the world public money on code should be freely available to anyone. I subscribe this effort!
Bauwens Richard Belgium
Claudiu Ceia Romania
Arpad Horvath Hungary Yess. The most of the softwares that is payed by public money should be free software.
Stefan Böhringer Germany
Fabio Brazil Free public software!
Miloslav Číž Czech Republic
Augest Albania
Paolo Beretta Italy
Mafalda Branco Silva Portugal
Radu Adrian Romania I am Radu Adrian
Dorothee Janssen Germany Warum geben wir zweimal Geld für die gleiche Leistung aus?
Claudio Guarnieri Germany
Luc Berger Belgium
Long Vu Canada Entierement d'acccord que l'argent du publique serve au publique.
Simone Italy
Christian Italy
Miguel Domingos Portugal
Andreas Kapp Switzerland
Andreas Kollmann Germany Für ein besseres Morgen.
Helen Parik Estonia
Sylvain Martin-Faltot France I will spread the word. I think it's a good idea too. I like the open source world.
Bernardas Ališauskas Lithuania Public code is great for everyone involved - be it private company or a citizen - we all can learn and build on top of each other.
JUAN DIEGO SALCEDO SALAZAR Peru Excelente idea, me gustaría que sea implementada en mi país, tuve la suerte de trabajar para el estado de mi país.
Matteo De Micheli Switzerland Stolzer Free Software Entwickler und Contributor. Hoffe kommt durch :)
joao conde Portugal here in edu portuguese creativity assoc we believe in this idea
Renata Leitão Dias da Silva Portugal
Ján Hušták Slovakia As the public sector gets more automated, laws are often partially implemented as software; this should be as public as the laws themselves.
Gonçalo R Portugal Software should be free (as in freedom)
Sebastian Jentschke Norway Public money should be spent for the society not for some big companies.
Michael Czechowski Germany As a WebDev I recognize the urgency of this change because only w/ free software unlimited access to all public authorities is made possible
Torsten Brieskorn Germany
Stefano Tronci United Kingdom
angela santos Spain
Pedro Martínez Spain Es ilegítimo que ámbitos privados puedan apropiarse del fruto del dinero público.
Björn-Eric Grunow Germany Auch freie SW hat etwas mit Rechtstaat und Demokratie zu tun.
Pedro Antunes Brazil
Edoardo Pisoni Italy
Florent Peres France ça devrait couler de source, qui doit être ouvert :-)
Diogo Matias Portugal Please consider to make publicly funded software freely available and open-source
Herman Bergwerf Netherlands The budget system should encourage collaboration to save resources globally, and not just in software.
Liliana Barbosa Azevedo de Sousa Portugal
Alexander Esselink Netherlands With opensource the public will be empowered to do great things
Cristòfol-Josep Bordes Spain Catalan citizen, still, under the rule of Spain. Fully agree with the initiative.
Marcelo Aguilar Serrano Spain
Bartlomiej Bargiel Germany
Stumpf Paul Germany
Gerard Forcada Spain
Miguel Silva Portugal Não faz sentido numa europa com livre circulação de bens e mercadorias, este bem essencial tecnológico é a ferramenta do futuro.
Jordi Cortès Spain
Simone Silva Portugal
Francisco Rebelo Portugal
Marta Iglesias Spain
Javier Martí Pintanel Spain
Nuno Mendes Portugal
Sofia Fidalgo da Silva Portugal
André Varandas Portugal
Carlos Vicente Portugal
Stefanos Koutsomarkos Greece A step in the right direction to better serve the public. It extends the movement of transparency and trust.
Francisco Angelino Portugal
Daniel Magro Portugal
Alexandre Campos
Raquel Heyman Portugal
Luis Rocha Portugal
Nuno Chaveiro Portugal
Rui Simoes Portugal
Gabriel Candal Portugal
Diogo Silva Para um mundo open-source.
Guilherme Teixeira Austria
Xavier Albons Spain
Wiktor Dolecki Poland
Joan de Gracia Spain
Luís Gonçalves Portugal
Samuel Torres Portugal Completamente justo, o dinheiro investido em software, deveria ser totalmente tranparente.
João Paulo dos Santos Trindade
João Vieira Portugal
Bruno Oliveira Portugal
Mariana Azevedo Portugal
Nuno Nunes Portugal
Pedro Nunes Portugal
Miguel Oliveira Portugal
Mauro Rua Portugal
Wolf Germany
Diogo Pereira Portugal
Miguel Araújo
Bruno Miguel Romão Nabais Correia Portugal
Pedro Faria Portugal Concordo com a iniciativa
Francisco Gomes Portugal
Bruno Pinto Portugal
Guilherme Lawless Portugal
Víctor Xaubet i Areales Spain
Francisco Paulo Portugal
Marcelo Costa Portugal
Pedro Gonçalves Portugal
Bernardo Silva Portugal
António Quadrado Portugal
Martin Zhekov Bulgaria the software paid with our tax-collected money must be public, free and accessible to everyone.
Piotr Zieliński Poland
Oriol Dresaire Artigas Spain
João Neto Portugal
Dinis Areias
Pedro Costa Portugal
Pedro Moreira Portugal OPEN SOURCE JÁ
Jacek Bzdak Poland
João Granchinho Portugal
Renato Reis Portugal
Martin Neuner Germany
Tony Gonçalves Portugal Muitos projectos financiados por sistemas como o FP7, QREN ou H2020 fracassam e o código fica guardado sem nenhum beneficio para a sociedade
Pedro Robalo Portugal 100% de acordo com a iniciativa!
Bernardo Graça Portugal
Mariana Rodrigues Portugal My money, my decision.
Francisco Romero Ferrero Portugal
Tiago Portugal This should be common sense
Emanuel Barros Portugal
José Mendes Portugal
Rasmus Badstue Denmark
Ricardo Filipe Amendoeira Portugal Dinheiro público não deve ser gasto de formas que prendem o Governo à empresa que desenvolve o software, o código tem de ser aberto e livre.
Eric DeWitt Portugal Please require that public money goes to public resources and that we can all build on the shared knowledge of the community
Guilherme Martins Portugal
Paulo Alexandre da Silva Falcão Portugal
Carlos Ribeiro Portugal
Tiago Ricardo Portugal
João Baltazar Portugal
Pavel Itskov Portugal
Miguel Rodrigues Portugal
Goncalo Afonso Portugal
Joao Pedro Gomes Da Silva Frazao Portugal all public funded software Should use a non-copyleft free software license
Jesus Galceran Spain
Ruben Silva Portugal
André Albuquerque Portugal
Bernardo Marques Portugal
Bruno Rogério Deodato Portugal Software Livre é sempre uma mais-valia na informática, e numa democracia transparente, os users deveriam ter acesso ao código q financiaram.
Raquel Borges Portugal
Goncalo Lopes United Kingdom
Anna Hobbiss Portugal
Nuno Datia Portugal Software and research developed with public funding should be freely available
Fábio Pedrosa Portugal
Nuno Cruz Portugal
Daniel Caixinha Portugal
Gustavo Rios de Sousa e Silva Portugal
Ana Gonçalves Portugal
João Portugal
Marta Sequeira Portugal
João Craveiro Portugal Já é obrigatório usar formatos abertos e interoperáveis. Seria bom começar por cumprir essa obrigação.
Guilherme Morais Portugal
Alexandre Jesus Portugal
João Valverde Portugal
Filipe Teixeira Portugal
João Diogo Portugal
Pedro Miguel Nunes Ferreira Portugal subescrevo na integra o pretendido
Pedro Paixão Portugal
Samuel Martins Portugal
Pedro Ferreira
Jorge Silva Portugal
Rodrigo Portugal
Duarte Rocha Portugal
Francisco Huhn Portugal O código de software cujo desenvolvimento é financiado com dinheiro público deve forçosamente ser público.
Nelson Almendra Portugal
Pedro Bastos Pereira Portugal
Ricardo Ferreira\ Portugal Do mais básico sentido comum!
Mário Cosme Portugal
Marcos Cardoso Portugal Apoio o Software Livre!
Rui Pedro Ferreira Marques Portugal Concordo plenamente
João Martins Denmark
Miguel Almeida Portugal
Gil Portugal O Software é uma parte extremamente importante na nossa sociedade, pago por todos. O acesso ao código fonte deve ser um direito.
Anke Dr. Knopp Germany Wir brauchen Freie Software u Open-Source als Balance für eine lebendige Demokratie, im Spannungsverhältnis zw. Service und Surveillance.
Diogo Gomes Portugal
Arthur Silva Portugal Mais uma medida que traria Portugal para a frente da inovação e tecnologia.
Luís Guedes Portugal
Nuno beirão Portugal Dinheiro público, código público.
João Josézinho Portugal Por mais transparência no uso de dinheiro público.
João Pedro Marques Ferreira Portugal
Jorge Chibante Portugal
Ricardo Mateus Portugal
Marcelo Dias Avelino Netherlands
Marcelo Monteiro Faz todo o sentido para podermos evoluir tecnologicamente as nossas infraestruturas online
António Ribeiro Portugal
Fábio Dias Portugal
Tomás Lickfold Portugal
Tiago Santos Portugal
Gonçalo Mestre Portugal
Bernardo Gil Câmara Galvão Portugal
Fábio Manuel Correia Viana Portugal
João Vieira Portugal
Bruno Antunes Portugal
Rogério Moreira Portugal
Diogo Palhais Portugal
Tiago Santos Portugal
Daniel Dias Loureiro Portugal
Jorge Manuel Filipe dos Santos Portugal
Mykola Tkachenko Portugal
Jan Kristof Arndt Germany
Diogo Fonseca Portugal
Ricardo Almeida Portugal
João Pedro Gonçalves Pereira Portugal
趙惟倫 Taiwan
Rafael Bizarra Portugal I fully agree with the demand of this campaign. Furthermore I demand, that all authorities refrain from using closed source software!
Katja Sallie Germany
João Castro Portugal
Gonçalo Silva Portugal
Ivo Stoichev Bulgaria Great Let` do it :)
Jan Sebastian Wendrich Germany
Joerg Arnold Germany *right click * > Delete Backdoor > 😂 (thismademyday)
Jan Beilicke Germany
Fatih Kaya Turkey
Erkan Tunc Germany
Nils Haffke Germany
Daniel Dittmann Germany
Andreas Zaiser Austria
Thomas Vogt Germany Was Universität für Geld und Mühe in Campus Management Systeme stecken, die alle gleich schlecht sind ...!
Ingo Wendler Germany
Marcel Bieberbach Germany
Ralph Soika Germany Genau! Grüsse aus der - jetzt wieder - Microsoft Stadt München!!!
WD Zimmermann Germany Überfallig!
Łukasz Korpalski Poland
Pfarrer Johannes Brakensiek Germany Christus hat uns befreit, damit wir endgültig frei sind. […] Unterwerft euch nicht wieder dem Joch der Knechtschaft! Die Bibel, Gal 5,1
Henrique Alves Brazil
Martin Lorenz Germany I fully agree with the demand of this campaign. Furthermore I demand, that all authorities refrain from using closed source software!
Johan Richer France
Vangel Ajanovski Macedonia Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Pieter Michels Belgium
Maxime Fuhrer Belgium
Sümegi Vivien Hungary
Eduardo Serrano Spain Todo programa desarrollado y págado con dinero del estado debería ser licenciado como Software LIbre.
Mathijs Saey Belgium
Alexander F. Germany Das hätte schon seit Jahrzehnten DER Standard sein müssen.
Valck Belgium
Gert Van Waelvelde Belgium
Peter Braet Belgium Eindelijk!
Gourdel Garance France
Stuart Macfarlane United Kingdom
Omer Sarsam Germany Freie Software für freie Menschen ! Sharing is caring !
Paweł Wilczyński Poland
Artur Motyka Poland Yes!
Christopher J Poor New Zealand Stop accepting multinational corporations' dictates.
Philipp Germany Wäre ein guter Schritt in eine bessere Zukunft (für die Allgemeinheit)
羅偉誠 Taiwan
David Huss Austria
Daniela Regenbrecht Germany
Alessandro Rosetti Italy
Radomír Bosák Czech Republic
Marc-André Bombeck Germany
Ian Panzica United States
Nikolaos Moraitis Czech Republic Open source and free softwares to develop the humanity. And stop focusing on control and multipling money.
Filatre France L'enclosure des savoirs dégrade les savoirs qui sont un bien public de l'humanité.
Pedro Roque
Felix Benner Germany
Christian Grünheit Germany
Omaristos France J'utilise les logiciels et open source depuis fort longtemps, j'espère que ce projet fort audacieux aboutira donc ! ;)
Jerzy Kochan Ireland No manager would listen to me advocating for open source. I am IT pro working in .NET. Open source is the way to go!
Dawid Wiktor Estonia Software sponsored by the public funds should be open and accessible for the public under a Free/Open Source License.
Ashod Nakashian Canada Public spending should benefit the pubic, indefinitely. OSS is the most-obvious, and best, way of making software budget go the longest way.
Michalis Kargakis Greece
Chema Spain Una iniciativa necesaria y de sentido común.
Jonas Molndal Norway
Friso van der Meer Netherlands
Florian Rabis Germany
Alex Russia
Andrea Italy L'Open Source nelle PA deve essere obbligatorio.
Roberto Italy ottima iniziativa cosi almeno i soldi spesi ci ritornano
Christian Reinbold Germany
SeH United States
Andreas Brakoulias Greece Public money for public code for maximum evolvability of software for all and away from rentier control.
Steffen Kleinle
Caio da Costa Braga Brazil
李俊裕 Taiwan 我贊成「制定法律,要求取自人民納稅錢所建置或開發的各公家單位軟體資訊系統,皆必須採用自由與開源軟體授權,公開給民眾使用!」
Cantin Vincent France
Fabio Di Giorgio Italy Open Source should be the software at the basis of any public office
Frank Schindler Germany
Markus Flür Germany
Robert Wolter Germany
Robert Wolter Germany Schluss mit der Geheimniskrämerei bei Software, die mit öffentlichen Geldern finanziert wird.
Le Marchand France
Daniel Naber Germany
Roger Hohmann Germany
Marco Reiter Austria
Harald Schwab Austria
Benedikt Windolph Germany
Jakob Högerl Germany
Pablo Spain Si se sigue haciedo código libre, seguirá creciendo la comunidad.
Tobias Kuschnik
Andreas Nagel Germany Lock-In beenden. Microsoft-Abhängigkeit beenden. Volle Kontrolle über Bürgerdaten.
Michael Oldiges Germany Ich bin auch der Meinung, wenn Code mit Steuergeldern bezahlt wird gehört das Ergebnis auch den Steuerzahlern
Sophia Schröder Germany
Maury France
Jérôme François Belgium
Laurent Excellente idée, qui va pourtant de soit !
Tobias Langendorf Germany
Denise Barth Germany
Gregor Germany
Nikolaj Leischner Germany Do it! It will raise the quality standards of publicly funded projects.
Martin Brauneis Austria
Hubert Baumgartner Austria
Frithjof Gnas Germany
Magnus L'Europeo
Adrian Nöthlich Germany Durch Arbeit in der Schul IT mit Software, die von einer "professionellen" Firma kommt, aber nicht rund läuft. Sowas muss verhindert werden!
Sebastian Germany
Jérôme Lang Germany
Daniel Bocksteger Germany
Daniel Höpfl Germany
Pierre Krack France
Tim Tugendhat Germany
Lars Böhringer Germany
Daniel AJ Sokolov Austria
Ingomar Otter Germany
Peter Harych Germany Es ist so schwer, diese Idee ohne eine globale Initiative durchzusetzen. Bitte helft!
David Gridling Austria
Andreas Heimann Germany Ein Code, der von öffentlichen Geldern finanziert wird, sollte öffentlich verfügbar gemacht werden.
Andreas Sunkler Germany
Max Ludwig Germany
Michael Vogel France
Martin Molzer Germany
David Margarian Germany I am critical of publicly founded software at all, but if they exist ths must be not just under a free lincence, but public domain.
Eberhard Spittler Germany
Nils Lappenbusch Germany
Pék vegán Tomíííí Hungary Free codes for a vegan world!
Stefan Trenkel Germany
Jörg Sommer Germany
Waltraud Ernst Germany
PF vd Vlugt Netherlands Denk aan alle besparingen die hier mee mogenlijk zijn.
Cristóbal Gallardo Lüttecke Chile If you pay software with money that belongs to us all, the software must belong to us all
Michael Sackers
Jonas Fluhrer Germany
vittoz France
Jan Brumm Germany
Raphael Kaml Germany
Thomas Runge Germany Public money, public code. Why do we have to even to debate about that?!
Andreas Paetsch Germany
Jonas Meyer Germany
Danny Werner Netherlands
Ludvig Duregård Sweden Det är ganska sjukt egentligen att vi betalar MS, google etc. för att hålla vår data. Och i förlängningen att bygga deras proprietära system
Miklós Galicz Hungary Paid for the code, I have the right to know what I paid for.
Ruben Rodríguez De La Fuente Spain
Jan Heller Germany
Sebastian Duda Germany Offene Software mit öffentlichen Geldern zu fördern kommt allen zu Gute. Gemeinden, Bürger, Staat
Marco Bassetto
Marco Bassetto Italy
Carlo Erminio Cattaneo Italy
Didier Delalleau France
Sonja Stone United Kingdom Please give the public access to the code that was paid for by public money
Christoph Kern Germany With proprietary software you have to trust. With Free Software you have control.
Péter Szarvas Hungary
Michael Severin Germany Gegen Dominanz der digitalen Welt aus USA, für eine freie europäische Alternative
Helmut Thiet Germany Wiso Germany / Warum nicht Deutschland bei der Auswahl?
Kristian Kankainen Estonia
Marcin Janas Poland This is a great idea :)
Barseyni Nicolas France
Jozsef Hocza Hungary It should happen without a single question
Thomas Stone United Kingdom Please give the public access to the code that was paid for by public money
Pablo Hendrickx Belgium
David du Colombier France
Ludovic Fauvet France
Mélanie Chauvel France
Lau Germany
Claudio Driussi Italy
Felix Friebel Germany
Boris France
Annelene Sudau Germany
Christian Blumer Switzerland
Katrin Ihler Germany
Ramasamy Duraipandi India Yes the code should be submitted to the community
Barbro Forsgren Sweden
Kristian Larsson Sweden
Sven Waibel Germany
Jakob Ernst Austria
Tamay Eser Uysal Turkey Ürün benim de olsa benim görmediğim sorunları görebilecek bir çocuk vardır ki bahsi geçen ürünler kimseye ait değil. :)
j balaji India
Simon Puch Germany
Stefan Djokovic Italy Open source = comunitá. L'OpenSource ci permetterebbe di avere software validi per tutti
Kien Tuong Truong Italy
Fabrizio Cirelli Italy
Angelos Vassiliou Cyprus
Shrini India
Alejandro Spain
Robert Markovski Sweden
Jesús Salvador Spain El código creado con fondos publicos debe ser abierto para el beneficio de todos.
Luis de Arquer Spain
Amadeus Alfa Germany We need transparency when software is funded by tax money. Today we do not know if the software even exists.
Tobias Pape Germany
Michał Krzysztof Feiler Poland Securiy by obscurity to nie argument. Dość niewiadomoczego z przetargów, czego nie można poprawiać i wykonywane jest "jak to za publiczne".
Radie Manssour Spain
CARTON France Je suis plus que convaincu par cette démarche !!
Javier Catalá Spain
Jakob Battelino Prelog Slovenia
Magnus Kindblom Sweden Spreading the word of free software is difficult because it takes time. But if we keep at it, we'll make progress.
Daniele Barcella Italy
Max Hackinger Switzerland
Kenneth Micklas United States
Jesus Valverde Berrocoso Spain
Giorgio Colomban Italy We need open and free software, now more than ever.
Christian Wischenbart Austria
曾勇 China
oriot guy France
Alan Munday United Kingdom No thank you to Big Brother !
Manuel Jesús Aguilera Castro Spain
Samson Wen China Contributor of Hardenedlinux.
Julien Petter France
Roland Monneveux France Casser la domination des monopoles privés du secteur
Antonino Bagnato Italy
valentino cristofoletto Italy Pienamente d'accordo
marie leduc France
le petit France
Ismael de Esteban
Chelo Quilón Gómez Spain
Maria Spain
Stefan Buckmann Switzerland
Gonzalo San Segundo Sánchez Spain
Massimiliano Molinaro Italy FREE NOW!
valentina Italy
Maryse Oudjaoudi France
Giulia Boggiali Italy
Filippo Cremonese Italy
Guillermo Ramos Spain
Andrea Italy A mio parere una campagna necessaria
Jhonny Ferrari Italy
Henrik Homann Germany
mechin France
Ascanio Vimercati Sanseverino Italy
de Mascarel Alice France
Txema Laullón Redón Spain
Virgilio Venezia Italy
Guilherme Borges Germany
Guillier Valerian France
Gianfranco Genna Italy
Sarah Trichet-Allaire France
Matteo Tosolini Italy
Tiziana Ferro Se si mette a disposizione di tutti, si può migliorare più facilmente.
Martine SUBIL France
Sébastien Cauzit France Merci et bon courage pour cette initiative. J'installe des logiciels libres dans des PMEs et administrations, avec CONVINCTIONS !
Alberto Avidad Spain La administración pública debe cambiar a software libre cuanto antes y dejar de pagar millonadas a una empresa americana.
Laurent Hamon France
Donatella Finardi Italy
Andrea Mangiatordi Italy
Riccardo Zoncada Italy
Giacomo Tommaso Petrucci Italy Il software open source permette un risparmio economico ed un livello di sicurezza maggiore rispetto al software proprietario.
Marc Becker Germany
Fabio bicchierai Italy
MONTEVERDI GIANFRANCO Italy I aeree with you
Alexander Böhm
Izzy Kulbe Germany
Roberto Zedda Italy
Ralf Meyer Germany
Sascha Zache Germany
Gianluca Zoni
Hendrik Knackstedt Germany
Daniele Marsella Italy
Mario Dede Italy Free software !
Jonas Zohren Germany
Daniele Venier Italy
Marco Sarzi Amade Italy
Philippe Italy
Timo Cramer Germany
Antonio Cereda Italy
Francesco Circhetta Italy
Flavio Cimorelli Italy Sono d'accordo con il progetto e l'iniziativa
Antonella Italy
Fred Cox United Kingdom
Mattias Østergaard Oddi Denmark
Lorenzo Italy
valentino Italy e' cosa saggia e giusta verso una societa' piu' tasparente , umana , aperta agli sviluppi del mondo positivi
Edson Guinea-Bissau
Francesco Vezzoli Italy
Fabrizio Terzi Italy
Carlo Milanesi Italy
Dario Bertini United Kingdom
Andrea Italy Il codice pagato dalle persone dovrebbe essere disponibile alle persone!
Jean-Paul Quentin France Bonne initiative
Piras Roberto Italy libertà
Edoardo Pisoni Italy
Juan Ramirez Spain El software pagado con nuestros impuestos debe ser Open Source!
Fernando Terreno Argentina Exelente iniciativa
Björn Kasper Germany
Lorena Merino Spain
Mayra Amador Spain Dont limit people integration to tech at all levels
Christophe Kemp Luxembourg
Juan Macías Spain Code paid by us, must be accesible by us!!
Santiago trigo porres Spain
Carlos Spain
Jorge Reyero United Kingdom
Ilija Stefanov Macedonia +1
Jose Ramon Alonso Tapia Spain
Paolo Asperti Italy
Laura Bolaños Spain
Jorge Spain Lets Go!
Christian Brolin Sweden
Alexander Braun Germany
Alfonso Sánchez Uzábal France Les logiciels financés par l'impôt doivent être libres pour devenir un commun numérique et ne pas beneficier que à une entreprise
Dennis Freitag Germany
Ventura Pérez García Spain
Sandro Isoletta Germany Goverment should use only open source software!
auzanneau France
Bert Desmet Belgium Innovation moves faster when it's done in the open.
Bart Slinger Netherlands Because I'm curious how shitty the software is that is actually used now.
Koen Vangheluwe Belgium
Zimmermann Germany
Akos Ostadal-Szederjei Hungary I fully agree!
Rüdiger Dohmhardt Germany Please keep taxpayers money inside Europe; no money to Microsoft for being incompatibe with everything, even with itself
Bartosz Marczyński Poland
Wolfgang Kerschbaumer Austria
Victoria Holland United Kingdom
Jakub Nowak Poland
Eric Roder Germany Open everything!
Marco Marinello Italy
Thomas Müller Germany Alles andere wäre Besteuerung zugunsten privater Profiteure
Orlando Policicchio Germany
Christoph Crass Germany
Marco Angerer Germany
Benjamin Doppler Austria
Ausias Pomes Spain It is a good exercise of transparency, security and generosity towards us, the people.
Laura Italy
Federico Lodovici Italy
Davide Italy
Benedikt Windolph Germany
Karl Tschavoll Austria Freie Software in Verwaltung und Behörden ist ein wichtiger Beitrag dazu, die überbordende Konzernmacht in Europa zu brechen.
Wolfram Haust Germany see - it works
Sören Much Germany
Tanmay India Issa smarta desizan.
Matthias Wolf Germany Stop Software Monopoly!
Tiberius Brastaviceanu Canada Make code made with public money, public.
Eric Cornelissen Netherlands A transparent government is a trustable government. Code should also be transparent, and it can be just by being open source!
Roberto Spain
Christoph Reißig Germany Public Money - Public Code! FLOSS Yourself :)
Barry Pilling United Kingdom Wholeheartedly agree with the campaign.
Julian Rüger Germany
Jei jei Philippines
Eduardo Reyes United States Free and Open Source software at all public funded and government places
Kees Netherlands It would be nice if more money is spent for the common good and this helps a lot!!
Faly Ranaivoson Switzerland
Pedro Spain En un mundo atravesado por las tecnologías es imprescindible contar con mecanismos garantizadores de la soberanía.
Ferran Spain
Lucian Stuparu Romania I support this not only because it's moral, but because closed-source code has allowed fraudulent contracts in Romania
Karola Marky Germany
Jose Manuel Ferreira Rodrigues Pontes Portugal
David Ayers Austria
Jef Peeters Belgium
Johan Kragsterman Sweden Don't ned to comment, t's sooo obvious!
Tamay Eser Uysal Turkey
Thomas Schubert Germany Steuerfinanzierte Software muss dem Steuerzahler als freie Software zur Verfügung gestellt werden, denn er hat sie bezahlt.
christian pschierer Germany
Beppe Cantanna Italy
Jörn Schönyan Germany Unbedingt notwendig!
Oliver Fries Germany Die Sicherheit von Software darf nicht dadurch bestehen, dass der Quellcode verheimlicht wird, sondern durch die Implementierung
Sven Boetius Germany
Felix Salwiczek Germany Man bedenke auch: Schließt Microsoft, sind fast alle europäischen Behörden arbeitsunfähig! Wie wäre das bei freier Software??
Sascha Germany öffentliche Software und Standards für öfffentlcihe Einrichtungen!
David Vagt Germany
Christophe Vaillot France Democracy needs transparency, which includes FOSS and more !
Jonas Bulik Germany Our money our code our freedom
João Manso Portugal Cultura libre!!!
ramiro rivera Argentina Algo elemental: El Estado confisca a los trabajadores a través de impuestos de todo tipo, el software que financie debe ser libre, bajo GPL.
Lancelot France
Hermann von Kleist Germany
Răzvan Sandu Romania
Martin Brecelj Slovenia Finally! Replace the software monopolist with homegrown knowlege
Fabian Schaub Austria
Jan Fromme Germany
Sebastian Schunke Germany
Dr. Eva Thüringer Germany
Raúl Spain
Dominik Raddatz Germany
Michael Kaiser Germany Hat man denn von Snowden nichts gelernt? Wie kommt es, daß das Internet quasi in amerikanischer Hand ist?!
Christoph Schunk Germany
Alexander Glasfort Germany
Adrien Labaeye Germany EU ruled that scientific research paid by tax payers should be open access. Software should be open source! Let's reclaim what's ours!
joao France
Dirk Zöttl Germany
Marc Burkhardt Germany
Peter Husemann Germany
Daniel Zellner Germany
Harald Okun Germany Wer das Machtmonopol des Staates leichtfertig aus der Hand gibt, braucht sich über seine Knechtschaft und die seines Volkes nicht zu wundern
Olivron France
Philip Lange Germany .....wie, das muss man einklagen??
Courcelle France
Kevin Bittner Germany
PIerre Villemure Canada Membre de FACIL, pour l'appropriation collective de l'informatique libre
Simon Bättig Switzerland
Alfonsius Knackschwanz Germany
Timothy Simmons MD United States
Michael Mitterer Austria
Wolfgang Grillitsch Austria Free Software for free people !!
Thomas Angermeier Germany
Ulf Goldammer Germany
Patrick Baber Germany
Andreas Förg Germany
Stefqn Meyer Germany
soeren Germany Software die aus Steuern finanziert wurde muß öffentlich sein!
Alisa Kinner Germany
Christian Mohr Germany Für eine OpenSource Initiative in Europa, die Stärkung der binnen IT-Industrie, mehr Wettbewerb und Unabhängigkeit.
Jens Tinz Germany
Philipp Gottschalk Germany
Joachim Wagner Ireland
Christoffer Anselm Germany
Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker United Kingdom
Werner Schimmel Germany
Sönke Burkert Germany
Dr. Harriet Eidam
Felix Schinkel Germany
Maximilian Hildebrandt Germany
Kristoff Svensson Germany
Jan Henning Peters Germany
JOSE ANTONIO LINIO Spain source crowded, open sourced!
Endrikat Germany
XAVIER ASENSIO CASTRO Spain Pel respecte dels Drets Humans, la llibertat i la igualtat de l'individu i dels grups en que s'integra.
Rainer Illichmann Germany
Brendan Daniel Rickards Prado Spain
Richard Martin Germany
Björn Germany
Oliver Langer Germany
Bernd Kockrick Germany
Stefan Bauer Germany Es ist alles gesagt.
Philipp Hilgers Germany
Reiner Schmidt Germany Plus ein Anwendungsgebot für verfügbare freie Software in öffentlichen Verwaltungen und Medizin
Enric Balletbò i Serra Spain
Martin Lemke Germany Independence from large monopoles. Europe should support open OS and Office-Suite and also open Hardware.
Christian Verhalen Germany Offene Software steigert die IT Kompetenz Europas und bietet die dringend benötigte Unabhängigkeit von wenigen Konzernen!!
Dieter Volpert Germany
Erik Vetle Larsen Norway Public money, public code, the opening statement says it all.
Priol France
Peter Kaplan Germany Ich bitte Sie sich dafür einzusetzen, dass in der öffentlichen Verwaltung Open Source Software eingesetzt wird.
Matthias Franz Germany
Guilherme Borges Oliveira Germany
Uwe Künnecke Germany Dem gibt es NICHTS hinzuzufügen!
Sebastian Dülks Germany
Mathes Klepper Germany
Paul Größel Germany Ich unterstütze Freie Software in jeder Hinsicht.
Till Wierbach Germany
Markus Neubauer Germany
Dietrich Bossecker Germany
Marco Denecke Germany
Matthias Klöpper Germany
Juan Rodriguez Spain
Montserrat Magro
Lars Hoogestraat Germany
Francesc Busquets Spain És de sentit comú!
Oriol Spain
Jens Walter Germany Volle Zustimmung!
Seraphin Berktold Germany It is high time to have a European IT infrastructure and software stack, including but not limited to operating systems and office suites.
Ronny Langrock Germany
Stefan Binder Germany
Dawid Sowa Poland
Auke Swen Germany
Pol Spain
Bernd Buhr Germany
Jakub Nepejchal Czech Republic
Lino Hernández Rué Spain El ahorro es una obligación para un gobierno eficiente.
Michał Poland Free software, save money
Veronica Herz Germany Unsere Daten muessen definitiv durch den Gesetzgeber geschützt allumfassend werden!
Fabian Krack Germany
Oliver Haag Germany
Rene Mittendorf Germany Die Abhängigkeit von z.B. MS und Anderen sollte durchbrochen werden
Salvador Spain qui paga mana !
Jose Luis Pavón Pavón Spain
Pep Spain
Christopher Johne Germany
Henry Mühlpfordt Germany Dies ist ein Gedanke, der mich schon seit 10 Jahren beschäftigt.
Samuel Kanngießer Germany
Marc Mata Garcia Spain
Eduardo Mayoral Spain no privative code in the public organisms
Michael Kühne Germany
Thomas Reith Germany "Closed Source" Produkte für staatliche Institutionen sind inakzeptabel
Hannes Buxbaum Germany
Michael Schmidt Germany Persönliche Daten europäischer Staatsbürger dürfen nur mit Systemen verwaltet werden die VOLLSTÄNDIG unter Kontrolle europ. Behörden stehen!
Horst Schaller Germany
Norbert Heinz Germany Closed Source = Abhängigkeit von Monopolisten
Lorenz Giefing Austria
Ruwen Reddig Germany
Ricardo Antonio Duarte Brazil
Ulrich Kirner Austria
Holger Weigelt Germany Wer so viele Updates benötigt wie Microsoft, ist entweder schlampig oder böse.
Uwe Richter Germany
Kerim Rundshagen Germany
Jasper Roloff Germany
Dieter Klur Germany
Franco Pyrih Argentina
Timothé Genreau France
Wim Vandenhaute Belgium +1
Kris Hofmans Belgium The people paid for it, they should own it, and evaluate it
Fionn MacNamara Ireland
Naji Astier France
Jose Luis Martínez Torres Spain
Sören Dänekas Germany
Bousquie Pierre France Ce n'est pas déja le cas????!!!!!!
Martin/Geno Sichere Software, kann nur eine einsehbare Software sein. Vor allem, für die wir bereits durch Steuern bezahlt haben.
Martin/Geno Sichere Software, kann nur eine einsehbare Software sein. Vor allem, für die wir bereits durch Steuern bezahlt haben.
Mathieu Lorber France
Emmanuel CHAFFRAIX France
Ludovic Fauvet France
Koen Roggemans Belgium
Coen Eisma Netherlands
Gabriel Pimont-Nogues France
Tanguy PERODEAU France
Francois Lecroart France
Colin France
Axel Guidicelli France
Peter Härter Germany
Mafalda Ramos Portugal
Agne United Kingdom
Emmanuel Salé France I fully agree with this !
Vidé Bastien France Excellente idée !
Roi García Megías Spain
Jonathan France
Edwin ANCAER Belgium
John Blackbourn United Kingdom
Olli Halt Finland
Tommy Italy
Michael Kiermaier Germany
Konrad Nölle Germany
Flaviano Monge Italy
Mauro Barattin Italy
Emil Woźniak Poland
Pierre Beaujean Belgium That should be the case!
Kevin Ditscheid Germany Full approval of all you said, from a software developers standpoint
Tom Germany
Mattias Edeslätt Sweden
Vishal Bhalla Germany I strongly beieve that open-source code fosters innovation and encourages collaborations!
Niklas Scheerhoorn Germany
Francesco Maria Atzeni Italy
Nils Imhofg Germany
Nathaniel Evans Switzerland
benoit cassam France
JC Brand Germany Making software FOSS, increases its utility and allows more people to benefit from the initial investment.
Enzo Sceresini Italy Simple Right! ***** Semplicemente e Moralmente Giusto!
Phillipp Ohlandt Germany
Fernando Ⓥ Boccia Italy
Felix Kohlgrüber Germany
Julian Moyano Reiz Spain Las inversiones públicas en software se hacen con nuestros impuestos. Quiero que se cumplan las 4 libertades del software libre
Eric F Sweden
nicola vallinoto Italy
Antonio Carnevale Italy
Claudio Negri Italy
Ricardo Sancho Arnau Spain
Sergio Italy
Valter Sattanino Italy
Christian Rotzoll Germany
Sven Erik Norway
Isorna France
Stuart J Mackitosh United Kingdom A public administration should have to justify why it thinks code that it makes or buys is NOT made public - Open Source by default.
Carpy France
Viktor Papara Germany
Charles DUBOIS France
Alejandro Rubio Spain No comments. Just common sense. Public money, public software
Wim Leers Belgium
Arthur Lorenz Austria Public money, public code! Nobrainer!
Fynn Späker Germany Albern ist was da passiert
Oliver Faßbender Germany
Axel Werner Germany Durch Steuergelder bezahlte Software MUSS Open Source der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stehen!
Jakub Szafrański Poland While big corporations may not like it, public sector is - as it name states - public. It's meant to benefit people, not corporations.
Kostas Katsaros Greece Επιτέλους, να τελειώνουμε με τα μονοπώλια!
Till Hunzinger Germany Geschlossene Software darf nicht mit Steuergeldern finanziert werden. Dadurch verliert sie ihren Gemeinnutzen.
Martin S. Germany
Hagen Jäger Germany
Harald Schäfers Germany
Felix Melzer Germany
Στην Πρίζα Greece
Borjan Tchakaloff France
Mykola Denysiuk Ukraine The idea of the collaboration of many cities in software development is obvious. We could reach the one goal together much faster.
Victor Emil Clausen Denmark
Albert Balbastre-Morte Spain
Derk Weijers Netherlands
Stelios Mavromichalis Greece it is only necessary
Richard Taupe Austria
Albéric Briot France
Péter Juhász Hungary
Bernhard Seibert Germany sinnhaft, notwendig, gut für die Gesellschaft
Patrick Baumgartner Switzerland
Helmut Grohne Germany
C. Wachs Germany Mein Geld, also habe ich das Recht zu wissen was davon gekauft wird.
Aimee Malta
Théo Zimmermann France La transparence des logiciels publics libres permettrait aussi de s'assurer de leur qualité.
Pascal Villaret France
Damir Tadic Serbia
Federico Pagano Italy
Peter Mikkelsen Denmark
Hubert RAYMONDAUD France
Christian Leifgen Germany
David Tabarie France
Andrew Fedyk Poland Totally support this initiative!
Mikołaj Poland
Tal van Dijk Israel
Linux Ventoux France Libérons le code !!!!
Michele Conti Italy
Peter Ulber Free Society goes hand in hand with Free Software.
Marcin Koprek Poland
Dmitrij Schmidt Poland This is the only way to go, if the governments are about to improve and develop themselves!
Wojciech Sańko Poland This is so important!
ERNOULT Gilles France
Volker Meibrink Germany
Ewout van Mansom Netherlands
Dr. Henrik Timmann Germany
Sanja Hrvaćanin Slovenia
Stephan Lubinski Germany
Andreas Jonsson Sweden
Daniel Spain
Matthias Clemen Germany
Santiago Lombardi Argentina Políticos, por favor, dejen de pagar una y otra vez por algo que se puede realizar de una vez y para siempre.
Dan Smith United Kingdom
Ivan United Kingdom
Fabian Dreier Germany
Jeff H Silverman United States
Roman Ludwicki Poland
Ivana Osećanski Despić Slovenia
Helgi Páll Jónsson Iceland
Matthieu Bruneaux Finland
Lovrenc Košenina Slovenia
Michael Nelson United Kingdom
Jouni Tuovinen Finland
Pedro Herrero García
Richard James Gunter United States Copyrighting and profiting from publicly funded software is stealing from the public by definition!
Tobias Blaschke Germany
Stefen Ramirez United States
Daniel Plominski Germany open source is the way to go
Bisel Jean France I strongly believe in the free software philosophy
Michael Suldinger Germany
ABRAHAM Ludovic France
Caleb Hill United States Closed source code is less safe and costs more. Open source is the way to go.
Hubert Schäferhoff Germany
carlos Portugal finalmente alguma que nao seja para roubar o contribuinte.
carlso Portugal do it, is time lo freedom
Dennis Roch Germany
Peter Gossner Australia All the tools and machines used by and for all of us , should be knowable by all of us. We must own our tools else be slaves to rent.
Manuel Villanueva Quero Spain
Mats Fredholm Sweden
Juri Grabowski Germany
Pierrick France Free softwares make the world better
wasaware oy Finland MS-Windows 10 is not allowing us to work anymore... :( just upgrade and wait and upgrade and wait...
Fung France
Kathy Medford United States
Zoran Banović Slovenia
Matti Laitala Finland
Oswaldo Canada Invest the public money smartly as if it were ours (wait! is ours!)
André Rosa Portugal All things paid with public money should be accessible by the all citizens, code is only one off this things
Daniel Dietrich Germany
Viala France
Bozec France
Hervé France Conscient du problème, j'utilise Linux depuis des décennies
Paula United Kingdom
Julian Fritsch Austria
Rafael Giménez Spain Cualquier Software financiado con fondos públicos debe ser libre.
Romaric LORET France
Etienne Mauger France
Szigeti Zita Hungary
Stephan Liebig Germany
Nguyen France
GAGE Maxime France
Thibaut Goelff Belgium
Del-Torre France
Jun Nogata Japan
Michael Bernd Krug Germany
Mariana Reis Portugal
Jean-Sébastien Pédron France
Ricardo Wurmus Germany
Dil Green United Kingdom Wherever possible, software projects supported by public funding must surely be required to be made available on an open source basis
Dan Olausson Sweden
Simon kusnierek Germany
Sam Nipps United Kingdom Free the commons!
Magyar Gábor Kálmán Jó lenne..
Magyar Nándor Hungary
Sanson Eric France
frossard France
BRUN Eric-Olivier France
Gergely Jaksa Hungary
Laky Norbert Hungary
Rotkin Germany
OLIVIER Robin France
Etienne CARDOT France
helene miscoria France
Thibault MARTIN France
André König Germany
Dobryk Edmond France
sammut France
Thomas Massmann Germany
Renaud Cayla Germany
Demailly Jean-Pierre France Il faut aussi obliger par la loi les vendeurs informatiques à proposer un choix d'OS libre sur tout ordinateur/téléphone/tablette
Léo Sumi Switzerland
Karl Grosch Germany
Jean-Marc Lenoir France
ALVES Maxime France Logiciel privateur : non!
Jim Martens Germany If the public pays for the code it just has to be public.
Eskil Riskaer Denmark
Wilker Marcel de Araujo Alexandre Brazil
François Daneau France
Paul Sweden
jeyanthinath India
Kurucsai Tamás Hungary
Joao Goncalves Portugal
Matija Nalis Croatia novac poreznih obveznika u sluzbi poreznih obveznika!
Kristijan Tkalec Slovenia
Johannes dippert Germany
Hendrik Heinemann Germany
Pascal Obry France Argent Public, Code Public, que dire de plus tout est dans le sujet, c'est un principe sain.
Franck Chuiton France
Mario Theodoridis Germany Open Source Code ist wie eine Gesetz zu lesen, anstatt es nur erklärt zu bekommen.
Jozsef Trencsenyi Hungary
Imre Egri Hungary For smarter and cheaper government.
Pál Zoltán Kochis Hungary
Florentin Delaine France
Dominik Helle Germany
Tibor Balázs Hungary
Giuseppe Cantanna Italy
Peter Holtzl Hungary
Charlie Nagy Hungary
Csaba Varga Hungary "Once GNU is written, everyone will be able to obtain good system software free, just like air."
Jeremy Kescher Austria It only seems fair if we got the software we paid taxes for was made available to us, too.
Dr. Michael Preiß-Jankowski Germany
Katharina Boudgoust Germany
Guillaume Betous France
Gera Ildikó Hungary
Sóki Zoltán Hungary
Hamzah Malik United Kingdom
Tricot France
Netuxo Ltd United Kingdom An important initiative.
Tobias Kretschmer Germany
Aleix Roca Nonell Spain
Leonardo Barichello Brazil You have my full support!
Maria Petriti Greece If your objection to this are security reasons, it has to be pointed out that security through obscurity doesn't really solve the issue
Dr. Pascal Oberndörfer Germany
Amine Afia Germany open sourcing gov projects actually makes their code better and more secure. #publiccode
Jan Siegl Germany Free Open Source Software makes the policity a little bit more people friendly
RA Christoph R. Müller Germany
Gouaze France
Sérgio Marques Portugal Finally....
Michael Roth Germany
Benjamin Lipp Germany
Dominik Leipold Germany
Reinhard Prechtl Germany
Frederik Sandberg Olesen Sweden There's a huge deficit in transparency in governmental matters to begin with, this would be a good step to help this to some degree.
MARIE France
Ulrik Andersen Denmark
Jens Schauder Germany
Jean Christophe André France
Pedro Dionsel Bordon Argentina Con dinero publico se debe crear software publico y transparentar las gestiones políticas.
David Stocking United States Free as in beer
Antenac Argentina Free software was the precursor of the materialization of our collaborative nature. Thanxs RS.
RA Ralf Krier Germany
Abhishek Gadiraju United States
Sascha Markus Germany
DANIEL Rojo Chile
Christoph Keiser Germany
Henrik Holm Denmark Better today than tomorrow
Faris Ansari India I use public code. I write public code. Let our data be handled by public code. Let our government run on public code.
Davide Dozza Slovenia
Philip Ridout United Kingdom
Bjorn Madsen United Kingdom
Reinhard Nägele Germany
Joshua Germany
Jens Grivolla Spain Long overdue, we shouldn't waste public money getting locked into proprietary solutions.
Jacques Pyrat France Je produit du code source ouvert. Je facture un service.
Gavin Elie South Africa
Michael Baumgarten Germany Einem Vertrauensverlust in staatlich organisierte Projekte muss sinnvoll entgegengetreten werden.
Nguyễn Đăng Quang Vietnam
fabien France
cerisara christophe France
Janos Feher United Kingdom Release the code so we can even improve it. Win-win, right?
Svetozar Miuchin Serbia
Luka Jacobowitz Germany
Andreas Würl Germany Making software available publicly ensures that the spent money is used in the most efficient way.
Franck ALBARET France
Rechtsanwalt Rudolf von Laun LLM MSc FCIArb Germany
Sławomir Wrzesień Poland
Juha Lindfors Finland Full transparency must be a requirement.
igor giuseppe cunha cavour pereira de almeida de oliveira Brazil avoid it on your home too, to reduce the economy of scale, so the governments will see less reason to go proprietary.
Peter Kuykendall United States
Magnus Andersson Sweden
Régis Alléger France My money as taxes should be use for free and open source softwares.
RA Klaus Dietrich Haupt (Mayen) Germany
kieran cooke United Kingdom
Stephan Hochdörfer Germany
Michał Zemełka Poland
Lukasz United Kingdom Good job !
Frank Kluthe Germany
Nestor Vera Spain
Omar Elrefaei Canada Patients was tuned away from public UK hospitals, because of insecure proprietary software (Windows affected by wannacry)
Florian Schulze Germany
Prof. Dr. Oliver Kohlbacher Germany
ERCOLANI Il n'est pas trop tard pour devenir intelligent !
Andreas Jung Germany
DUBOIS France Dans mon école, près de 40 postes installés sous Linux. Pour un coût réduit ... et le plus grand bonheur des élèves..
Marco Thamm find ich super.
Gabriele Oppermann Germany
Frederic Branczyk Germany Open source encourages better software. With this software being public we can ensure the quality of software our government uses.
Sebastian Manz Germany
Per Juchtmans Belgium
Miguel Ángel Antoñana Moraza Spain Para utilizar los impuestos en beneficio de los ciudadanos que los pagan
Wesley De Vrient Belgium
Stefan Asmussen Denmark Det burde gøres med tilbagevirkende kraft for al offentlig software.
Paul Capron France
Max Peal Germany
Jesper Reimert Denmark
Dieter Blomme Belgium I work indirectly for government, and I agree, as do many of my colleagues. Hoping this paradigm shift becomes reality!
John Tierney United Kingdom
Cristian Italy
Stefan Löhner Germany
Georg Zenker Germany
Kenneth Sejrsgaard-Jacobsen Denmark
Alexander Moser Switzerland
Altintas Germany
Jens Mohr Germany Seht dem Staat auf die Finger! Richtig so!
Fábio M. M. da Silva Portugal
Viktor Kuznecov Germany
RA Martin Benthack
John Brusen New Zealand
RA Harald Beck Germany
Ciaudo Marianne France Une évidence pour éviter l'appropriation par des sociétés et des marques !
Christian Bibelriether Germany
David Heidt Germany
Gerd Hennrich Germany
Jakub Płuciennik Poland
P.J. Meisch Germany
GLAIZE Sylvain France
Andreas Jägle Germany
Benjamin Ratier France
Denise Maurice France
Burelle Marwan France
Musseau France Travaillant au sein d'une administration, j'affirme que les besoins informatiques peuvent être pourvus par des logiciels libres.
Espie Marc France developpeur OpenBSD depuis 20 ans, le logiciel proprietaire a sa place mais clairement pas ici
Oguz Aktas Turkey Software must be free, just like other products.
Eric Rümmler Eine Kernforderung der Piratenpartei. 100% unterstützenswert.
Villeneuve France
Martin Fischer Austria Was alle bezahlen muss allen gehören.
ErickM Belgium Seules les licences libres permettent le partage des logiciels payés avec l'impôt et ce doit être la règle pour toutes dépenses publiques.
Volkmar Kreiß Germany
Teodoro Pace Italy
Patric Schmitz Germany
João Sousa Portugal
Franziska Andrae Germany Ohnehin überfällig. Als Anwältin, nach beAGate: unabdingbar!
Finn Hees Germany
miha Zidar Slovenia I should be able to see that the code I pay for does not have any holes and exploits built in.
Anže Pečar Slovenia
Dimitris Homatidis Greece
Fábio Salgado
Sebastian Schriml Germany
Holger Jakobs Germany
Rain Ulrike Nienhaus Germany
Emmanuelle Helly France En France nous avons la loi numérique qui permet d'introduire cette disposition, petit à petit nous y arriverons
Martin Weinelt Germany Software in the public interest is often horribly broken. We need to stop pouring money into the closed source development schema.
Thomas Finnberg Switzerland
Matthias Ende Germany
Eric Jungfer Germany
Klaus Mueller Germany
Davorka Croatia
Fekete Árpád Hungary Ami a munkához kell, azt nagyrészt már tartalmazzák az ingyenes szoftverek, a fájlformátumokat tekintve már csak át kellene térni rájuk.
Dieter Poppe Germany
Johannes Britz Germany
Uwe Heichel Germany Ich finde, dass mit öffnetlichen Geldern beschaffte Daten und Software der Allgemeinheit zur Verfügung stehen muss.
Dr. Pascal Oberndörfer Germany
Michael Loewer Germany
Marcus Lohse Germany
Izzy Kulbe Germany
Helmut Günther Germany
Ian Bierlich Germany
Remy France
Marco Both Germany
Alexander Schaub Germany
Dmitriy Vakhrushev Russia
Jeppe Poulsen Denmark
Jan Helke Germany
Cornelia Krause Germany
Adrian Renner Germany
Rudolf Lörcks Germany
Sven Anders Germany
Martin Worm-Leonhard Denmark
Kirill Korolyov United Kingdom
Tobias Torp Hammer Denmark
Johannes Jordan Germany Freie Software ist nicht nur Transparenz und Gemeinwohl, freie Software erlaubt auch Partizipation der Bürger!
Henrik Jeppesen Denmark
jesper ølsgaard Denmark
morten Boye amundsen Denmark
Robert Löffler Germany This is an important issue in times where big companies are growing monopoles, and should also be applied to all sciences for Open Access!
Ananthakumar India Open Source - Open Mind
Franjo Slovenia At last! Give the local developers an oportunity to excell.
Roman Lacko Slovakia
Stéphane Bellanger France Nous finançons, nous devons avoir les sources
RA Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Germany
Lauri Maasola Finland
vincent France
Maximilian Antoni Switzerland
Maxime Thirouin France Le partage c'est la vie
Jan Bathke Germany
Troels Bastrup Mikkelsen Denmark
Benjamin Günther Germany Ein Desaster, wie beim "besonderen elektronischen Anwaltspostfach (beA)" hätte mit einem öffentlichen Code verhindert werden können.
liviu jianu Romania Any code written from people's money should offer open access to the people.
Khoa Pham Norway
Baltasar Cevc Germany Offener Code hat an vielen Stellen Überlegenheit gezeigt und kann wiedergenutzt werden. Firmeneigentum nicht öffentlich "fördern".
Aron Allen Denmark Det vil også reelt muliggøre at sende driften i udbud, og mindske vendor lock-in
Langmantel Austria Check for Open source Projects supported by Internet Foundation AUstria
Richard Pillay Australia
Ralf Siebert Germany
Allan Kristensen Denmark Great work guys and gal's <3
Jérôme Darmont France
Theo Pepler United Kingdom
Manuel Angeles Mexico It´s time to put an end to rentism
Jean-Yves Michaud United Kingdom
Schmid Germany ... aber besser spät als nie! (... but better late than never!)
David OXLAND Canada I am in a long time user of OSS and encourage my Governments (Local and National to do like wise)
Hernan Argentina Totalmente de acuerdo, hoy el Software Libre a evolucionado muchisimo y puede aportar mucho al trabajo cotidiano
Michał Masłowski Poland
Kaj Gornitzka Norway
Peter van der Velde Netherlands
Trevor Brearley United Kingdom YES YES YES the world should ditch microsoft
Vanessa Marchi Italy
Ostapenko Vadim Zeev Israel
Carlo Vitolo Italy
Alexandre Pascault France
Jose Beltran Fernandez Spain
Dr. Franz-Josef Behr Germany
Miguel A. García Spain
Thomas Grünewald Germany
Leonhard Weber Chile
Jean-Jacques Royneau France
Jonas Hilke Germany
Sami Liimatta Finland This is exactly what we need. This just makes so much sense!
Antonio Cerciello Netherlands
Grozdan Belgium
JM Couzon France
Bruno Leonardo Gonçalves Brazil
Christian Bachlechner Austria Open source is the future
Andre Gregor-Herrmann Germany
Thomas Furnya Germany
Sebastian Meyer Germany
Luca Fraccaroli Italy
Maikel Issermann Germany
Bob Chandler Canada Enough of computer scandals. Free the software!
Wolfgang Lonien Germany
Dani Cama Spain Public Money Public Code
Tobias Kleine Germany Software payed by taxpayers should benefit everybody. And it probably improves quality.
Paul Furley Free software is a natural fit for Governments where transparency and longevity are essential
Markus Haybach Germany Weltweite Software, regionale Arbeitsplätze, echte Transparenz
Freifunk Uelzen e. V. Germany
Rüdiger Gerolf Biernat Germany
Patrik Garten Germany
Peter Hazen Netherlands
Tom Dörr Germany
Anthony Fallon United Kingdom Produced using our taxes, so we should have access to same
Hans Mozes Germany Goverment Users must use Open Source , same rules for education.
Tom Fallon United Kingdom A very worthy idea.
Royer Germany Pour une attribution à l'intelligence collective.
Robert Dziuba Germany Public systems are too important to be put in private hands
Christian Lange Germany
Loic Quertenmont Belgium
Phill Rogers United Kingdom Almost all administrations have almost everything in common. Share and save!
Marc-Henri Pamiseux (Libricks) France Être Libre c'est choisir et construire sa politique citoyenne.
Michael Jerger Germany
Joe Polcari United States YES!!!
Dos Santos Fernando France
Wolfgang Engelmann Germany
Martin Bey Germany
Antonio Melillo Germany
Niko Straub Germany
THERY Iohan France J'approuve votre démarche qui d'une logique parfaite.
Marc Jansen Germany
Kozma Viktor Hungary
Andre Dierker Germany Was alle gemeinsam bezahlen sollte auch von allen genutzt werden dürfen.
Cristiano Italy
poublan France cela doit etre obligatoire
Attilio Romagnoli Italy
Abdelmoula Morocco rien a dire maintenant.
Adán SDPC Spain
Hans Audun Nesse Norway
Christian Hennig Germany
Tobias Frisch Germany
Marek Ziska Czech Republic
Balázs Kovács Hungary
Konstantin Plett Germany
Bodo Byszio Germany
mikelm Spain Free software in public admin NOW
Rolf Niepraschk Germany
Daniel Weipert Germany
Haubmann Erlang Austria
Julian Schepperle Germany
Volker Thurner-Meischen Germany Kann der Qualität und Brauchbarkeit der Software nur gut tun
damien andré France
Mathias Melzer Germany
Natacha Le Brazidec France
Bingen Eguzkitza Spain
Armin Pöhlmann Germany
Johannes Hellmuth Germany
Alberto Locati Switzerland La democrazia passa anche attraverso il controllo pubblico del software.
Henning Hraban Ramm Germany
Michael Strey Germany
Dr. Hendrik G. Seliger Germany Ohne offenen und frei verwendbaren Code sind viele aktuelle Projekte nicht wirtschaftlich zu machen. Ein wichtiger Anschub!
Alex Robertson Canada Open source makes sense for security and for better use of public funds. It allows for open collaboration which benefits all concerned.
Liviu Moraru Romania
Free Software Melbourne Australia Free Software Melbourne supports Free and Open Source for Publicly funded software
Neil Cooper United Kingdom Linux is simply a better solution than Windows. Far cheaper, far more secure, far more effective, less buggy. Stop wasting taxpayers money.
Daniel adB Germany
Matthew McMillan Australia Software created as a public service belongs to the public. FOSS is in the public interest.
Gustav Krogh-jeyasingham Denmark
Andreas Kamzol Germany Make publicaly financed code available for everybody.
Anders Berg Norway
Bari Tamás Hungary Tiszta mint a víz! Mindenkinek jobb lenne.
Peter Dahlke United Kingdom Public Money, Public Code. Yes, Hail Stallman & Linus Torvald !
Igor Spain
Sebastian Meyer Germany ALL software which is being used in the public sector should be FOSS.
Siebren Weertman Netherlands We like to know the software is safe and realistic
Michael Berezanich United States
Dan Marrazzo United States Public money, public code. Couldn't have been said better
David Healy United Kingdom
David Healy United Kingdom
Eoin Moran Ireland
Freifunk Ibbenbüren e.V. Germany Für Freie Software an Schulen und Behörden!
Pascal Germany
Byron South Africa It makes elementary sense that IP funded by the public should belong to the public, notwithstanding national security or strategy exceptions
jomo Germany Public Money, Public Code. Hail Stallman!
Sébastien JEAN France
Naly pierre Switzerland
Ben Anderson United States Taxpayer money should only go to the deployment and further development of software that is publicly available and open-source.
Vermeulen Jolan Belgium
David Molina Estrada Spain
Rory United Kingdom
David Seseke Germany Wir benötigen offene Software, da geschlossene Software das Vertrauen in den Staat schädigt.
Sebastian Zosel Germany This would be amazing for schools and children from low income households
Klein Tamàs Màrton Hungary It's simply the right way to do custom goverment software
Juston Cheney United States
Robin Netherlands
Lowell Schneider United States
De Vestèle Switzerland
Axel Forsman Sweden Public investments into software should directly benefit us, the people, in lieu of foreign monolithic conglomerates.
Stefano Italy Si può fare anche in Italia
joël parthenay France Des logiciels libres et des formats ouverts pour s'affranchir des logiciels commerciaux aux pratiques douteuses...
Gerard Parareda Gallifa Spain Make everythin free for everyone to use!
Tom Cowap Ireland Data archives must also be transcoded to open formats. The old closed programs may export to open formats, but more automation is needed.
QUESADA Régis France
Ariel Garcia Germany
Ulrich von Gfug Germany
Friedrich Holland-Moritz Germany
Bekkali France Le résultat de la dépense publique doit rester publique. L'opensource le permet. Profitons en !
Christopher Held Germany
Gonzalo Acosta Poland
James Hamilton United Kingdom
Florian Rommel Finland tax payers money... tax payers code... plain and simple
Dominik Rowicki Poland It's not ethical for governments chosen by the people to prefer proprietary software over that created by the people (for the people).
Piet South Africa Open knowledge, open societies, open software
Gustavo Spain
Robin Alexander Richtsfeld Germany License should be The Unlicense
Sammy Fung
Jochen Kärcher Germany
Demo-TIC France
林峻頤 Taiwan
Peter R Naughton United States
Kristian Rune Larsen Denmark End top big to fail and specs that are out og date om Day 0
Sergi Alonso Spain Creo que ya basta de que las administraciones públicas vayan cada una por su lado.
Vladislav Cerny Czech Republic
Christian Pfanner Austria
Wasilis Germany Freie Software überall !!!
Pedro Pereira Portugal
Markus Schuster Germany
Urs Fässler Switzerland
Fabio Bossi Italy
Mikael Beyene Germany
Jussi Tiira Finland Open source is an important building block of democracy.
Bas Janssen Netherlands
Jonathan Marcel Ehwald Germany
Ovidiu Dan Maja Romania
Dauster Guillaume France public money should never be used for private interest
Kai König Germany Stop wasting money with closed software!
Tord Dellsén Sweden
Bernard HENRY France To enhance reliability and avoid huge fees each time you change a coma.
Krzysztof Strug Poland
Andrey Kotlarski Bulgaria
Cyrus Bufkin United States It doesn't make sense to keep publicly funded software obscured.
Peter Löwe Germany
Daniel Brown United States
Ludvig Böklin Sweden When the commons are funding software development, then the software developed ought to truly belong to the commons.
Louis Clergue Spain
Daniel Sandman Sweden Why lock oneself in and pay premium when you can collaborate (cheaply) on a software handfitted for your use? A misuse of taxpayers money!
Vergain France
Daniel Kanchev Bulgaria I strongly approve the idea.
Sőrés Viktor Hungary
Maxime Buron France Vous avez tout mon soutien
Gabor Gallo Hungary
Ryan Skov Denmark
ari siitonen Finland
Paweł Poland Public money, public code. Absolutely, yes!
Christian Raith Germany Wohin das bisherige System führt hat das Thema Wahlsoftware in Deutschland letztes Jahr gezeigt.
Günther Fröhlich Austria Free Software for free people! And it should respect privacy, too ...
Romualdo Soler González Spain Para el Gobierno Central de España y el Gobierno Autonómico de Andalucía.
Moritz Muenchrath Germany
Aitor Cuartango Hecho entre todos, para todos, para siempre!
Marcel Heers Germany
José Ernesto Rodríguez Germany Power to the People 💪
Jonas Mittwoch Germany
Sebastian Heiden Germany
Enzo Morvan France
Simon Budig Germany
Chloe Dequeker France
Amnon Harel Israel Non-open commercial software plateaus slightly above open source. In the long-term, progress is only made by improving open source software.
Pedro Henriques
Matti Pulkkinen Finland
Mihai Capotă Romania
Gaby de Wilde Netherlands many businesses struggle with automation, FOSS developers just fix and improve things they use - usually for free
Luc Novales France L'argent public ne doit pas servir à développer du code privateur !
Andy Wilkinson United Kingdom
Sławomir Poland Don't waste public money!
Rustan Håkansson Sweden
bergur thorgeirsson Iceland
Yusuf Güzel Turkey
Mattia Rizzolo Italy
Patrick O'Reilly Ireland
Lucas Gamaleri Argentina El dinero público debería financiar un sistema público. De lo contrario que se financie solo
David Völgyes Norway Code financed with public money should be free, libre and open source. But artwork, textbooks, etc. should be also open, e
Amit India Thanks for this platform and initiative
Thomas Müller-Danert Germany
Pedro Romano Portugal Os meus impostos devem ser investidos em Software com Código Aberto.
Andrei Cimpan Romania
Hugo Miguel Gomes Almeida Mendes United Kingdom
Tobias lorek Sweden
Marco Rodrigues Portugal
Nikolaos Tsiogkas Belgium
Markus Häussermann Germany
Richard Drinkwater United Kingdom
Nino Pereira United States great development.
Gabriel Menini Uruguay
Maximilian Götz-Mikus Austria
Sebastian Fieber Germany
Ronald Portier Netherlands As a local counciller for the Socialist Party, I think all public software should be open for everyone to see and check.
Chris Ag Greece
Rok Mihevc Netherlands
SZERVÁC Attila I, SZERVÁC Attila libre art composer, taxpayer require public founded works under libre licence
Władysław Łoś Poland
Reinier Battenberg Netherlands
Guido Italy
Johnny Hujol France I believe in sharing and mutualizing efforts to bring people together and live in a better world.
Gabriel Mármol Criado Spain ¿Dinero público? ¡Código Público, YA!!!!
curtis lewis United Kingdom Publicly funded code should remain in control of the general public.
kenneth johansson Sweden This is so obvious the right thing to do it should not even have to be discussed.
Jay Christnach Luxembourg
Antonio Ventura Portugal
Dr. Jonas Skeppstedt Sweden
Markus Dietz Germany Do it like the city of Munich, but don't stop because Microsoft tells you to stop.
Juan Manrique Rodríguez Spain
Jean-Luc Falcone Switzerland
Bas Lijnse Netherlands
Patrick De Groote Belgium
Bert De Mets Belgium Lijkt me een logische stap om te nemen.
Joep Netherlands I'm a software devoloper myself and I fully support this project. The idea is great and all reasons are correct.
Cardoso France
Harald Viuff Denmark Be brave for the future of our children
Kalle Vedin Sweden Public code needs to be open source!
Jeff May United States Proprietary software is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Data is easy and free to copy. It should be a public good.
Aleksander Szczygieł Poland
Paul Reehal United States
Nir Lipovetzky Australia Melbourne, it's time!
Urko Masse Spain Taxes should not go into funding software that remains closed. Common money for the common good.
Chris McCray United Kingdom
Damien Lancereau United Kingdom Install FOSS everywhere for everyone;
Dariusz Hatala Poland
Torsten Franz Germany
Marek Klemczak Poland
Kalina Pavlova Denmark
Stephen Michel United States
Leonard Heinrich Tyart Germany
Sven Mawby Germany
Philippe Chies France
Jörg Steinrücken Germany
ALEXANDRE France Open software enable human sharing. I support free and open source software. Great cause ;-)
Abbas France
van weyenbergh patrick Belgium
Simon Nilius Germany
Dr. Bernhard Altaner Germany Free software enables human potential. The OpenSource/DIY community probably amounts to the most utopian aspect of the digital age.
Vincent Bruggeman Netherlands
Dermitzakis Emmanouil Greece
Todor Gyumyushev Bulgaria Public Money Public Code
Børge A. Roum Norway This is about transparency, tax money going to benefit all tax payers + local businesses instead of foreign mega corporations, and security.
Richard Scherping Germany Für rundum bessere Software
Javier Cuchí Spain
Peter Sonnenschein
Jannik Löber Germany
Cosmin Trăistaru Romania
Eric Kinner Germany
Leander Sitek Germany
Bayoud France
Langevin Marc France
Juanjo Muñoz Spain As a public employee and sysadmin I'm 100% with the content of this open letter. Public code and inter-admin collaboration should be a must.
Wouter Mooij Netherlands
Konrad Feiler Germany
Max Kubierschky Germany
Primož Dovč Slovenia
Johan Vandegriff United States As a Linux user and supporter of free and open source software, I support this effort.
James M. Van damme United States
Rainer Blome Germany Von Öffentlichkeit bezahlt => Von Öffentlichkeit frei nutzbar, egal welcher Art Ressource
Aaron Wolf United States Local governments should share and cooperate in solidarity, not be exploited by proprietary software companies!
Daniel Baumgartner France Le partage du savoir est l'avenir de l'humanité !
Martin Moene Netherlands
Francisco Camacho Spain
Rudi Middel Netherlands
Marc Issel Germany Should be done for Code with research funding as well
Marco Berni Italy
Salvatore Grizzanti Italy
Reinhard John Germany
Céline Thiry Belgium
Ólafur Tryggvason Iceland
Michael Rödel Germany
Christian Aubry Canada Citoyen européen expatrié au Canada, je souhaite que l'Europe illuminé le monde en ouvrant la voie menant à l'affranchissement technologique
Gulácsi Tamás Hungary
Simon Smend Germany
Jan-Frederik Schreyer Germany
Serge Julien Belgium People have rights over the software they fund
Antoine Polatouche France
Tom Belgium
Dr. Ernst Molitor Germany My experiences with Open Source Software over more than two decades have been great without exception.
Laureano Perez Castaño Spain
Philippe Le Conte France I fully support this initiative
Robin Hos Netherlands
Sam Nooij Netherlands Let's support freedom and democracy! And be less dependent on (U.S.) monopolies.
Ace Watts United States Free as in Freedom. Look up the four freedoms of Free Software. When we speak of Free Software, we are referring to Freedom, not price.
Manuel Munoz Belgium
will passnow Belgium fully support your goal
Jonte Sweden
Chevasson Rabaa France
Jarl Arntzen Norway I can testify that the roads are far better thanks to / project.
Christian Blum Switzerland
Jean Finas Germany
Verbist Michel Belgium finally
Elias Papavasileiou Greece
antonio Italy public money public code
Timo Abt Germany
Panagiotis Tourlas Greece
Gary Craven Canada
Ian Strang Canada
Ulrich Buchgraber Austria
Rudie Bos Netherlands
Jorge Juan Spain
mathias wendel Germany
Matthias Paillard France
Oskar Carl Germany
Stephan Springer Germany Steuergelder sinnvoller einsetzen!
Maximilian Madlung Germany
Ron Singh Canada I absolutely believe and practice FOSS
Marten Hermans Germany
Michael Monschau Germany
Matej Tabaček Slovakia
Martijn Barendregt Netherlands
Lucas Koelman Belgium Potentieel grote voordelen voor lokale jobcreatie KMOs + langetermijn kostenbesparingen door overdraagbaarheid etc. Fantastisch initiatied!
emmanuel Séguy France
JAMET Paul France Quelle suite a été donnée à cette circulaire :
Holger Schupp Germany
ALix Biton France
Barnabas Balogh Hungary
Diego Kuperman Spain I want my taxes money to be used to foment real progress and local(european) employment instead of external promotion of pattents.
Jürgen Kleff Germany
Keijo Nurmes Finland Its our money, lets use it wisely. Why buy the same over and over again.
Patrik Eßer Germany
Bert van der lingen Netherlands
jelle spijker Netherlands Opensource is benefical for all
Robin Kemen Germany
Timotej Šiškovič Slovakia
Nick Bakker Netherlands
Johannes Grimm Germany
Robin Jacobs Belgium If we're paying for it with our tax money, then we should be able to have access to it. After all, it's our data that it processes!
Mateusz Kaźmierczak Poland
Sergiusz Golec Poland
Michele Teixeira Canada
Amin Zabardast Iran
Georgios Kiagiadakis Greece
EUGENE TOBIN Belgium public monies should always benefit citizens and particularly when investing in software
Jan Karjalainen Sweden
Eamonn Tobin Belgium With all the challenges the world has to face, let's make our lives that little bit much easier. It's just common sens.
Dominik Martens Germany
Juan José Miñor García Spain
Átila Camurça Alves Brazil this action could mean the evolution of open source development in the public sector of all countries
Florian Schwade Germany
Peter Spreij Netherlands Time to cut the cord with extortionists!
Max Henny United States
Timo Söderholm Finland
Diego Lamas López Spain
Wolfram Weiland Germany
Jan Hartmann Germany Open software and open document formats should become the basis for every public administration!
Alexander Schröder Germany
Ondrej Dzivy Balucha Slovakia
Kevin Bonner
Martin Holzhauer Germany
Vojtěch Látal Czech Republic
Martin Zöllner Germany Weg von proprietärer Software
Igor Noga Poland
Sander Vrijders Belgium Power to the people
Lukas Pfannschmidt Germany
Dimitri Staessens Belgium
Juho Kerppola Finland Great cause, will support!
Esa Rautiainen Finland Julkisten verovaroilla toimivien laitosten, koulujen ym. tulisi käyttää avoimia ohjelmistoja. Kannatan tätä ehdottomasti.
Jaroslav Kučera Czech Republic
Johan Van Hoorde Netherlands
Christoph Solbach Germany
Martin Koller Austria
Christian Decker Germany
luca Italy
Marcus Seißler Germany
Jerry Petersson Sweden
Jakub Hozak Czech Republic
Patrik Janoušek Czech Republic
Florian Knodt Germany
Marian IVAN Slovakia
Vicent Cubells Peña Spain
stefan fintor Slovakia
Philip McGaw United Kingdom
Sebastian Dostal Germany
Andrey Blazhov Bulgaria Public institutions (municipalities, governments, etc.) should use public software too.
Emile MAEYENS Belgium
Dave Nelson Canada
Matthew Wardrop United States
Alang Hsu Taiwan 採用開放原始碼軟體,不僅僅節省人民納稅錢,更大大提升軟體透明度以及軟體安全。
Lars Kruse Germany
Stanislav Tereshchenko Canada
Lukas Schmelzeisen Germany
Peter Kells Canada
Jiří Špác Czech Republic open source is the only way to achieve great quality software in public services
Brian J Schrader United States My family and I have been using it for years with no problems.
Ken Thomson United Kingdom
Leandro Vergara Míguez Spain
Shane Kerr Netherlands
Pedro Silva Portugal
Niko Jezernik Slovenia OSS for teh win!
Hendrik Sokolowski Germany
Juraj Korbacka Slovakia Every good developer tries to avoid repetitive code. So why not to try to minimize it worldwide?!?
Jan Weymeirsch Germany Offene Software erhöht Transparenz, Datensicherheit und kann in vielen Fällen Kosten senken! #ilovefs
Roland Vet Netherlands
ben van 't ende Netherlands
Matías con tilde Spain
Mark Rijckenberg Belgium Public tax money = use open source software by and for the people!
Killua Vietnam Need something about code and I need know this
Duquesnoy Belgium
Martin Ruskov United Kingdom Software paid with public money should be open source!
Davide Pompermaier Brazil Open sources for all
Kresimir Popovic Croatia Public tax money = free open source to the people
Seweryn United Kingdom
Jan Wolff Germany
Lenz Grimmer Germany
Miroslav Hrončok Czech Republic
Marcelo Bottino Argentina
Hrvoje Horvat Croatia
John Kenway Belgium Propriety software is built on obscurity. Why should public money be used to reinforce this and line rich companies pockets?
Hugo Riquelme Ortega Spain Por administraciones públicas con software libre y sin licencias privativas. Con el dinero de todo software de todos y para todos.
Xoán Sampaíño Villagra Spain
Jamie Benyei Spain Linux would save masses of public money & time. Switch now.
Rino Wenger Switzerland
Bui Anh Tuan Vietnam
Pierre van Male Belgium It sounds just obvious!
Sasa Zejnilovic Czech Republic
Arturo Spain
Jens Nauber Germany
Alberto Mairlot Spain
Ralf Lindberg Sweden
Hans Ottenhof Netherlands
Emil Johansson Sweden
Vinh Vietnam
Santiago Spain Fully agree!
Bart Raatgerink Netherlands
Peter Lodewyckx Belgium
Kamila Součková Slovakia
Radu Chirovici Austria
Wouter Van Gijseghem Belgium
Juan Valencia Norway We have gotten used to the idea that the government pays private organizations, and they profit also from the results. I don't like that.
Julian Croci Switzerland Für eine sichere und nachhaltige IT-Infrastruktur
king India I want this implemented in India as well! Move to FOSS for a better future!
Matthias Geörg Germany
Rickard Steien Sweden Open Source - Open Society
diego maniacco Italy Why should not be always like that? It seems that obvious...
Sebastian Schätzel Switzerland
Phong Nguyen Vietnam
Kossak Poland Public Money, Public Code!
Pablo Padrón Santana Spain
Sebastian Kutter Germany Don't let organizations spy on anyone, especially not governments. That's why I also want the EU and all member state governemnts to use OSS
Raymond Lohuis Netherlands
Saša Batistič Slovenia
Ruben Spain
Nathanael Maya Unglat Belgium
Marc Dubrowski Belgium Being dependent on suppliers is wrong in so many levels!
Jonathan Viksten Sweden
Achim Vandierendonck Belgium
Przemysław Poland Support opensource
Pexim SLani Bosnia and Herzegovina U slobodnom društvu - slobodan software! Oj otvoreni kode, otvori nam vrata digitalne slobode!
David Besau Germany
Ondrej Mosnáček Slovakia
JAN France
Giordano Alborghetti Italy
Israel Zurdo Diaz Spain
Heiko Andresen Germany
Nidde Nedelius Sweden
Christophe Van den Abbeele Belgium In een wereld die talloze tekenen van regressie vertoont is er maar een mogelijk tegenantwoord: zelf wel het juiste blijven doen!
Basile Pesin² France Free software is the only way to protect the privacy and freedom of the citizens !
Sven Minning Sweden
Remy Rojas Czech Republic
Dimitri Clicque Belgium Vrije software voor vrije landen
Arkadiusz Suchecki Poland
Damien Grassart France
Gregor Lakner Slovenia Javni denar Javna koda.
Yordan Ivanov Bulgaria
Kamalavelan India I want my money to be used for the digital commons aka FOSS ecosystem alone.
Ulrike Nitzsche Germany
Patrick Spek Netherlands
Martino Ciresa Italy
Noah Ma Canada Governments work for the public, and they should use public software.
John Nordberg Finland
Helio Puglielli Neto Brazil
Warren Winter United States
Preetham R Kotian India
Kartist Vietnam
Sebastián Scarano Argentina
Daniel Eriksson Sweden
Vukasin Serbia Free software is awesome.
Enes Hecan Turkey Everyone deserve to learn the truth
Francesco Mastellone Italy
Simeon Wiedenmann Germany Aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen überzeugend!
Manfred Dippmann Germany
Weiss-Motz Germany
Dr. Thomas Müller
Preuße Germany
César de la Torre Spain Absolutamente de acuerdo.
Florian Schwalm Germany
Juan Jose Rodriguez Vela Spain
Ricardo García Spain There is no excuse to not use free software in Administration these days, they are both powerful and user-friendly
Erik Berkholz Germany
Anthony Madhvani
Nicolas Lahaye Belgium totally agree with all points being made here !
Andreas Skibicki Germany
Markus Alfter Germany
Lars Roskoden Germany public money - public decisions - public data - public information - and so on
Rubén Lledó Spain
Asocio Russia
Dr. Alfred Rösch Germany
PABLO MARINERO Spain The money of the people, for the people.
Jose Manuel Postigo Spain For honesty it must be free software
Christopher Lorenz Germany
Javier Vázquez Spain
Immo Stanke Germany There is no downside except for the companies that waste public money!
stella reuter Germany
Klaus Hartl Germany
Marc Gehling Germany Freie Software setzt sich in der Wirtschaft durch - AI, Dockersize ... warum nicht auch in der Verwaltung?
Andreas Lange Germany
Uwe Jehmlich Germany
Jonathan Reith Germany Für mehr freie Software
Eduardo Iglesias Spain
Jutta Hieronymus Germany yes -yes - good idea!
Massimo Mroz Germany
Karlheinz Witt Germany
Elsa Spain
Rodrigo Lledó Milanca Spain
Marco Lechner Germany Dass es öffentlichen Verwaltungen freie Software zu entwickeln zeigt z.B. das BfS (
Carlos Espino Angulo Spain
Alberto Spain
Becerra France
Alfonso Cachero Spain
Carlos Spain
Carlos A. Gomez Spain
Pablo Arques Spain
Eric Germany open everything!
Simon Birmele Germany
Stephan Winiker
Thomas Dönnebrink Germany
Juan Manuel Torres García France
Sevket Uyanik Turkey
Felix Völker Germany
Madeleine Porr Germany
Foucher France
Nico Wagner Germany
Felix Hilsky Germany Be successful! Public code is necessary for any functioning state. Add standards for documentation as well!
Rupprecht Losert Germany
Fabian Kaspar Switzerland
Kjetil Skjæveland Norway
Kjetil Skjæveland Norway Public code for public money
Wilhelm Humerez Germany Öffentlich finanzierte Produkte gehören der Öffentlichkeit und sonst niemandem.
John Sevdal Denmark I agree, the public money should go to public code.
Xavier Martínez Pujol Spain
Bernhard Blieninger Germany
FERRAFIAT Caroline France
Miguel Bernabeu Diaz Spain Public administration software must be Public software. FOSS is the only way to have that
Fabian Glatzel Germany
Nikolai Hartmann Germany
ZULIAN France De l'argent Public pour un code Public
Raphaël Mélotte Belgium
Philipp Messerschmidt Germany Schlimm, dass wir dafür überhaupt unterschreiben müssen. Künftige Generationen werden auf uns herabschauen wie wir auf sklavenhaltende Römer
Alexander Otto Germany
Horst Heintel Germany was wir Bürger bezahlen muss uns auch kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen.
Kai Garrels Germany
Cyril Costines Germany Not only do we need non-proprietary software, but also non-proprietary hardware to ensure full respect for fundamental freedoms.
Wargon France
Guillaume Gaullier France
Nico Cohrs Germany
Georg Ehrke Germany
Wilfred de Kok Netherlands
Kre Na Germany Our publicly funded software must be released as open source software open to everyone!
Daniel Blanco Spain Let's increase transparency in every aspect possible!
Christian Hribernig Austria
Josephine Wilbrandt Germany
Brandon Schlueter United States
Benjamin Germany CCC
Nik Strauss Mexico
Bernard Faucher United States Open source is safer, stronger and more collaborative.
Ueli Ammann Switzerland
Christian Höbler Germany
Sergio Bastida Spain I totally agree with the arguments behind this iniciative.
Jules Kreuer Germany
Klaus Brunner Germany whoever pays creates
Dr Rainer Kurbos Austria
Rouven Alpers Germany
Jürgen Kendzorra Germany
Ricki Hirner Austria
Falk Opitz Germany
Bosbach Konstantin Germany
Peter Stimpel Germany Den Forderungen ist nicht hinzuzufügen!
Denys Cordonnier France Efficacité collective grâce à des modalités coopératives
Pierre Lemaire France
Valentin Hirschbrich Austria It just makes sense to give to the public, what the public paid for.
Andreas Rotter Germany Bei Straßen & Schulen seh' ich auch, was mit meinem Geld passiert, warum sollte das bei Software anders sein.
Roger Zenner Germany Yes, of course!
Michael Schmid Switzerland
Lukas Taake Germany
Hans Hudde Germany
Monika Köhler Germany
Maxime T France
Christoph Prokop Germany Where can i find more examples like fixmystreet which was mentioned in the video clip?
Vasilis Vlachokyriakos Greece
Dina Elhanan Canada wisdom of the crowd > private interests!
Markus Piller Germany
Frank Simons Germany
Lars Kleinschmidt Germany
Peter Schmidt Germany Obscurity hides poor quality. Visibility gives confidence.
Maren Abatielos Germany You do great work
Anton Müller Germany
Adriana Popescu Germany
Matthias Harrer Germany
Gabriel Rodrigues De Moura Brazil
Andrei Mircea POPESCU Romania
Mathias Vollert Austria
Andreas Vollert Germany
Nacho Salvador Spain
Roger Arqués Vall Spain Hope we can get rid of corruption and finger-chosen companies.
Lena Schacht Germany
Tom Schönlau Germany Und bitte auch offene Datenformate, um ungehinderten Umgang mit Daten zu ermöglichen.
Max Bülk Germany
Jakob Mall Germany
Markus Milde Germany I fully support: Public money for public administration has to be used for public code exclusively!
Martin Germany
Matthias Urlichs Germany Should be a no-brainer …
Mario Witte Germany
Fabian R. Germany Nur frei verfügbarer Quellcode kann als nachhaltig angesehen werden, von allen Interessierten auf Qualität geprüft und weiterverwendet werde
M. Behrens Germany
S. Heinze Germany
Frank Schiebel Germany
Barak Pearlmutter Ireland
Patrick Geselbracht Germany
Johannes Hadasch Germany
Christine Koch Germany
Jörg Vogel Germany
Claudia Golnik Germany
Sabrina Wolter Germany
Stefan Erichsen Germany
Marcel Metz Germany Ist ne wirklich wichtige Sache.
Sneha Das Finland Openness and transparency in information promotes innovation, equality and empowerment, inturn creating a more fair society.
Jonathan Martz Germany
Carl-Eric Menzel Germany
Stefan K. Germany
Bernhard Höll Germany
Paul Novak Germany
Kai Wernicke Germany
Furkan CAN Turkey
Kevin Gimbel Germany
Ernst Schreier Germany
Roman Lipnicki Germany
Kai Bojens Germany
Christian Fischer Germany
Andreas Textor Germany
Mario Sixtus Germany
Christopher Engelmann Germany
Roland Felme Germany Der Einsatz von Open Source wird auch im Rahmen der anstehenden Digitalisierung öffentlicher Stellen immer wichtiger.
Susanne Westermann Germany
Michael Merz Germany
Michael Poker Germany Diese Forderung ist ein wichtiger Schritt in Richtung Transparenz, Sicherheit und Steuereinsparungen.
Jan Bublitz Germany
Christina Germany We pay for it, we own iz
David Germany
Christoph Jobst Germany More synergy between public institutions, less money wasted!
Hans Christian Rudolph Germany
Simon Bruder Germany
Lothar Jestädt Germany bei Fehlern in Software wie muss man handeln um die Demokratie zu schützen
Heidemann Germany
Mike Thieke Germany
Andreas Winkler Germany
José Janeiro Portugal
Hugo Daniel Henriques Oliveira Gomes Portugal Open Source is the way of the future. Make it a better one for all of us.
Marcel Partap Germany Transparenz & partizipative Weiterentwicklung durch offenen Code statt weitere Investitionsgräber und Datensackgassen!
Thomas Bayer Germany
Jussi Lehto Finland
Ulrich Greveler Germany
Richard Poole United Kingdom
Heiko Weiß Germany Beispiel Steuererklärung: ElsterFormular haben wir alle als Steuerzahler bezahlt. Aber für Linux Nutzer wurde dies nie portiert.
Hirsch Germany
Felix Divo Germany Der Resultat könnte eine verbesserte Sicherheit und höhere Qualitätsanforderungen sein; alleine das ist es doch schon wert!
Kristin Fiedler Germany
Frank Weißenborn Germany
Cyndi Tang Malaysia
Agne Markaite United Kingdom
Florian Hibler Germany
Matthias Mailänder Germany Free and Open Source Software is essentially Fair Trade for the IT world.
Juan José Aguililla Spain
Daniel Möck
Jens Tuchen Germany
Niels Lefeld Germany
David Huss Germany Lasst uns mal sinnvolle nachhaltige Infrastruktur bauen!
Andreas Winschu Germany
Moritz Weber
Lukas Rabe Germany Software, die von allen bezahlt wird muss allen zur Verfügung stehen!
Ingolf Schmitt Germany
Barbara Müller Germany
Lea Frermann Germany
Martin Riedel Germany
Marco P. Germany
Wolfgang Biegemann Germany
Matthias Vogel Germany
Matthias Berndt Germany
Jonas Mai Germany
趙事新 Taiwan Alright, let's do it!
Jacob Hjort Bundgaard Denmark
Dennis Frisorger Germany
Stefan Templin Germany
Tina Haas
Kira Duwe Germany Bitte machen Sie öffentlich finanzierte Software frei zugänglich, einsehbar und erweiterbar!
Hans Wilke Germany
Simon Marquardt Germany
Victor Magalhães Brazil
Balzen Germany
Lukas Magauer Austria
Philip Mo Germany
Michael König Germany Is this not self-evident?
Marvin Kühnel Germany
Andreas Hümmer Germany open source - open mind - open society - open future
Peter Gafert Germany This is essential to create the transparency that citizens deserve
David Edler Germany
Annette Schmidt Germany
Jürgen Stein Germany
Erik Jalowy Germany
Magnus Germany
Sezgin Sönmez Germany
Stefan Spielmann Germany
Simon Wanner Germany
Felix Schorer Germany
Felix Grzelka Germany
Erwin Klundt Germany
Orlando Hernandez Venezuela Creo que es importante considerar usar el dinero público para invertir en código público.
Bernadette Mutzatko Austria
Stefan Ohri Austria
Martin Otten Germany
Robin Jakobsson Sweden
Zeidler Germany Bitte neue rechtliche Grundlagen schaffen!
Evodia Fetzer Germany
Alan Ball United States Open Software is important to security, cost saving, and accountability.
Markus Graube Germany
Jan-Matthias Braun Denmark
Rex Reese United States
Martin Nachtigäller Germany
Udo Peter Germany Endlich nachhaltige, effektive Strukturen in der Verwaltung schaffen, ohne Geldverschwendung!
Verena Salomon Germany
Roland Eckert Germany Was der Bürger bezahlt ist öffentliches Gut!
Fadi OSMAN France
Markus Bosslet Germany
Theo Weiß Germany
Alberto Hernández Spain
Robert Poland
Raul Hidalgo Caballero Spain
Marc Ribalta Gené Per millorar la confiança entre el govern, el programari, i la gent.
Dieter-Josef Walter Germany YES even more: public sector has to use only software under FOSS
Gildas Cotomale France
Hunter Crossett United States Please save us money. I know OS software works.
Kristiyan Todorow Bulgaria
Ignacio Cardona United Kingdom it makes total sense particularly nowadays with decreasing funds available
Dirk Rinderknecht Germany
Daniela Küllertz Germany
Jordan Eichner Germany
Maik Pfützner Germany
Christian Baum Germany
Amine Allouche Tunisia I love the video.
Jonatan Hatakeyama Zeidler Germany Warum Politiker bei digitaler Infrastruktur nicht die gleichen Maßstäbe ansetzen wie bei analoger, ist mir unbegreiflich.
Thorsten Müller Germany
Souquet France
Andreas Bachmeier Germany Auch Bildungseinrichtungen brauchen Freie-Software!
Wilfried Larisch Germany Gut für alle!
Lutz Horn Germany
Thomas Schorr Germany überfällig.
Jakob Wörner Germany
Theodoros Ploumis Greece As every "customer" that pays for a service I demand to get back what I pay for...
Markus Großhauser Germany
Michael Kiermaier Germany
Roland Albrecht Germany Wenn ich schon mitfinanziert habe, will ich davon auch etwas haben.
David Hulsman Netherlands Iets waar ik voor betaal wat met het publiek gedeeld kan worden is iets waar ik achter kan staan!
Stephan Süß Germany
Klaus Schwarzkopf Germany Warum nicht schon früher?! Zudem sollte in den öffentlichen Verwaltungen ein OS-BS verwendet werden.
Christian Huber Germany
Lennaert Bel Netherlands
Christian Weichhard Germany
Rainer Schajor Germany
Daniel Hurtado Switzerland
Marc Dinse Germany
Heiko Wallbaum Germany
Tom Rossen United States
Jorge Fernández López Spain
Ziegler Achim Germany
Jonas Malassa Germany Es macht nur Sinn in Freie Software zu investieren. Ich bin vollkommen dafür.
Bernd Müller Lithuania I'm here, because Professor Doctor Heller has told me, this is necessary for passing my exam.
Jens Mohr Germany Paid, owned AND controlled by the public. This ensures a maximum of transparency and safety.
Florian Wiese Germany
Paul Kuijper Netherlands Creëer wetgeving die vereist dat publiek gefinancierde software ontwikkeld voor de publieke sector openbaar beschikbaar gesteld moet worden
Bob van der Valk Netherlands
Thijs Belgium
Mostafa Nageeb Germany
Lucas Hartig Germany
Karim Rakia Germany
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Heller Germany Alle durch Steuergelder finanzierten wissenschaftlichen Ergüsse sollten Gemeingut sein.
Manfred Schlicker Germany
Hans Brünner Sweden
Henry Wittkopf Germany Im Sinne aller: Transparenz schafft Vertrauen - die Basis für Erfolg!
Martin Dosch Germany
RAMIRO A COSENTINO Spain It is not just common sense, but even ethically correct to open the source for software paid by all of us! check Xicnet/radioflow @ github
Marlon Gollnisch Germany
Gwenn Dauen Germany
Chris Rossol Germany
Andreas Sundström Sweden
Finn-Oke Gutzeit Germany
Drupal e. V. Germany Bei der Gelegenheit könnten wir auch nochmal über die Anerkennung von Open-Source-Software als gemeinnützig (AO § 52) nachdenken.
Kay Simon Germany
Thomas Güttinger Germany Software, die mit öffentlicen Mitteln finanziert wird, muß allen zur Verfügung stehen.
Martin Norrby Sweden
Rainer Rössler Germany Es ist alles gesagt
Stefan Neufeind Germany
Matteo Ballabio Italy
Alex Weller Germany
valissant France Et l'informatique de l' Armée à Microsoft + une entreprise Chinoise, ça n'est pas stupide et indécent?
Dorothee Koslowski Germany Halte ich für sinnvoll, da es dem Allgemeinwohl dient!!
Dorothee Koslowski Germany Halte ich für sinnvoll, da es dem Allgemeinwohl dient!!
Mercedes Martínez Spain
Aurelio Diaz-Ufano Spain
Steffen Auer Germany Ganz in unserem Sinne ( und längst überfällig
Christoph Altrock Germany
ilker sarı Turkey
Rolf Sommerhalder Switzerland
Tobias Küchel Germany
Carles Porcel Spain
Lefebvre France
Nikola Todorović Serbia
Jesko Anschütz Germany Das ist echt überfällig!
Jürgen Horzella
Bernhard Weitzhofer Germany Taxes pay my salary. I want to give something back!
wattelier France
Ulf Norberg Sweden
Costa Antonio France Libérons les codes, respectons nos données.
Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson Sweden
Maurice Germany Sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein. Wir setzen und dafür aktiv ein:
Mattia Novo Italy
Albrecht Germany Da wo ich verwaltet werde sollte ich auch mit der nötigen software meine Daten ansehen können!!
Pekka Akselin Sweden
Swantje Führinger Germany Our money - our choice
Thorsten Koslowski Germany In unserem Interesse ist die Aktion nur zu unterstützen
Bahram Hosseinpour Sweden I thought this was given.
Daniel Schmidt Germany
David Vos Netherlands
Leo Führinger Germany
Max Führinger Germany Das ist nur sinnvoll und gerecht.
Carlos Izquierdo Spain Our money, our requirements.
Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach United Kingdom
Anna Lon Quintana France
Steven Sanderson United States
Loren Lisk United States This is the right way forwards, for the public sector. A better future for everyone.
Konrad Wauer Germany
leonardo maurici borges Brazil power to the people ;)
Gledsley Muller Brazil
Christopher Heseltine United Kingdom
Andrew Spoelstra United States
Holger Baumhof Germany .. sollte eigentlich schon lange so sein ...
Lasse Sjöblom Sweden
Michael Wehr Germany Projects funded by public money should always be open source and free.
Michael Mattes Germany
Björn Herzog Germany
Tobias Heine Germany
Tom Benn United Kingdom Free software should be the future. Keeping code proprietary promotes corruption and waste.
Thomas Goss Germany
Olof Nord Sweden
Austin United States We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We need to progress as a society. Free and Open Source Software is one of many ways to achieve this.
Kirill Mekhanik United States
Leon Rohmann Germany Nur mit OpenSpurce-Software ist der profitfreie Nutzen, die Unabhähngigkeit und die Wahrung des öffentlichen Interesses garantiert
Jason Australia Accountablility
Justin E Bush United States I support the people responsible for this letter, those that sign it, and the sentiment within it.
Costel Radulescu Romania
Pietro Mattia Campi Italy
Lewis Smallwood United Kingdom
Luciano Ataide Brazil UFBA
Alfred Hess Germany
Saif Ahmed United Kingdom Our taxes pay the developers and the government institution that tenders IT activity. Code generated by employees belong to employers.
Boskovits Gábor Hungary
Varga Ádám Hungary
Thomas Avasol Sweden
Gieselberg Germany Recht habt ihr weiter so.
Ian Price United Kingdom Many countries have already started work to open government data, this is an important and logical next step.
Daniel Grupp Germany Was aus Steuermitteln finanziert ist sollte grundsätzlich allen zur Verfügung stehen!
Matthias Weiß Germany
Cristina Sans Spain
Christian Myrén Sweden
Stellan Lagerström Sweden
Lars Sjögreen Sweden The software that I pay for with my tax money should be made free and open. Please make it happen.
Alex United Kingdom
Andreas Grupp Germany Das ist schlicht und ergreifend eigentlich unnötig zu fordern! Es sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein!!!!
Tobias Huttner Germany
Mattias Svensson Sweden
Ruxandra Anghel United Kingdom We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We need to progress as a society. Free and Open Source Software is one of the many keys.
Stefan Boberg Germany Transparente Software als Basis transparenter Politik
Pablo Magana Sweden If the public pays, then its logic that we can take advatange of it.
Mats Svensson Sweden
Nazeeh Sweden Public money = Public code!
Alexander Karlsson Sweden Never thought of it before, but this is of course how it should be!
Mathias Bolt Lesniak Norway
Emilio Bellini United Kingdom
Daniel Steinberger Germany
Ingo Renner Germany
Graham Mitchell United Kingdom
Elliot Blackburn United Kingdom I want to audit my governments code, I want to know how my data, and money, is being used.
Mathias Schreiber Germany to ease the process: use Open Source Software in the first place
Dirk Fehse Germany
Felix Nagel Germany
Olivier Dobberkau Germany Code paid with Taxmoney should be visible and available to the public!
Leslie Hawthorn Netherlands
Alfred Plana Spain
Rasmus Løfgren Denmark
Stefano Greece
Alejandro García Martín Spain
Andrew Tridgell Australia
Fernando Reis Luxembourg I would go even further and say that code development funded by public money should be made free software, regardless if it is to be used by
Camille ROBERT France
Gerard Ruiz Torruella Spain Llibertat al codi!
Batuhan Çağrı Yapan Turkey
Pau Ibars Verdaguer Spain Public Money, Public Code. And Free Catalonia!
Luis Pardo Spain Sabiendo el dinero que malgastan anualmente en licencias necesarias para el funcionamiento de las instituciones publicas, necesitamos medios
Javier del Valle Spain
Ernesto Redruello Fernandez Spain
Arnau Serra Spain
Montserrat Ripoll Mullor Spain
Jochen Schwarze Germany Solle selbstverständlich sein, oder?!
Bartomeu Cabrer Amer Spain
Jaume Figueras Spain
Francesc Guasch Spain
F. Xavier Maza Aguilera Spain Totalment d’acord.
Helena Centeno Spain
Joaquin Buñuel Baque Spain
Jordi Vidal vilella
Josep Matas Spain
Marc Rosanes Siscart Spain Code financed with public money has to be public. As well as science financed with public money should be also be free and public.
Francesc Busquets Spain
Joan de Gracia Blanco Spain
Pablo Tomé Mansilla Spain
josep Spain
Marta Odriozola Spain
Evgeny Sinelnikov Russia The world without public code goes to new epoch of slavery.
José manuel sanchez France
Emilia Cruz Oliver Spain
Dolores Poliz Spain
Maite Pozo Spain
Alberto Prieto Spain
Andrew Savchenko Russia
Elena Revuelta Spain
condonleba France
Zsibók Márk Hungary
David Palomino Spain
Francisco Javier Viñal Gutierrez Spain
Loïc Alejandro Spain
Saya Sauliere Spain
Josu Rocha Spain
Javier del Valle Spain
David Gámiz Jiménez Spain Es esencial q todo lo q se financia de manera publica. Es decir con el esfuerzo de TODA la sociedad. Sea accesible para TOD@s para siempre.
Javier Spain
Juan Roberto Spain
David Strupl Czech Republic
Petr Somol Czech Republic this would boost e-government transition more than anything else
ACHARD France Pour vous pour nous, pour le Libre, pour la France, pour le Monde !
Magnus Ericmats Sweden
Jiří Kofránek Czech Republic Public monney - Public software in Czech e-governemet !!!! I rely on the new Czech government to make it happen.
Damian Hryniewicz Poland
Pierre Bretéché France
Antanas Lithuania
ervin weber Italy
merlhiot France
Tonte Germany
Özgür Erdem Çınar Turkey
Guichon France
Kiss Tamás Gábor Hungary :)
Christian THeune Germany Logisch, oder?
Gilles Riou France
Bernat Spain
João Aleixo Portugal Save money, gain trust, make the public happy.
Tuomas Hietala Finland
Asociacion Educativa Reciclanet Hezkuntza Elkartea Spain ¿Dinero Público? ¡Código Público!
Robin CHALAS France
ramon barrenetxea Spain Es lógico que con dinero público se use código público
paul chapron France
Antoni Pérez i Font Spain
Eugeni Ojea Lage
José Ramón Fuertes Spain
Àlex Hinojo
José Antonio Navarro Spain We need more transparency
PABLO MARINERO Spain If people pay taxes with wich public administrations make software that software has to guarantee users freedoms and privacy.
Thomas Schmidt Germany
Fave Py France Free warm water
Tim Perry Spain
Leclaire France Public Science | Public Code !
ghysbrecht France
Niki Guldbrand Denmark Please open the code I helped fund.
Oscar Spain
Andreas Hierling Germany Logical, not real! Would be a huge step towards transparency and (e)quality of our states - for more Open Source instead of closed Doors!
Jerónimo Roure Pérez Spain
Francesc Guillem i Benlloch Spain
Thomas Saquet France Oui !
Miquel Sabaté Solà Spain
Alejandro Moreno Spain
Jesus Salvador Rueda Spain Los ciudadanos no debemos pagar varias veces por algo que es nuestro y además fomenta la innovación.
Darius Lithuania
Marco Campos Portugal
Erik Wesselius Netherlands
B. Stücker Germany There is no reason not to use free and open software!
Cédric Montagne France
Jordi Cirera Gonzalez Spain This is a must!
Ester Bonet Spain No si valen més excuses per no implantar el codi públic d'una vegada.
Marco Berlinguer Spain
Carles Paredes Lanau
Luis Ulzurrun de Asanza y Bueno Spain
Markus Hummel Germany free software - free society
Txema Laullón Spain
Viollet France
Marco Tondi Italy
Florent Poinsaut
Béryl DAVID France
HECKEL Philippe France
Hannes Tautschnig Austria
CAVAILLÈS France Mutualisons nos ressources !
Peter Handrick Germany
Gritti France
Thomas Umbach Germany
Paul Ciano United States
Fillion France
Benjamin Renard France
Hicham Chetate France "Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone." Can someone disagree with this logical statements?
GUILLEMAIN Marie-Anne France Le logiciel libre pour tous, et d'abord pour les services publics est dans le programme de la France insoumise, mouvement auquel j'adhère.
Guillemain José France
Hanna-Lisa Ott Germany
Mathias Behrle Germany
Yves SPECHT France Ce serait la moindre des choses pour éviter de réinventer la roue dans chaque administration.
Jaap van Wingerde Netherlands
Jacques BIBARD France
Mollon France
Thorge-Tobias Ott Germany
Andreas Schmidt Germany
Despretz France
Passas Eric France
HAUBER Claude France qui est responsable des achats logiciels!!!
vidallet France
Macari France
Guillaume Babin France
Banos Claude France
François Pernoud France
Bailly JM France
Gilles Couderc France
Sublet Patrice France
David Nadasi France
Clemens Riccabona Austria
Vicente Casals Spain
DI Jürgen Lanner Austria Es gibt genügend freie Systeme, man muss nicht Microsoft kaufen. Btw: Vertrauen wir Microsoft wirklich unsere sensitiven Daten an?
Matthias Borer France
Christophe BOISSONNADE France
Jaricot France
Vanicatc France
MARIA Frédéric France Reprennons notre destinée en main
Uguet France cela devrait aller de soit, tout service public devrait n'utiliser que des logiciels GPL ...
Alexander Knorr United Kingdom Software sponsored by public money needs public scrutiny
Juergen Stein Germany
Daniel Gärtner Germany Thumbs up!
Markus Signitzer Austria
Grit Liebscher Germany
bonob0h France Un état c'est un peuple de citoyens qui y contribuent donc l'état doit redonner au citoyens ce qui leur appartient
gael borras France
Daniel Olivo Ruza Germany If we spend our (the publics money) we need to get whole result back. Should also be the same for public funded research.
Dennis Öberg Sweden
Elias Martin France Le monde numérique nous libère d'un effort de recopie/répétition : profitons-en et utilisons les deniers publics à bon escient !
Céline Fédou France
Florian Köllich Austria
Mark Gmeiner Austria
Xavi Drudis Ferran
Michael Liebscher Germany public money? public code!
Nicolas Schier Germany
Pepe Germany
Frederic Farfart Andorra
wandrebeck laurent France
Florian Maunier France
Elfriede Kreuzer Austria
Christian Mack Germany Das ist überfällig.
Robin PICARDAT France
Daniel Willi Austria
Rucart France
Letellier France
Jean-Luc Chobert France Democracy needs the transparency of open-source software.
GAFFET Eric France
Paolo Massa Italy
Francisco Beltran Arsene Spain
Joakim Vivas Spain Les administracions públiques, exemples del Nou Model d'ús ètic i amb Valor afegit de les TIC.
Pez France
Pedrum Mohageri United States All materials funded by taxpayers should be open for use, re-use and examination.
Ramon Sole Spain
Paolo Massa Italy
Maîtresse Gilda France
Gildas CORRE France
Blanc France
Antal Szilagyi Hungary I agree with the initiative.
José Luis Pérez Diez Spain public spendings should benefit everybody
Philippe Ombredanne United States Please Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available
audiffren France
Ramkumar Ramalingam United Kingdom
Robert Eichinger Germany
Tobias Eriksson Sweden
Aaron Huang Taiwan Openness, accountability, and honesty should be the standard of every government in the future.
Synpell - Baptiste LARVOL-SIMON France This straightly serves our objectives and the general interest
Belle France Une question élémentaire de liberté
NOEL Eric France
Michael Young France
Prevost Michelle France
Anders Haffar Wolf Denmark
Bülent Ergün Turkey I support this project. please listen to this project
Foti France Notre liberté ne peut être compromise par des multinationales qui deviennent des entreprises de détournement de fonds publics et mettent en
Pascal Levieux France
gatignol France Liberté => égalité et sécurité
Wannesson Philippe France
Julien Le Sommer
Wannesson Philippe France
leroy France
Praxis Dr. Wendler Germany
Dr. Marcus Wendler Germany
Dr. Marcus Wendler Germany
PRONER France C'est un minimum, alors quand ?
Giovanni Battista Gallus Italy Sharing of public code should be mandatory!
garcia France
saint faust Senegal
Christian Riesner France
Jules Joyez S’il s’agit d’argent public, le code devrait être également public.
Juéry France
Almayrac France
Detlef Schmidt Germany Es gibt keine Sicherheit bei non-disclosure-systemen!
Fasquelle France
gorodecki France
jolles France si ce qui est financé par le peuple est privé pourquoi ne pas continuer l'inversion des normes la propriété privé est publique et la boucle
larat France
Marti France
Fihman François France
VANHOVE Gilles France
joelle France
Schneider Franck Switzerland
Burgunder Jacques France
Damien Hedde France
Christian Chevalley France
BECHIER Marie-Magdeleine France idem pour les thèses de doctorat? ;)
Daniel Sidobre France
Joachim Schmitz Germany
leroy France Argent public = Logiciel public
Streit Eric France C'est tout de même le minimum ....
Frank Morawietz Germany
Christophe Beugnet France Allons plus loin : argent public, transparence totale, pas uniquement les logiciels
Annick Valibouze France Je suis Professeur des Universités en Informatique. Le libre est plus sûr, mieux maintenu et plus perenne en plus d'être gratuit.
diaz ronda leon France
ALBERT Marie France idem pour la recherche : argent public, résultats publics !
Fournier Olivier France
Le Crosnier Hervé France
Steve-David Marguet Switzerland
Bruno menan France
Dubreucq France
Julien Gouesse France
Mathieu Schroeter Switzerland
Marcel Lommerzheim Germany I always wondered whether processing of my data with closed source software is legal under German data protection law anyway. If so, why?
BARBIER Jean-Philippe France
Frank Lerche Germany
Christian Koys Germany Es gibt keinen Grund Software zu verwenden die nicht frei verfügbar ist.
Roman Pavelka Czech Republic
Clement Verna Poland
BOULLE Rémi France
Nagy Imre Hungary
Miquel Obrador Spain
Morandi Italy
Jan Abeska Germany
Anderson Gaitolini Brazil
Thomas Stärk Germany Nur quelloffene Software verhindert solche Katastrophen wie die Software zur Übermittlung der Bundestagswahlergebnisse
Szalai Kálmán
DJC Ochtman Netherlands
Florian Schmidt Germany
Ulrike Völlinger Germany
Rasmus R Andersen Ireland
Kristian Persson Sweden
Peter von Bertoldi Canada
Jurij Podgoršek Slovenia All code should be free (as in freedom), but publicly financed code is a good start.
Matthew O'Neill Ireland
Jürgen Flierl Germany
Kosmas Greece
Francesc Bassas i Bullich Spain
Petr Onderka Czech Republic
Jonathan G Germany
Rolf Muth Germany
Dominik Linn Germany
Associació Pangea Spain
Ekin Akoglu Turkey
Alexander Jarosik Austria
Micheon Netherlands FREEdom is NOT the same as to get a 'free' W10 upgrade! Please see this documentary; Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013) ie @ Netflix.
Hans Crauel Germany
Morten Bo Søndergaard Svendsen Denmark I cannot believe that this is not in act already
Ivo Kuzmanovic Germany
Geiser Menoia Germany
muszlak France Et les FLOSS devraient être véritablements incités dans tous les postes et sites web publics : plus de .doc merci !
Roman Klopsch
Sebastian Kox Netherlands
Darko Cerdic Croatia
Anton Gerasimov Germany
Víctor Cañizares Mata Spain
Tymofii Baga Germany
Heikki Sarkanen Finland
Ludovic QUELIN France
Gerhard Borrek Germany
Moritz Jasper Germany
Jürgen Noss
Márton Iván Hungary Nagyon fontosnak tartanám a köz-szoftverek felszabadítását, valamint a kivételként kezelt szoftverek listáját, indoklással együtt!
Christoph Schmees Germany
Daniel Hofmann Germany
Rolf-Dieter Lucius Germany
helmut schacher Switzerland
Livio Maniacco Italy Bene@ spero che succeda qualcosa!
Alberto Spain Pienso que el software libre es la mejor opcion para trabajar en la red
Broghammer, Reinhard Germany
Broghammer, Reinhard Germany
Valter Colognori Italy Se una nazione o un popolo si considera liberi,devomo esserlo in tutto compreso il software delle istituzioni
Przemysław Pikuła Poland Let's end vendor lock-in for government insitutions(don't forget the military!)
Carla Berjano Portugal
Boulaud France
Sven Sternsdorff Germany
Jordi Buj Spain
Dorian Granoša Croatia
Alois Schlögl Austria
Kevin Hollenshead United States
DIEGO MANIACCO Italy Ogni ammnistrazione può investire nello sviluppo di soluzioni aperte e utilizzabile da altre amministrazioni. Basta volerlo fare.
Mireia Mora Spain
Martin Husmann Switzerland
Radovan Serbia
Veronica Rivera United States
Carsten Sigsgaard Mortensen Denmark Make it possible to change the contractor, not the system.
Leon Lenz Germany
Kasper Snæver Denmark
Mathias Frydkjær Denmark Open source is the only way to go for public software!
Henrik Nøjgaard Denmark
Zeljko Prsa Croatia
Philip Munksgaard Denmark
Libert Jean-Claude France
Morten Bergman Sweden
Jerry Cote United States It's ok, you can still keep the data hidden about what's being stolen daily. We just want good tech.
Jesper Bak Denmark
Adam Reichold Germany
Ralf Kowalewski Germany
Kieken France Il est important de donner le choix dans notre utilisation d'internet et de ses outils. Il est important qu'une transparence soit excercé
Mathias Gigas Denmark Why is this not a thing already!?
Matthias Sell Germany
Stefan Unverricht Germany Let opensource become standard.
Moos Fabienne Switzerland
Johanna Leichtfuß Germany für ein faires und freies Internet
Sabine Mühl Germany
Andreas Stricker Switzerland Swiss Government has a history of failed ICT projects. Let's get down to the root of this.
Xavier Serra Spain
Louise De Laender Belgium
Magnus M Jørgensen Denmark
Javier Cabello Sanchez Spain
Philippe Krief France I fully support this initiative
Jorge Muñoz Castañer Spain
Donux Netherlands
Luiz Henrique Rauber Rodrigues Brazil free software is free knowledge
Bizzini Francesco Italy
Gaël Blondelle France As an individual, I fully support this initiative.
Antti Talsta Finland
Troels Arvin Denmark
Christof Damian Spain
Johannes Seiferth
Dominik Sigmund Germany
Gerlinde Schneider Austria
Harald Lordick Germany
Martin Espinach Spain
Andreas Skyman Sweden
Matteo Settenvini Germany
Sascha Scherrer Germany Public code builds trust in administration, improves transparency, independence and wealth. Make it happen.
Christian Kurzstreckenrandonneure Lühe Germany
Johan Bjäreholt Sweden
Mathieu SOUM France I concede that it wont be easy, but I also think it worth it.
Sam Keshavarzi Sweden I will put my vote on anyone working to get this done and will encourage others to do the same.
elvira roll-eriksson Norway very nice video
Lucas Wiemers Germany Free Software will be the future. Just do not stop projects like LiMux!
Felix Schütze Germany Pro LiMux!
Øyvind Hanssen Norway
Christian Pohl Germany For the people, for freedom, for us!
Andres United Kingdom Like science: let us stand on the shoulders of giants!
Thorsten Baumecker Thailand
Sebastian Bengtsson Sweden
Kunkel Germany
Incze Gáspár Hungary A nyílt forráskódú szoftverek a modern államigazgatás és oktatás alapjai.
Gidsken Braadlie Norway
Victor Lengquist Sweden RIGHT NOW!
Pablo Cristóbal Vergara Castro Spain Public taxes => Open Source.
Rudolf H. Ende Das Gemeinwohl hat Vorrang vor Konzerninteressen.
Lars Gunnar Eriksson Norway
Philippe Mané France
Werner Mühl Germany
Daniel Michele Germany
Dominique OUDY Switzerland Citizens have not to become hostages of ICT multinational companies
Andreas Mundt Germany
Thomas Gürtler Germany
Sébastien Beyou France
Roeser, Anne Germany
Tobias Roeser Germany
Agustín Martina Argentina
Deschamps Yved France
Maximilian Böhm Germany
Maurizio Avogadro Italy
Jürgen Kleff Germany a logical conclusion
Alejandro Mondragon Germany
antonio Spain Espero que se haga realidad. Un cordial saludo.
Kevin Lindemann Germany
Theo Debrouwere Belgium
Patrick GENDRE France merci pour cette initiative
Anthony Durity Ireland
Andrea Di Dato Italy
Jan Navratil Czech Republic It is time to enter the 21st century and use power of masses to improve lives of everyone
Geert Uytterhoeven Belgium
Florian Lammer Austria
Łukasz Topa Poland
mathias wendel Germany
Meyer, Dieter Germany
John Futcher United Kingdom
pia maria roll Afghanistan
Andrew Tinsley United Kingdom
Björn Siebke Germany
Giorgio Turati Italy
Maria Pia Dall'Armellina Italy Approvo e auspico che sia fatto in fretta
Elfin Slade United States Fnkk off tyrants. We only need the absence of government.
Angela Beck Germany
Stefano Di Martino Germany <3
Richard Morrisroe Ireland
Andreas Langecker Germany
Alexander Bierbaumer Austria
Mykhailo Kolotushkin United States
Søren Howe Gersager Denmark
Daniel Guerrero Miralles Spain Public code ensures transparency and builds trust. Please, support it.
Michel Meyer France
Reto Kaiser Switzerland
Ali AKSIN Turkey
Abel Spain
Pieter Germany
Martina Mayrhofer Spain code has to be public and open, especially when produced with public money! code runs our world, and we want to know how it runs!
ESther Subias Spain If it is public money, it should be public code as well!
Rene Mehrmann Switzerland
Eugen Dedu France
Plieger Harry Germany
Toni Téllez Spain
Christer Eriksson Norway This should have been implemented in law on all levels a long time ago. I expect that my tax money is used in the most efficient way.
Peter Korsgaard Belgium
Giorgio De Novellis Italy
David Bate Finland
Emile Aben Netherlands
Remco Kranenburg Netherlands
Jacob Nordfalk Denmark Mi subtenas ke publike financata kodo devus estis publika posedaĵo
Stefan Seifert Austria
Martin Pagh Goodwin Denmark
Helm Peter Austria Hoffentlich nimmt sich das unsere neue Regierung zu Herzen
Lilith Smidts-Lefever Belgium
Mateus Lopes Brazil That´s our money, that´s our right! Let´s make our world open, free and shared.
Mester Imre Hungary
Andreas Andersen Denmark This is a really great movement that will benefit the people.
Arthur Del Esposte Brazil
Pons Cyrille France
BARRY NOBLE South Africa we need to be help to makes this country prosperous,there is money and resources available in this country but only certain people have acce
Martin Schoen Germany Sicherheit durch Offenheit
Marc Bewernik Germany
Joost De Cock Belgium
Thomas Hämmerle Austria
Ralf Küpper Germany
Christian Huldt Sweden Public is public, it's quite simple
Cecilia Tanaka Brazil
Carlos Tato Cortizo Brazil
Dominique OUDY France
Mychelle Harich United States
Martin Gründer Germany
Phillip Roshon United States
AYEL Jean-louis France
Reinhardt France
RIPERT France L'ouverture des outils offre la meilleure sécurité.
Jean-Philippe Bourgeois France as a civil servant, I believe that open source is the way to go for public sector.
Portrait France
Cyril Soler France
Sébastien Barré Belgium
Wiedenmann Germany Die Idee überzeugt durch Ihre Vernunft. Private Investitionen tätigen wir auch nach Effektivität.
Ralf Naundorf Germany
David Hofmann Paraguay
José Mendes Portugal Better quality software for a fraction of the money and public satisfaction. A no-brainer.
Stefan Nagy Austria
Quim Spain
Willy Weinmann Germany
Katherine Jones United Kingdom
David Kübel Germany
Gianluigi Calcaterra Italy
Fabio Mazza Italy
Aitor Sorreluz Spain
Otello Carrieri Italy Concordo
Erwan Rouchet France
Michael Maaßen Germany
BELIARD Louis France Nous exigeons la transparence sur tous les algorithmes en vertu du droit à l'information, de la sécurité de nos informations et des libertés
PAGÈS Clément France
parham Iran open sourcing is key to faster improvements of quality if life all over the world
SUZANO Paul France La transparence des services publics et des fonds utilisés doit être une obligation
Pieter Vissers Belgium
Stéphane Bortzmeyer France
Gabriel Szilagyi Germany
Daniel Grest Denmark
tarang wadekar India I agree With your companies policies
Steen Kastoft Hansen Denmark This initiative should be a no-brainer. Everybody should support it.
Achim Finger Germany
Kaedan United States
Dániel Gál Slovakia
Tihomir Rabuzin Croatia
Tosca Ballerini France Software paid with public money should be developed according best coding standards and be released as Free and Open Source Software
Juliette Fabre France
Stefan Schönberger Germany
Salvatore Petroni Italy
Pradeep Sharma India I support this
Mads Poulsen Denmark
Yann Lossouarn France
peter Van den Bossche Belgium
Daniel Hampf Germany
Andreas Demmelbauer Austria Freie Software ist nachhaltiger und bringt allen was.
Ulla Boje Jensen Denmark
Martin Topholm Denmark
Christian Brade Germany
Garnier France
Kurt Frederiksen Denmark
Jason Johnson This makes so much sense. Open source code adds value to communities and strengthens the code as well.
Timm Gebhart Germany
David Leonhartsberger Austria
Jakob Østergaard Jensen Denmark
Pascal Cedraschi Switzerland
Fen Labalme United States Bring FOSS security tools to public sector agencies, e.g. GNU/Linux, OpenControl and OpenSCAP
Christian Rishøj Denmark
Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen Denmark Currently administrations are obstructing themselves accepting solutions with proprietary lock-in. Me pay, me help improve code.
Steffen Eriksen Denmark
Katerina Lenaki Greece
Davide Valguarnera Italy
Thorbjørn Steen Denmark Som programmør anbefaler jeg fri software. Bl.a. for at "white hats" lettere kan finde fejl, som så kan rettes før kriminelle udnytter dem.
Bartosz Charuza Poland
Daniel Morgan France
Karin Verelst Belgium Evidently so.
Topuzogullari France Le service public est un bien commun,utilisation des outils libres pour construire les nouvelles cultures est du bon sens.
Jonathan Holst Denmark
Rahiel Kasim Netherlands
Andreas Mogensen Denmark
Christian Rasmussen Denmark
Amos Spenner Denmark
Michele Savino Italy
Bo Helleskov Denmark
Sofara Egypt
Endre Czirbesz United Kingdom
Kasper Helsted Denmark
Mohamed Sweden
Rasmus Kæstel Jensen Denmark
Nicolas Arnold Germany Would be great, responsible, trustworthy (hey, you install a lot of critical (unknown) code on critital systems) and could save money!
Mikkel Holm Søgaard Denmark
Silas Fontain Hestbæk Denmark
Moritz Lehmann Germany Public is better than private
Charles Suggs United States
Patrick Larsen Denmark
Manfred Stock
argha India I believe in the cause I am signing for, I believe we need immediate reforms in software production & free distribution of useful software.
Irmgard Schmits Germany Ich bin für Softwarefreiheit in öffentlichen Verwaltungen
Rune Philosof Denmark
Martin Angelo Sunesen Denmark
Benjamin Nørgaard Denmark
Jonas Krøner Denmark
Andrés Becerra Sandoval Colombia
Adam Jensen Denmark
Emil Schnedler Vad Denmark
Klaus Fyhn Jacobsen Denmark
Sacha Senra Fernández Spain Paying hundreds of times for the same "product" is stupid.
Alexander Brice Stoustrup Denmark
Benny Nass Denmark “Implementeres lovgivning der kræver at offentligt finansieret software udviklet til den offentlige sektor, skal gøres tilgængelig under en
Davide Italy
Lukas Bysted Denmark
Lasse Lambertsen Denmark
Niels-Holger Pedersen Denmark
Rene Mejer Lauritsen Denmark
Schack Lindemann Denmark Why is this not the first paragraph on every contract for a public IT project!!
Lars Nielsen Denmark Just do it, it will not be gard
Anders Iversen Denmark
Lars Stadel Linnet Denmark Sharing is Caring
Nikolaj Denmark
Panos Denmark
Michele Italy Free software = free society. It's so simple!
Michael Thomsen Denmark
Jens Egholm Pedersen Denmark
Jan Larsen Denmark
Niels Prins Denmark
Peter Christensen Denmark Go for it!!
Martin Treacy-Schwartz Denmark
Astrid Lingnau Germany Wer die Musik bezahlt sollte bestimmen was gespielt wird. Wir, die Bürger zahlen!
Francesco Bertoldi Italy open source nella PA
pat oconnor Ireland
Bernd Macheleidt Germany Ich werde vom Finanzamt gezwungen, Elster Software zu installieren und zu nutzen, es ist aber nicht klar, was diese Software genau macht
André Holl Germany Öffentliche Ausschreibungen müssen die Entwicklung von Software unter einer freien Lizenz fordern!
Andrus Kanter Estonia
Gisbert Kulterer Austria Thank you so much for your efforts on this topic!
Pauline France
Vojtech Zachar Slovakia FLOSS by sa mal v štátnej správe uprednostňovať. Začať sa môže okamžite, napríklad v školstve. Pokusy už boli, treba v nich pokračovať.
Stefano Rizzinelli Italy
Wilhelm Schmits Germany
Ignaz Hausinger Germany
jeremie France
Dominik Broger Austria Software sollte FREI!! sein wenn schon dafür bezahlt wurde!
Nicolas Derambure France
Sergiu Popa Spain
BRECHET Alexandre France
Stefan Rank Germany
Garnier France
Joda Stößer Germany Leave uncertainty behind and embrace the proven advantages of open source code.
Titouan Galopin France
Rémi Croset Canada
Romain Guedj Canada
HERUBEL France OPEN SOURCE in all dimensions... It's time now.
OLIMA ASEGA United Kingdom
Hugo Hamon France
DAHON France
hamon France
Francesco Lazzarotto Italy sharing and collaboration, not only competition
Marco Di Pietro Italy
Uwe Scholz Germany
Arthur Masson France
Gregory Vander Schueren Belgium
Josef Schneider Austria
Emanuele Castriotta Italy
giuseppe martucci Italy
Ullrich Jans Germany Oeffentlich finanzierte Software sollte oeffentlich bleiben!
Stefan Götz Germany
Kirsten Neuhaus Germany
Markus Birth Germany
Michał Kern Poland
Philippe MAUXION France
Baptiste LABAT France
Nicola Lamacchia Italy
montagné jean noël France
Patrick Coffey United Kingdom We also need to introduce more open source technologies into the curriculum to better futureproof the labour market of tomorrow.
Yannick Buron France
Riccardo Quercetti Italy
Olivier Tétard France
Vincent Kaltenbronn France
Damien B. France
Cornelius Wild Germany
Stefan Meinecke Germany
Lauchpeter Germany Added mich auf steam, ihr larrys
Péter PRŐHLE Hungary
Francesco ROMOLI
Gernot Sander Germany
Laura Acinapura Italy
Andrea Trentini Italy
Elena Acinapura Italy
Dr. Korn András Hungary Free licensing also helps avoid vendor lock-in.
Helena Santos Portugal Very important for advance of knowledge.
Pedro Bocos Spain Es justo que el esfuerzo público sea trasparente y beneficie a la ciudadanía
Marcel Bösl Germany
Mario Navarro Madrid Spain
Henrik Sönnerqvist Sweden
Ricardo Spain
Francesco Rotondella Italy
Markus Abt Germany
Chris Whitehouse United Kingdom I fully agree with the sentiments in this letter, please implement the use of free and open source code written with public money.
francesca Italy il pubblico a servizio del pubblico!
Frank Brütting Germany
emre cavunt Turkey Tabiki de katılıyorum açık kaynak gelişimin en temel mihenk taşıdır fakat bazı modüller güvenlik sebebi ile saklı kalmalıdır.
Anselm Köhler Switzerland
Philipp Koschinski Germany
Christian Wilkens Germany
Giulia Bimbi Italy
Silvio Spain I will develop open source code for the world
Livio Gasparetto Italy
Hayri Yiğit Turkey
Andres Diz Spain lo público es de todos, también el código
Peter Titus Germany Der Einsatz proprietärer Software ist aufgrund der offensichtlichen Risiken nicht mehr vertretbar.
Fergus Reig Gracia Spain
Varga Ádám Hungary
Isaac REYES France
Rubens Bayardo Argentina
Sümegi Péter Hungary
Pedro Henrique Cavalheiro Brazil
Francesco Sweden
Christian Schwarzinger Austria could not aggree more!
Ribault France
Julien Chiaramello France Proprietary software is only good for increasing the bottom line of companies at the expense of everyone else. It's time to stop that.
Enrique Fernandez Sanchez Spain
niek Netherlands
Jose Maria Urraca Mulero Spain All public money spent on software should inpact freely in the society
hannes hauser Austria
Jérémie L France
Jérôme Darmont France
Karl Salver Germany free open source !
Jérôme Tamborini France Première étape pour le vote électronique sous logiciel libre et sous monitoring en temps réel disponible, anonyme et libre
Manfred Rieser Austria Öffentliches Geld für offenen Code wäre nur fair.
Andreas Ruscheinski Germany
José Carlos Cuevas Albadalejo Spain
Jose Antonio Navarro Spain
Chiche France
Mert S. Kaplan Turkey Şeffaf ve güvenli bir iletişim, özgür bir gelecek için kamunun parası ile alınan kodlar kamunun kodu olmalı!
Juan Antonio Romero del Castillo Spain
Matteo Cavallaro Italy
Martin Rönitz Germany Especially publik Institution should bei transparent in software also.
Jordi Vilaplana Spain
Xenios Kofteros Cyprus
Matthew Thomas United Kingdom It’s about minimizing waste.
Aaron Eischeid United States public monet public code pretty much somes it up. also public money public research findings
Max Höttinger Germany
Johannes Findeisen Germany Nothing more to say. Everything is said on!
Mate Soos United Kingdom Public money, public code!
Fernando Caínzos Spain Nuestro dinero tiene que revertir en la sociedad
Bruno Ramos Luxembourg
RIDVAN ÖZMEN Turkey Yazılım giderlerini neredeyse sıfırlayıp , bu gücü eğitime aktaralım
Vincenzo Lalli Italy It is necessary to make our voices heard, the voices of those who still care about freedom and transparency. It's not too late...not yet.
Bramy France Developpement du logiciel libre et de la recherche associée doit être une priorité
Menard France
Virág Balázs Hungary
Ricardo Lanziano Colombia This is a public right, I fully support this initiative.
Pedro Cavalheiro Brazil
Danial Khoshkholgh Iran
Shashank India
Stefano Belli Italy
Mario Roldán Spain Lo que paga el pueblo para el pueblo
John Mink Italy
Juan Jose Otalora González Spain
Kim Jong Un North Korea
Leander Berg Germany Das wäre doch mal was. Die Firmen würden sich angesichts der Summen fügen.
Michael Beiß Germany
Marcos Martín Pozo Delgado Spain Necessary!
Bakonyi Péter Hungary
Massot France
Jori Jansen Netherlands
Alexandre Garel France
Manuel Spain
Andy Ecca Peru Es una excelente iniciativa
Marc DEXET France
Nando Quintana Spain
Palazzi France
Samuel Peiro Spain
Nicolas Petitdemange France
Antonio Spain
Rosalía Casamayor Bowen Spain
Luz Buedo Buedo Spain
Stilyana stoyanova Spain Quiero que el sistema operativo que se utiliza para el sector público sea de código abierto para que la gente tenga acceso a toda la info
Kai Maaßen Germany Ein Schritt verlorenes Vertrauen wieder zu erlangen.
Luis Melendez Aganzo Spain
Juan José Guerrero González Spain
Orçun Madran Turkey
Tobie Langel Switzerland There is no reason for tax-payer funded software development to produce anything but open-source.
Günther NOWOTNY Austria
Carles Pla Sorribes Spain
Anton Spain
Reynaldo Cordero Corro Spain Public money, public code, of course.
Philip Børgesen Denmark
Esteban Gutiérrez Spain
Jordi Burguet Castell Spain It's a quite simple argument. Please respect what is developed by the people, for the people, as belonging to the people.
Oscar Salas
Gianluca Italy Questo è il primo passo, occorrerebbe estendere il principio anche al software UTILIZZATO nelle amministrazioni pubbliche
Nicolas Argentina
Rubén Campo Fernández Spain El código de las aplicaciones debe ser abierto, para que futuros desarrollos no partan desde cero...
Pablo Perez Diez Spain
Joachim Köstler Germany
Matt Atkinson United Kingdom
James Lang United States
alberto Spain
Pau Monfort Monfort Spain
Juan Carlos Spain
Fabre France Le code mais aussi le reste (ex. musqiue, elearning, moocs, cartes, vidéos... sous licences libres)
Antonio Arauzo-Azofra Spain It will foster competition and quality.
Roger Sicart
Joyce MARKOLL France Le logiciel libre, à code source ouvert et disponible pour tous est plus sécurisé, il est social et éthique
Jose Alfonso Mora Lores Spain
Gavin Mooney United Kingdom Open source software would also contribute to the transparency we all seek in publicly funded ventures.
David Delhoume France
Lot Spain
Elizabeth Crawford Germany
Antonio Garcia Spain
Miguel Ángel González Spain
Marc Coll Spain
Mikel Spain Public institutions should always aim for FOSS
Daniel Estévez Sánchez Spain
CANAYER France De plus, 'Non aux ZRR' imposées sans dicernement ni consultation en France.
Guillermo Miranda Spain
oscar polo fernandez Spain
Eduardo Cabrera Spain
Javier Barroso Pardo Spain
Fabio Bettiol Spain Yes. Long live to Open and Free Software
Jheengut Mauritius Our code should be free
Andreas Gröger Germany
Roberto Schiavone Italy
Michael Keul Germany
Tomás Vírseda García Spain
Bernhard Görgen Germany
Andrea Cavalli Italy Non ci avevo mai pensato, comunque tutto ciò sarebbe veramente vantaggioso per i cittadini.
Iñigo Valentin Spain
Jorge Burgos Ireland Public money, public code
Ralf Dyllick Germany I fully support this initiative
Javier Spain Seems so obvious that is frustrating to have to be launching this campaign...
Unai Sainz de la Maza Gamboa Spain For a free society.
Federi Spain Make it free, it's paid with our money, it's ours!
Eric Sinner Switzerland
Garikoitz Legarda Spain Another step against corruption must be prior.
manuel molino Spain Absolutely necessary
Lluís Llordella Spain El programari lliure és el futur, igual que el coneixement compartit
Daniele Frizzera Italy
Tuomo Heino Finland
Alejandro Provencio Spain
Marco Hennig Germany
Anki Toner Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Marc Pujol Spain
Alfredo Casado Spain
Isaac Spain
Darío Bernabé Spain
Manfred Ostermann Austria
Leo Urdaneta Venezuela Favor apoyar el software libre
Alejandro Martínez Jordán Spain
Nuño I.G. Spain
Carlos Gil Denia Spain
Luis Fernando Llana Díaz Spain
Javier Spain
Jose R. Prieto Pazos Spain Code developed with money that belong to everyone, it hast to belong to everyone
Óscar Berrocal Spain This should be obvious.
Antonio Javier Barragán Piña Spain What sense does it have that two or more administrations pay for the same software, when if it is free the cost could be shared?
Tatiana Palacio Brazil
José Ángel González Molina Spain The open-source communiy has already given us evidence of improvement of the IT tech and the obvious cost reducement.
Juan Carlos Díaz Spain I'm an IT professional and imho the return of public money must be open source software, open data, and transparency
Jaime Lerga Marquina Spain
Xavier Spain We all should benefit of the code paid with public money. It's safer, it's better, it's logical...
Pau García Spain
Victor Gil Czech Republic
José ramirez Spain
Susana Spain
Fernando Martínez Spain
Javier Cañete Puentenueva Spain
Miguel Jaque Spain Stop buying secrets. We pay for the software, it's ours
Ignacio Mangas Spain
Narciso Corella Martin Spain
José Bolorino Spain
Alfonso Boullón Sabín Spain
Iván Estévez Spain
Alejandro Troncoso Spain
Daniel Carrión Spain
Bojan P Serbia
Albert Farrés Coma Spain
Jaime Spain
Luis Alonso Chorda Spain
Alejandro Zalvez Spain
Tomas Teijeiro Spain
Carlos Cuesta Spain
Carlos Jurado del Prisco Spain
Daniel Santiago Spain
Oliver Spain
Nebojša Arežina Serbia Publicly funded code should be open to public.
javier guijarro mendez Spain
Jorge González González Germany Completely support the idea of Public Money Public Software.
Jesus Macias Portela Spain Go
Manuel Spain
david quirós soriano Spain
Janire Pilar Villa Spain
Jose Diaz United Kingdom
Jose Abuín Fernández Spain
Federico Pinal Moreira Spain
Monch Spain Public
emilio astier Spain
Francisco José Madrid Cuevas Spain i totaly agree with this initiative
Fernando Alvarez Spain
Jorge Hernandez de Benito Spain
Guillermo H. Villalón Spain
Elvis Enmanuel Spain
Peter Kunst Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Santiago Álvarez Martínez Spain
Jorge Aranda Spain Con mi firma declaro mi total apoyo a esta iniciativa.
Alfredo Sola Spain
Joaquin Lopez Spain If it is public money, it should be public code as well!
Alberto Spain
Ruben Mateos Spain Free code make us all grow faster!
Juan Felipe Molina Benito Spain We want open source code!
Felix Rubio Spain Considero que es obvio que cualquier código desarrollado con fondos publicos debería ser público tambien.
Josep Jordana Spain For transparent processes!
Borja United Kingdom It is not just the right thing, it would help the reliability of the tools and progress of society.
Jose Daniel Paniagua Gonzalez Spain No quiero que se use mi dinero para pagar código fuente cerrado. Libérenlo!
Tino Schmedemann Germany
Andreu T. Spain
César Spain Public money >>> public code
José Manuel Cuevas Muñoz Spain
Iñigo Sánchez Spain We should have what we pay. Free software for all
Daniel Riesner Germany
Miguel Parramón Spain
Javier Cuchí Spain
Fernando Fernández Spain
Jesús Manuel Moreno Spain
Juan Manuel Cabello Spain
David Acevedo Spain
Mario Coello Castro Spain It's necessary, urgent and mandatory
Alexander Mette Germany If you want anything resembling a democracy, you need to run it on something people can trust.
Marek Männiksaar Estonia
Pablo Lozano Fuentes Spain Free and Open software helps us to be free and independent
Benjamin Doppler Austria
Pablo Alba Spain
Roi Zearreta Spain
Álvaro Herrero Pérez Spain :(
Aitor Martin Spain
Manu Pinazo Spain Publicly funded software has to be Free and Open Source Software.
Igor Laniella Spain We can't have privative software controlling our lives. Free software for national software sovereignity.
Carlos HERRERA YAGUE Spain Tax codes in github NOW!
Pelayo Spain
Enrique Valera Spain
alberto Spain
Xabier Trigo Losada Spain This should be a no-brainer. Unless of course there are "hidden" interests at play.
Carlos Alberto Martínez Gadea Spain I'd love to see public money spent in a public way, and not seeing how it goes to private hands.
Juan Miguel Boyero Corral Spain
Joaquín Cuéllar Spain totally necessary and fair.
Alvaro Silvani Spain
Alvaro Spain I don’t want my taxes to fund private corporations
Rafael Salido Álvarez Spain
SpecialK Spain
Ivan Spain
Raúl Urdaci Spain
Miguel Ruiz United Kingdom Public bodies are financed through taxes. They must make sure they spend funds in the most efficient way possible. If it is public money, it
Luis Díaz Spain Public money, public code!
Manuel Spain Im supporting you!
Antonio Javier Becerra Spain
David Crespo Spain I totally agree with this campaign. I should get some return from my tax money in the form of freely available source code.
Rafael David Latorre López Villalta Spain
Javier Sánchez Riquelme Spain I work in H2020 projects and I want to have some percentage of that code open source as they'reºq being payed with public taxes.
Edgar Fortea Moles Spain
Raúl Galindo Moreno Spain
Rafael Berral Soler Spain
Carlos Dominguez Spain
Victor Mondejar Guerra Spain The world would be a better place when we change our minds and all the software be free
Orestes Switzerland
Miguel Julia United Kingdom Public money, public code!
Angel Roldán Llorente Spain
José Márquez Doblas Spain
Cesar Rodriguez United Kingdom
Kai Budde Germany
Iván Spain
Sergio Gómez Bachiller Spain
Nuno André Novo Spain
Manuel Juan Barbera Bernal Spain Public code is freedom
Asier Erramuzpe Aliaga Spain
Maria E. Pierce Germany
Marcos Spain I've been working for gov as developer. My work was done for the people, so it belongs to the people.
Tao Gómez Gil Spain It's a no brainer!
Alejandro Martínez Vieites Spain Public money, public code
Johan De Meersman Belgium
Oriol Romaní Picas Spain Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Manuel Jiménez Spain Software should be accountable and transparente to those paying for it, especially with public money.
Celestino Pérez Castejón Spain
David Samblás Martinez Spain
Anibal Spain
Ladislao Calparsoro Spain It's very important to focus the public investment in the best return to the public!
Mario Pena Spain Free and open software is the only way leat to real democracy
Mario Madruga Spain Un estado y sus ciudadanos no pueden ser cautivos del desarrollador de un programa por sencillo que este sea.
Carlos Rodriguez Spain
Jesus J Martinez Molina Spain
Tom Warnke Germany
Félix Andreassi Spain
Carlos Arcediano Spain Yo pago, yo me quedo el código que podré revisar en el futuro.
Sezai Yeniay Turkey
Albert Veli Sweden If we pay for it, we should get access to the code too!
Martin Hendel France
Alois Schlögl Austria
Francisco Javier Taboada Aguado Spain And with GPL type license
Jorge Canet Yuste Denmark
Eva Lepik Estonia
Emil Hemdal Sweden
Michael Brach Germany
Julián Lozano Brau Spain
Xavier Rodríguez Spain
Rainer Seitel Germany
Alexander Winter Germany Public paid = public code
Wolter Hellmund Vega Germany Public money, public code!
Werner Marahrens Germany
Florian Friemel Germany
Niko Schmuck Germany Software is making such a great impact to society, please give a wider audience chance to evolve with the public achievements
Oliver Eloo Germany
Frederic Jacobs Switzerland
Guus Sliepen Norway Works produced by public money should go back to the public. It should not be that private companies unfairly profit from this.
Machu France
Cyril Brosch Germany
Max Zhao Germany The freer our software is, the more greater our possibilities are for real innovation!
Biteau France
David VANTYGHEM France
R. v. L. Netherlands Sharing knowledge with the public is the key to peace.
RAFAEL LOPEZ MANJON Spain Tengo derecho a conocer aquello que pago.
Koen Belgium
Reto Ineichen Switzerland Free and Open Source Software is the key to independance and innovation.
Dick Stomp Netherlands
Jakob Goldmann Netherlands
Александар Милојковић Serbia Free Software for Freedom. Free software for free IT society.
Bourdon France
David Kreindler United States
Lena Morgenroth Germany
Chris E. Germany Es liegt ausschließlich an der Gier der Politik/Management
Robert Rutkowski United States
Kai Tomerius Germany
Annika Marbach Germany
Clemens Momberg Germany
harish pillay Singapore Thanks for this. Code defines the future. Open Code builds its safely and securely.
Juan Arenas Marquez United Kingdom
Corinna Vinschen Germany
Michael Hirmke Germany
Rafael Moretti Brazil
Oliver Fesseler Germany
Neil Martin United Kingdom There can be very little reason for publicly financed software developed for the public sector cannot be issued under a free and Open Source
Giuseppe Alfieri Italy Dovrebbe essere opensource anche il software sviluppato da società quotate in borsa
Alberto Italy
Jochen Puchalla-König Germany Freier Code spart Steuergelder! Wozu das Rad mehrmals erfinden?
Angulli András Vincenzo Hungary Making it open software! There are plenty of reasons to do so. An open system is less vulnerable and evolves easily and more transparently.
Jurina Zoltán Hungary Jó kezdeményezésnek tartom a petícióban foglaltakat.
Andreas Holtz-Hofmann Germany
Lutz Huehnken Germany
Balázs Úr Hungary
Hermann Ludwig Germany
Sebastian Halles Germany Alles was durch öffentliche Gelder finanziert wird muss auch der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stehen, wie Public Access in der Forschung!
Robert Alsing Germany LIMUX was great, it is a shame it was made to fail
Lubomir Polcic Slovakia
Károly Andor Hungary
Thomas Germany
Oskar Swoboda Germany
Fabio Mazzone Germany
Peter Kokot Slovenia
Michael Ditsch Germany
Juan Martí Uruguay Apoyamos la propuesta
Sierk Bornemann Germany
Sakari Ailus Finland
juan fortuna Uruguay Better use of economic and human resources, more collaboration among all. More technological independence and suppliers. More local work.
Frederik Schwarzer Germany Dem deutschen Volke ... nicht nur der eigenen Tasche.
Marcus Wilhelm Germany
Nagy Attila Sándor Hungary
Rokonál Zoltán Hungary
Mark Koszuch Germany
CLaudio Rafael Arias Dominican Republic Feel Free, Be Free, Freedom is the voice of a real state of freedom
Jörg Jarick Germany
Michal Kaukič Slovakia
Robert Müller Austria Software in any public instituting financed with tax has to be close free, especially in education
Jorge Repetto Uruguay
Marco Rivero Uruguay
Fatima Uruguay It is just fair
Mª del Carmen Spain S/C
Detlef Deicke Germany Only open source in civil service and public education.
Weghorn Klaus-Jürgen Germany
juan ignacio fernandez quintanilla Spain suerte y fuerza al gnu ; good lucky and storn gnu
Balázs Botond Hungary
Giovanny Vizcaya Venezuela We don't pay for secrets. My money, my code.
Rudolf E. Steiner Austria
Erich Wild Germany
Victor Brice
Michael Milz Germany
Pozsgai András Hungary
Takács Gergely Hungary Közpénzből készült dolgok a közösségé ami közösségé lehessen a fejlesztés is.
Georg Link Germany Public Code is better for everyone!
Shane Simmons United States
Marcel Quirijnen United States
Bodócz-Nagy Róbert Hungary Teljes mértékben támogatom a kezdeményezést.
Alessandro Caldini Italy
Max Kubierschky Germany
Dominik Földi Hungary
Prof. Dr. Markus Klaus Schäffauer Germany Open Source for Open Access and Open Democracy!
Mia Nordentoft Denmark Gravas ne nur pro la imposto sed ankaŭ por la sekureco kaj bonfarto de kaj la programaroj kaj la civitanoj
Benjamin Gailly Belgium
Karsten Beuchel Germany
Stefan Auditor Germany
Andreas Grapentin Germany
Joshua Brown United Kingdom Join us now and share the software; You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free.
M. Renato Hungary
Jan-Hendrik Hemmje Germany
Tóth Bence Hungary
László Gábor Hungary The free software would be the minimum..
Hársch Zsolt Hungary
Tóth Máté Hungary Our money, so it's normal to have public code.
Kacsko Sandor Hungary
Bordás Patrik Sándor Hungary
Daniel Kremitzl Germany
Christian Kremitzl Germany
Patrick Baumgartner Switzerland Open knowledge for everyone!
Jan Prill Germany Effiziente Nutzung von Steuergeldern.
Kovács André Hungary That's the way of evolution. And we need it.
Robert Fodor Serbia The only bad foss software is unpatched foss software
Frank Blechinger Germany
Fodor György Serbia The usage and development of Open Source Software has always led to INCREASED security, and goverments are in NEED of more secure software!
Ulrich Haas Germany
Jörg Zühlke Germany
Marc De Germany Thanks for the initiative! Go for public code!
Hasn-Peter Petzoldt Germany
Noah Groß Germany
Frederik Banis Germany
R. Lubbes Netherlands Dit is een heel belangrijk initiatief, ik hoop dat het wordt uitgevoerd.
Paintl Germany
Andreas Hencke Germany
Julian Dreier Germany
Moritz Fiedler Germany
Dobos Benedek Hungary
Manuel Röger Germany
Claus Heidecke Germany Freie Gesellschaften brauchen Transparenz - FLOSS in öffentliche Verwaltungen ist ein unverzichtbarer Baustein darin.
Julien Gomes Dias France Our money, so it's normal to have public code.
Nicolas MANDIL France
Christopher Maus Germany
klawuhn Germany transparente demokratie die technisch nachvollziehbar ist ist ein wichtiger bestandteil unserer demokratie.
Julian Germany
Daniel Kohtes Germany
Youenn Bouglouan Poland
Andreas Aubele Germany Von der Öffentlichkeit bezahlt sollte auch rechtlich der Öffentlichkeit gehören und für diese nutzbar sein!
Michał Grygierzec Poland
stefan reichel Germany Open Source trägt der Sicherheit, Kostenminimierung sowie der Verbesserung der Software durch Vorschläge dritter.
Giuseppe Bonocore Italy
Vavrek József Hungary
Finn-Thorben Sell Germany
Svante Bengtson Sweden
Alexandre Oliva Brazil
Martin Bartscher Germany
Christoffer Hansen Denmark Make code opensource.
mebjer China Chinese government not only illegal establishment of GFW with public funds,but also Use IBW to restrict citizens to foreign websites!
Richard Walther Germany
Simone Martelli Italy
Eloy rodriguez rosales Spain
Ralf Hersel Switzerland
Rainer Kemme Germany
Thomas Zajac Germany
Martin Möglich Germany
Hans-Jürgen Weis Germany
Max van der Sluis Netherlands
Sári Gábor Hungary
Sipos Szabolcs Hungary
Péterffy Gábor Hungary
Christian Goldberg Germany Gemeingeld für Gemeinwohl und Gemeincode!
Gabríel Arthúr Pétursson Iceland With free software, citizens can contribute in more ways than just paying taxes.
Heuer Sascha Germany Open Source für eine freie Gesellschaft
Dani Takfarinas Spain Por una gestión transparente y eficiente
Tobias Knöppler Germany Das wäre ein großer Schritt für die Sicherheit und Transparenz unserer digitalen Infrastruktur.
David Döring Germany
Odysseas Diamadis Italy
Alexander Neubert Germany
Regina Germany
Louis Kohnert Germany
Daniel Nezamabadi Germany
Berkant ER Turkey
Daniel Vasques Ribeira Spain
Dr. Rainer Teubner Germany
Samuel Parish United Kingdom
Geoff Pears United Kingdom
Arpit Batra India I support the public code movement.
edwin hijmans Netherlands
Michael Oldiges Germany Free and Open Source Software is really importent to keep the control of the code
Ernst Hagemann Germany I use open source since the last 12 years
Manfred Wendler Germany
Francesca Bria Spain
Fehér Tamás Hungary
FREY Alexis France
Simon Pfreundschuh Sweden
Tobias König Germany Public Money → Public Code → More Transparency → More Democracy
Csere Mátyás Hungary
Pieter Michels Belgium
Bernhard Santiago Kuhn Germany our work is education of childrens without parents, for this work we get money of the state, with opensource it is no so expensive
Joachim Blanck Germany
Fibinger Ádám Hungary
Bernd Schiedermeier Germany
Rabcsánszki Viktor Hungary
Malte Bittner Germany
Enrique Ocaña González Spain
Dominic Dierig Germany
Lajber Zoltán Hungary
Rian Lindenberger Germany
Christian Weller Germany Quelloffene Software ist der einzige Garant für eine sichere, zukunftsoffene Entwicklung kommunaler IT-Infrastruktur.
Thimmo Borger Germany
Matthias Brandl Germany Auch bei Software, die nicht speziell für öffentliche Stellen entwickelt wurde, wäre die Verwendung von freien Alternativen wünschenswert.
Cz. Nagy Zoltán Hungary
Konstantin Fischer Germany Bitte hören sie auf die Wissenschaft, nicht nur auf die Industrie!
Carsten Knoll Germany Eigentlich müsste es selbstverständlich sein, dass öffentlich finanzierte Ergebnisse öffentlich verfügbar sind. Das ist ein Nobrainer...
David Nuno G. da Silva S. Quelhas Portugal Government agencies should use open-source.Benefits: cost savings from licenses, and independence from private company commercial interests
Niels Falk Germany
Rebecca Mara Müller Germany
Diego Pino García Spain
Mario Garcia Spain
Mustafa Konur Turkey Kesinlikle desteklenmesi gereken proje.
Klaus Guenter Germany
Jan Šíma Czech Republic Nice idea...
Iñaki Spain
Daniel Roda Spain It is very important to keep open the source code of public-founded software to be a fair public administration
Lars Frölich Germany Mit öffentlichem Geld sollte nur öffentliche Software bezahlt werden
Papp Tibor Hungary
Robin Nehls Germany
Siklós Gábor Hungary
Agoston Horvath Netherlands
Tamas Domjan Hungary
Niklaus Leuenberger Switzerland Zugänglicher Code ohne Hintertüren, das ist OpenSource
Szabó Gábor Hungary
Diego Gaggero Italy
Gyuris Gellért Hungary
Sebestyén Tamás Hungary
Kiss Gábor Hungary
Julian Bertels Germany
Thomas Schlicht Germany
Lennart K. Germany Tolles Projekt
Kovács Tibor Hungary Egyetértek a nyílt szoftverek használatának szükségességével
Dashamir Hoxha Albania
Attila Buti Hungary
Christof Huber Germany
Michael Svensek Austria
Eivind K. Nilsbakken Norway
Müller Germany
Maximilian Betz Germany
Katrin Germany
Ryan Nelson Germany
Felix Friebel Germany
Prókai Csaba Hungary
Justus Büthe Germany
Stefano Crocco Italy
Kocsis Zsolt Hungary
Halbaksz Roland Hungary
Hendrich Attila Hungary
Kádár Bence Hungary
Dominic Hornung Germany noice
Christoph Kolb Germany
Alexander Mulorz Germany
Carsten Jäkel Germany
Alexis Rinaldoni Germany
Thomas Ritter Germany
Nico Heijnk
Daniel Guagnin Germany Free software is key for accountability, transparency, security and innovation.
Carsten Thumulla public money, public code
Dominic Pöllath Germany
Büte Levente Krisztián Romania
David Lehmann Germany
Olga Gkot Greece
Heinz Kederer Germany
Justus Keitel Germany Meine Daten sollen vernünftig Verwaltet werden. Deshalb fordere ich als Teil der Jugend auch eine zukunftsorientierte Politik!
Max Franck Germany
Patrick Echterbruch Germany Transparenz nutzt allen.
Peter Funk Germany
Thomas Theodor Meiwes Germany
Christian Rogoll Germany
Manuel Feller
Matthias Zilligen Germany
Helling Germany Wenn Steuergelder, für diese Software eingesetzt werden ,sollten auch diejenigen die dieses aufgebracht haben, davon profitieren
Marcel Dieter Germany
Michel Normand France
Ralf Germany We need opensource software to create jobs in our own countries.
Ferdinand Mayrhofer Austria
Sergio Vinco Italy
Klaus Poppenhäger Germany
wagner laetitia Portugal
Laky Norbert Hungary
Sudden Lindholm United States
Antonio Melillo Germany
Olivier Duquesne France
Bagyinszki Zoltán Hungary
Mauro Zabot Italy
László Tamás Hungary
Rémiás Róbert
Hegedüs Patrik Hungary
Hartmut Turowski Germany Open Source Software ist die einzige Möglichkeit halbwegs Kontrolle über Datenschutz zu erlangen
Mátyus Imre Hungary
Steffen Butthoff Germany Freie Software für die öffentliche Verwaltungen !
Matúš Dujava Slovakia
Yann Samain France
Piotr Pawel Makosa United Kingdom There is one more, very important, reason for public code: SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER PROGRESS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.
Nils Hamann Germany
Sergio Lecuona Spain
Pierpaolo Italy
Richard GENOUD France
Bernhard Wendler Germany
Massimo Reddavide Italy
Luigi D'Elia Italy Ritengo pienamente condivisibile questa iniziativa
Michael Kubicki Germany
Gabriele Italy
Pallinger Péter Hungary
Knut Wüst Germany
Ponsard France
Tim Tröndle Switzerland
Helmut Holzer Germany
Täntzer, Ralph Germany So eine rechtliche Grundlage ist längst überfällig...!!!
Christian Brosig Germany Open-Source und Freie Software wird Verwaltungen unabhängiger, resilienter und effizienter machen.
Hendrik Zimmermann Germany
Joerg Jaspert Germany
Stefano Carlesso Italy Salvaguardiamo i beni pubblici essenziali.
Antonio Sergio Alcina Aznar Spain
Matthieu Rigal Germany
Frank Zimmermann Germany
Timur Gadžo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bart Vliegen Netherlands
Stefano Rosellini Italy
Theodore Galariotis Greece
John Germany
Manuel Taboada Spain Inteligencia pública para todos. Lo pagamos lo debemos compartir
Tim Engelke Germany
José Manuel Samos Spain la privatización es un robo
Angelina von der Heyden Germany Eine Welt die offen und transparent ist kann nur gerecht sein.
Felix Sand Germany OpenSource Software sorgt für eine effizientere und transparentere Nutzung von meinen Steuergeldern. Eine Investition, von der alle profitie
Renoult Jonathan France
Mar Samos Spain If the States are to be reckoned they must be free from Private Dealers
Norbert Stüken Germany
Christoph Knauer Germany
Gregorio Bisso Italy
Erich Kalks Germany
Erich Turnwald-Kurtz Germany
Lion Hirth Germany
Duval France
Miguel Bruno Lemos de Gouveia Portugal
tobias France
Yannick Lemin Belgium
Robbie Morrison Germany models and data supporting public policy development must also be open
Vincent Riquer France
Yury Leikind Belgium
Benjamin Monjoie Belgium
Vivian MALATERRE France
Friedger Müffke Germany Build a better future with better code!
Marcelo Tavares de Santana Brazil public code! public documents! public budget! more transparency
Hartmut M. Bromkamp Germany Open Source for Open Societies!
Richard United States
Markus Thierolf Germany Software financed by me, has to be open source!
Aitor González Spain
Mirco Beth Germany
Stephan Becker Germany
Josh Elias Meister Germany
Dominic Linke Germany
Coordinadora d'Entitats per la Lleialtat Santsenca Spain
DUYE France Développeur depuis 30 ans, il m'es difficile de comprendre comment certains responsables ne comprennent pas les enjeux du logiciel libre
Salvador Spain This step would be an important step for the community to make it improve the resources and get stronger together
Jesper Mønsted Denmark There is no excuse not to publish non-confidential code.
Jesús Zoyo Spain
Robert Schütz Germany I'd improve some stuff for free :)
Lucía Campaña Spain
Simon Kelly United Kingdom With closed source, if a company dies, the code dies with it. Insist on open source to protect taxpayer spending on software.
Max Maton Netherlands
Dionysios Arvanitis Greece Transparency in the public sector promotes competition. Open source is key to ensure effective procurement processes.
Francis Behnen Netherlands Té vaak miljoenen in een IT-project gepompt, dat uiteindelijk faalt. Laat geïnteresseerden op z'n minst zien wat er gebeurd is
David Hare United Kingdom This is such a no-brainer. Open source saves money, protects privacy, fosters innovation, and makes best practices easy to share.
Diderik van Wingerden Netherlands
josep Forasté
Hans Beerenbusch Germany
Alejandro Bueno Moya Spain Clar que cal fer-ne programari lliure a les nostres administracions.
Schreiber Germany I agree, except for a few exceptions
Niklas Poslovski Germany
Uwe Hostmann Germany
Klaus Schäfer Germany
Alejandro Spain Per la transparència i el control de les dades dels ciutadans!
Freddy D. A. Spain
Rüdiger Ruß Germany
Frank Neuenfeldt Germany ENDLICH NACHZIEHEN: 7. August 2012 wurde in Italien ein Gesetz erlassen, das die Behörden zur Nutzung von Open-Source-Software verpflichtet.
Daniel Mota Leite Portugal It is everyones money, everyone should be able to study the code, use it, improve it and finally redistribute everything.
Juan Manuel Gómez Rubiano Spain
Lucas Henrique Ferreira Pereira Brazil
Uwe Wolf Germany
Holger Keil Germany Ich halte es für richtig, dass Vorgänge in der Verwaltung und Verwendung meiner Daten transparent sind!
Anna Vilarnau Spain
Matteo Lupetti Italy
E. Zeppenfeld Germany
Gerald Hien Germany
Jürgen Frenzel Germany Ich unterstütze das anliegen Softwarecode öffentlich zu machen.Zusätzlich fordere ich auch Handel zu verpflichten Hardware mit z.b Linux
William A. Corry United Kingdom As consultant seen massive waste without technical awareness of its scale allowed & vulnerability across all Govt incl Armed Forces!
Thibault Deutsch France
Dennis Krall Austria
Ewald Loehle Germany
Ian Blais United States
Hynek Schlawack Germany
Gabriel Spain I support this 100%
V. Graudenz Germany
Theodore Tsekos Greece
Robert Lieck Germany
Santiago F Cantero A Germany
Stellnberger Elmar Austria
Felix Neubauer Germany
Martin Neubauer Germany Open Source is ver important for the word. Limux is stupid!
Marlen Walther Germany
Benjamin Höhn Germany
stefan gossrau Germany
André Fernandes Portugal
Tasos Greece Public money, Public code right now!
Thomas Detert Germany Just to get some trust back, that was lost...
Tasos Greece Public money, Public code right now!
Laurens Weijs Netherlands
Phillip R Neal United States This is way created via public support belongs to the public.
Thomas Bartscher Germany
Antonio Vicién Faure Spain
Leonardo Felix da Silva Brazil
Christian Engelmann Germany
J.S.R. Mahabier Netherlands
Hendrik Bunke Germany
Paul-André Spiltoir Belgium
Patrick Chan South Africa We must stress that this is a DEMAND!! not a request
A van Breugel Netherlands
Jordi Gili Llurba Spain
Pau de Vilchez Moragues Spain
Stacco Troncoso Spain
Reto Kaiser Switzerland
choi yongkwan South Korea We will actively participate in the activities!!!
Milen Andonov Bulgaria completely support the idea that publicly financed software should be made publicly available under the Free and Open Software license
christophe schneider France
Martin Pohl Germany
Hendrik Brocke Germany
Hermann Kröner Germany
Wayne lewis United States Stop privatizing the fruits of our tax dollars, or we will replace you with someone who will.
Marc Walther
Stefan Weiberg Germany
Thomas Fischer
Hella Schuster Germany
Elan United States Don't let my tax money go to something which gives me no benefit. Taxes are for public good, not private gain.
Felix Pojtinger
Elke Zobel Germany
Marco Hoffmann Germany
Sebastien Kristian Reiseneder Austria
Marc De Germany
Stefan Kuhnert Austria
Christoph Berg Germany
Francisco Ferreira Portugal
Luca Filipozzi Canada public funds should be for the public benefit
Wouter Netherlands
Carsten Gerlach Germany
Florian Ströger Austria
Felix Bildstein
Johannes Kaufhold Germany
Ermengol Crusafont Balaguer Ja fa molt de temps, i de de l'inici que s'hauria d'implementar. Fonamentalment en l'estructura educativa, operativa i adminstrativa.
Joao Carvalho Portugal
Marcel Spangenberg Germany
Benjamí Villoslada Spain 'Res publica non dominetur'
Joan Miquel Torres Spain
Benedikt Morbach Germany
Carles Spain
Peter Dreuw Germany
Arnau Padró Olivet Spain Tot el suport perquè el programari de l'administració sigui lliure!
Biel Frontera Borrueco Spain Regidor de Transparència i Noves Tecnologies a l'Ajuntament d'Inca, on apostam pel programari lliure per posar en marxa l'Admin. Electrònica
Cesar Ferreiro Rouco Spain
Arnau Serra Cayuela Spain
Dennis Fricke Germany
Ina Zobel Germany Verwendung unserer Steuergelder für öffentliche Zwecke! Honoriert ehrenamtliche Arbeit mit Respekt,den Nutzen fürs Gemeinwohl.
Dennis Westphal Germany So kann unter anderem auch sichergestellt werden, dass Barrierefreiheit einfach implementiert werden kann.
Ángel Álvarez Spain Knowledge should always be open and freely accessible to everyone. Specially when it's people who fund it. Public money = public knowledge!
Martin Zobel-Helas Germany
Sven Bartscher Germany
Danilo Endesfelder Germany
Alexander Wirt Germany
Francisco Domech Spain
Jonathan Juursema Netherlands
Joan Jordana Spain
E. Siman Austria
Xavier Albons Spain
Bob van de Vijver Netherlands
Marcel Albornoz Puig Spain Prou de regalar diner públic a empreses multimilionàries.
Montserrat Aguiló Agné Spain
Aleix Vidal Gaya Spain
Jordi Fontich Spain
Josep Pueyo Ros Spain
Yunus YAĞIŞ Turkey Bu kampanyaya canı gönülden tam destek...
Agnès Peiró Spain
Sebastian Schwarz Germany Several security breaches in the public sector over the last years showed how important public code review is for security reasons!
Eddy Petrișor Romania
T. Feijten Netherlands
L. Veit Germany
Willem Mulder Netherlands
BOBILLIER France Pour le progrè du bien commun - For the progress of the common good
Jan Zidarič Slovenia Openly develop and share code to make the future better!
Tijder Tijd Netherlands
Koen Zandberg Netherlands
Johan Dijkhuis Netherlands
Kathleen Heyrman Belgium
PARENTI France Une cause importante.
Becq France
Kulyanee Yindee Thailand
horváth józsef szilveszter Hungary
Rafael Díaz
Quentin Chambers United States Our tax dollars pay for the software so we should all collectively own that software. You also do not have a good track record for secure so
Henrique Portugal
Dr Joseph Manning Ireland Please ensure that all software developed with taxpayer funds is released under a Free / Open Source Licence.
Jörg Knabe Germany Ich find das gut!
Daniel Raimundo da Silva Brazil
Stefano De Carlo Italy
Simon Schillberg Germany
Bruno Cavalcante France Open code! Open society!
daniel radu Romania It's our future, no point in forcefully delaying it.
Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm Germany Die Vorteile von freier Software sind hinlänglich bekannt. Jede öffentlich finanzierte Software soll unter einer Open-Source-Lizenz stehen!
Jo Van Bulck Belgium Free software, free society.
Roel Bruggink Netherlands
Adam Rogerson Ireland
Maik Derstappen Germany Mit öffentliche Gelder bezahlte Dinge, sollten der Öffentlichkeit uneingeschränkt zur Verfügung stehen.
tunda Germany Free Software as a commons.
A. Siman Austria
Michael Reitler Germany
Toni Hermoso Pulido Spain
Guido Schmidt Germany
Marco Scholle Open Source software will be crucial to lower costs and to improve transparency and security.
Marianne Corvellec Canada Administratrice de l'April
Eduardo Mercer Estonia
peter Denmark
Lakó István
Brahyan Franco Colombia All the software made with taxes should be open source!!
COUDERT Matthieu France Je dirai même plus : Argent Public, Code Public non-obfusqué !
Tim Schlüter Germany
Kolompár Erzsébet Hungary
Andreas Huck Germany
Dustin Carver United States
Martin J. Slovakia
Joseph KREUTZ Germany Ce qui est payé avec nos taxes nous appartient !
Andre Pereira Brazil If it was paid for by all of us, it belongs to all of us.
Dominic Switzerland More transparency through OpenSource means better Software. No hiding of bad code, costing the taxpayer more and more.
Thomas Koch Germany
Wilco de Boer Netherlands
Malcolm Bain Spain
Jan Hillebrand Germany
Tobias Sprafke Germany
Bert Peters Netherlands
Lasse Pommerenke Germany
Luiz Eduardo Cani Brazil
Fabiano Rodrigues Nascimento Brazil
Michele Orrù France
John Beck United States
Tobias A. de Jong Netherlands Obvious idea is obviously right.
Daniel Schubert Germany
Dennis Koenig Germany
Agusti Becerra Mila Spain
Gergely Máté Hungary This is a brighter future for the EU!
Karsten Brand Germany
Gennady Ehrlich Russia
Peter Schulz Germany
Ralf Burmeister Germany
Frank Isemann Germany
Xurxo Fernández López Spain
Torsten Mielke Germany
André France
Florian Humblot Netherlands
Jouni Koivuviita Finland Portugal
Sophia F. United States
Marius Christian Hammerich Germany
Gabriel de Gouvea Canongia Brazil
Spriet France
Roberto Vallega Italy
Oliver Gwyther United Kingdom
Jan Lipavsky Czech Republic
Sergi Alonso Paredes Spain Software libre y catálogo único para todas las administraciones públicas.
Clément Lagrange France
Lorenzo Calvisi Italy
Adam Spragg United Kingdom
Michael Govard Germany
Raphael Stoy Germany
Silvino Silva Portugal Only a corrupt mind don't understand the obvious reason that other else is unacceptable.
Pierre Marijon France
Marco Masucci Italy
Lambros Greece
Seanán Ó Coistín Germany Tá saorearraí le foinsí oscailte ar fheabhas! Ba chóir don Aontas Eorpach feidhm a bhaint astu.
sintiritis Greece
František Navrkal Czech Republic
Julien Damelet France
Alexandr Mansurov Czech Republic
Yann Soubeyrand France
Zuzana Gavorova Slovakia
Stephan Luckow Germany Selbstverständlich muss es so sein.
Alejandro Recio Sánchez Spain
Meike Jung Germany Durch die erforderliche Konformität mit der BITV wird außerdem Freie Software auch für die gewerbliche Nutzung barrierefreier.
Jonni Nakari Finland Software made with public money needs to be open source. Open source software enables better auditing and more cost effective maintenance.
Jan Kolibač Czech Republic There's no progress without sharing of knowledge!
Libor Danek Czech Republic go ahead!
Dimitrios Christidis Greece
Nick Rhodes United Kingdom
Juan Miró Silva Spain
Christos Kontas Netherlands
jean-christophe montigny France Excellente idée. Commençons par permettre de passer à 100% sous du logiciel libre en bureautique courante.
Wolfgang Fischlein Germany
Ben Minerds Australia
Tereza Leonhardt Czech Republic
Kari Söderholm Finland
Vojtěch Pikal Czech Republic signing as a Pirate. Arrr!
Martin Schweikart Germany
Kenan ulu Turkey
Edith Wong China
Kingman Leung
Riccardo Italy
Florian Scholz Germany
Boudhayan Gupta Germany
Christian Folini Switzerland
Miguel Esteves Portugal
Javier Salamanca Spain
Florian Gehring Germany
HISYL France
Steffen Müller Germany
Stephen Barraclough United Kingdom Indeed! Why should we pay twice for anything?
Lars Germany My money -> open source -> future!
Chevallier France
Francisco latosinski Argentina
Simon Wächter Switzerland Don't reinvent the wheel in Switzerland with 26 cantons
Steven Ravestein Netherlands
Detlev Sieber Germany
Rijk Ravestein Netherlands
Alfredo Spain
Lénaïc Grolleau France
Agostini France
Carolina González Spain Es fundamental el establecimiento de una renta básica incondicional y que el software se desarrolle libremente
María Luz Ramírez Spain
Domingo Morales Spain
Morgan Bazalgette Italy Security through obscurity is not security, it's just a way to postpone data breaches.
Frédéric Chateaux France
Linus Andrae Germany
Andrew J Slater United States
Diego Santos Garcia Spain
Özgür KURT Turkey If it is public money, it should be public code as well.
Christoph Schulz Germany
Pia Sovinc Slovenia
Urban Knupleš Slovenia
Josep Ysern Spain
Utku Halis Turkey Benim param ile üretilen proje de kendi hakkımın da olduğunu düşünüyor ve kodların açık kaynak olmasını istiyorum.
Anett Kis Hungary
ursula häusler
Panagiotis Rontogiannis Greece
Felix Müller Germany
Stathis Papachristos Germany
Olivier Sagna Senegal
Jonas Wagner Germany
Georg Häusler Germany Wer zahlt muss auch volle Kontrolle haben.
Muller France
giovanni Italy
HUVIG France
Ristic Pierre France
Emanuel Hoogeveen Netherlands Security through obscurity does not hold up. Public code should be open to the scrutiny of all.
RENARD Hugo France
Alper Kürşat Ünver Turkey Açık toplum açık kaynak
Mamadou Diagne Senegal
Paul Hill United Kingdom FOSS is the best!
John Jaarsveld Netherlands
Éric BÉTHEUIL France Logiciel Libre devrait être la norme pour le logiciel financé par le public
Moisés Martínez Spain
Julien Dhallenne Finland This should be in the law.
Ulises Gascon Spain
Alexandros Michalopoulos Greece A perfect opportunity for the greek left-wing government to prove that it's indeed left-wing.
kamel Malleh Tunisia [Public Money, Public code] Go aHead
Michael Nuyten Belgium
Gerard Bekhuis Germany
Martin Šechný Slovakia
Ricardo Jose Teixeira Portugal
Çağdaş Kurultay Kalkan Turkey
Pedro Henrique Lopes Portugal In all educational enviroments, should also, be used free libre sofware. Please see by (gnu/l
Pedro Henrique Lopes Portugal In all educational enviroments, should also, be used free libre sofware. using (gnu/linux)
Tadeusz Sienkiewicz Germany Unsere Gelder sollten efektiv auch für uns eingesetzt werden
Tobias Krüger Germany
Sinan namur Turkey
Christian Spain Todo mi apoyo a esta iniciativa!
Lejeune France
Javier Spain
Albert Riedinger Germany
Jurij Slovenia Public money, public code !
Volkan Evrin Turkey Halkın parası, Halkın kodları...
Edward Karavakis France
Fulvio Galeazzi Italy
Damjan Slovenia
Ümit Altun Turkey Bilgisayar öğrenmek için (C dilleri, Visual Basic, Assembly, Java, Android; Matlab, CAD, SolidWorks vb.) niye para ödeyelim?
Ulaş Berke Karataş Turkey We want to reach public code whenever we want. Public money, public code
Abdullah EROL Turkey
Matija Skala Slovenia
Jan van der Linden Netherlands Publiek Geld? Publieke Code!!!!
Aise Agba Turkey
Wollin, Sascha Germany Best thing we can do to make a better, healthy world from tomorrow
Nuri Engin Turkey Let's break the wall!
Jörg Heidemann Germany
Aristeidis Fkiaras Greece .
Istvan Nemeti Hungary
Stefano Veltri Italy I totally agree with this initiative!
Celestino Amoroso Italy
Marco Marano Italy
alex barchiesi Italy
Aris Christoforou Greece
Mario Reale Italy Totally important !
Jesús M. Espada Spain Stop with the propietary code in our public administrations. Public money, then, public code. Always FOSS
Ace Suares Micronesia, Federated States of My Country 'Curaçao' is not listed. PLEASE FIX THAT!
Jan Joosten Netherlands
Asier Aguado Spain
joop gerritse Germany
Michael Buchholz Germany
Gérard Bekhuis Germany
Gideon Netherlands
Albert Sunyer Vilafranca Spain
Anjandev Momi Canada
Nicola Marchesin Italy
Antonis Michalakis Greece
joseph lopez United States Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
Anni Peti Germany
Hüseyin ÖZKILIÇ Turkey
Jay Turner United Kingdom
Catarina Simoes Portugal
An Sans Belgium Free the internet. Save neutrality!
Filip Francis Belgium
Ricardo Riol Spain Great initiative. Opensource is present a future. Thanks
Francisco Spain
Rodney Wilder Canada
Pedro Ferreira Portugal
Marcos Ruiz García Spain
Denis Monard Germany Software für die Allgemeinheit sollte grundsätzlich open source sein.
Jaime Pereira Portugal
Rihards Olups Latvia
christopher neitzert Sweden
Peter Chlebničan Slovakia
Michael Möckli Switzerland
Dániel Molnár Hungary
Fabio S. Italy
Volker Wysk Germany
Kaan Keskin Turkey
André Fernandes Portugal
Jan-Niklas Germany Ich finde es gut!
José Ignacio Aymerich Muñoz Spain
Manuel Rodríguez Spain El Software libre ha de ser el presente y el futuro
Niclas Horstad Denmark
Mehmet Ali Kaba Turkey
Ines Almeida Portugal This is super important.I see a lot of money being spent on closed software&Microsoft.I believe most systems are not secure,private&reliable
Oswald Buddenhagen Germany
Alejandro Perez Mendez Spain
Andreas Wettengel Germany
Nevermann Germany Ich denke zwar die Lobby ist zu stark aber veilleicht klappt es ja
Achintya Rao Switzerland
Marshall Neill United States
Yann Büchau Germany Open Source is the key to digital freedom and security. Governments should absolutely use Open Source code.
YERLY France
Christopher Stark Germany
Şener ATAŞ Turkey Özgür bir dünya için özgür yazılım
Peter Urban Germany
Esteban Richmond Salazar Costa Rica
Giovanni Angoli Italy
Maximilian Duffner Germany
Sofia Terzi Greece
Gareth Waite
Hajnal Andreka Hungary
Paul Mundt Germany While Open Sourcing funded research is a good start, IP issues remain - no secret FRAND negotiations, or submarine SEPs from funded research
Jörg Luther Germany
Erez Geva Germany
Reynaldo Cordero Corro Spain Public money, public code, of course.
Sebastian Meyer Germany
Horváth Gergely Hungary
Nikolaos Giannopoulos United Kingdom
Vasileios Daras United Kingdom Software developed using our tax money should be free to use for all of us.
Peter-Jan Gootzen Netherlands This should absolutely be put into legislation. Public money so public code.
Tobias Struckmeier Germany Tax money should be invested in open source so that citizen can contribute
Paul Smits Netherlands This should be enforced by an EU directive
Maik Holtkamp Germany
Harm Otten Denmark
Marco Bakera Germany
Kristóf Bajnok Hungary
Marc Gallet France
Stéphane Bégaudeau France We need public code to be able to monitor the quality of our software infrastructure!
D. Johanning Germany
Stephen Smyth Ireland
Tomás Antunes Portugal
Sakis Bouzanis Greece
Krzysztof Poland Buy complite product, not only the permission to usage...
Michael Witt Germany
Marco Italy Se il popolo è davvero sovrano in un paese democratico, ha diritto di sapere e vedere come il suo paese agisce e costruisce codice.
Muhammed Kadir Karakoç Turkey Kamu tarafından finanse edilerek kamu sektörü için geliştirilen yazılımların Özgür ve Açık Kaynak Kodlu Yazılım lisansıyla kamuya açık hale
Dieter Etz Austria
Davide Vaghetti Italy Public code means also better code, and less reinvent-the-wheel code.
Sascha Brechenmacher Germany
Maaike van der Dussen
Antoni Pina Spain
Alberto Spain Es de recibo que si pago por un software tenga el codigo del mismo
Matthias Benkard Germany
Herbert Poetzl Austria Software for the public sector should be FOSS!
Teofilis Martisius United Kingdom
Adon Metcalfe Australia
Jason Marinaro United States
Christian Villum Denmark
Andreas Neumann Germany Es gibt bereits freie Linux-Betriebssysteme und OpenSource-Software. Man muss es nur nutzen!
Thomas Ingram United States
Harley Jordan Ireland It simply makes sense to avoid relying on costly and unknown software, and move to FOSS.
Stuart Dilts United States
Jeroen Hoegen Dijkhof Netherlands Why is public money spent on vendor-locked, unmaintainable, closed software when it used to be different?
Yasunobu Igarashi Japan I hope public money and public code become a big discussion theme in Japan
Clemens Ratte-Polle Germany Petitionen für Datenschutz und mehr:
Omar Saleh Assadi Russia
Sam Schweigel Canada
Christoph Jansen Germany Open code will encourage collaboration across public institutions and nations to save money and improve software quality.
Nikolay Kichukov Netherlands Long live opensource software!
Maciej Libera Poland
José Luis Spain El código abierto que se financia de manera pública debería liberarse, para el uso de quien lo necesite.
Sebastian Bucher Germany
Alfredo Povedano Spain This is a great idea! It's right!, it's usefull! Let's go!
jezhiggins United Kingdom
Nacho Gil Spain
Hans-Christoph Steiner Austria Free Software keeps more EU software expenditures in the EU, rather than sending it all out
Lilyana Bulgaria
Quoc Thinh Vietnam
Nasko Anchev United Kingdom
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Thielen Germany
Christina Priavolou Greece
Stefan Richter Germany
Jeremy Mizell United States The software the supports our communities should be owned by those communities.
Henrik Grubbström Sweden
Jason Hatton United States
jourdanet France
Maurice Switzerland The aspect of security will be a lot higher with public code as more people can and will check it.
Marie-Alice Mathis France
Johannes Altmanninger Germany
Sabrina Mielke Germany
Christian Schweingruber Switzerland public code - public advantage
Erling Frederiksen Denmark
Sorin Sbarnea United Kingdom
Scott Saunders Canada I'm sick of pointless vendor lockin.
Markus Zhang Germany
Malo Morvan France
Hans-Peter Zahno Switzerland
Rafa de Bofarull Spain Do it!
Genar Spain
Thanasis Bouzidis Greece
Michael Bräm Germany
Brice Hogrel France
J.J. Traas Netherlands Public money should not be spent on proprietary code
Johannes Hubertz Germany Public Money ==> Free Software, use more GPL!
Markus Kilås Sweden
Samuele Catusian Italy
Chris Burr United Kingdom
Giacomo Tenaglia Switzerland
Ramon Izuel Rios Spain
Dieter Niklaus Switzerland
Ale Muñoz Spain
Martin Hettich Germany Wir sind der Staat.
Timothy Amadou Schneider Switzerland
Michael Rhyner Switzerland
Markus Wernig Switzerland Es klingt so logisch, man glaubt nicht, dass das nicht schon lange die Regel ist ...
Jean-Eric Cuendet Switzerland YES!
Anna Pantelous Belgium
James Hamilton United Kingdom
Aimee Cagle Germany
Tim Smith Switzerland
Robert Worreby Switzerland
Martin Wuersch Switzerland
Robbert Netherlands
Tim Hartmann
Alexander Mikhailian Belgium
Tassos Kolydas Greece
Blaž Tomažič Slovenia
Marius Hintsche Germany
Uwe Kaminski Germany
Lukas Grossar Switzerland
Frank Hochapfel Germany
Tim Schuster Germany
Charles LeDuc Spain
Olaf Karsten Germany
Richard Lennox United Kingdom I completely support this!
Emanuele Vitaletti Italy
Peter Dauth Germany Öffentliche Verwaltungen dürfen dieses Prinzip nicht durch "Public Private Partnerships" unterlaufen.
Henrique Lacreta Alves Brazil
Matías Guzmán Naranjo Germany
Michael Becker Germany
Erik Ahlén Sweden
Dr. Reinhard Naar Germany
Bastian Löhrer Germany
Fokion Sotiropoulos United Kingdom Open source OS and applications on every sector!
Denys Switzerland
Evgenia Petoumenou Luxembourg
Diego Gaggero Italy
Κώστας Δουρίδας Greece
Philippos Aivanoulis Greece
Tobias Plum Germany
Christoph Zimmermann Switzerland
Ivan Vilata i Balaguer Spain El software que hace funcionar un país no puede estar cerrado bajo el control de un solo jugador.
Severino Italy
Manuel Schmalstieg Switzerland
Alex Hoorn Netherlands Open sourcing governmental software builds important trust with civilians
Tibor Soviš Slovakia
Christoph Schüssler Germany
Erik Falke Germany
Stephen Simmat Germany The public paid for it, the public should get it.
Michael Weghorn Germany
Bernardo Belchior Portugal Open source is the future and the money spent on proprietary software could be sent on improving people's lives.
Apostolos Kritikos Greece #EU can continue spending money in software development, or start investing in Open Source Software Development
Markus Popp Austria
Jan Jurzitza Germany
Maurice Dittrich Germany
Markus Reinert Germany
Javi Spain
Alfred Steyrer Switzerland
J. Grave Netherlands
Aleksander Spain
Lauri Miettinen Finland
Sebastian Pichelhofer Austria
Paul Busse Germany
Ivan Manca Italy
Johannes Huber Germany
giuseppe andrioli Italy
Vlahovic France
Tibor Szécsényi Hungary
Giorgos Kyriakakis Greece
Felix Haldimann Switzerland
Joshua Dietz United States
Jarrod Cook United States
Leon van der Ree Netherlands
Péter Mekis Hungary
David Marceau Canada Justice, digital freedom, knowledge synergy
James Brandon Canada
Andreas Pfeil Germany
Rosen Papazov Bulgaria
Kaya Kupferschmidt Germany
Barna Csorogi Hungary
ercan ulusoy Turkey kazan kazan
Marcos dos Santos de Oliveira Brazil
Thomas Glaser Austria
Panagiotis Kotsalis Greece
Falk Appel Germany
Lasse Gullvåg Sætre Norway
Dr. Joachim Gruber Germany Wir Bürger müssen mehr Transparenz von den Menschen fordern, die in unserem Namen handeln.
S. A. Brekke Norway
Theodore Yankov Bulgaria It only makes sense for software, funded with taxpayer money to be released as free software for the benefit of the people that paid for it.
David Vonk Netherlands
Rūdolfs Strazdiņš Latvia Libre software is necessary for security in government
Halasi Zoltán Hungary
Csaba Simandi Hungary
Klaus Scheuermann Germany
Dan Printzell Sweden
Peter Switzerland
Kiril Zyapkov Bulgaria
Jens A. Koch Germany
Andrzej Poland Free the code!
Vassilis Protonotarios Greece Publicly funded software should be free and publicly available
Anton Russia
Oskar Homburg Germany
Yannick Leist Germany open source should be the future of transparent administration
Prem Anand Haridoss United Kingdom
Vagelis Greece
Aki Hyttinen Finland
Artem Vasenin United Kingdom
Tomas Kowalski Sweden
Enda Phelan Ireland
Martin Aarhof Denmark
Lukas Orsvärn Sweden Open software benefits everyone
Ellis Kesterton United Kingdom
Ali Orhun Akkirman Turkey Kesinlikle ülkelerin geleceği için gerekli bir kampanya.
Valentin Gehrke Germany A country depending on proprietary software is like making the school bully the head teacher
Florian Steinsiepe Switzerland Innovation fördern, wie mit Open Government Data!
Pranav Madhikar Netherlands
Isabelle Matteit Germany
Amador Pahim Brazil
Nickolay Mardanov Russia This just makes sence, I don't want the tax money wasted
David Balch United Kingdom
Alexandre Hitchcox France I beleive in open software
Frederik Højholt Denmark
dirk dierickx Belgium
Stephen McNelly United Kingdom
Maciej Buszka Poland
Max Danielsson Sweden
Eivind Furuberg Norway
Marco Laspe Germany
Gergely Hegedüs Hungary
Lee Braiden United Kingdom
Stephen J Eglen United Kingdom
Marc Böhler Switzerland
Mattias Fransson Sweden
Roshan PIsharody India The government should release the code for software made using taxpayers money as it belongs to us.
Alexander DeSchutter Canada
Ethan Beyak United States
Maria K. Papathanassiou Greece
Martin Macko Czech Republic
Victor Toso de Carvalho Czech Republic
Adrian Zaugg Switzerland
Zacharias Taubert Sweden
Johannes Näder Germany
Tomaž Kompara Slovenia
Mihail Gospodinov Bulgaria Free and Open software can be inspected by anyone, reducing bugs and protecting our information.
Akhil S India We need this right now!
Olmo Kramer Netherlands
Marcelo Barbosa Brazil
Nicholas Lockhart United Kingdom
Anton Löfgren Sweden
Diego United States open source is better for humanity
Kees Netherlands The more that is shared, the more the people can benefit from existing ideas.
Michael Hoogkamer Finland
Papachrysopoulos Lefteris Greece
Edwin van Olst Belgium
Nathan McSween Canada
Daniel Mevec Austria
Jason Peterson United States As a tax payer, I'd like to see how my money is spent.
foued ben chaladia Tunisia
Thomas Howe United Kingdom Releasing government-funded code costs nothing and is an obvious opportunity to give something in return.
Kevin Cavender United States
Mason Cluff
Zachary Loveless United States This could definitely save government money.
Nathan DeGruchy United States I believe that a government by and for the people needs open source to stay that way
Jonathan Throne United States
Mark Henry United States Public money, public code. Super simple stuff.
Valentin Haloiu Romania
Francis Kilroy
Alex Seibenick United States
Justin Smith United States
Ryan United States
Leonardo Gonçalves Brazil
Jacob Hernandez Philippines The government should release the codes used for the development of software used in the government as part of the freedom of information
Christopher Magyar United States Why the fuck do I pay taxes?
Arti Zirk Estonia
Kylie Brooks Canada
Nate Shiff United States
Diego Ficagna Italy Public, open, auditable software will be fundamental to national security and data protection in the XXI century.
Alan Winslow United States If we pay for it we should make sure it's open so everyone can inspect it
Matthew Neuforth United States
정준혁 South Korea This campaign is simple and right. We have right to know.
Alexander Bienz United Kingdom
Juan Miralles Gómez Spain
Emilio Alvarez Sweden
Alexis Vezina Canada I believe Open-Source (and Open-*) is the future
Callum Gare Australia
Edwin Netherlands
Adminrezo France
Tomasz Buchert Poland
Monica Righini Italy
Felix Stürmer Germany public code is an investment into the future
Kelton O'brien United States
Bart Meuris Belgium
Raúl Spain Public money, public code!!!
Jacob Paul Shaffer United States
Geoff Sams United States As a participating member of an organization based on open source software, I completely agree that this needs to be the way forward!
Alberto Cottica Belgium Mi sembra il minimo sindacale.
Hector Jusforgues France
Ferdia McKeogh United Kingdom
VERMEULEN audrey France
Paul Burnham United States
Garel Frédéric France
Denoyelle France
Thomas Hettrich Germany Its crazy that tax payers are funding software that is potentially harming them.
Jay doody United States
Zdenko Rohac Slovakia
David Doorn Netherlands
Jan Vepřek Czech Republic
Luis Mata Spain Software must be libre
Jorge Spain
Evert Van Petegem Belgium
Martti Mäkinen Finland
Thomas Winant Belgium
Dimitar Mitov Bulgaria
Mehmet Aydoğdu Turkey Freedom
Mike Brazeau United States
Martin Deshaies-Jacques Canada I'm a public servant physicist developping a lot of code for Canada's government, I would love to see a real policy on that matter.
Jacob Ferguson United States
Victor Nivet France
Jack Page United Kingdom
Joonas Sarajärvi Finland I want us to pay for companies who write us code. I do not want them to get paid for the privilege of getting a monopoly.
James M Brain United States I am for educating along with giving people the power with free and open source software.
Amin Spain A world with only FOSS software is an utopia, but it isn't acceptable to use public money to make propietary code
Justin Zandbergen Netherlands
Jonas Christensen Denmark
Yurii Kolesnykov Ukraine
David Wade Ralston Costa Rica
John Jeffress United States
Callum United Kingdom
Vassilis Koutsikos Greece
Seth Berryhill United States
Antoine Bolvy France I fully support this initiative and would like publicly founded software to be open source.
Suzanne Robin France
Lars Mühmel Germany
Vittorio Rainaldi Italy
Florent BEAUCHAMP France
Doug Walter United States
Guillaume Bernard France
Nir Dagan Israel
Robert Washbourne United States
Alain Jourez Belgium
Daniel Killenberger Switzerland
winterfeldt, thomas Windows muß weg
Theodoros Ploumis Greece Open code and open data can help us move on!
Alberto Geroldi Italy
Craig McPartland United Kingdom
Sebastian Fleer Germany
Eric Riese United States
Daniele Oriani Italy Moving towards this objective represents a statement that Human rights are the highest priority.
Olof Winge Sweden
snowwie Netherlands Let's make the world great again
Maximiliano Sandoval Chile This should be a basic right
Lyonel C Nichols United States Let's do this. It's the right thing to do.
Adam Ćwiertnia Poland
Stefan Heimersheim Germany
Jacques Rimbault France
Jeremiah Miller United States
Bogdan Sinitsyn Russia
Tim Kaluza Germany Absolut richtig. Keine Fragen.
Miles Smith United Kingdom
Lucian Armasu Romania All software funded with taxypayers' money should have free/libre and open source/public code. It's best for institutions long-term.
Marvin Martinez United States
Rodolfo Torres Jaime Mexico Would love to help my city and my country by writing and fixing code.
Kristian Polso Finland Open source is the only way
Ted Carlsson Sweden It's FOSS!
Niko Montonen Finland
J Reckman Netherlands tru•ism (ˈtru ɪz əm) n. a self-evident, obvious truth
Aarón Sánchez Spain
Karri Kuivanen Finland
Lucas Sterzinger United States
Krzysztof Urbaniak Poland
Wade Menard United States
Francisco Javier Dorado Spain
Markus Liukka Finland
Jón Ragnarsson Iceland
Matthew Wheelock United States
Damien Rembert France
Hartmut Schäfer Germany
Jesse Cabell United States This is a fantastic idea. I'm sure other technologists will agree.
Dağhan Kutsan Kaplan Turkey
Yseult Hb France
Alexandre Silva Portugal
Thomas Brix Larsen Denmark
Igor Mróz Poland
Gustaf Lindstedt Sweden
Robert Duffy Ireland
Jayden Illman Australia Free software has already been great for the private and public sectors, and more can only be beneficial to all economies of the world.
Alessandro Alemanno Italy
Daniel Cohen United Kingdom
Marcus Lancaster United Kingdom Open Software is the foundation of innovation. Help make technology better and safer
Ianis G. Vasilev Bulgaria
Louis-Philippe Asselin Canada
Daniel Knittel Germany Open Data and Open Source are good for a participating society.
James Edmonds United Kingdom
Markus Näsholm Sweden
Jorge Spain If we pay, we want to be able to see the source code. To be transparent for everyone, it should be available for everyone to check
Vedran Rodić Croatia
Alexander Dietrich Germany Unsere Steuern, unsere Software!
Axel Botton Belgium
Vincent Schülé Switzerland Every public project should be Libre!
Łukasz Filipski Poland FOSS is the only way to guarantee that our data is safe and only where it needs to be. We demand open code for every public software
Benjamin Nichols-Farquhar United States There is no reason that software developed with public funds should not be free and available to the public.
Bakelants Christophe Belgium If the money that is used for software is delivered by the public, then the code should also be signed over to the public.
Winklbauer Günter Germany
David Koňařík Czech Republic Free software makes sense for governmental use, the only barriers are social and those can be overcome.
Kapil Garg India
Milton Patar India I want develop my business and I want to stay informed about the future of this campaign
Jean-Christophe Bourroux France
Thorsten Glaser Germany We are standing on the shoulders of giants, therefore we should not presume to exploit all possible rights for works we do based on theirs.
Jan Mas Rovira Spain
Brent Huisman Netherlands
Tommy Brunn Sweden
Kevin Hill United States
Peter Hausamann Germany
Benoit Petit France
Ondrej Mosnáček Slovakia
Ashton V Honnecke United States
Bill Papadimas Greece
damien rasse France Tres bonne initiative.
Balazs Mezei Hungary
Matthieu Ancellin Ireland
David Pello Gonzalez Spain
Mezei Tamás Róbert Hungary
Tobias Allgeyer Germany
Iulian Romania I support this proposal of making publicly funded software open source.
Brigitte Abeln Germany
Juanfran Granados Spain
Patryk Bratkowski Estonia
Hajo Zingel Germany
Michael Pfeifer United States
Joseph Hofstetter United States
Szabó Gyula Hungary
John Ettedgui United States Code paid by the people should be available to the people!
Georg Witwer Austria
Stefan-Octavian Eremia Denmark
Simon Engel Germany
Ferdinand TAVERNINI Italy Public money public code
Rifaz Nahiyan Bangladesh
Benjamin Hodgetts United Kingdom
Felix Engel Germany
Ragalie Octavian-Paul Romania
Markus Nagel Germany Should be a no-brainer: Public Money - Public Code!
Raul Macavei Romania
Giuseppe Bilotta Italy
Rafal Zelek Poland I totally agree with it Our whole software is based on open sources projects There is thousands developers around the world which could help
Petros Gavalakis Greece Not only code, but also (process) models, studies (e.g. design, feasibility, implementation) and deliverables
Linus Schön Sweden
Adam Leonard United Kingdom
Sarantos Megklis Greece
David Kopp Germany
Josep-lluís moner Spain
Simón Martínez Spain
Pedro Francisco Casas Rodríguez Spain Desde España, NO al código privativo en instituciones públicas.
AUGEY Pierre-Louis France Investissons les biens publiques dans des logiciels dont les codes sont ouverts et peuvent servirent à d'autres
Frank Dengel Germany
Eduardo Amador Spain
Eugene Zhukov Finland
Norbert F. Spain
Bernd Gonsior Germany
Paulinus Burger Germany
Paul Judd Australia
Giovanni Mascellani Italy
Andrea Pellegrini Italy
C.Bergmann Germany Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and
LEROY Matthieu France
Vincent HYVERT France Il FAUT que le logiciel libre prenne plus d'ampleur.
Francesc Martínez-Olmo Spain
Duchateau F. France
Surendra Kumar Kuppuraj Switzerland I pay my tax. So I want to the government spent my money in proper place instead of motivating criminal things.
Hans-Georg Dueck Germany
Rico Knorr Germany
Linus Lüssing Germany The foundation of a democracy needs to be the public and commons. Let's avoid a Corporatocracy.
Pravik Singh Fiji I support the idea of making software designed for the people, be fully available to the people
Ralph Pastel France Donnons le code source au peuple : il l'a acheté !
Matthias Schrank Germany Was alle zahlen, sollte auch frei für alle nutzbar sein (gilt nicht nur für Software...)
Jordi Martínez Marín Spain Estic a favor de la implementació del programari lliure a totes les administracions públiques
Pravik Singh Fiji I support the idea of making software designed for the people, be fully available to the people
Alexander Bustamante Ecuador I've read this and thik that our money should support open software
Peka Producciones Spain Free software for a free world
Leon Schürmann Germany
Daniel Schäfer Germany
Stephan Meißl Austria There are no arguments why it should be different.
João Filipe Portugal If the public money promote any - program code - then the license need to be Open / Derivative / Equal for all .
hECTOR Germany
Andrea Breitbach Germany
Maciej Krüger Germany
Simon Bungartz Germany Save money, earn trust!
Konstantinos Stampoulis Greece
martres France
Fabian Krone Germany
Perla Ceja Mexico Completely agree. Great initiative!
Georgios Melidis Greece
Pierre Harmand France Open Source dans tous les secteurs publics
Savvas Adamtziloglou Greece